These are the enemies that appear in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series.

Sumeragi Soldiers

Soldiers that compose the main frontline troops for Sumeragi. These troops are either assigned as security, or as the main strike force, the former for protecting facilities, and the latter when out to fight against QUILL and other non-Sumeragi Adepts (or Minos in LAiX). Their rank is represented by the color of their uniform.


Basic enemies who are the rank and file troops for Sumeragi and are armed with a blaster rifle to shoot at their targets. They can be easily killed by any attack, and they first appeared on the intro stage's second half. Their uniform is green and their visor is blue (In Luminous Avenger iX, their uniform is blue and their visor is yellow).

Fire Gunner

A specialized enemy that uses a flamethrower to deal damage. This version has a very long attack ratio and has more Health than the Gunners. Their uniform is red and their visor is yellow (In Luminous Avenger iX, their color scheme is the same save for their forehead and shoulder plates.)

  • If defeated, instead of being thrown forward, they are thrown backwards due to their fuel tanks exploding.


These enemies first appear in the intro stage's second half. These enemies have the same health as Gunners and are armed with a missile launcher. These missiles will track Gunvolt, but travel slowly and can be easily destroyed with Gunvolt's Flashfield. Their uniform is blue and green, and their visor is yellow (In Luminous Avenger iX, their uniform is yellow and their visor is lime green.)

  • The missiles can also accidentally hit their own allies if Gunvolt manages to lure the missile to them.


Enemies that serve as officers for Sumeragi. They utilize a retractable, buckler like a shield to protect themselves and lob grenades at their opponents. While their shield is raised, bullets are deflected (except for charge shots with Naga, Bullit dashing, or with EX weapons), and only become vulnerable when throwing their grenades. Their uniform is yellow and their visor is blue (In Luminous Avenger iX, their uniform is green and their visor is red. Their shield also lacks a spike on the middle.)


Skilled operatives that use swords in lieu of firearms. They perch onto any ceiling, waiting for intruders unlucky enough to be ambushed by them. They can deflect bullets with their swords, and attack by dashing through their opponents to swing their swords before disappearing, before popping out again to slash Gunvolt from overhead. They are only vulnerable when they either pop out before they land, or when initiating an attack. Their uniform is black and white, and their visor is red. They are one of the rare enemies encountered, only appearing in three stages; Datastore (single assassin only), Biochem Plant and Firmament.

  • If shot at repeatedly, they will vanish to attack from above.


Introduced in LAiX are soldiers from the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution that possess septimal powers strong enough for use in combat and forego conventional weapons because of it; in this case, psychokinesis (Nova's septima). These soldiers teleport in and fly in place, and utilize a weaker version of Mind Bombing (as indicated by a slightly shorter explosion compared to Nova's) as their main attack, launching them in a spread direction. Their uniform is purple with gold trims, their visor is silver, and wear a trenchcoat instead of a BDU.

  • The orbs' vertical explosion will harm their targets above its range.


  • Their designs resemble that of the Variants from Mega Man Zero 4 and Galleons from Mega Man ZX, with the difference being that the two are Reploids (Androids), while Sumeragi Soldiers are humans (Adepts in LaiX).
  • Concept art from the official Gunvolt Twitter account showcases different concepts of the Sumeragi Soldiers. First, they appear as feudal-like, armed with rifles, before they evolved into what they are in-game.
    • From the same tweet, sprites show that there are two troop variants; A Jet Gunner, an Acid Gunner, and a Grenadier wielding a riot shield. The first two, however, were cut from the game with the last one being given a retractable buckler style shield.
    • There is also an unused animation for Gunners, which has them waving their arm as if to signal the other troops nearby.
  • Gunners are the only enemies to have a moving animation.
    • According to the sprites here all other soldier types (except Assassins) have an unused moving animation, including the Officers (Grenadiers) and Missile Soldiers.
    • Gunners in LAiX apparently possess a slightly faster idle animation for some reason.
  • Assassins are the only Gunvolt enemies absent in the sequel.
    • Furthermore, they are replaced by Psi-Users in Luminous Avenger iX.
  • In Admiration to Peace, Asimov and Moniqa debate whether or not the Assassins are really ninjas.
  • In Zonda's DLC stage (GV version), the Sumeragi Soldiers, strangely, use the same death sounds as Eden Soldiers instead of their own death sounds heard in Gunvolt's prologue stage.
  • In the OVA, the appearance of the Sumeragi Soldiers are based on their beta artwork (olive drab-colored uniforms and orange visors) instead of their in-game appearance.
  • In Luminous Avenger iX, Sumeragi Soldiers make a return with a slightly redesigned look, they now possess additional plating on their helmet's foreheads and as well as shoulder plates on their uniforms.
  • Psi-Users (alongside the Mantis Fusion Adept) are the only soldiers to display septimal powers as opposed to the other troops where they only use conventional weapons.

Sumeragi Robots

These are robots deployed by Sumeragi; they make up the main bulk of Sumeragi Forces, being the most deployed units of them all.

  • Note that these are not the official names; these are simply named to give identification to the robots.

Flying Drone

Basic, small flying drones that fly and fire energy shots Gunvolt, they're weak and easily destroyed by Gunvolt's Flashfield. They have a docile and active state, and in most cases will function more as collision hazards. The only time they are consistently in their active state and shooting is in alarm rooms.

  • In Luminous Avenger iX, they are recolored and are capable of aiming.

Shooter Drone

An aerial drone that can aim in 3 directions; vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, and can shoot energy shots in 3 rounds bursts. It is however defenseless against enemies above them. In Luminous Avenger iX, their colors are in a slightly darker shade.


A fast flying aerial drone used for bombing runs. They momentarily stop in place to drop their bombs anywhere before flying away (though in certain areas, they simply fly back and forth to resume their attack). Use Flashfield to block them.

Roll Cannon

Basic stationary defense turrets, which rotate and fire shots at Gunvolt. Their projectiles can pass through terrain.


A door composed of 3-5 energy cannons that fire from top to bottom. They can be bypassed if you're quick enough. 

Sentry Unit (Gun)

Hulking, humanoid robots armed with a Blaster Cannon. They walk around and fire shots at Gunvolt. It was heavily remodeled in Luminous Avenger iX, now equipped with heavy armor that grants durability, an oval head design, and fire orange shots instead of green (probably ballistic due to its firing sound).

Sentry Unit (Chainsaw)

A variant of the Sentry Unit armed with a chainsaw, and geared for close combat. They walk around, and slash at their foes with their chainsaw. If the enemy is at a distance, they will dash towards their opponent and slice them. It is heavily remodeled in Luminous Avenger iX, shared with Gatling and Gun Units.

Sentry Unit (Gatling Gun)

A variant of the Sentry Unit armed with a Gatling Gun on its right arm, and a shield on its left. They cannot be damaged while their shield is raised. They only lower it when preparing to fire, and do so in short bursts. Unlike other variants, this variant is rare, and only encountered on "Eridu" (they are encountered more in Special Missions). They share the same remodeled appearance in Luminous Avenger iX, and unlike the 1st game, they are now encountered on various areas.

  • Bullit Dashing can go through its shield, the same goes when using EX weapons that can bypass them.

Sentry Unit (Shield)

Introduced in LAiX is a recolored variant of the Sentry Unit that carries a shield with spikes on it. It attacks by extending and spinning its shield at its opponent. It cannot be damaged from the front, and is only vulnerable when attacking. It is the only Unit variant to retain its old appearance instead of a remodeled look and the only Unit to remain stationary.

  • Bullit Dashing in the front will hurt Copen.
  • If any enemies are in the Sentry Shield Unit's range, they all go down in one hit.

Laser Drone

A grey-white robot that flies up and down in the same area. It can fire two types of lasers:

  • A purple one that flies straight forward.
  • A green one that flies straight until it reaches your position, then turns 90 degrees to hit you. Think Megaman 3's Magnet Missiles.

It is colored gray-purple in Luminous Avenger iX and it functions the same role as the original.


A robotic tank like unit equipped with a Missile Pod that fires miniature missiles. It hides its weak point (the head) until it opens up to fire a volley of missiles. In Luminous Avenger iX, they're light purple in color.

  • Attempting to Bullit Dash it as Copen will not work; it has to be opened before doing it.

Flying Bomb

A bomb like drone that normally floats inactive until Gunvolt activates his Flashfield, which causes them to home in after the player. Unless they are destroyed quickly, they will detonate after 5 seconds, unleashing fireballs in 4 directions.


A miniature drone which uncloaks when Gunvolt is near. They are very weak, and a few shots can destroy them. However, should Gunvolt activate his Flashfield, they will quickly home in on him. Contact with this drone causes Overheat, but destroys the drone.

Wheel Drone

Roader based drones that attack by running over their opponents. They are fast, but destroy themselves if they run into any obstacles (oddly this quirk doesn't happen in LAiX suggesting an improved A.I.). In Luminous Avenger iX they're orange in color and are only fought in the Sumeragi Building 13's 1st part.

Tower Tank

A slow moving tank like drone composed of two halves. The top segment fires bouncing orbs while the bottom segment fires 3-round bursts. If the bottom segment is destroyed, it becomes immobile, but can still fire shots at them. This is the only enemy that doesn't damage Gunvolt by touching it, and can even be climbed over to skip past them.

  • This enemy is absent in Luminous Avenger iX

Blob Drone

Seen in Luminous Avenger iX is a robotic core covered in a blob like substance that shoots a goo at their targets. They cannot be destroyed, only temporarily disabled before reforming back.

Missile Drone

An aerial drone that attacks by releasing a missile underneath its container hatch which then travels towards its intended target, should the main missile be destroyed or reach its range limit, it will release clusters of mini rockets that home in on their target. It is seen in Luminous Avenger iX


A drone generally encountered in ruined cities and run down areas (though they are also found in Sumeragi Bunker 2). Their lack of means to attack suggests that they more of a scouting unit rather than for combat. Indeed, their only means of offense is to simply leap at their opponents, coupled with their general fragility (they have the same HP as the soldiers).

Security Drone

A patrol drone that goes back and forth in search of intruders (as indicated by a red infrared cone representing their line of sight), upon being spotted (or shot at), their head will lock in place to fire a stream of lasers at their targets and will continue to do so until they or their targets have been eliminated, or if the target is out of range. If they're Bullit dashed unaware, their head will be displaced from their body, disabling them permanently (though it can be destroyed for Kudos), but if spotted, they become very durable (requiring tons of shots to down them), and cannot be stunned.

Spider Bomb

A drone that normally lays dormant until an intruder is nearby, which will then walk towards their target. If not destroyed in 5 seconds, they will explode and release fireballs in 4 directions. They seem to be a replacement to the Flying Bomb from the first game.

Artillery Drone

An unmanned unit that teleports to Copen's location and initiates a 4 second charge time, which after its completion, unleash a powerful laser shot larger than the Mantis. They are very weak and can be destroyed easily.

Electroshock Drone

A stationary quadrupedal robot that charges up its electric current on a spherical generator. After it is fully charged, it will unleash two large orbs of electricity from each side that travels from any surface, including walls and ceilings.

  • Because it uses electricity, it will go through Copen's prevasion.
  • Bullit Dashing while its charging can also harm Copen.


An unmanned unit that flies in front of Copen to block his shots. It can only be harmed with a Bullit Dash or through an EX Weapon.

Bomb Launcher

An autonomous turret that launches bombs at its targets in an arc. It is protected by a barrier, but sustained shots will eventually break it allowing it to be damaged and Bullit Dash will instantly disable its shields.

Mask Chaser

An autonomous drone that performs surprise attacks on enemies by revealing itself and swoop down on their targets. Their name comes from their resemblance to the masks worn by Screamers.

  • Anchor Nexus will automatically detect them.

Spark Bot

A stationary humanoid robot that has electric rods on each arm. It attacks by generating electricity overhead before thrusting it towards their target. They only appear in Sumeragi Bunker 2

  • Bullit Dashing while charging its electricity will harm Copen
  • It will go through Copen's prevasion, hurting him.

Eden Pawns

Forming the main bulk of Eden's army. These Adepts whose septima are not in practical-use level. They are loyal and devoted to Eden and The Seven, and will follow their orders without question. They all wear stealth suits which enable them to set up ambushes.

Shot Soldier

The rank and file soldiers of Eden, armed with a blaster which they fire at their enemies and if they get close, will slash at them with their plasma knives. Their uniforms are bluish purple.

Dagger Soldier

Essentially Shot Soldiers armed with a plasma knife and are trained in close combat. They attack by lunging at their foes, or slash at them if they are close. They occasionally cling on ceilings similar to Sumeragi Assassins to ambush them from above.

Chainmine Soldier

Enemies serving as Eden's elite unit armed with a chainmine launcher (hence their name), they cloak before popping out and firing their chainmines that explode in a purple energy after launch. They are the Eden equivalent of Sumeragi Flame Gunners and their uniform is yellow.

  • If not already firing, these troops go invisible and invincible when fired at.

Machinegun Soldier

Appearing in the Eden stage, these are the elite soldiers of Eden, which acts like a basic Shot Soldier, except that they fire in 4 shot bursts. Before attacking, they turn invisible, before reappearing to fire at them. Their uniform is red.

  • If not already firing, these troops go invisible and invincible when fired at.


  • Whereas Sumeragi Soldiers have five unit types, Eden Soldiers only have four.
    • There is an unused death voice for a 5th Eden Pawn type, suggesting there was originally supposed to be 5 Eden unit types like their Sumeragi counterparts. As this voice was unused, this results in having only 4 variations of Eden Pawns.
  • Shot Soldiers, Dagger Soldiers, and Machinegun Soldiers have a walk animation, contrasting Sumeragi where only the Gunner has a walk animation. Inversely, the Chainmine Soldier is the only enemy to remain stationary.
  • The stealth suits can be shorted out using Flashfield's contact damage or Copen's Stellar Spark. This forces the troops to reveal themselves and attack.
  • The Eden soldiers are comprised of Adepts who either cannot control their septimas, or whose septimas aren't suited for combat.
  • In the demo, Machinegun Soldiers are encountered earlier in Babel, as opposed to the full game where they first appeared in Garden.
    • Additionally in the demo, their death sounds are switched with Dagger Soldier using the death sound of the Machinegun Soldier instead of using the same death sound as the Shot Soldier.
  • There is a bug where if you kill a Machinegun Soldier or Chainmine Soldier as soon as they pop out, they will be thrown back while standing still, only lying down when they hit a floor.
  • The members of Eden are based off fairy tales and represent the prices on a chessboard. The soldiers represent the pawns, but unlike The Seven, aren't based off any fairy tales.

Eden Robots

Like Sumeragi, Eden also fields a variety of mechanical troops in the field.


A stationary humanoid robot armed with a grenade launcher that fires arcing grenades that can be blocked with Flashfield. They will occasionally drop into the stage via their boosters.


A reddish orb that flies around and homes in on you. It is very weak where it dies to three of GV's shots, but explodes on contact.

Flying Drone (Eden)

Small, flying drones that fire shots at Gunvolt or Copen, they are basically the equivalent of Sumeragi's flying drone, but unlike the Sumeragi version, this version cannot fire downwards. In exchange, a number of them can freely fly up and down to reorient themselves.

Shield Attacker

A robot equipped with a frontal energy shield. They cannot be shot from the front, though Copen can still tag them via dashing.

  • Tagging from the front as Copen triggers Prevasion.
  • Zapping them with Flashfield or Stellar Spark causes the flyers to stop moving and turn off their shields. They still can't be shot from the front, though.

Missile Golem

A large robot with two halves of a shield for arms. When it detects a foe, the shield clamps shut as it launches missiles from its back. The shield can be pierced with Naga or Bullit-dashing, the missiles can be blocked by Flashfield.

Fire Golem

A large robot similar to the Missile Golems, but with a flamethrower instead. They aren't as long-ranged as an Eden Commando, but can fire upwards.

Punch Golem

A large robot similar to the Missile Golems, but with a pair of clamping arms instead. It gyrates these clampers at high-speeds to deliver thrusting punches.

Buzz-saw Tower

A tall, tower-like drone that launches a boomerang buzz-saw in your direction.

  • Copen can use the Hailstorm Blades to cut the buzz-saw.

Sonic Shooter

A stationary drone and variant of the Grenadier that spends a few seconds charging a sonic blast before firing. While charging, it is immune to projectiles from the front. Copen's dash tagging can pass through it, and Gunvolt can pierce the shield with Naga's charge shot.

  • These robots will keep up their shield and refuse to fire as long as you keep shooting them.
  • If you go around them, they will cancel their charge to face at you.

Sentry Shooter

First encountered in Frozen City, they emerge from walls and ceilings and either fire 5 spreading icicles or a short-range acid spray.

  • In the DLC stages, they have already emerged.

Ring Shooter

A drone which fires a restraining ring, trapping Gunvolt and Copen, forcing them to use movement buttons to release free themselves.

  • The rings bypass Prevasion, Overheat GV, and empty Copen's Bullits.

Other Enemies

This section covers the other enemies encountered in exclusive stages.

Alarm Light

This mildly annoying blinking red siren pops out from the ceiling during enemy gauntlet rooms. Destroying this light will overload the system, allowing you to exit early. Strangely, this will kill everything in the room when destroyed.

Zombie Leaper

Corpses of Sumeragi soldiers and scientists reanimated by Elise's septima. As such, they only appear in the Stratacombs. They remain immobile in the dark, but once the lights turn on, they literally spring to life. They attack Gunvolt by jumping at him and repeatedly biting if they get too close. They crawl too low on the ground to be tagged without Technos, Mizuchi, or Orochi rounds. If killed with lightning, they become dust and crumble, but shooting them makes an obscuring blood splatter on the screen for a few seconds.

  • Strangely in Special Missions, even if Zombie Leapers and Sumeragi Soldiers appear at the same time, they don't seem to attack each other for gameplay reasons.

Zombie Spewer

These variations of the Leapers bungee from the ceiling, spewing globules of acidic materials as they bounce. The globules can be blocked with Flashfield. You can sever the bungees by shooting them, but the messy impact will cause the screen to be obscured by blood splatters for a few seconds.

  • Like Zombie Leapers, they don't attack Sumeragi Soldiers if they encounter each other in Special Missions for gameplay reasons.


This drone only appears in the Stratacombs when the lights are out. Tagging this drone causes it to fly forward, zapping it with Flashfield makes it shine a light downwards. The drone flies away after flying a certain distance, and too much zapping will destroy it. Just don't touch it, because it's still an enemy.


A foe exclusive to the Pharma Lab, this biomechanical monstrosity reacts to Flashfield usage and homes in on Gunvolt. They cannot be tagged or damaged.

Spider Flower

A biomechanical flower that only appears in Pharma Lab. This pink flower opens up every so often, spewing out 3-4 spiders that crawl around. The spiders can be destroyed with Flashfield.


Enemies that only appear in the Mysterious Manor. They are the missing people kidnapped by Eden, turned into shambling monstrosities via Gibril's septima. They walk slowly but move faster when they spot Gunvolt and slash at him. They collapse into puddles of red "goo" upon their death. They occasionally jump out from lavender colored stained windows shattered by Gunvolt's Flashfield or from the Iron Maidens that litter the stage. When their health gets low, they turn a reddish-orange and move faster.

Curse Script

A foe that only appears in the Data Facility. A sort of virus made via Teseo's septima which looks like Joule's fairy form via Lumen. Upon contact, blue butterflies begin to orbit Gunvolt, draining his health. Flashfield can temporarily dissipate Curse Scripts and will cancel their effects when attached to GV, while hitting them with a special skill will permanently destroy them.

  • Even when you dispel a Curse Script, they respawn exactly where they "died" a few seconds later.
  • Curse Scripts will not spawn when you play as Copen, except for a single corridor leading to Teseo's boss room, but Stellar Spark will destroy them just like Gunvolt's special skills.

Panic Bomb

Normally an attack used by Teseo, these can appear as normal enemies in special stages. They count down and unleash a massive cross shaped explosion, also destroying any other enemies in their line of fire. Their countdown is slower than when summoned by Teseo in his battle.

Hourglass Bomb

Like the Panic Bomb, this attack of Teseo's may also appear as a normal enemy in special stages. It counts down a little, then begins drawing in waves that drain health and ignore Prevasion. It harmlessly self-destructs after some time. No noticeable differences from the boss battle version.

Puppeteered Flyer Drone

Only appears on the Isle of Dreams. An old Sumeragi flyer drone that has been reactivated by Asroc's septima. Its functions and durability are the same as they were in ASG1.

Puppeteered Sentry Unit (Chainsaw)

Only appears on the Isle of Dreams. An old Sumeragi Chainsaw Sentry that has been reactivated by Asroc's septima. It moves and attacks the same way it did in ASG1.

Puppeteered Sentry Unit (Gun)

Only appears on the Isle of Dreams. An old Sumeragi Gunner Sentry that has been reactivated by Asroc's septima. It moves and attacks the same way it did in ASG1.

Blast Shooter

Appearing more as a stage hazard, they appear exclusively in Data Storage. These turrets fire a stream of pink colored energy shots that can only be blocked by a platform provided in that said stage. It is possible to destroy them, but are very durable and requires lots of shots to even destroy one.

  • They appear in Special Mission 3 where Gunvolt has to quickly get past them (since there is no platform to act as a shield), and their stream of shots prevents backtracking.
  • They're indestructible in Luminous Avenger iX

Brush Saw

A spiky robot with a detached top that moves along the floor. Moves slowly at first, but becomes faster when Gunvolt is nearby. The foe itself cannot be tagged, but Flashfield or Stellar Spark can forcibly reconnect the two halves and stun it for a few seconds.

  • This foe can be destroyed using a Special Skill, Twintail Bunker, or a fully charged Prism Break.

Laser Drone (Trap)

Shown in Stella's stage demonstration are security robots that behave more like deterrents against potential intruders. It goes up and down while emitting lasers vertically. Touching the lasers will hurt Copen and the robot itself had to be destroyed to proceed safely.


A small orb-shaped machine with four spikes that generate a purple magnetic energy field. They are immobile and indestructible, and cause damage on contact. They behave more like a stage hazard than an actual enemy.


Also known as a "Gate Monolith", this purple hexagonal-celled barrier acts as a marker for the end of a stage. When attacked, the hexagons that make its structure degrade until the whole thing shatters, upon which the level is considered "cleared."

Shutter Core

Only found in Data Center Beta, these are panels for the shutter doors that when destroyed, it will open. Occasionally, the core will shift between panels for added difficulty.

  • Strangely enough, touching them will trigger prevasion or hurt Copen despite being seemingly a passive target.


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