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"I... r-remember now... I... We..."
Elise, Azure Striker Gunvolt

Elise, also known as "The Eternal Envy", is a Sumeragi Group prisoner and major antagonist in Azure Striker Gunvolt, serving as the boss of the mission Underworld (Stratacombs) and playing a critical plot role.

Once a school girl bullied for being an adept, Elise was captured and handed over to one of Sumeragi's research teams by Merak following an incident in an online game which brought her to his notice. She was then held as a prisoner within a secret underground facility, wherein attempts to implant a personality more "useful" to the conglomerate were carried out, with disastrous consequences.

Elise's septimal power is Rebirth, which grants her the ability manipulate souls and revive the dead, although normally she can only create zombies.

She is a central character in the drama CD Lazy Kingdom, which details the circumstances that lead to her abduction.

Website Description

Elise is an Adept who is currently being held prisoner by the Sumeragi Group. Her Septimal power, known as "Rebirth," gives her the ability to manipulate the soul, and return life to those who once lost it. Sumeragi failed to bring her immense septimal power under control, which in one incident, triggered a rampage that decimated the research facility where she was being held. This was caused by implanting her brain with a more aggressive persona to replace her original weak-willed self, which resulted in a split-personality that can manifest itself in the real world, unlike Lumen, which is only a virtual avatar. The Glaive which holds her septimal power is known as the "Living Blade."



Elise is a teenager with waist-length white hair and purple eyes. She is seen wearing a female Sumeragi prisoners uniform, which is a short, pale blue gown, with black bracelets. Numerous artwork depicts her wearing a Sumeragi officers uniform.

In her Armed Phenomenon, Elise gains short, purple hair, and black eyes with purple irises. She wears purple, grey and black armour. On her head is a headpiece which vaguely resembles a cobra's hood, with a long pink "tail" sprouting from it with a spearhead on the end. Her arms are also covered in armour that resembles a cobra hood.


Representing the sin envy, Elise is a very weak willed person. Frequently bullied at school, she became quiet and reclusive, occasionally playing video games to escape real life. She also appears to have some form of dissociative identity disorder (DID), switching from a very passive, cowardly persona, to an aggressive, dominating one. After being experimented on, this second personality became able to manifest itself into the real world. At her heart, Elise is a being corrupted by envy, full of hate and jealousy at those able to live a normal, happy life.


Unusual in DID cases, Elise's original alter can communicate with her other ones. Also, unlike any real-life cases, her alters can manifest themselves as physical entities. She has three known alters.

Submissive Alter

Elise's original alter and the first one to be encountered. Known as "the original Elise" or simply "Elise". She is very passive and weak-willed.

The submissive alter is found at the end of the second part of the Stratacombs where she appears frightened as well as amnesiac. She asks Gunvolt to help her find a way out. As they are exiting the facility, Elise recalls the terrible experiments done on her and the tragic events she had unfolded. Shortly afterward, she releases her dominant alter and fights Gunvolt.

Dominant Alter

The alter created by Sumeragi to replace the original one. Contrary to the fact that you meet the submissive, dominant, and crazed alters in that order, boss dialogue in Babel reveals that the dominant alter as the third one created, aka "the third Elise". She was created to be obedient to Sumeragi and as a replacement of the crazed alter, who was sealed away after being classified as too dangerous.

Despite her initial design to replace the original alter, the dominant alter coexists with the submissive alter. She is very objective and seems to play the "master" role in Elise. It's speculated that this dominant alter is the result of some tabooed longing Elise had regarding the bullies who bullied her.

The dominant alter is introduced after the submissive alter experiences an intense memory recall; she, along with the original alter, fights Gunvolt at the Stratacombs.

Crazed Alter

The third alter encountered and the second one created, also known as "the second Elise". She is much more powerful than the others, and as locked away by Sumeragi in favor of the dominant alter after she became defiant and hard to control.

She is introduced in Babel. She fights Gunvolt along with the first two alters after she is introduced. She is invincible to Gunvolt's attacks.

Sometimes she compares battles to games: but that might be a representation of herself (since she never had any friends to play with) in her manner of doing things.


Elise was taken prisoner by the Sumeragi Group, who tried to uncover the secret of her Rebirth Septima. As she was unable to cooperate due to her weak personality, the scientists experimenting on her attempted to insert a new, obedient personality in her who would obey their bidding.

However, this resulted in an insane, almost beast-like alter ego who slaughtered nearly the entire team (this personality is believed to stem from the darkness in Elise's heart).

Hurriedly, the survivors implanted a third personality after sealing the beast through hypnosis in the depths of Elise's consciousness.

This new personality turned into a more confident, independent one, who then killed the remaining scientists and resurrected them in the form of zombies.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Stratacombs (Underworld)

Eventually, Gunvolt (assisted over comlink by Zeno) infiltrates the base where Elise claims refuge. He manages to find Elise (in her original persona), who is suffering from amnesia, and takes her with him. As they walk past a room, Elise suddenly clasps her head in pain and runs into the room, Gunvolt on her heels.

Having regained her memories, she activates her glaive, not only transforming her, but giving her dominant personality physical form. The dominant Elise belittles the original for losing her memory, before explaining their situation to Gunvolt, then promptly attacking him.

During the fight, Gunvolt pleads with Elise, saying he has no wish to fight them, but the dominant persona dismisses him, expressing her wish to use her power. GV then turns his attention to the submissive, who only apologises, too weak-willed to do anything on her own. As Gunvolt attempts to kill them, they only keep reviving each other, much to the dominant's amusement. Out of options, Gunvolt finally defeats them by killing both at the same time.

However, unbeknownst to Gunvolt, Elise's crazed personality is released just before the end of the battle.

Babel (Stratosphere)

At some point, Elise becomes affiliated with Sumeragi lieutenant Nova Tsukuyomi and revives the other adepts under his command. She, along with the others, wait as Gunvolt makes his way to the space station Firmament where Nova waits.

Eventually, Gunvolt reaches Elise, who revives the two personalities that Gunvolt previously faced. He battles them, but it quickly becomes apparent that the Elises will continue to revive each other endlessly. Once Gunvolt defeats the dominant and submissive personas twice in a row, the crazed persona starts to revive them again, but is suddenly interrupted by Copen, who, using the septimal power he obtained from Carrera, kills Elise once and for all.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime

Elise makes a cameo at the end of the OVA, along with the rest of The Sumeragi Seven (minus Merak), surrounding Gunvolt.

Lazy Kingdom

At some point before the events of the first game, Elise decides to play the popular MMORPG September Record to escape from a stressful day at school involving bullying when she receives a mysterious email that promises to bring out "the true nature of her Avatar".

This allows her to manifest her Septima powers within the game whenever she hears Lumen's song, making her a Player Killer. This ends up drawing the attention of Merak, who manages to deduce that Elise is the Player Killer and sets a trap for her by distracting her with a remote-controlled Avatar while he uses his Wormhole Septima to go to her house and capture her.

Other Appearances

Mighty Gunvolt

Elise appears as a DLC boss in Mighty Gunvolt, having similar attacks as in the original game.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Elise is part of the DLC pack for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. She appears in the Mysterious Manor.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Elise appears as a collectible pixel sticker as a drop from a random enemy.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave, Elise is a powerful Adept who wields the Septima known as Rebirth (生命輪廻(アンリミテッド アニムス), Anrimiteddo Animusu; Unlimited Animus meaning Life Reincarnation), which grants her the ability to manipulate souls and resurrect living things. Sumeragi imprisoned and experimented on her in hopes of using her powers to overcome death itself at their whim.

Under normal circumstances, the subjects of Elise's resurrection are not fully revived, instead being transformed into zombies. The Sumeragi scientists that she killed and then resurrected are found in gameplay as the Zombie Leaper and Zombie Spewer enemies: purplish, human-shaped yet animalistic creatures that scatter into dust when destroyed by Gunvolt's lightning.

Elise's Glaive is the Living Blade, known in Japan as the Futsunomitama (布都御魂(フツノミタマ), Edict Municipal August Spirit), which was the name of the sword referred to as a Totsuka-no-Tsurugi, the blade wielded by Takemikazuchi that he used to subjugate the Middle Country in Japanese mythology.

When Elise transforms using her Glaive, her alternate personalities gain the ability to take separate physical forms with roughly the same appearance and powers as Elise herself. Indeed, Elise's alters seem to be tougher than her; the dominant alter can absorb more damage than her, and the crazed alter displays endless vitality that makes her invulnerable to harm from most attacks, only being killed by Copen's Septima-nullifying Greed Snatcher bullets.

In battle, Elise's alters work together despite their differing personalities; hanging from poles, throwing kunai made from snake corpses, and resurrecting them into dangerous zombie snakes. They also use an ability called Gorgon Gaze, a special light projected from their eyes that causes anyone who looks at it to enter a petrified state, becoming immobile and taking increased damage until they can shake it off.

Additionally, once in Armed form, Elise can perform proper resurrections of others without turning them into zombies. In battle, Elise's alters can use this ability on each other, forcing opponents to kill all of the present alters in a very short span of time, before any of them get the chance to resurrect the others. Elise's crazed alter has a stronger version of the resurrection ability that allows her to bring back both of the others simultaneously, with more of their health bars intact in gameplay.

In the revised English translation of Azure Striker Gunvolt, Elise's dominant alter taunts Gunvolt with the threat of turning him into a zombie who will then go and infect more people, turning them into zombies. However, in the Japanese version, Dominant Elise simply says that she will turn many people into zombies, starting with Gunvolt; no implication is given that the zombie state Elise creates is contagious.


Azure Striker Gunvolt

Skill Description
Viper Throw
Snake Shuriken

Elise's standard attack. Both alters toss kunai (made using snake corpses as a basis), two at a time, at Gunvolt. The kunai transform into zombie snakes (through Elise's Septima) that slither across the floor upon contact with Gunvolt, the Flashfield, or the floor. The kunai, both in its shuriken and snake form, can be destroyed with the Flashfield.

  • Elise will occasionally position her dominant and submissive alters across from each other and shoot three kunai towards center-screen.
  • During her fight at Babel ~Stratosphere~, Elise occasionally summons her crazed alter to toss a single energy-charged kunai at Gunvolt from the top of the screen. Unlike the kunai of the other two alters, the energy-charged kunai does not transform into a cobra upon impact and cannot be blocked with the Flashfield. Beginning with battle phase two, the crazed Elise fires her energy-charged kunai much more rapidly.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, when you play as Copen, the kunai transform into cobras upon contact with his Flashshield, much like Gunvolt. However, cobras bypass Flashshield, so you can only destroy them by using Copen's Reload Crush.

Elise - Boss Battle (3).jpg
Slithering Whip
Jacord Whip

Elise's standard tag team combo. She positions her submissive and dominant alters at opposite corners of the screen. Each personality then whips out her arm to grab the pole at the center of the screen and swings across to the other side of the screen.

Elise - Boss Battle (2).jpg
Viper Rondo

Elise begins using this tag team combo at battle phase two. She positions her submissive and dominant alters on either side of Gunvolt.

One of them shoots three kunai at Gunvolt, while the other pulls herself to the center pole. The kunai-throwing alter then extends her arm to the center pole and propels herself to jump across the screen. At the conclusion of the attack, the second alter swings to the side of the screen opposite her initial position.

Gorgon Gaze
Jealousic Gorgon
Elise begins using this tag team combo at battle phase two. Elise positions her dominant and submissive alters at opposite corners of the screen.

The attack proceeds with the alters moving in opposite vertical directions while shining their Gorgon's eyes in front of them. The beams themselves deal no damage, but if Gunvolt faces one he receives the Stone debuff, becoming frozen in place and taking increased damage until the player shakes it off.

  • If Gunvolt is turned to stone, the alters fire unforgiving barrages of kunai at Gunvolt.
Elise - Resurrection.png
Resurrection / ReSURexIOnnN
リザレクション / 離The裂苦死ョN
Elise's special skill. When either the dominant or submissive alter is destroyed, the other will immediately activate this skill. The user will engulf the other side of the screen with a pillar of purple light and revive the other alter with a third of her maximum health.
  • Unless both the dominant and submissive alters are killed simultaneously, Elise will use this skill up to a total of five times.
  • Elise will interrupt tag team combos to use this skill if one of her alters perishes. The only exception is Gorgon's Gaze, in which case Elise will use this skill as a follow-up.
  • In the battle at Babel (Stratosphere), the crazed Elise will use her more powerful version of this skill when Gunvolt kills the other two alters simultaneously. In this instance, both perished alters are revived, each with a half of her maximum health. The crazed alter will do this only once per battle. The second time both the dominant and submissive alters are destroyed while fighting the crazed one, she will be killed by Copen before she can revive them again.

Mighty Gunvolt

Skill Description

Viper Throw

Viper Rondo

Gorgon Gaze

Inflicts damage instead of petrification.

Battle Lines

Event English Romaji Japanese
Transform Ah... Aaaahhhh! Aa... AAAaaaA! あっ…あああぁぁぁあ!
Viper Rondo We're doing it!
Ah... I'm sorry!
Yaru wa yo!
Aaa... Gomennasai!
Gorgon Gaze Look over here, please... There!
Face this way! Take that!
Mitekudasai... Eii!
Kocchi wo minasai! Kurainasai!
Resurrection Uuu... Resurrection... come back...!
Hah... Resurrection! Wake up!
Uu... Rizarekushon! Ikikaette!
Aah... Rizarekushon! Okinasai!
Defeated At least now, I can rest in peace...
I can't let it end here...!
Kore de, raku ni...
Konna tokoro de...!

Special Skill Chants


Life, return to life,
Break the cycle and return
This soul from nether coils


The revolving reincarnation spins life...
And crosses the irreversible curtain...
You soul, return to the living world...

돌고 도는 윤회가 생명을 자아낸다.
거스를 수 없는 장부를 넘어서,
혼이여, 현세로 돌아가라.
The cycle of reincarnation spins life.
Cross the irreversible curtains,
And return to the living world, dead soul!


Die die die die DIE
DIE die die die die die DIE
Die die DIE die die


Death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death…
Death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death…
Death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death…
Re –su – rre – c – tiO – N


Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

Elise is a character whose personality has split into several others, but the general image was thought of using a weak-willed main one as a basis. Her long hair that coils inward is meant to express her withdrawn personality and her being shut inside her shell. Her post-transformation form uses a jealous snake as a motif, and incorporates the images of ninja and assassins hiding weapons inside their long sleeves. The eye-patterns common on snakes' bodies is also a main point. Her special skill being resurrection is probably because it incorporates the symbol of medicine's design, the Asclepius rod, one that also uses snakes. When I began designing her I originally intended for her to be a gross character, but her VA's acting was cuter than expected, so I ended up portraying her as such.

-- (Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)


-- (畠山義崇)


  • Elise bears similarities to the following Mega Man characters:
    • Hidden Phantom from the Mega Man Zero games. Both have a dark color scheme, and throw kunai. Also in the boss rush of Mega Man Zero, Hidden Phantom is the only boss who will purposely blow himself up to kill Zero, similar to how Elise is the only boss in the first game who will be enhanced in the boss rush as her third self is introduced.
    • Popla Cocapetri from Mega Man Zero 4. Both have the power to petrify the player, throw daggers/kunai, and summon smaller enemies (Popla summoning CocaPoulets and Elise summoning unnamed snake enemies). Both of their stages are also ruins, Elise's being a ruined lab and Popla's being a ruined city.
    • Argoyle and Ugoyle, from Mega Man ZX Advent. Both are purple, use coordinated attacks, and are twin bosses. Their arenas also feature poles in the background. However, Argoyle and Ugoyle don't need to be killed at the same time, nor do they use their poles for any attacks
    • Rospark, from the same game as both use poles to move around and use whips to attack the player.
  • The incantation for Elise's SP Skill, Resurrection, may reference a cycle of death and rebirth along the lines of notions such as the Samsara.
  • Prior to the events of the game, Elise was being held prisoner and was experimented on by Sumeragi, just like Stratos.
  • Elise's Armed Phenomenon is likely based on the Greek mythological monster Medusa.
    • The Submissive, Dominant, and Crazed Alters are likely based on the three Gorgon sisters from Greek mythology: Medusa, Stheno and Euryale.
  • The Sumeragi Seven are based on the seven deadly sins and an animal that represents it. Elise represents envy and is based on snakes.
  • The names for Nova and The Sumeragi Seven are derived from luxury cars. Elise's name comes from the Lotus Elise.


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