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First appearing in Gal*Gun and later Gal*Gun: Double Peace, Ekoro showed up as a playable character in the crossover action platformer Mighty Gunvolt. Her attacks in Mighty Gunvolt are derived from concepts in Gal Gun, with a pistol that shoots arrows that turn into a heart on impact. She also has a charge-up attack that allows her to convert defeated enemies into helpers that follow behind, shooting at any other near-by enemies. Lastly, she can briefly hover for a short time, allowing her to reach difficult platforms.

Ekoro appears in Blaster Master Zero as a DLC character alongside Gunvolt. She was available for free until June 14th, where she became paid DLC.

She makes an appearance in Mighty Gunvolt Burst as a DLC character, and was also free until August 8th. In Gal*Gunvolt Burst, the rerelease of Mighty Gunvolt Burst on the Playstation 4, she is playable alongside Gunvolt and Beck by default.

She another makes a cameo appearance in the Armed Blue Gunvolt drama CD, where Teseo summons a data recreation of her in his confrontation with Merak. Merak is mildly impressed, but only disposes of her via a wormhole.


Ekoro is the lovely angel from Inti Creates's Gal*Gun series. She can float through the air and convert enemies to fight alongside her by using her Lock-On Shot.