"Eden is a new land where we adepts can live in peace."
Tenjian , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Eden (エデン) is a multinational adept terrorist organization and the main antagonist group of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. It is made up entirely of Adepts who've suffered some form of persecution and/or oppression, and who seek to eradicate the "old humanity" so as to build a utopia for all adepts.

Having a bizarre chain of command, Eden operates under the guise of having no command structure, with its leaders supposedly serving as nothing more than figureheads. However, in reality, Eden works as a pseudo-ecclesiocracy, with absolute power unofficially vested in The Seven and the group's priest and overall head, Zonda, both of whom are revered as gods and oracles.


Information regarding Eden's history is sparse. What is currently known is that the group was founded by adoptive siblings Zonda and Tenjian, spurred on their hatred for humanity. Eventually, they attracted a large number of Adepts from all corners of the Earth, and made their base, codenamed "Garden", in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. It is unknown why they chose this location, but Nori speculates that there may be something valuable within those lands that they seek.


Eden's file in one of ASG2's loading screens, unfortunately untranslated like most of the others

A year before the events of the first Azure Striker Gunvolt, Eden orchestrated an assault on Sumeragi's UTU Media Tower and the repeater inside of it, the "Ame no Uzume", to destroy the final national defense boundary known as "God's Incarnation", which was created by the Sumeragi Group to protect the nation from foreign invasions.

However, the assault was merely a diversionary tactic to allow Zonda to infiltrate the organization during the chaos by joining their ranks, allowing Eden to gain access to Sumeragi's technology through her.


Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

As a result of the crippling failure of Project Muse, as well as the death of lieutenant Nova Tsukuyomi, the Sumeragi Group's defenses were left in shambles. Taking advantage of this, a large number of Eden's members, including The Seven, invade Japan as part of their plan to gain the power of The Muse, which they succeed in doing and use to develop Grimoires for The Seven, as well as gaining several powerful pieces of Sumeragi tech, such as the Plasma Legion.

However, doing so attracts the attention of Gunvolt, a powerful adept who bonded with The Muse, and Copen Kamizono, son of a former Sumeragi scientist who bears a great hatred for Adepts.

The two work their way through The Seven, killing them one by one until Eden is forced to retreat back to Tashkent, taking Copen's sister Mytyl with them.

Undeterred, Gunvolt and Copen travel to Tashkent and battle through Eden's remaining forces until making their way to Zonda, who, despite having used the power of The Muse to gain godlike power, is beaten and killed. With the deaths of Zonda and The Seven, the group presumably fell apart.


Compared to Sumeragi's complex, strictly organised hierarchy, Eden's chain of command is far less sophisticated, centered almost entirely around Zonda and The Seven, who have chess-themed titles based on their roles.

The Seven


The Seven

The Seven (グリモワルドセブン Grimwald Seven or just G7 for short) is a sub-group within Eden made up of seven powerful and admired adepts, led by Tenjian, and frequently serve as commanders in the field.

This group is unique in that it uses Grimoires, devices created using stolen Glaive data and infused with the power of The Muse.

Due to a lack of a traditional hierarchy in Eden, The Seven technically do not possess any special authority. However, through sheer admiration or by virtue of holding multiple important positions, The Seven wield a massive amount of influence over the group. They serve as the main bosses of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.


Pawns are the rank-and-file foot soldiers of Eden, making up the vast majority of the group's populace.

They are comprised of adepts whom are either unable to use their Septimal powers freely, or whose Septimas are simply too weak or impractical for combat. All Pawns are fiercely devoted to Zonda and The Seven, revering them as oracles, comrades, and even gods in some cases, and are shown to be willing to die for their cause, even if they themselves know there is no hope.

Pawns are divided into four types: Shot and Dagger Soldiers, Chainmine Soldier, and Machinegun Soldiers.

Known Members of Eden

Name Position(s) Profile
Zonda King - Co-founder - Shrine Maiden - Spy 00000163
Tenjian Queen - Co-founder - Leader of The Seven 0000015c
Teseo Bishop - Website and network administrator - Hacker - Member of The Seven 00000153
Ghauri Knight - Member of The Seven 0000015a
Desna Rook - Seer - Member of The Seven DesnaPortrait
Milas Rook - Member of The Seven 00000150
Asroc Knight - Weapons Developer - Member of The Seven 00000158
Gibril Bishop - Member of The Seven 0000014c


  • The name "Eden" comes from the biblical "Garden of Eden."
  • The Japanese name for The Seven, "The Grimwald Seven", is derived from the Grimm Brothers, known for their dark stories.
  • Ironically, despite the group's heavy religious overtones, many of Eden's members seem to be atheist. 
  • In Teseo's Dengeki Nintendo profile, it is revealed that Eden has an official website and channel, both of which are run by Teseo, who often hosts videos showing guest adepts using their Septimas to complete challenges. These videos have proven popular enough that there are fans outside of Eden. The fight between Teseo and Gunvolt was also streamed live on the channel.
  • The Seven are all named after various missile systems, a call back to an earlier version of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 where Japan was to be attacked by missiles from seven enemy nations.
    • The enemy nation alliance was to be named GHQ after General Headquarters, the occupying force of post-WWII Japan. This was changed to G7, and from that the name "Grimwald Seven" was decided on.
  • Zonda and The Seven are based off classic fairy tales.
    • Zonda is based off Alice in Wonderland.
    • Tenjian is based off Snow White and The Snow Queen.
    • Teseo is based off Sleeping Beauty.
    • Ghauri is based off Cinderella.
    • Desna is based off Rapunzel.
    • Milas is based off The Little Mermaid.
    • Asroc is based off Pinocchio and Hansel and Gretel.
    • Gibril is based off Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Each of the Eden's members are represented with the pieces on a chessboard, and have similar traits to the piece and those who share the piece.
    • Zonda is the King, who leads Eden and is protected by The Seven.
    • Tenjian is the Queen, who is Zonda's right hand, has the most attacks and is the most powerful of The Seven.
    • Gibril (Alchemist) and Teseo are Bishops, being flyers with a heavy focus on projectiles.
    • Milas and Desna are Rooks, with their attacks being slower, but more heavy hitting.
    • Ghauri and Asroc are Knights, with their attacks being lighter, but very fast paced.
    • Eden Soldiers are Pawns, who simply act as front line infantry.
  • In Milas's Dengeki Nintendo profile, it is revealed that there was a previous member of The Seven who was killed in a mission, whom Milas replaced after Zonda's infiltration of Japan.
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