EX Weapons

The EX-Weapon-mirroring-system is Copen's main category of equipment outside of his programming and subroutines. Rather than buying gear to equip and unequip manually, Copen can manufacture a new EX Weapon for every different Adept he defeats. EX Weapons can be switched out at any time from the pause menu. You can use your full arsenal of copy abilities in every mission so long as you have them, but you may only use one at a time.

Copen can make different weapons by inputting their data into his A.I partner, Lola. Lola can analyze an Adept's Septimosome, and use the P-Bits to mimic an Adept's abilities. In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Copen also can disable all EX-Weapons and Shred Storm by setting Lola to offline mode. This feature was removed in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

Most Adept bosses have certain EX Weapons that deal more damage against them. You can find a list explaining those weaknesses below. Having trouble defeating a Boss? Try switching your EX Weapon!

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Edit

Name and Description Strong Against
Stellar Spark (スパークステラー、Spark Stellar)

Uses electricity as a secondary attack. Copen's default EX Weapon, made from analyzing the Azure Striker Septima from samples of Asimov's blood. The bits unleash a spread of lightning bolts straight forward. When a target is tagged, Lola will home in on it to provide a direct shock. Can pass through walls. Even when this weapon isn't equipped, simply possessing it will provide you with a shield, essentially giving you a Flashfield, when your weapon gauge is full. Can be used long range (bolts) or short range (homing).

Using this weapon on Gunvolt will instantly replenish his Flashfield.

This weapon behaves the same in Luminous Avenger, even when Darkness Trigger is activated.

Milas, Stratos
Hailstorm Blade (アバランチソード、Avalanche Sword)

Acquired after defeating Tenjian. Creates ice swords that launch short-range slash waves that shrink as they fly. Deals more damage when used in closer proximity to target. The slashes can be angled upwards or downwards. The swords and waves are automatically aimed towards tagged targets. The blades and waves can bypass walls. Short-mid range. Ineffective against Viper.

Asroc, False Zonda, Carrera, and Gunvolt (Score Attack special stage)
Twintail Bunker (テイルバンカー、Tail Bunker)

Acquired after defeating Desna. Creates two hair drills that can be thrust forwards or upwards to attack, or downwards to boost jumps. Tagging foes causes this weapon to create hair missiles to launch at them. Considerably strong, and mid-range. Ineffective against True Zonda.

Ghauri and Elise
Hydro Zapper (ハイドロザッパー)

Acquired after defeating Milas. Creates two water orbs that release lasers of water. The lasers will aim at a tagged foe even mid-flight, and can stretch the length of the whole screen. Takes the least amount of weapon energy, is the easiest to use, but the weakest. Can bypass walls. Useful for fights against Gunvolt, as this weapon will instantly Overheat him. Ineffective against True Zonda.

Gibril, Galette Krone, the Gran Torta, and Viper
Broad Circuit (ワイドサーキット、Wide Circuit)

Acquired after defeating Teseo. The bits launch a wide-scale flurry of data similar to Teseo's Circuit Rain attack. The attack becomes more clustered and hits harder when attacking a tagged foe. Can bypass walls. Useful for destroying the crystal pillars that Ghauri makes when he uses Poetry Slam. Can be used long-range, but is more powerful when at close-range.

Robotic enemies, Teseo himself, Gunvolt (Normal), and Stratos
Ferrous Fangs (アイアンファング、Iron Fang)

Acquired after defeating Gibril. Launches a shot of blood-like substance forwards. This weapon creates projectiles that are automatically aimed towards tagged targets, and upon impact, fly back to Copen as pink sparkles, restoring his health. Cannot bypass walls. A useful secondary healing move for Copen outside of his skill on the Pause menu.

Fun fact: This weapon can kill the zombie enemies in Mysterious Manor in one hit.

True Zonda, Carrera, Organic/Human enemies
Prism Break (プリズムブレーク)

Acquired after defeating Ghauri. The bits create and launch a prism similar to Ghauri's Prism Strike. The prism automatically flies toward tagged foes, but cannot turn if they move out of range, and can't pass through terrain. Can be charged three stages for increased size and damage. A quite costly weapon; Level 3 will take the whole gauge unless you use subroutines. Prism Break is however one of the strongest weapons, and the key to opening the terrain-blocking boxes that appear in many of Copen's stages.

This weapon is ineffective against True Zonda, but is capable of breaking her Obice Adamas defense move when fully charged.

Tenjian, Teseo, and Jota
Vantage Raid (バンテージライン、Vantage Rain)

Acquired after defeating Asroc. Launches ring-shaped shots that resemble Asroc's Sakotis Chakram attack. Upon impact, they bind around the target, stopping their movements and attacks, however the effect does not work on bosses. Fires a burst of shots when locked on to a foe.

Desna, Gibril, Merak, and Jota

Finding a Boss' WeaknessEdit

Weaknesses can be hard to pin down, but they do follow a pattern of logic! Look at this list for some help.

  • Asroc is weak to Hailstorm Blade because the blades “cut his strings”. Similarly, Galette Krone is weak to Hydro Zapper because water cools machinery. However, Galette Krone is not weak to Broad Circuit because Galette Krone lacks a program that can be "corrupted".
  • Desna is weak to Vantage Raid because it “binds her hair”.
  • Ghauri is weak to Twintail Bunkers because it takes the form of drills that break his crystals.
  • Tenjian is weak to Prism Break because crystals are stronger than ice.
  • Gibril is weak to Hydro Zapper because water dilutes blood and rusts metal. Ferrous Fangs is stronger on human enemies because it drains their blood, and useless on robot enemies because they are inorganic.
  • Milas is weak to Stellar Spark because salt water conducts electricity. The reverse is true for why Gunvolt is weak to Hydro Zapper.
  • True Zonda is weak to Ferrous Fangs because blood and metal are real, but illusions aren't.
  • Teseo is weak to Broad Circuit (yes, his own weapon) because it can corrupt other data. Broad Circuit is stronger on robot enemies because the data overloads their CPU's, and is useless on organic enemies as they are not comprised of data. Plasma Legion is weak to Broad Circuit for this reason.
  • Fake Zonda is weak to Hailstorm Blade (ironically their own brother’s weapon) because it can shatter Zonda’s mirrors. This was foreshadowed in the one of the early cutscenes in ASG2.

Likewise, Copen can fight EX versions of the ASG1 bosses after beating story mode, and EX Weapons have their role there as well!

  • Viper is weak to Hydro Zapper because water puts out fire, and is immune to Hailstorm Blade because fire melts ice.
  • Stratos is weak to both Broad Circuit and Stellar Spark because his “insects” can't eat data, and are fried by electricity. This logic is also why Gunvolt can use his Flashfield to keep away insects in Pharma Lab.
  • Jota is weak to Prism Break because crystals refract light.
  • Carrera is weak to Ferrous Fangs because magnets attract metal. His power is effectively used against him.
  • Elise is weak to Twintail Bunkers because drills can dig graves. (or... pierce brains?)
  • Merak is weak to Vantage Raid, symbolically the string is binding his portals. It is also a possible reference to spaghettification, a hypothetical phenomenon where something in a black hole is infinitely lengthened into a line, as such Merak's wormholes can't destroy the string.

Luminous Avenger iXEdit

Name and Description Strong Against
Anchor Nexus (アンカーネクサス)

Acquired after defeating Rebellio. Envelopes an enemy in a thread of energy, holding them helpless as Copen unleashes a piercing tackle attack. Auto-tags foes so Bullit Dash targets them. Bound enemies can be dragged along by a Bullit Dash.

Darkness Trigger causes this weapon to instead spawn multiple drills to stab the foe

Stella, Dystnine
Photon Detonator (ルミナリーマイン、Luminary Mine)

Acquired after defeating Crimm. Fires a ball of light that explodes on contact with an enemy or obstacle. It has long range and high firepower, and is capable of firing up to 3 projectiles on-screen at once. Useful for bulkier robot enemies and mini-bosses.

Darkness Trigger causes this weapon to auto-fire in 3-round bursts

Rebellio, Blade, Demerzel
Orbital Edge (オービタルエッジ)

Acquired after defeating Stella. Launches high-density bladed discs that rotate around Copen. The blades will automatically orbit and cut tagged foes. A powerful weapon that excels in attack, energy compulsion, rate of fire and attack range. Kills most small robotic and human enemies in two hits or less.

Darkness Trigger causes this weapon to auto-fire on tagged foes, increasing in speed and power with every rotation.

Crimm, Dystnine
Shroud Spear (クロスランサー、 Cloth Lancer)

Acquired after defeating Dystnine. Fires a spear made of a special cloth. Any enemies hit will be momentarily restrained. Most bosses are immune to immobility (with some exceptions). Automatically aimed towards tagged foes. Helpful for getting past the Blast Shooters in Data Center Alpha.

Darkness Trigger causes this weapon to auto-fire at the target

Bakto, Asimov
Muse's Kiss ( キスオブディーヴァ、 Kiss of Diva)

Acquired after defeating Isola. Fires energy projectiles shaped like Lola. Charging the weapon will change them to her Muse form and give them piercing properties. Automatically aimed towards tagged foes

Darkness Trigger causes this weapon to auto-fire at max charge

Giga Lola, Butterfly Effect, Crimm (out of shield)
Rising Cyclone (ドラフトスパイラル、 Draft Spiral)

Acquired after defeating Bakto. Summons a tornado of spiral energy that extends above and beneath Copen, and can be used as a mid-air jump. Tagging an enemy places the tornado onto them, causing damage. Effective against the Laser Drone traps in Sumeragi Building 13 as it, quite literally, blows their heads off. Otherwise very effective against smaller enemies, but drains weapon energy the fastest.

Darkness Trigger causes this weapon to auto-fire on the target

Isola, Stella
Darkness Trigger (ダークネストリガ)

Acquired after defeating Blade. Activates Darkness Mode, modifying the appearance of and enhancing all EX Weapons, providing infinite weapon energy, though EX Weapons cannot be used without a Tag and Flashfield cannot be deployed when an EX Weapon is activated. This "weapon" drives Lola berserk to the point of harming Copen himself when enemies are not targeted, whittling his HP all the way down to 1. Considered a failed EX Weapon. Plays the song "Beyond Probability" when used.

To prevent accidental activation, Darkness Trigger cannot be accessed via the shoulder triggers. You must pause, enter the EX Weapon menu, and manually select Darkness Trigger, or set it to a shortcut.
Darkness Trigger will deactivate when Twin Shredder is used or a transition occurs, such as a stage clear, boss kill, or a cutscene.
Darkness Trigger cannot be activated when Anthem is already active.

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