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"I am Dystnine, Gargantua's top-of-the-line multi-purpose android. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Dystnine , Luminous Avenger iX [2]

Dystnine, also known as the "Altair of Vengeance", is one of the elite Falcons serving Sumeragi and one of the antagonists of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

An android created by Gargantua, Dystnine inexplicably developed a Septima, drawing the curiosity of Sumeragi, who would have had him ripped apart and examined, had it not been for the intervention of Stella. Grateful, he now serves her as her personal assistant. He has an affinity for the Septima Vectored Cloth, which allows him to manipulate the vectors in the space around him.

Website Description

An Adept in possession of the "Vectored Cloth" Septima. Dystnine is capable of producing cloth that can manipulate vectors in whatever it touches, allowing him to deflect light to hide his location and alter the inertia of his enemies.

Among the mass-produced androids manufactured by Gargantua, by some miracle only Dystnine developed a "soul" and Septima. This caught the attention of the company's president, Stella, who ended up making Dystnine her personal assistant.

Stella saved Dystnine from being confiscated by Sumeragi under the pretense of "research," and he now feels an even greater debt of gratitude toward her.[2]





Dystnine is an android built in the form of a tall young man with short blond hair, orange eyes and white pupils. He is dressed in a typical butler "uniform" which seems to be built into his body; it consists of a white collared shirt with a black tie, a beige waistcoat, and a black jacket with orange insides and coattails. He has spiked kneecaps, maroon "shoes" and a monocle attached to the side of his head with a chain. After his appointment as a Falcon, his left shoulder and right elbow are painted blue and he has a Falcon Quill pinned to his left breast. His voice also gains a distorted, high-pitched echo, presumably caused by his emotional state.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Dystnine's sclera turns black and his hair becomes lighter in shade. His body is covered in black, white and yellow armor, with emphasis on his chest and hips, and his forearms in particular having yellow guards. Sprouting from his headpiece are two large yellow horns, in addition to black spikes on his feet. Of prominence is the large shoulder piece in the shape of a bull head, complete with teeth, a pair of horns and a nose ring. A matching ring is also on his chest. As part of his Septima, he can also summon a long black cloth with a single yellow stripe.


Dystnine at first presents himself as a courteous individual, politely introducing himself and Stella in a well-spoken, solemn manner. He is marked by his extreme devotion and loyalty towards Stella, accompanying her wherever she may be and referring to her as "his lady", serving her faithfully and unconditionally. He also appears protective towards her, showing signs of reluctance after she orders him to leave her and Copen alone, though ultimately he complies without complaint.

After Stella's death, Dystnine undergoes a shift in personality, as the grief caused by Stella's death causes him to experience a slew of negative emotions for the first time, soon becoming obsessed with avenging Stella and murdering Copen, making him the only Falcon to have a personal vendetta against him. Even so, he still greets him in a polite, affable manner, even thanking Copen for giving him the opportunity to experience new emotions, though the glitched, electronic echo to his voice alludes to the rage simmering underneath his words.

Plot Role

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Sumeragi Building 13 - Encounter with iX

Dystnine appears along with Stella, introducing themselves to Copen before Stella shuts him up. He soon disappears after being ordered by Stella to prepare a coffee for her return, though this is for naught after Copen defeats her.

Data Center Beta - Vendetta

When Copen breaks into Data Center Beta for the password to the Butterfly Effect, Dystnine is deployed to intercept him. The rage and sadness he felt at Stella's death somehow evolved his Septima to the point of making it viable in combat, leading to Sumeragi recruiting him as a Falcon. Invoking his Falcon Quill, he swears to kill Copen in the name of avenging Stella.

However, he soon falls in combat, and can only call out for his master as he dies, leaving Lola to wonder if the two machines could've gotten along in another time and place.

Sumeragi Secret Bunker 3 - Apparition

As Copen makes his way through Sumeragi's underground bunker, Demerzel creates holograms of the various Falcons he's fought and killed to stop him. One such hologram is Dystnine, appearing before iX only to be swiftly slain.

Powers and Abilities

As an android who uniquely manifested a Septima, Dystnine wields the Vectored Cloth Septima, which allows him to create a cloth that can manipulate vectors, altering the direction and inertia of anything it touches. Initially, this Septima was fairly standard, if not outright weak. However, after the death of Stella, Dystnine's emotional rush evolves it to the point where he was considered strong enough to be conscripted as a Falcon. Dystnine also seems to be capable of teleporting with his powers, as seen in both of his appearances in cutscenes.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Dystnine's fighting style is highly reminiscent of bullfighting, focusing on using his cloth to redirect his opponent's attacks. By using his cloth to manipulate the vectors of light around him, Dystnine can turn invisible to elude his enemies as well as shroud the area in darkness in his Total Blackout Special Skill. Dystnine can also use his cloth to form various shapes such as spears that ricochet off the walls and floor, or a giant bison that launches opponents into the air.

Dystnine is also capable of creating swords made of pure energy (It is unclear if these are formed from his Septimal ability or not.) which he can use as direct weapons or can throw them at opponents, demonstrating a skill in swordplay and knife throwing.


Skill Description
Dystnine - Aldebaran Cloth.jpg
Aldebaran Cloth
Dystnine invitingly waves his vector-changing cloak toward Copen. Dashing into him during this could have unintended consequences. Transitions into Grand Piercer, Shroud Spear, Bison Curtain, or Shineless Coat after a few seconds.

The EX Boss will have less delay before the transition.

Note: Dystnine will not counter if you dash into him with Anchor Nexus.

Dystnine - Grand Piercer.jpg
Grand Piercer
Grand Pierce
Dystnine forms estoc-shaped swords out of pure energy. He then assaults Copen with high-speed thrusting attacks. Should Copen jump behind him, he cancels this move and jumps back to the opposite end of the arena

The EX Boss will cancel this move and throw a 3-way spread of swords if you go behind him.

Dystnine - Shroud Spear.jpg
Shroud Spear
Cloth Lancer
Dystnine hurls a spear made from his cloak, trapping anyone who touches it. If it hits Copen when he does not have a charged Prevasion, he will be trapped and Dystnine will attack with a Grand Piercer attack. If it collides with a wall, its movement vector will change and cause it to ricochet.

The EX Boss will throw 2 spears at a time.

Dystnine - Bison Curtain.jpg
Bison Curtain
Dystnine sends his cloak along the ground, turning it into a giant bison beneath Copen's feet. The force of the attack and vector-changing properties of it will launch anything that it hits.
Dystnine - Shineless Coat.jpg
Shineless Coat
Used Phase 2 onwards. Dystnine alters the vectors of the light along his body to become invisible. He cannot be attacked or tagged in this state, however, using Anchor Nexus, it is possible to track his movements and hit him out of this state. This move will remove preexisting Tags.

The EX Boss will throw faster spreads, as well as an additional 5-way spread at the end. Anchor Nexus also no longer disables Dystnine's invincibility.

Dystnine - Total Blackout.jpg
Total Blackout
Lightless World (Shut The World)
Dystnine's special attack in which he covers the stage with his cloak. Anyone caught in the attack becomes trapped in a world of darkness, and suffers a powerful slash from the shadows.

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Transformation Contract! Hah! Kontorakuto! Haa! コントラクト!はあっ!
Aldebaran Cloth Come... [How naive!] Kinasai… [Amai desu ne!] 来なさい… [甘いですね!]
Grand Piercer Here I come…! Thrust! Mairimasu…! Shitotsu! 参ります…!刺突!
Using Grand Piercer if Copen is caught by Shroud Spear Now! Ima desu! 今です!
Shroud Spear: Go! Yuke! 行けッ!
Bison Curtain How about this…!? Korenara…! これなら…!
Shineless Coat Can you keep track? Haah!
There you are! Hah! Hmpf!
Mikiremasu ka? Haaa!
Soko desu! Haa! Fun!
Unused What! Nanto! なんと!
Total Blackout Skill standby…
Total Blackout!
Are you ready?
Taahh! There!
(Caught) Eat these! It’s over!
Sukiru sutanbai…
Shatto za waarudo!
Okakugo wa?
Taa! Seii!
(Caught) Kurainasai! Owari desu!
(Caught) 喰らいなさい!終わりです!
1st Phase Down So this is… ANGER! Kore ga… ikari! これが…怒り!
2nd Phase Down Damage levels…
Dameeji reberu…
Defeated My lady…! Ojousama…! お嬢様…!

Special Skill Chants

Total Blackout:

The midnight curtain descends
upon the stage, drenching all
in darkness as the final act begins

(The chant is the same as the English version)


어두운 장막이 곧 만물을 뒤덮는다.
적도… 세계도… 나의 마음마저도…
막은 내리고 무대는 끝을 맞이한다.
The dark veil soon shrouds upon everything.
My enemies… this world… even my very heart…
The curtain descends, and so the stage comes to an end.


  • The Falcons are inspired by the Christian hierarchy of angels (known as Orders or Choirs), with their design based off the astrological signs of the western zodiac. Dystnine is inspired by the second Choir, "Cherubim", and is based off the second zodiac, "Taurus".[1]
    • Dystnine's transformation was designed with a gold matador (bullfighter) costume in mind.
  • The names of the Falcons are all derived from various films. "Dynine" and "Dystnine" are taken from District 9, a 2009 science fiction action film.
    • "Dynein" is also the name of a family of cytoskeletal motor proteins that move along microtubules in cells. They convert the chemical energy stored in ATP to mechanical work.
  • Following Stella's death, Dystnine's left shoulder piece is replaced with a blue version.
  • When Dystnine uses his Falcon Quill to transform, rather than keep his hand still and use his arm to do the motion, his hand does a full 360° rotation.
  • "Altair" is an Arabic-Latin name meaning "The Flying One". It is also the name of a star, which is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky. It forms the Summer Triangle alongside Vega (the brightest star in Lyra) and Deneb (the first magnitude star in Cygnus)
    • The Summer Triangle was the subject of the Chinese Folktale The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl where a Cowherd (representing Altair) and a Weaver Girl (representing Vega) would reunite for one day thanks to a bridge of magpies (which represented Deneb). This could tie into Dystnine's bull theme and his connection to Stella.
  • At 205cm (6'8)[1], Dystnine is the tallest character in the entire franchise, not counting non-humanoid characters or transformations.
  • If Dystnine wins over Copen, he will say that his emotions have made him transgress the "Three Laws", referring to Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, presumably referring to the First Law in particular, which states: "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."
    • Why he mentions this after defeating Copen is unclear, as it seems unlikely that Minos would be protected by the three laws under Demerzel's genocidal regime.
  • The EX Weapon gained by defeating Dystnine, "Shroud Spear", is similar to Asroc's EX Weapon "Vantage Raid", both ensnaring enemies and leaving them open to attack.
  • Dystnine's halloween outfit is a clear nod to Zorro, which is likely a reference to both using finesse-based swords (A Foil for Zorro and an Estoc for Dystnine)