Dynatron is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Dyna. Controls small, mobile electric bits capable of electromagnetic adhesion and power electric shocks. She uses the multitude of bits to weave elegant attacks and take out her target in style.


Dynatron is weak to the SLICER element.


Bit Spinner

Dynatron goes to the top of the arena and floats across it, releasing four pairs of spinning bits with electric currents between them. These bit pairs are then launched at the player one by one. In Hard Mode, one moves slower than the others and remains on-screen as she commences a different attack.

Bit Kick

Dynatron sends waves of bits out along the ground, with varying speeds and heights.

Bit Lightning

Dynatron launches three bits across the arena, sticking wherever they land before she unleashes streams of lightning to them. If one lands on the player, it is possible to shake it off. In Hard Mode there are five bits, and the lightning lasts longer.

Claw Strike

Her desperation move. Dynatron flies across the arena and leaves afterimages, eventually landing and lunging at the player.

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