Dr. Kamizono is a character in Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories. He was a researcher at S-FIT and fathered the twins Copen and Mytyl.


Kamizono is in his early thirties and has a chiseled face, pale skin, and full blonde-white hair, like Copen's.

A common misconception towards Dr. Kamizono is that he is a foreigner, however he was born in the "Far East Island Nation."

This is due to him being born to a mixed race couple. Because of his lineage, he is called a "half" by some people.


Family Ties

Dr. Kamizono married into the Kamizono family sometime before Fleeting Memories and chose to take his wife's family name.

The Kamizono's are said to have strong political power, as well as having strong ties to Sumeragi, although they do not have any official ties.

However, Dr. Kamizono and his unnamed wife did not inherit the family estate, so Kamizono chooses to distance himself from his status in the Kamizono family.


Kamizono worked at the Sumeragi Futures Institute of Technology or "S-FIT." There, Kamizono experimented on Adepts and had some ties to the creation of Glaives. Kamizono also worked on creating artificial Adepts.

Despite working closely with Adepts and the Septimal Lifewave, Kamizono displays great hatred towards Adepts, calling them "Monsters."



Dr. Kamizono first appears in Part 2 of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories, "Prologue: 'It Only Happened Once.'"

Dr. Kamizono appears with his unnamed assistant walking in an S-FIT hallway towards their lab.

There they enter a room where Asimov, known then as "Takefutsu", is restrained.

Kamizono goes on talking about his mistrust of Adepts and of the research they are conducting since they rely on supposedly magical artifacts and spiritualism rather than science.

He makes note that he's tried to convince the Sumeragi top brass to stop these research but they've paid no heed to him: he fears for the survival of humans if Adepts are let loose and is worried about his children, too.

He and his assistan then proceed to carry out an experiment on a restrained Asimov yet his power, already unstable, goes wildly out of control and vaporizes down the entire complex: everyone but Asimov dies in the accident.

Given how the Sumeragi's top brass concealed the information of the accident, his son Copen would eventually end up speculating that his father was assassinated by the Sumeragi top brass because he was against their plans of profit by turning Adepts into a new energy resource.


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