Scripts (Mission:Aggressor)

Gunvolt: ...A girl? (What is that robot? No. Can't worry about it right now. I have to save that girl first!)

Joule: GV, wait! Something isn't right here...

Gunvolt: Joule?

Joule: My link with you... it's... weakening...

< Galette Krone readies to attack >

Gunvolt: Not on my watch!


Gunvolt: (I took it down. And the girl seems to be okay, thankfully. That was no ordinary robot. And what's more...) Who is this girl? (She almost reminds me of... Joule.) Nah... can't be...

Joule: I guess rescuing cute girls is your "thing" now.

Gunvolt: I don't... think it is...

Joule: It certainly is! Remember Quinn? And Xiao?

(Xiao is a guy...)

Joule: And also, that girl makes me uneasy somehow...

Gunvolt: Are you okay, Joule? You had that trouble earlier...

Xiao: We don't have time for this! You need to stop the Seraph!

Gunvolt: Right. Joule, you up to it? I could use your help again.

Joule: Honestly, I don't feel quite right-- but we've got to do it.

Xiao: GV, wait! What's the plan?

Gunvolt: I'm going to lift this thing so it doesn't crash!

Xiao: But that's... crazy!

Gunvolt: Yep. And also the only option we've got. Come on, Joule!

Joule: Right!

< scene change >

Lola: What do we do? Mytyl's going to--

Copen: Rrrgh! (Damn, what should I do...?)

Nori: Copen? Scanners are reading a powerful Septimal signal.

Lola: Aw crap, boss! Check it out!


Copen: Ah! (Gunvolt?! What is he doing there...?)

Gunvolt: Oversurge! Embrace this falling fortress with electric bonds!

Lola: The Seraph is slowing! There's an electrical field acting as a kind of magnet.

Copen: It's that Gunvolt freak! ...Still, this gives us a chance. You know what to do, Lola!

Lola: I suuuuure do! A.S. Drive overloading! We're goin' critical!

Copen: Now, Heartblazer! Burn my foe to ash!

Joule: No use... my powers are unstable! I don't... understand...

Gunvolt: (We can't counter the Seraph's engines at this rate.) Just hold on, Joule! Please!

Joule: We've got company, GV!

Gunvolt: What?! (What in the hell...? Where did that beam come from? Well, whoever it was saved our bacon. Now's my chance!)


Gunvolt: (And so I was able to shift the Seraph and avert tragedy.) Copen. I suppose we have you to thank for that huge laser beam.

Copen: The girl. Mytyl. Give her to me.

Gunvolt: Say, who exactly is this Mytyl anyw--

< Copen lunges towards Mytyl, pressuring GV to back away >

Tenjian: Two birds? One stone? Excellent. Now freeze, little birds!

Copen: H-Hey!

Gunvolt: Wh-What's going on?!

Tenjian: Seems we were right to bring the girl here.

Copen: You there! Are you a Sumeragi adept?

Tenjian: As if I'd sully myself with those jackals.

Fake Zonda: This, my friends, is Tenjian. He's the leader of The Seven-- my beloved protectors.

Gunvolt: Wait, is that... Zonda?! How the hell are you still alive?!

Fake Zonda: You remember my sweet dulcet tone? What a display of love!

Joule: Get back, you! GV is under my protection!

Fake Zonda: The moment arrives! His bond with The Muse has weakened! Come, little muse. Let's see how you enjoy my love cage.


Joule: Hey, what the heck?! Do something, GV!

Gunvolt: Joule!

Fake Zonda: Ah, my Septimal mirror. A beautiful sight, don't you think?

Joule: Let me out of here right now!

Fake Zonda: Such a noisy muse! Tenjian? If you would?

Tenjian: With pleasure. Break!!

Gunvolt: No...

Tenjian: We have her! We trapped The Muse in mirror shards, Zonda. Now, when are you going to abandon that ridiculous disguise?

Fake Zonda: Now that I'm done with Sumeragi, I suppose I no longer need it. Very well! Prepare to witness the glory of my lovely true form!



Gunvolt: Huh?!

Zonda: What you've seen was but a false version of myself. I am Zonda! Oracle of Eden!

Copen: ...Eden?

Tenjian: Despite our abilities, Adepts are hounded by our inferiors. Eden is a new land where we Adepts can live in peace.

Copen: Sounds like QUILL all over again if you ask me...

Zonda: QUILL's aim is noble, but impractical. It would save too few. Thus, we seek a utopia for Adepts and Adepts alone!

Copen: You're nothing but a pack of terrorists and radical extremists!

Tenjian: Enough, Zonda. We need to get you out of here. I have the shards, so if you'd be so kind as to... move along?

Zonda: But Tenjian... Very well. I leave this in your capable hands. But remember that you have a key role to play in this drama.

Tenjian: Worry not. We still have all that Sumeragi tech you stole. Ah, the Glaive. How I long to test its power again...

Zonda: We shall meet again. Know that I do all for the sake of love!

Tenjian: You are an Adept, Gunvolt, so I'm obliged to ask... if you joined us, you could help us build Eden. What say you?

Gunvolt: I say go to hell! And give Joule back!

Tenjian: Still fighting? Hmm. That's the Azure Striker for you. It seems it's time to take this Glaive for a little test run...

< S T R I K E >

Tenjian: This Glaive is beyond anything I've ever known... My Septima surges with power! Sumeragi tech is truly a marvel. Even without The Muse, I can sense your power. Yours is no ordinary Septima. Do all Adepts from your land share such immense talents?

Gunvolt: Shut your mouth!

Tenjian: You have such power, yet ally yourself with no side. You are a danger, and I shall put you on ice again!

Gunvolt: Ha! My lightning can get rid of ice in no time.

Copen: ...Would you all please stop talking like I'm not here?

< C L E A R >

[NOTE: The following post-mission text only occurs at the beginning of a playthrough.]

< End of Glaive Tenjian fight >

Tenjian: Hmm. This false Glaive isn’t as strong as Sumeragi’s original. Unfortunate, but what’s done is done. As are we.

Copen: We’ll see about that. You ready, Lola?

Lola: Commencing Operation Podpocket! Pardon me sir, but do you happen to have the time?

< Lola takes one of Tenjian’s mirror shards >

Tenjian: What?!

Copen: You got… one shard?

Lola: Hey, I ain’t exactly built for grabbin’ stuff, you know?!

Copen: Er, right. Of course. Well done.

Gunvolt: Joule is in there, Copen! What are you going to do with it?!

Copen: I don’t know what these Eden types are planning. But they’re Adepts. Which means I need to stop them. And since they seem to need this, I’ll be keeping it for now.

Tenjian: Bah! Eight shards still belong to us!

Gunvolt: Wait!

< Tenjian is transported away >

Gunvolt: UGH!

Joule: G… V…

Gunvolt: Joule, is that you?! Are you okay?


Joule: I… think so… but they took most of my power. My consciousness is still here with you, though.

Gunvolt: Just your consciousness...

Joule: This is all my powers are capable of at the moment. Still, it could be worse! Er, maybe? …Right?

Gunvolt: Oh, Joule…

Character Select: Gunvolt

(Several days after the incident on the Seraph… I decided it was time for a new outfit.)


Quinn: How do you like the duds, GV?

(That’s Quinn. She’s human-- no hint of a Septima. The powerful Sumeragi group tried to enslave all Adepts. They used the Diva Project to control The Muse’s Septima. We fought them and won, but had no home left to return to. Quinn offered us shelter despite the personal risk.)

Xiao: Those aren’t "duds", Quinn. It’s a combat uniform. It’s lightweight, durable, and better than your last one.

(Guy talking about the duds is Xiao Wu-- Xiao for short. He’s an Adept who used to be with QUILL. Just like me. He’s from another country, so we never worked together. I didn’t meet him until after I’d left QUILL.)

Gunvolt: The fit’s great, guys. How does it look?

Quinn: Oh, you look gr--

Joule: You look awesome, GV!

Gunvolt: Thanks, Joule. You too, Quinn.

Quinn: It really does look good.

Xiao: Is Joule speaking to you again?

(Joule lives inside me now. It’s… complicated.)

Quinn: She said GV’s new duds look awesome.

(Quinn and I are the only ones who can hear her. Not sure why Quinn has that ability…)

Xiao: Why doesn’t anyone ask the person who designed the outfit? Anyway, sure you’re good, GV? Don’t need anything else?

(Xiao feigns loyalty to QUILL for the connections. It’s how he gets gear and intel for my missions. I think his homeland is already under Eden’s control. He’s lost many friends to those scumbags. So he works with me to try and take them down. His local QUILL branch is now under Eden’s thumb. So he turned to someone who had left QUILL. …Me.)

Gunvolt: Xiao, you don’t… Never mind. I’ll let you know if I need something, okay?

Xiao: Heh. If you took out Nova, I’m sure you can get these guys. I’ll do whatever it takes to destroy Eden for good.

Quinn: ......


Quinn: That reminds me, GV. Have you saved yet? This game doesn’t have an autosave feature. So if you need a break, make sure to save manually! Let’s see… so to do that, I think you--

Joule: Press [L] to open the menu! But GV already knew that. Right, GV?

Quinn: O-Of course! I didn’t mean to imply… Also, if you press the [R] button with the menu open…

Joule: You’ll see a guide that explains stuff. … Which you know.

Quinn: I’m a little jealous that Joule knows so much about you, GV.

Joule: It’s because of our special bond. Hee!

Quinn: Well, I’ll read up on those guides so I know what’s in ’em. Make sure to rest, okay? Don’t push yourself too hard. And you can always swing by the lounge if you want to chat. I’d be happy to talk with you anytime.

Joule: Watch it, sister! Chatting up GV is MY job!

Gunvolt: Oh, for the love of… (Joule seems all right for the moment. But I don’t know how this will affect her down the line. We need to recover those shards as fast as possible. If we can’t turn her back, then…)

Xiao: Wait, hold up-- Quinn can talk to Joule?!

Character Select: Copen


Lola: Welp, there’s Septima here, but it’s too complex to decipher.

Copen: I hoped the shards would give us insight into their schemes… (Lola can analyze Septimas that I implant inside her. I thought installing shards would cause a reaction… but so far, nothing.)

Lola: No point moping about it! Let’s go check in on your sister.

Copen: Good idea. (I headed for the ward where Mytyl was staying.) How’s it going, sis?


Mytyl: “Hi, Copen :) I’m all right.”

She had to type out her words on a tablet. An operation she had as a child took her voice. But she’s still really sick, and no one knows why. So she stays in a special facility owned by our family. She used to be elsewhere, but then Eden found her. I don’t know why those bastards took her. And she doesn’t remember anything from that time.

Lola: Mytyl! What’s up, girl? I missed you!

Mytyl: “I missed you, Lola!”

Lola: H-Huh? What’s this? I feel kinda… funny.

Mytyl: “What’s wrong?”

Lola: I’m getting hot! B-Burning up! Gyaaaaaaaaa!


Lola: Shut the front door! The heck just happened to me?!

Mytyl: “Is that a new feature? Like the Muse’s Lumen or something?”

Lola: I also have a vested interest in this question, Copen!

Copen: Lola, I don’t have any idea what… wait, did you say Lumen? (Did the shards I installed in Lola cause this? If so, why now? They didn’t do anything before.)

Lola: Huh? What’s this feeling? Say, Mytyl? You’re feeling worse than usual, aren’t you?

Mytyl: “Boo. I thought I was hiding it. How’d you know?”

Lola: It’s this form. It’s like I can… sense you or something.

Copen: You’re feeling worse than usual? Why didn’t you tell me?!

Mytyl: “I didn’t want either of you to worry.”

Copen: I’m going to know as soon as I look at your test results.

Mytyl: “I’m sorry… but I felt better when you guys showed up! Maybe it has to do with the new function of yours?”

Copen: Huh? (Did Eden do something to Mytyl? But all of our tests didn’t find a thing. Maybe her Muse sensitivity is affecting her…) Let’s get to the lab, Lola.

Lola: H-Hey! Wait up, boss!

(None of our treatments did a thing for Mytyl. If this can help her, there’s no time to waste. We have to examine the shards and learn what we can.)

Mytyl: “Copen, wait! I have some advice for you! The game doesn’t autosave, so you need to do it. Press [L] to open the menu and take it from there. If you need help on a screen, press [R]. That will give you more info. Sound good?”

Copen: Thanks, sis. I’ll keep it in mind.

[Translation by Bapgei]

Gunvolt 2: Aggressor Stage




Panteera ga Sumeragi yori mochi kaetta houken no chikara – kimi ni tame sasete moraou 

I’ll try out the power of this “Sword” that Pantera brought from Sumeragi… on you!


テンジアン...! お前たちエデンの好きにはさせない

Tenjian…! Omae tachi Eden no suki ni wa sasenai!

Tenjian…! I won’t let you and “Eden” do as you please!



Shinryakusha (aguressa)

Invaders (Aggressors) 



Denshi no yousei (saibaa diiva) wo meguru monogatari

This is a tale about the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)…


Utareta hazu no shuushifu (piriodo) wa shinryakusha no ashioto ga keshita

The tale should’ve come to an end (period) but the invaders’ footprints erased it… 


Kousaku suru unmei ga tsuzuru no wa “risoukyou (Eden)” no hen

The intercrossing fates will be spelled out in the “Utopia (Eden)” chapter… 



Biru gai

Buildings district


(GV finds Galette Krone and Mytyl)



Are wa… Onna no ko?

What’s that… a girl?

あのロボットはいったい… いや、今はそんなことよりも

Ano robotto wa ittai… Iya, ima wa sonna koto yori mo 

And what’s that robot…? That doesn’t matter now!


Ano ko wo tasukeru no ga senketsu da!

Saving that girl goes first!


ちょっとまってGV! …これ…なにか…おかしい…っ

Chotto matte GV! Kore… nani ka… okashi… tsu…

Wait a min, GV! Something’s… out… of place…

(Cyan’s power becomes unstable)







Sonna… Watashi to GV no tsunagari ga… yowamatta…?

What…? Our bond has… weakened…?

(Galette Krone readies attack)


くッ!! やらせるかッ!!

Kuu!! Yara seru kaa!

Sh…!! Won’t let you!!

(GV defeats Galette Krone, Mytyl lies on floor)



Nanto ka taoseta ka… Onna no ko mo buji no you da

I somehow managed to beat it… The girl seems to be alright too…

今のロボット、ただのロボットじゃないようだったけど… それに…

Ima no robotto, tada no robotto janai you datta kedo… Sore ni…

That robot felt like it wasn’t a “mere” robot… And, also…


Kono ko wa ittai…?

Who’s this girl…?


Doko ka Shian ni niteiru you na…

Something about her looks similar to Cyan…

(Flashbacks of Cyan)



Iya… Sonna hazu wa nai ka…

No… That can’t be the case… 


もうっ! GVったら、いっつも可愛い子ばっかり助けるんだから!

Mouu! GV ttara, itssumo kawaii ko bakkari tasukerun dakara!

SHEESH! GV! You! You’re ALWAYS saving CUTE girls!



Sou… ka na?

Is that… so?



Sou da yo, Ouka to ka, Shao no toki datte

You ARE! First was Ouka, then Xiao…



Shao wa otoko nan da kedo na

But Xiao’s a GUY… 



Sore ni sono ko, nanda ka zawa zawa suru…

And that girl… She gives me the chills, dunno why...


シアン? そういえばさっきも調子が悪かったみたいだけど

Shian? Sou ieba sakki mo choushi ga warukatta mitai dake do

Cyan? By the way, something was off with you, no?



GV! Sono ko no koto mo ki naru kedo, ima wa hiten wo tomenakya!

GV! I understand your interest for the girl but you gotta stop the “Apsara”!


…そうだね。 シアン、調子は大丈夫? もう一度、頼みたいんだ

… Sou dane. Shian, choushi wa daijoubu? Mou ichido, tano mitain da

… You’re right. Cyan: do you feel OK? I’d like to ask of you to help me out once more


ええ、正直まだ良くはないけど… やるしかないんでしょ?

Ee, shoujiki mada yokunai kedo… Yaru shika nain desho?

Yeah. To be honest… I’ve yet to totally recover but… We gotta do it, right? 

(Song of Diva activates again)


ちょっとGV!  いったいどうするつもりさ!?

Chotto GV! Ittai dou suru tsumori sa!?

Wait! GV! What do you intend to do!?



Biru ni chokugeki shinai you, soto kara mochiageru!

I’ll lift it from the outside so that it doesn’t hit the buildings!



Sonna… Mucha kucha da yo!

But that’s… Unrealistic!


無茶でもやるしかない… 行こう、シアン

Mucha demo yaru shika nai… Ikou, Shian

But there’s no other option at hand… Let’s go, Cyan!





(RoRo and Acura on the outside)


アキュラくん、どうするの? このままだとミチルちゃんが!

Akyura kun, dousuru no? Kono mama dato Mytyl chan ga!

What do we do, Acura – kun? If we don’t act then Mytyl – chan will…!





クソッ! いったいどうすればいい…?

Kusoo! Ittai dousureba ii…?

Hell! What should I do…? 

(Skies flash)


アキュラさま、 センサーに強力な第七波動(セブンス)反応です

Akyura sama, sensaa ni kyouryoku na dai nana hadou (sebunsu) hannou desu

Acura – sama: the sensors have caught a very powerful 7th Wave (Sevens) signature



Akyura kun! Are wo mite!

Acura – kun! Look at THAT!!

(Gunvolt trying to stop the “Apsara”)







Yatsu me, ittai nani wo?

That guy! What is he doing?


迸れ、蒼き雷霆 (アームドブルー)よ!地に堕つ要塞、その雷撃で包み込めッ!!

Hotobashire, aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) yo! Chi ni otsu yousai, sono raigeki de tstsumi komee!!

Surge out, Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)! Wrap the fortress falling to the earth with your thunder!!



Hiten no rakka sokudo, oohaba gensui!!

The “Apsara” descent speed has been notably reduced!!


Kore wa, kyouryoku na denjiba ni yoru chou dendou jiki fujou…?

Is this “superconducting magnetic levitation” via a powerful EM field…?


ガンヴォルト…おぞましい化物め…! …だが、これなら…! 

Ganvoruto… Ozomashii bakemono me…! … Daga, kore nara…!

Gunvolt… What a freakish monster…! But I can make use of that!

ロロッ! 頼んだッ!

Roroo! Tanondaa!

RoRo! Counting on you!





ABドライヴ、オーバーロード! 危険域 (エマージェンシー)!!

AB doraivu, oubaa roudo! Kiken ryou (emaajenshii)!!

AB Drive, overloaded! Danger zone (emergency)!!


かまわんッ! くれてやれッ! ハートブレイザー! 心臓部(どうりょくぶ)を焼きつくせッ!!

Kamawann! Kurete yaree! Haato bureizaa! Shinzoubu (douryokubu) wo yaki tsukuzee!!

I don’t care! Go ahead! “Heat Blazer”! Burn up the heart (generator)!

(Cyan’s power reaching its limit)


ううっ…ダメ…! …力が…安定しない…!なんで…?

Uuu… Dame…! … Chikara ga… antei shinai…! Nande…?

Uh… No good…! My power… is unstable…! Why…?


…ッ! このままでは、暴走する飛天の推力に押し負けてしまう…!

…Tsu! Kono mama de wa, bousou suru hiten no suiryoku ni oshi makete shimau…!

… Huh! If we don’t do something… We’ll lose against the thrust of the berserk “Apsara” 


Onegai da, mocha kotaete kure…!

Please! Hold in there…!


GV! なにかくる!?

GV! Nani ka kuru!?

GV! Something’s coming!?





(Beam hits “Apsara”)


ビーム!? いったい誰が!?

Biimu!? Ittai dare ga!?

A beam!? Who shot it!?

けど、おかげで飛天の推力が弱まった。 これなら…!!

Kedo, okage de hiten no suiryoku ga yowamatta. Kore nara…!!

But as a result the thrust of the “Apsara” has weakened… Now…!!


… Soshite, hiten no kidou wa yukkuri to biru tono chokugeki kousu kara sorete itta…

And the course of the “Apsara” slowly deviated from the collision course with the buildings… 

(Gunvolt descends carrying Mytyl)


あのビーム、お前だったのか。 アキュラ…

Ano biimu, omae datta no ka. Akyura…

So you fired that beam. Acura…


ガンヴォルト、 その少女--ミチルを渡せ

Ganvoruto, sono shoujo… Mytyl wo watase

Gunvolt, give me that girl… Hand Mytyl over!


ミチル? この子はいったい…

Mytyl? Kono ko wa ittai…

Mytyl? Who’s this girl…?

(Tenjian’s power)


一挙両得。 凍てつけ…"超冷 (凍オールフリーズ)"!

Ikkyo ryoutoku. Itetsuke… Chou reiketsu (ouru furiizu)”!

Kill two birds with one stone… Freeze them! “Super Freezing (All Freeze)”!







Kore wa..!?

What’s this…!?

(Tenjian appears)


量才録用。 その子を連れ出した甲斐があったな…

Ryousai rokuyou. Sono ko wo tsure dashita kaii ga atta na

Witness our power. It was worth it kidnapping that girl…



Sono sugata… Sumeragi no nouryokusha ka

That look… A Sumeragi Psychic, huh.



Keiryou senbou. Chigau ne. Boku wa Sumeragi no ningen nanka jaa nai

Hasty assumption. You’re wrong. I’m not a member of Sumeragi

Pantera (man):


Kare no na wa Tenjian

His name is Tenjian


Watashi wo mamoru aisubeki shichinin senshi “G7 (Gurimuwarudo sebun)” no riidaa sa

He’s the leader of the lovely 7 warriors who protect me, the “G7 (Grimwald Seven)”… 


その声は、パンテーラ!? なぜお前が生きている!?

Sono koe wa, Panteera!? Naze omae ga ikiteiru!?

That voice! Pantera!? How can you be alive!?

(Pantera appears)

Pantera (man):

おや、ワタシの美声、覚えていてくれたのかい? 愛を感じるよ

Oya, watashi no bisei, oboete ite kureta no kai? Ai wo kanjiru yo

Oh my! You remember my beautiful voice? I can feel the LOVE!

(Cyan appears)


やめてっ!! GVはわたしが守るっ!!

Yametee!! GV wa watashi ga mamoruu!!

Stop!! I’ll protect GV!!

Pantera (man):

フハハハハッ! これだ! 謡精との結びつきが弱まる、この時を待っていた!! 

Fuhahahahaa! Kore da! Yousei tono musubitsuki ga yowamaru, kono toki wo matteita!!

Heh, hah, hah, hah, hah! This is it! I was waiting for this moment, when your link with the Singing Fairy would weaken!!

電子の謡精よ… 我が愛の檻に囚われたまえッ!!

Denshi no yousei yo… Waga ai no ori ni toraware tamaee!!

Cybernetic Singing Fairy… Be trapped into my love cage!!

(Cyan gets trapped)


なに…これ!? GVっ!!

Nani… Kore!? GV!!

What’s… this!? GV!!





Pantera (man):


Sore wa waga dai nana hadou (sebunsu) ga umidashita kagami…

That’s a mirror that my 7th Wave (Sevens) has created…


出してッ! ここから出してッ!!

Dashitee! Koko kara dashitee!!

Let me out! Let me out of this!!

Pantera (man):

ああ、彼女には少し黙っていてもらおう。 テンジアン、頼むよ

Aa, kanojo ni wa sukoshi damatte ite moraou. Tenjian, tanomu yo

Ah yes… We’ll have her shut up for a bit. Tenjian: take care of it



Isai shouchi…

Roger and understood...




(Tenjian smashes Cyan along with the cage)



Son… na…!?

It… can’t be…!?

(The “Mirror Pieces” gather)


電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ―― )

Denshi no yousei (saibaa diiva)…

The Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)…

その力を宿した鏡の欠片(ミラーピース)…九枚もあれば十分か。 予定通り、回収完了。 

Sono chikara wo yadoshita kagami no kakera (miraa piisu)… Kyuu mai mo areba juubun ka. Yotei doori, kaishuu kanryou.

These are mirror shards (Mirror Pieces) lodging her power… 9 of them will suffice. I retrieved them as scheduled.

はぁ…ところでパンテーラ。 その悪ふざけ?いつまで続けるつもりなんだ?

Haa… Tokoro de Panteera. Sono waru fuzake? Itsu made tsuzukeru tsumori nanda?

Huff… By the way, Pantera… What about that… bad taste parody? How much longer do you intend to continue it?

Pantera (man):


Fumu… Koko made kureba mohaya Sumeragi ni sennyuu suru tame no kono sugata de iru hitsuyou wa nai ka

Hum… Come this far I don’t need to use this form which I employed to infiltrate Sumeragi anymore, huh… 

判ったよ…この美しき姿に別れを告げて、今見せよう! 真実の愛をッ!!

Wakatta yo… Kono utsukushiki sugata ni wakare wo tsuge, ima miseyou! Shinjitsu no ai woo!!

Understood… Let’s say “farewell” to this beautiful form and show it to them! Show them my TRUE LOVE!!

(Real Pantera appears with Tenjian behind her)



… Tsu!

… * gasps * …!

Pantera (girl): 


Kore ga watashi no itsuwari naki sugata…

This is my true form: there are no more lies…

わたしはパンテーラ。 "エデン"の巫女にして象徴

Watashi wa Panteera. “Eden” no miko ni shite shouchou.

I am Pantera. The maiden and symbol of “Eden”…





遥かに優れた力を持ちながら この瞬間にも、無能力者たちに迫害を受け続ける能力者(どうほう)たち… 

Haruka ni sugureta chikara wo mochinagara kono shunkan ni mo, munouryokusha tachi ni hakugai wo uke tsuzukeru nouryokusha (douhou) tachi…

Despite having great and excellent power, the Psychics (our comrades) keep on suffering persecution by the Non-Psychics as we speak… 


Nouryokusha ga anshin shite kuraseru sekai wo tsukurou tte no ga, boku tachi “Eden” da

We “Eden” want to build a world where Psychics can live in peace…


フン… なにかと思えば、フェザーと似たような連中か…

Fun… Nani ka to omoeba, Fezaa to nita you na renchuu ka…

Hmpf… Was wondering what you are and yet… You look like Feather… 

Pantera (girl):

能力者の保護-- 彼らの志には共感しますが、それで救える者はごく僅か… 

Nouryokusha no hogo… Karera no kokorozashi ni wa kyoukan shimau ga, sore de sukueru mono wa gou wazuka…

Protecting the Psychics… We sympathize with their will but they can only save a few at the best… 


Watashi tachi ga mezasu no wa furuki hito tachi wo haijo shita nouryokusha dake no risoukyou desu

Our goal is to create a utopia only for Psychics and the old humans’ removal… 



Kagekiha ka… Ozoke ga tatsu

So you’re extremists, huh… I’m horrified


用心堅固。もういいだろう、パンテーラ。 あまりキミを危険にさらしたくはない 

Youshin kengo. Mou ii darou, Panteera. Amari kimi wo kiken ni sarashi taku wa nai

Let’s be careful here. It’s enough, Pantera. I don’t want to expose you to too many dangers…


Miraa piisu wa kaishuu dekita. Koko wa boku ni makasete sagatte kurenai.

We’ve got the “Mirror Pieces”. Why don’t leave it up to me and go back?

Pantera (girl):




Wakarimashita. Kono ba wa anata ni takushimasu

Understood. I entrust you to take care of what’s going on


Keredo, anata ni mo yakume ga aru koto wo wasurenai de kudasai

But please don’t forget that you’ve also got a role to play


慎始敬終。 なに、キミが手ずからスパイまでして持ち帰った皇神(スメラギ)の技術--"宝剣"の力… 

Shinshi keishuu. Nani, kami ga tezu kara supai made shite mochikaetta Sumeragi no gijutsu… “Houken” no chikara…

I’ll be very careful. I just want to see the power of the “Sword”, that Sumeragi tech you brought back by spying into them… 


Mou chotto, tashika mete mi you to omotte ne

I was thinking of testing it further…

Pantera (girl):

…また、会いましょう。 すべては、愛に満ちた世界のために--

… Mata, aimashou. Subete wa, ai ni michita sekai no tame ni…

… We shall meet again. All is for the sake of a world filled with love… 

(Real Pantera leaves)


さて、ガンヴォルト。 一応聞いておくけど…同腹一心。キミも能力者だ 

Sate, Ganvoruto. Ichiou kiiteoku kedo… Doufuku isshin. Kimi no nouryokusha da

Alright, Gunvolt. I wanted to ask you something… Sharer of  beliefs. You’re a Psychic, too… 


Boku tachi no doui tonaru nara manzoku dekiru chii wo youi suru kedo… Dousuru?

If you’d become our comrade I can prize you with a satisfactory rank but… What’ll do you?




You must be KIDDING!!

(Gunvolt shatters the ice)


Shian wo… Moto ni modosee!!

Return Cyan to… normal!!


瞠若驚嘆。 そんな力が残っていたとはさすがは、蒼き雷霆(アームドブルー)サマだ 

Doujaku kyoutan. Sonna chikara ga nokotta to wa… Sasuga wa, aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) sama da

Startled and surprised... To think you still had this much strength left… As expected of the mighty Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)…


Houken no chikara… Tamesasete moraou!

I’ll be try out the power of the “Sword”… into you!

(Begin Tenjian battle)


知行合一。 この宝剣と呼ばれる力…思っていた以上だ 

Chikou gouitsu. Kono houken to yobareru chikara… Omotta ijou da

Awareness through practice… The power of this so-called “Sword”… is above what I expected

模造品とはいえ、この第七波動(セブンス)の高まり… これが、皇神(スメラギ)の技術か。 そして…

Mozouhin to wa ie, kono dai nana hadou (sebunsu) no takamari… Kore ga, Sumeragi no gijutsu ka. Soshite…

This is an imitation and yet I feel an increase on my 7th Wave (Sevens)… So this Sumeragi’s tech. And… 

鬼哭啾啾。 感じるよ、電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)の力を失って、 なおも漂う

Kikoku shuushuu. Kanjiru yo, denshi no yousei (saibaa diiva) no chikara wo ushinatta, nao mo tadayou

Hair-raising. I can feel it:  it still drifts despite the loss of Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)… 


kimi no namihazureta dai nana hadou (sebunsu) no chikara wo ne

Your out-of-the-scale 7th Wave (Sevens)...


Sono chikara… Kono kuni no nouryokusha wa, minna, sore hodo tsuyoi no ka?

What power… Are this nation’s Psychics as powerful as you? 



Shian wo ubatta renchuu ni, kataru shita wa nai!

I’ve got nothing to tell to those who stole Cyan from me!



Anun teimei. Sore dake no chikara wo mochinagara, doko ni mo zokusaku mukidou ni furimau… 

Gathering of dark clouds. You’ve got so much power and yet you don’t affiliate anywhere, you behave in a trackless manner…

キミのその危うさ! 我が氷刃を持って再び凍てつかせよう!

Kimi no sono ayausa! Waga hyoujin wo motte futatabi itetsuka se you!

You’re very dangerous! I’ll freeze you again with my ice blades!


氷程度…! ボクの雷撃で、何度でも溶かし尽くす!

Koori teido… Boku no raigeki de, nando demo tokashi tsukusu!

Mere ice…! My thunder will melt it down again and again!



… Yatsu ra me, ore wo sashiki nani wo katatteiru…!

Those guys…! They leave me here and start to discuss…!

(Tenijian is defeated)


断編残簡…僕らの模造刀じゃ まだ皇神(スメラギ)のように完全な宝剣とはいかないか… 

Danpen zankan… Bokura no mozoutou ja mada Sumeragi no you ni kanzen na houken to wa ikanai ka…

A defective tool… Our imitation swords can’t totally imitate Sumeragi’s “Swords”, huh… 

遺憾千万…けど、仕方ない。 ここは退いて…

Ikan senban… kedo, shikata nai. Koko wa hiite…

Utterly deplorable… But it can’t be helped. I’ll pull off and…!


させはせん…ロロッ! チャージは済んでいるな!

Sase wa sen… RoRoo! Chaaji wa sundeiru na!

I won’t let you… RoRo! You finished charging, right!


OK! アキュラくん! ぼくにまかせなさーい! 

OK! Akyura kun! Boku ni makasenasaai!

OK! Acura – kun! Leave it up to me~!

(RoRo charges in and steals a “Mirror Piece”)

このカケラ! もらったー!

Kono kakera! Moratta!

I’ll be taking this shard! Gotcha!







Shuukaku (sanpuru) wa ichimai dake da

You only got one piece as harvest (sample), huh?


もう、ムチャ言うなよ。 ぼくのまん丸ボディーは、 物をとるのにはむかないの!

Mou, mucha iuna yo. Boku no manmaru bodii wa, mono wo toru ni wa mukanai no!

Sheeh! Don’t ask the impossible! My round body isn’t designed to grab things!


いや、上々だ。 よくやった

Iya, joujou da. Yoku yatta

No, you did great. This’ll suffice


アキュラ! それを……シアンを どうするつもりだ!?

Akyura! Sore wo… Shian wo dou suru tsumori da!?

Acura! What do you intend to do that… to Cyan!?


エデンとか言う連中が 何を企んでるかは知らんが… 

Eden to ka iu renchuu ga nani wo takuranderu ka wa shiran ga…

I dunno what these “Eden” guys are up to but…

能力者(バケモノ)どもの企てならば、 オレが阻む… 

Nouryokusha (bakemono) domo no kuwadate naraba, ore ga habamu…

If the Psychics (monsters) are plotting something then I’ll put a halt to it…

どうやら連中は、こいつを 必要としてるようだからな…いただいていくぞ

Douyara renchuu wa, koitsu wo hitsuyou to shiteru you dakara na… Itaidate ikuzo

It’d seem these guys are in need of these so… I’ll be taking it with me!

(Acura leaves with Mytyl in tow)


してやられたよ…残り8枚 こちらも一旦退くしかないか 遠走高飛

Shite yarareta yo… Nokori haichi mai. Kochira mo ittan hiku shika nai ka. Ensou kouhi…

What a blunder… 8 pieces left. I’ll have to flee. Let’s get away and fast…








(Cyan’s voice)





Sono koe… Shian!?

That voice… Is that you, Cyan!?


Buji na no ka!

You’re alright!

(Cyan, miniature form)


ええ…力のほとんどを 持って行かれたけど… 

Ee… Chikara no hotondo wo motte ikareta kedo…

Yeah… But I’ve lost much of my power…

わたしの意識は、なんとか GVの中に残れたようね…

Watashi no ishiki wa, nantoka GV no naka ni nokoreta you ne…

It’d seem that my consciousness somehow remained inside of you, GV… 



Sono sugata wa…

That form…


今のわたしじゃ この姿が限界みたい… 

Ima no watashi ja, kono sugata ga genkai mitai

It’d seem this is the best I can do now… 

…でも、こういう姿も 悪くないでしょ?

… Demo, kou iu sugata mo warukunai de sho?

But this look isn’t bad either, is it?





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