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For Demerzel's main series counterpart, see Asimov.


Demerzel , Luminous Avenger iX

Demerzel is the leader of the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution and the main antagonist of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

Originally known as Asimov (アシモフ ashimofu), commander of the Sumeragi resistance group "QUILL", he usurped Sumeragi and became its shadow leader, adopting the guise of a supervisory AI, and sought to bring about a new era of humanity by wiping out all Minos. He wields the Azure Striker Septima, which allows him to generate and manipulate all forms of electricity, his power having grown exponentially over the course of a century.


Demerzel at first presents himself as a tall man with shoulder-length, gray-blue hair and pure white eyes. He wears a black layered armor with blue highlights, a white collar and a black under-layer.

After this false hologram is beaten, Demerzel reveals his true form: a large, blue humanoid form made of pure electricity. In this form, Demerzel's features are far more simple; his mouth becomes a permanent, dark blue smile and his eyes appear as large, jagged lightning bolts, as does his hair. There are also black, spiked lines running along his body, seemingly originating from a large black spot in the center of his chest.

His EX Boss form is the same as his true form, though his color scheme becomes inverted, with the dark blue lines on his body becoming light blue and vice versa.


Having fully realized his dreams of an Adept utopia, Asimov has completely discarded all attempts at deception or lies, having wholeheartedly embraced his true personality without shame. As "Demerzel", he makes no attempt to hide his desires, leading Sumeragi down a genocidal path to bring about what he deems to be a new age of humanity, a goal that seems to have grown over the years into an obsession with evolution, an obsession that accumulated in him abandoning his physical form in favor of one of pure electricity.

Now having nigh unlimited economical and technical power and with nobody to stop him, Demerzel has enforced his racist agenda with an iron fist, without any restraint and with sadistic delight, going as far as to model scores of Tanks after Lola a symbol of hope amongst the Minos, purely as a means of psychological warfare and inflict demoralization amongst the Minos populace all the while communicating to the entire planet his intention to carry out an immediate full scale extermination while enjoying watching their struggle for survival.

In addition to his preexisting eccentricities (such as randomly adding English into his speech), Demerzel has become far more expressive than he was during his tenure as QUILL's leader, showing a hitherto unseen God-complex and even bursting into fits of manic laughter. This, combined with his growing evolutionary mania and his deteriorating critical thinking, suggests that Demerzel's mental state has steadily been growing worse over the years, theorized by Copen to ironically be the result of his electronic form, showing that his quest for perfection is ultimately one that leads to self-destruction.

In fact, for all his claims about trying to assert himself as a protector of all Adepts, his cruelty extends to both Minos and Adept alike, performing inhuman experiments on Adepts themselves if it helps fuel his goals and even murder any Adept that opposes him. Truly signaling that his dreams for an Adept utopia are in fact self-serving hypocrisy meant to justify his rabid thirst for vengeance and assert his own superiority.

In some ways Demerzel is an antithesis of his old self. The old Asimov was a front line combatant who constantly endangered himself for the sake of his cause, vehemently refusing to simply hole up somewhere safe and use his brain to get things done. Demerzel's behavior, staying within the depths of a bunker and being confined to containers for his electronic form, starkly contrasts this.

Plot Role


An American immigrant experimented on by the Sumeragi Group, Asimov would go on to found a resistance group known as QUILL, a group that fought against Sumeragi for Adept equality. However, in reality QUILL was simply a vehicle for Asimov's secret Adept supremacist beliefs. Asimov's skirmishes with Sumeragi eventually lead him to Gunvolt, an Azure Striker like himself, and Joule, a young girl with an implanted Septima known as the Muse, which allowed her to control Adepts. Asimov intended to make these two his "king and queen": symbols of the new world he hoped to build.


However, after approaching them with his offer, they flatly refused, forcing him to kill the both of them. Asimov then assumed command of the crippled Sumeragi Group, hiding his identity and adopting the identity of "Demerzel", a supervisory AI. At first, he continued to maintain friendly relations with humans, but once the number of Adepts began to rise, he began a policy of genocide; re-branding Sumeragi as the "Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution" he began a plan to wipe out all humans, now known as "Minos", and usher in the new age. At some point, his Septima grew to a point where he could ascend to become an electronic life form, granting him eternal life.

However, Demerzel was still attached to the idea of a symbolic king and queen. To this end, he tracked down and kidnapped a girl known as Mytyl, the original source of the Muse, and performed horrendous experiments on her, eventually turning her into the "Butterfly Effect", which would allow him to control Septimas. Decades later, he would find his "king" in the form of a young Mino woman, whom he captured in a raid, implanting Azure Striker into her and turning her into "Blade": an obedient warrior that would serve him directly. With all his pieces assembled, Demerzel continued to advance towards his ideal world.


Luminous Avenger iX

City Slums 2 - War on iX

After Copen has killed six Falcons, Demerzel goes on the offensive, deploying countless Giga Lola's around the world, declaring his intent to wipe them all out at last. This comes after Copen has figured out Demerzel's location in Sumeragi Building 13, and after defeating a Giga Lola that landed near him, moves in for the final battle.

Sumeragi Bunker - Reunion with iX and Final Clash

After breaking into Sumeragi Building 13, Copen begins descending down into the building. To halt his progress, Demerzel sends out Blade, who is not only beaten, but has her mind control broken. Copen then continues on to the Butterfly Effect, with Demerzel making holograms of the various Falcons that had been killed by the Luminous Avenger iX, only for each and every one to fail, eventually leading Copen straight to Demerzel himself.

However, to Copen’s shock he encounters Asimov looking the same as he did over a century ago. Copen demands to know how Asimov is still alive after all this time. Asimov admits to Copen he was also surprised upon learning Copen is still alive after all this time. Deciding to tell Copen a little secret for having made it to him, the former leader of QUILL then goes on to reveal he is in fact the Sumeragi AI Demerzel.

Copen remains skeptical of Asimov’s claim. Asimov then says it was convenient for him to adopt the persona of “Demerzel” since it became easier for him to become Sumeragi’s shadow leader. It also gave him the opportunity to continue his plan to eliminate the Minos. Copen correctly deduces Asimov is behind Sumeragi’s sudden hostility towards the Minos even though Sumeragi had been on good terms with the Minos before the number of adepts increased.

Copen’s suspicions are confirmed by Asimov’s statement that with Sumeragi under his control he has almost succeeded in creating an adept utopia. He reveals to Copen that after having been forced to kill Gunvolt and Joule, he had to wait decades before being able to create a new King and Queen in the form of Blade and Mytyl. Angered by Asimov’s atrocities, Copen voices his anger towards Asimov by saying Mytyl and Blade didn’t deserve to be tools to be used and discarded by Asimov.

Asimov dismisses Copen’s threat knowing neither of them are going to see eye to eye on the matter by saying that this is their war between them. Determined to avenge the Minos’ suffering by Asimov’s actions Copen engages Asimov in a fierce fight. Despite Asimov fighting with all his might Copen is eventually victorious.

Having been defeated, Asimov breaks apart and vanishes just like the other holograms of the fallen Falcons. Copen is caught of guard by a blast of lightning which strikes Copen’s left eye, revealing him to be a cyborg. Demerzel makes his appearance, surprised at the revelation Copen is a cyborg.

The Luminous Avenger iX asks Demerzel how long it’s been since their first encounter by going on to say a normal human wouldn't be alive after a hundred years. Copen concludes Demerzel’s electronic brain must’ve been deteriorating throughout the span of a century for failing to make the connection.

Copen’s words anger Demerzel who then mocks Copen for holding onto a human form which is a relic of the old age. Three capsules descend from the ceiling as Demerzel reveals his true form, by converting his Septima in order to become a pure electronic being. Demerzel in a show of defiance vows to protect all adepts himself while Copen tells him a monstrous being like him could even think about protecting anyone after all the atrocities he has committed.

Copen and Demerzel clash once more in which Copen is triumphant again having destroyed two of the capsules. Demerzel is greatly damaged in which he can barely hold his form together due to the last container being slightly damaged during the fight. Despite having two of the capsules which help him maintain his from destroyed, Demerzel remains defiant refusing to accept his defeat.

Catching Copen by surprise, Demerzel unleashes a bolt of lightning which renders the Luminous Avenger iX unconscious. Demerzel witnesses Lola unsuccessfully trying to revive Copen and wonders why her Anthem didn’t bring him back. Demerzel unleashes another bolt of lightning which strikes her as she is forced out of Awakened mode as the attack causes her to crash to the ground next to Copen.

Having been heavily damaged during the battle, Demerzel is forced to activate sleep mode until he fully recovers from the battle. He goes into stasis mode in order to begin the repair process.

Ending - The Dawn of a New Future

Upon Kohaku’s arrival in the Sumeragi Bunker after hearing Lolas' song, Demerzel summons four of his clones in order to eliminate Kohaku. However, in the nick of time, Blade saves Kohaku by deflecting the shot fired at her while at the same time dispatching one of the Demerzel clones, encouraging her to run ahead while she finishes off the rest.

Kohaku before Demerzel.jpg

Shortly after her brief reunion with her sister, Kohaku runs over to where iX is lying and she tearfully thanks him for everything he’s done by protecting both her and the Minos Kids. She reassures Copen she can fix his eye later as she takes his gun. Kohaku faces the last container containing the AI that has brought nothing but suffering to the Minos. Without hesitation she takes aim before firing of a bullet at the final capsule destroying it along with Demerzel. Although this seemed to end the threat of Sumeragi for good, Demerzel was able to somehow survive the ordeal and return stronger than ever with a darker blue coloration evidencing it. He, was nonetheless terminated once and for all by Copen.

Powers and Abilities

As a former human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave, Demerzel is an exceptionally powerful Adept who wields the Azure Striker Septima, which grants him the power to manipulate lightning and is said to be one of the most powerful of Septima. While it was already a powerful Septima, over the past century, Demerzel's Septima has grown exponentially to the point that he has shed his human form and become a being of pure electricity, in what he deems as the ultimate extension of electric Septima power, signaling he has reached the full peak of his potential. His strength is such that he was able to defeat Copen in their battle, though it left him heavily wounded to where he had to enter Sleep Mode to repair himself. However, this form comes at a steep price, as it greatly deteriorated his sanity and critical thinking ability.

As Sumeragi's supervisory AI, Demerzel has access to and can control all of Sumeragi's technology, shown when he summons multiple Giga Lolas all over the world to initiate the final stage of his plan to eradicate humanity. Demerzel can use the Butterfly Effect to locate and control the Septimas of Adepts, often using this to activate Blade's Berserk Trigger, hijacking and enhancing the strength of her Septima. However, this comes at the cost of turning her into a rabid killing machine. Demerzel can also create physical holograms of the fallen Falcons as well as himself in his former human identity as Asimov.

In his hologram form as Asimov, Demerzel can use many of the techniques and equipment used by his human form such as firing shots from his E.A.T.R rifle that electrocute the ground, dashing across the screen with Flashfield, firing a large ball of electricity from his gun as well as some of the gun modifications like Orochi and Target Chaser, as well as his Special Skill, Voltaic Chains.

When forced to fight in his true form, Demerzel can use many of the techniques used by other Azure Strikers such as Crashbolt, Astrasphere, Luxcalibur, and Grand Strizer. However, these techniques are far stronger due to his power growing over the past century. He can also use a more powerful version of his Voltaic Chains Special Skill called the Voltaic Chain Meteor, where he forms a giant ball from his chains and has it traverse the screen several times to hit Copen.

For all of his power, however, Demerzel is far from invincible. As a being of pure electricity, Demerzel requires three containers to help maintain his form, and should these containers be destroyed, Demerzel's life will be in peril. To make up for this, Demerzel can teleport between these containers, something that his hologram form couldn't do. As evidenced during the Boss Rush, Demerzel is somehow able to survive the destruction of his containers and come back even stronger than before, although his ability to do so is limited as he was effectively terminated the second time he was confronted.



*Note: Unlike Bakto, Asimov will not be ensnared by the Shroud Spear shots despite being weak to them.

Skill Description
Asimov throwing.jpg
Asimov throws two knives in a diagonally-upwards spread or a pair of grenades that explode when they hit the ground. They can be shot out of the air or blocked by Flashfield.
Asimov orochi.jpg
While throwing knives, Asimov can deploy up to 2 Orochi drones to fire a slow-moving four-way spread diagonally downwards.
Asimov target chaser.jpg
Target Chaser
While throwing knives, Asimov can launch 3 drones that home in on Copen after a brief delay. Copen can clear them out by shooting them, or bullit dash into them, in order to avoid the attack. The EX Boss can also toss these before attempting a Flashfield Tackle.
Asimov flashfield.jpg
Flashfield Tackle
Asimov activates his Flashfield and does a flying tackle to the other end of the screen. The field's hitbox is small, but fast and deals quite a bit of damage.
Asimov eatr.jpg
EATR Rifle
Asimov brandishes his E.A.T.R Rifle and jumps across the screen, firing 3 bolts of lightning that damage Copen on contact and electrocute the ground.
Asimov border charge shot.jpg
Border Charge Shot
Asimov pulls out Border and charges a large ball of electricity before firing it forwards. 2 seconds later, lightning bolts crash down everywhere except above Asimov.
Asimov voltaic chains.jpg
Voltaic Chains
Voltic Chain
Asimov's Special Skill. Chains criss-cross the arena before electrifying themselves, dealing damage. The chains narrow the available safe zones with every activation.
Note: It's possible to cancel this skill early by deploying Twin Shredder to counter it.


*Note: Be advised that all of Demerzel's attacks can pierce Prevasion.

Skill Description
Demerzel - Astrasphere Mandala.jpg
Astrasphere Mandala
Demerzel summons 3 orbs in front of himself, and after a second's delay, fires at Copen's direction. When he later says 'Mandala', the orbs scatter in a clockwise location.

The EX Boss version will say 'Reverse!' about 1 second later, causing the spheres to spiral inwards. Damage is increased.

Demerzel - Discharge.jpg
Demerzel appears in one of the three containers, and after 2 seconds, the remaining containers emit lightning. You can avoid this by standing in front of the container Demerzel's currently in.

The EX Boss version casts this faster and hits harder.

Demerzel - Crashbolt.jpg
Demerzel sends a lightning bolt directly in front of the container he is in, and electrocutes the floor.

The EX Boss version will now drop bolts on all three containers in a sequence, either going from his container to the opposite side's, or starting from the middle and striking left, then right. Damage is increased.

Demerzel - Luxcalibur.jpg
Demerzel appears in the middle container, and at each side, a large blade appears. The blades will be swung and shattered on the field, before a third crashes down the middle.

The EX Boss version upgrades this to Grand Strizer, increasing attack power and causing the third strike to electrify the ground. Damage is increased.

Demerzel - Voltaic Chain Meteor.jpg
Voltaic Chain Meteor
Voltic Chain Meteor
Demerzel's Special Skill. Covers both sides with chains and creates an electric sphere in the middle, which makes itself into a meteor by chain parts that fly to it. When it is finished, it later briefly emits lightning in 8 directions before launching itself as the chains on the ends of the screen electrify. It comes twice from the diagonal direction, twice from the sides, and lastly goes vertically before ending.

The EX Boss modifies this slightly. After the vertical flight, a Grand Strizer slices the meteor, sending chain fragments flying diagonally-downwards to you. This will force you into the air, wherein the Grand Strizer will also fly at you. Damage is increased.

Boss Battle Voices


Event English Romaji Japanese
Throwing Throwing! Surooin! スローイン!
Orochi Delete! Vanish! Deriito da! Banisshu da! デリートだ!バニッシュだ!
Target Chaser Chaser! Hmpf! Cheisaa! Fun! チェイサー!フンッ!
Flashfield Tackle Hmpf! Funn! フンッ!
EATR Rifle EATR! Tuah! Iitaa! Tua! イーター!トゥア!
Border Charge Charge! Hmpf! Chaaji! Fuu! チャージ!フッ!
(Unused) Fire! Faiaa! ファイアー!
Voltaic Chains Take these!
Voltaic Chains! Uooohhh!
Not yet! It won’t end yet!
Dead end!
Uke yo!
Vorutikku cheen! Uoooo!
Mada da! Owaran!
Deddo endo da!
Break the chains What!? Nani!? 何!?
1st Phase Down I won’t lose! Make wa sen! 負けはせん!
2nd Phase Down Let’s… end this! Kecchaku wo… tsukeyou! 決着を…付けよう!
Defeated Guh! Guhaahh! Guu! Guhaaa! ぐっ!ぐはあっ!


Event English Romaji Japanese
Astrasphere SHOOT OFF! MANDALA*!
Hajiketobe! Mandaraa!
(SP) Ribaasu!
(SP) リバース!
Discharge DELETE! HAAH! Deriito da! haa! デリートダ…! ハアッ!
Crashbolt NUOOOHHH! THUNDER! Nuooo…! Sandaa! ヌォオオオ…!サンダー!
Luxcalibur (Grand Strizer) COME: HOLY BLADES! THE END! Ideyo seiken! Ji endo! イデヨ聖剣!ジエンド!
(Unused) WHAT!? Nani!? 何!?
(Unused) EAT THIS! Kurae! 喰ラエ!
Voltaic Chain Meteor I BESTOW JUDGMENT!
Jajji wo kudasu!
Vorutikku chēn meteo!
1st Phase Down I AM THE TRUE STRIKER!* Ware wa shinaru raitei! 我ハ真ナル雷霆!
2nd Phase Down UWAAAHHH!
Kono ibutsu ga!
Konna hazu ga!
  • The mandala is a concentric diagram that has significant spiritual significance in Buddhism, which is practiced by a majority of the Japanese population. Concentric refers to circles, arcs, or other shapes which share the same center, the larger often completely surrounding the smaller. As the Astrasphere attack has large orbs which circle and shoot out from the center, Demerzel yelling "Mandala" is a reference to the diagram's similarity with Astrasphere.
  • NOTE: 雷霆 Raitei is part of the Kanji used for Armed Blue (JP Azure Striker name), and normally means "thunderclap", but for the septima name is read as the English word "Blue" instead. Here Demerzel speaks raitei as a Japanese word, but presumably he's also referencing the septima name.

Special Skill Chants

Voltaic Chains:

Fear the azure creed
Its thunderous voice the alpha and
Omega of all things

VOLTIC CHAINヴォルティックチェーン
(The chant is the same as the English version)

부글부글 끓는 뇌화는 신념의 길.
울리는 뇌음은 인과의 증거.
하늘을 가르는 천둥이야말로 만상의 이치.
The boiling thunderbolts mark the path of creed.
Its thunderous roar is the proof of karma,
and its heaven-splitting thunderstorm is the law of all forms!

Voltaic Chain Meteor:

Fear the azure creed
Its roaring thunder the
Final judgment of all things

(The chant is the same as the English version)

흘러넘치는 뇌광은 구세의 길.
찢어질 듯한 뇌명은 숙명의 증거.
심판하는 천둥의 망치야말로 만유의 이치.
The overflowing lightning marks the path of salvation.
Its rending thunder is the proof of fate,
and its thunderous hammer of judgement is the law of all universe!


  • Demerzel is named after "Eto Demerzel", a character in the Foundation series of books written by Isaac Asimov.
  • Despite Voltaic Chain Meteor having the same name in both English and Japanese, the voice clip was still redubbed, with the English version being noticeably more enthusiastic.
  • Part of Demerzel's main and boss theme incorporates portions of "Despair", the BGM from Azure Striker Gunvolt that plays over the Bad Ending.
  • Demerzel's Voltaic Chain Meteor is similar to Drawcia Soul's dash attack, though it functions closer to Void's version of the attack, moving across the screen several times instead of once.
  • Demerzel's boss symbol may have originally been intended to be the QUILL emblem instead of the Sumeragi logo, as it is present on the boss health bar texture sheet alongside the latter, but remains unused.
  • Asimov hologram launching projectiles and firing electricity is a converse homage on Asimov uses Copen's Border during the final boss fight in the prime timeline,this is a sly reference on Asimov has been using weapons stolen from the other character in his boss fights.
  • Although the E.A.T.R rifle is not designed as an anti-personnel weapon, Demerzel (as Asimov hologram) uses it as part of his boss fight.
  • Concept art of Demerzel's knife/grenade throwing move (as Asimov hologram) is seen in the official artbooks regarding early sketches of Asimov's original Azure Striker Gunvolt incarnation, suggesting the move was originally supposed to appear in that game.
  • During the fight with Asimov, if one look closely in the background, you can see the QUILL logo.