Zeno: Your target is the Datastore's main server. Bust that baby up and this place is toast.

GV: Got it. I'll take a look around.

<< GV encounters a very large floating platform blocking the way >>

GV: Is this some kind of lift?

Zeno: Yup, it's electromagnetic. Use your Flashfield to get it moving. Show me what the big bad electric middle schooler is made of!

GV: ...Seriously? I mean, I am in middle school... But still...

<< GV proceeds >>

GV: Ya know, you said to destroy the server... But shouldn't we be pilfering that data instead?

Zeno: No way we're cracking that data encryption, man. Better off just blasting it all to smithereens.

GV: Sure thing...

<< A vertical area with spikes and extendable platforms in the wall is encountered >>

GV: Hmm... Looks like I can pull these platforms out with my Flashfield.

Zeno: Watch out for the spikes! Good thing they aren't instant death...

GV: ...Instant death? Seriously?

Zeno: Yeah man, that's how all old school games were.

<< GV overlooks an enormous area filled with servers in the background >>

There are loads and loads of data servers in the distance. Sumeragi has these datastores all scattered all over the world... And they are constantly obtaining more and more data on us Adepts. They may even have data about Joule and I... After all, I was created in a Sumeragi lab--they could use that data to harm more people. That can't happen. By my own hand, I'll break this chain of sorrow!

Zeno: I'm glad you're pumped up, but don't do anything stupid, GV.

GV: Yeah yeah, I know...

<< GV enters an alarm room >>

GV: ...I'm trapped.

Zeno: Hey GV, aim for that siren on the ceiling. Destroy that and the doors should unlock.

<< The siren is destroyed, and GV exits the room to find a Hexapyle >>

Zeno: Well played so far, dude. Destroy that Hexapyle and keep on going!

<< Large magnets are found in the ceiling >>

Zeno: Yo GV, the magnetic pull coming from the ceiling is crazy strong.

GV: Think I can use my Flashfield to float towards the ceiling?

Zeno: Sure, why not? Give it a try. Gunvolt! Master of Magnet!

<< GV reaches a large area with conveyor belts, magnets, and spike pits >>

Zeno: Don't look down. Spikes everywhere. Falling would be a pretty bad idea.

<< A barricade blasters blocks the way, with a movable platform behind it >>

Zeno: Oh man -that- looks like buckets of fun.

I might be able to use the platforms to block their fire...

<< Multiple blasters that require careful platform movement to block are encountered >>

Zeno: Man, more laser shenanigans... Time to get your thinking cap on.

GV: ......?

<< GV proceeds >>

Zeno: Man, there's tons of security here.

GV: Sumeragi is the top dog. They have a lot to lose here, so... They'll die to protect this.

<< GV continues >>

Zeno: Is it OK for them to have this data stored in a place like this?

GV: ...? What are you getting at?

Zeno: Old media like this could be instantly wiped out by a magnet. As a retro gamer, storing data like this is sacrilege. It's scary, dude...

GV: Zeno, just how old are you?

Zeno: You plus two... C'mon man, don't I look like a strapping young 16 year old?

GV: Strapping...?

Zeno: A true Adonis!

<< A Hexapyle is encountered >>

Zeno: Alright, a Hexapyle! Hurry up and break it down.

Zeno: The main server room is just ahead! Lay it to waste, dude!

<< Carrera is encountered >>

Carrera: Thou art Gunvolt, I presume?

GV: You are...

Carrera: I am Carrera, the Magnetic Fist. My orders are to protect the premises. I hath no interest in duty, justice, or small talk. I only seek to do battle with a formidable foe...

<< Carrera weaponizes >>

Carrera: Now, come at me! Thy thunder shall be squashed betwixt these magnetic fists!


Zeno: Whaaa? Ye olde English? Forsooth! This burly brute wants in on some fisticuffs!

GV: I have no time for you... If you get in my way, rest assured... I will -not- go easy on you!

Carrera: Good! That's just what I want! Only thine unbridled fighting spirit is permissible! No less! I wish to see the "true" Azure Striker! Show me what thou art made of!

GV: Oh I'll show it to you... When I obliterate you!

Carrera: Hahaha! An excellent rebuttal! Truly grand! A cataclysm of Septimas! This is a true duel! My blood is pumping like mad! A first of its kind sensation... Tis pure euphoria!

This guy is totally nutso. He doesn't seem evil, he just has a pure desire to do battle. No goals, just destruction!

Carrera: It hath been 18 years since my birth... And doing battle with thee has proved to be a shining moment! The only thing I desire is power!! True power is obtained by besting foes mighter than oneself. Come, Gunvolt! Fight me with all the strife in your heart! Give me strife! Victory! Pooower!!

GV: I want no part of your crazed selfish desires! That power you seek is empty and meaningless!

Carrera: Power! That in of itself... It's my entire reason for living! It is what all men truly desire!

GV: I'm going to end this worthless existence of yours! Oversurge! Azure Striker! Crush these hollow fists!

<< Carrera is killed >>

GV: All that's left is to destroy the data... Wha?

But there was no need--during the fight, all of this data was destroyed...

GV: Well nevermind, that's taken care of...

Zeno: Oh? Well then, get your butt home!



Zeno: You'll be interested in this mission. QUILL needs you to hit a datastore. Sumeragi uses it to bank clinical data for every Adept they've tested on. Which means they might still have some files on you and Joule...

Gunvolt: Gack that. I'm not gonna let them use what they did to her or me to hurt other Adepts. When do I start?

Zeno: Heh. I thought you might feel that way, Geeves.

Mission dialogue

Carrera: Thou art Gunvolt, I presume?

Gunvolt: ...I'm sorry, what? Did you just break out a "thou"?

Carrera: I'll not mince words. Duty moveth me not, nor do I pretend to justice. I seek only to possess everything...including the honour of destroying thee. Mayhap fate placed me here for that very reason. I am Carrera.

<< Carrera transforms >>

Carrera: Now, come thou at me! Let thy levin be sundered betwixt fists of righteous magnetism!

<< Carrera is killed >>

Gunvolt: Mission complete.

[Translation by Bapgei]

Carrera Stage




Kyou no irai wa Sumeragi no deeta banku shisetsu no shuugeki da.

Today’s job is a raid into a Sumeragi Data Bank Facility.


Sono shisetsu ni wa, Sumeragi ga kenkyuushite kita nouryokusha no rinshou no deeta ga houkansareteru rashii.

It’d seem that the clinical data of Psychics Sumeragi has experimented with is being deposited in that facility.


Moshikashitara, omae ya Shian chan no deeta mo soko ni aru ka mo na.

There might be data about you or Cyan – chan over there, too.



… Nouryokusha no kenkyuu deeta ka…

Research data about Psychics…


Mou nido to, boku ya Shian no youna giseisha wo umidasase wa shinai…

I won’t let them give birth to victims like I or Cyan again…


OK, sono irai ukeru yo.

OK, I’ll undertake that job.


助かった! オマエならそう言ってくれると思っていたぜ!

Tasukatta! Omae nara sou ittekureru to omotteitaze!

Thanks! I was sure that you’d say that!




Magnetic Field



Denji tadayou jouhou no mori de mochikamaeru bujin (mononofu)…

The awaiting samurai in the info forest drifting in electromagnetism… 


“Yokibukaki jikaiken (Magunetto Guriido)”

The “Greedy Magnetic Field Fist (Magnet Greed)”….


Sore wa aoki raitei ni furikazasareru yoku ni mamireshi hagane no ken…

The greed-tainted steel fist is brandished at the Azure Thunderclap…  



Deeta banku shisetsu

Databank Facility

1st Half:




Mokuhyou wa saishinbu ni aru mein saabaa da.

The objective’s the main server in the deepest section.


Soko sae hakashichi maeba, sono shisetsu wa oshimai ttsuu wake dana.

If you destroy it then this facility will be done for, ya see.



Ryoukai… Sagutte miru yo…

Roger… I’ll try to search for it…

(Linear lift)



Koitsu wa… Rinia rifuto ka.

This is… a Linear Lift.



Denji (rinia) ne… Ttee koto wa raigekirin de hikiyosarareru tte koto da na.

Magnetic (linear), huh… So that means that you can attract it with the Thunder Scales!


Biribiri chuugakusei no honryou hakki da na!

The sparking middle-school student displays his true abilities!



… Biribiri?

… Sparking?


… Tashika ni boku wa chuugakusei dakedo…

… It’s true that I’m a middle-school student yet..

(Sumeragi’s security)



Sou ieba “hakai” tte itteta kedo… 

Speaking of which… 


Deeta wa mochikaerankute mo ii no?

You said “destroy”… I don’t need to bring back the data?



Sumeragi no sekyuriti wa douse Fezaa ja toppa dekinee kara na 

Feather can’t even crack Sumeragi’s security 


Kowashichimau hou ga tettori haee no sa.

So it’s faster to destroy it, see




I see…

(Instant death by spikes)



Koko mo raigekirin wo tsukaeba ashiba wo hikiyoseraeru mitai da na…

Looks like I can use the Thunder Scale to pull the platforms here as well…


トゲには気をつけろよ! ま、即死じゃあねぇけどな

Toge ni wa ki wo tsukero yo! Ma, zokushi jaanee kedo na.

Beware of the spikes! Well! It ain’t instant death, though.


即死…? なんのこと?

Zokushi..? Nan no koto?

Instant death…? What do you mean?



Mukashi wa sou iu mono attan da yo.

There was such a thing in the past, ya see.

(Clinical data)



Enpou ni mieru boudaina kazu no deeta saabaa…

The enormous amount of data servers that can be seen in the distance..


Kono saabaa ni wa sekaijuu ni  tenzai suru Sumeragi kanren no shisetsu kara…

Data from Sumeragi-related facilities scattered across the world is contained in those servers…


Bokutachi nouryokusha no kenkyuu deeta wo hajime to suru samazama na deeta ga atsumareteiru rashii.

It’d seem that several types of data, research data about we Psychics included, is stored in them...


Sono naka ni wa, boku ya Shian no deeta date aru no mo kamo shirenai.

There might be data about me or Cyan in there as well.


Sumeragi no jikkentai toshite tsukuridasareta boku no kako…

My past, my creation by Sumeragi as a test subject…


Sono rinshou deeta kara, atarana higaisha wo umu youna koto naddo… Atte wa naranai.

I won’t allow them to give birth to new casualties from that clinical data…


Kanashimi no rensa wa… Boku ga tachikitte miseru…!

Those chains of sadness… Will be cut off by me…!



… Yaru ki wa iiga, anma kioi sugin nay o, GV.

… It’s good to be motivated, but don’t be too eager either, GV.



Wakatteiru yo…

I know that…

(Alarm room)



… Tojikomerareta ka.

… I’ve been closed in.


GV、天井を目指しな 怖らく警報装置(サイレン)があるはずだぜ 

GV, tenjou wo mezashina. Osoraku keihou souchi (sairen) ga aru hazu daze.

GV, aim for the ceiling. I’m sure that there’s gotta be an alarm device (a siren).


Soitsu wo kowaseba shattaa no rokku ga kaijosareru hazu da.

If you break it then the shutter’s lock should be released.

(Gate Monolith)



Buji, dasshutsu dekita you da na.

Looks like you could escape in one piece. 


Geeto monorisu wo hakaishite saki ni susumouze!

Destroy the Gate Monolith and keep on ahead!

2nd Half:

(Magnetic field)



Otto GV, tenjou kara mono sugee jiryokuba ga deteruze. 

Oho. GV. A strong magnetic field is projected from the ceiling. 



Raigekirin wo tsukau to… Tenjou ni hikiyoserareru you da ne.

It’d seem that… If I use the Thunder Scale then I get attracted to the ceiling.



Sono sikake wo riyoushite saki ni susumenee ka?

Can’t you make use of that gimmick and move on ahead?


Magunetto pawaa! Tte na.

Magnet Power! Or something like that.

(Belt conveyor)



Kono shite mo toge ni natteru mitee dana.

Looks like there are spikes down there too.


Ochinauyou shinchou ni ikouze.

Be careful not to fall.

(Defense device)



Otto… Korya mata yakkaina bouei souchi da na.

Oho… This one’s a tough defense device…



Rinia rifuto wo umaku tsukaeba tama wo shadan dekisou da na…

If I make good use of the Linear Lift I could cut off the shots...

(Puzzle time)



Nanda korya, maru de pazuru da na…

What the heck is this? Looks like a puzzle, even…


Pazuru taimu no hajimari tte ka?

Puzzle time’s begun, I guess?






Sore ni shitemo taisou na keibi da na.

Man, security sure is high.



Sumeragi wa kono kuni no seikai ni sura eikyou wo yobosu daikigyou… 

Sumeragi is a grand corporation that even influences the nation’s politics…


Sono kimitsu deeta wo hokan suru kono basho wa nantoshitemo shishu shitain darou ne. 

They must want to defend this place where that confidential data is deposited at all costs.

(Old media)



Shikashi… Deetabanku dattsuu no ni konna ni denjiba wo baribari de ii no ka nee…

But… Is it OK to use this crackling magnetic field here, in a data bank?


…? どういう意味?

…? Dou iu imi?

…? What do you mean?



… Aa, omae wa wakannee ka… Mukashi no kiroku baitai tte no wa, jiryoku ni yowakattan da yo.

… Ah! You don’t get it, huh? … Old recording media were weak to magnetism, ya see…


Retoro korekutaa na ore toshite wa, konna basho ni deeta wo hozonshiteiru to omou to…

I’m a retro collector, and when I thought of storing my data here…


Tsui, na… 

That came up…



Jiino wa nansai na no sa…

How old are you anyway, Gino…?



Omae no ni ko ue…

2 years your senior…


Mogitate furesshu na juroku sai ni kimatten daro?

It’s obvious that I’m a fresh and freshly picked 16 years old!








Munch, munch!

(Gate Monolith)


ゲートモノリスだ! とっとと破壊しちまおうぜ

Geeto monorisu da! Tottoto hakai shichi maouze.

A Gate Monolith! Let’s destroy it at once.

Vs Carrera: 

(Retry Marker)



Mein saabaa no aru heya wa sono saki da! 

The Main Server room’s ahead! 


Hito abare tanomuze!

Please run wild!

(Carrera appears)



Kiden ga Ganboruto ka.

Thou art Gunvolt?



Omae wa…

And who are you…?



Shousei wa “jikaiken” no Karera.

I am “Magnetic Field Fist” Carrera.


Kono shisetsu wo takusareshi moribito de  sourou.

The guardian entrusted with this facility.


Shousei wa ninmu dano seigi dano… Gotaku wo naraberu tsumori wa gozaran…

We shalt not waste time discussing over… Mission or justice...


Tada, tsuwamono to nadakaki kiden tono tatakai… Kokoromachi ni shiteita…

Mine desire is of a battle with thee... The famed warrior!

(Carrera transforms)


Saa, mairareii!!

Alright, let us go!!


Kiden no ikazuchi, waga jiryoku no ken de hineri tsubusann!!

I shall crush and twist thine lightning through mine magnetic fists!!

(Begin Carrera battle)


なんだァ? 戦闘狂か…? 

Nandaa? Sentou kyou ka…?

What the? Battle madness…?


Mata koi no ga detekita mon da na.

Looks like another thick guy showed up.



Tsukiau tsumori wa nai ga… Teikou suru to iu no nara… 

I don’t intend to stick around but… If you say that you’ll resist…


Boku wa tekagen shinai…

I won’t hold back!



Moto yori tekagen muyouu!!

Thou needn’t have any reason for restraint!!


Honki no kiden to tatakaenu no de wa bujin toshite,  nan no igi mo gozaran!

Fighting a mere facade… That would be naught but pointless for me, a samurai!


“Aoki raitei” to shousareta kiden no dai nana hadou… Sono honki wo…

I want to see the true power of thine 7th Wave: the “Azure Thunderclap”…


Shousei ni misetemi yoo!!

So show it to me!!



Onozomi doori misete yaru… Omae wo taosu koto de!

As you wish: I’ll show it to you… By defeating you!


ぬははははッ! 気持ちの良い返答、実によきかなッ!! 

Nuhahahahaa! Kimochi no yoi henji, jitsu ni yoki ka naa!!

Nuh, hah, hah, hah, hah! A pleasant reply, truly pleasant!!


Dai nana hadou doushi no butsukari ai!!

The clash of our 7th Waves!!


Chiwaki nikuodoru to wa kono koto de gozatta ka…!

The “boiling blood flesh dance” was this, then…!


Konna kimochi… Hajimete de gozaru…

This feeling… I’ve never felt it before...


Mattaku motte tokimeku de sourouu!!

I truly is a throbbing feeling!!



… Kono otoko wa ikare te iru no ka…?

…. Is this man crazy or what…?


Ima made keiken shita koto no nai… Akui no nai, junsui na seni no katamari… 

I hadn’t experienced anything similar before… A mass of pure battle will sans any evil will… 


Mokuteki no nai, bouryoku…!

Goal-less violence…!



Nouryokusha toshite no sei wo ukehaya ju hachi nen…

It’s been 18 years since I was born as an Psychic…


Kiden no youna tsuwamono to deaeyou to wa Sumeragi no mensetsu wo uketa kai ga attaa!

It was worth it undertaking Sumeragi’s interview: because I’ve been able to meet a war-horse like thou!


Shousei wa hossuru wa, saranaru chikaraa!!

What I desire is further power!!


Chikara to wa, yori tsuyoki chikara wo norikoe… Hofuru koto de koso migakareruu!

Power is to overcome even stronger power… Only by slaughter it is improved!


Saa, Ganboruto! Shousei ni saranaru tousou wo!

Good! Gunvolt! Grant me further strife!!

苦境を! 勝利を!! 力をッ!!! 小生にあたえよッ!!

Kukyou wo! Shouri wo!! Chikara woo!!! Shousei ni atae yoo!!

Predicament! Victory!! Power!!! Grant those to me!!



Tada no jiko manzoku ni… Boku wo makikomuna!

Don’t involve me in… your self-satisfaction!


Omae no motomeru chikara ni wa… Nan no imi mo… Nakami no mai!

The power you wish… Doesn’t have any meaning… Or content! 



Munashii yatsu me… Sono kyomu, boku ga owaraseru…!

What a damned vain guy… I’ll put an end to that nihility…!

迸れ! 蒼き雷霆よ(アームドブルー)!! 空虚なる拳を打ち砕け!!

Hotobashire! Aoki raitei yo (Aamudo buruu)!! Kuukyonaru kobushi wo uchikudake!!

Surge out! Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)!! Smash the hollow fists!!

Special Skill:

叫合せし磁力 引力が爆ぜる

Kyougouseshi jiryoku inryoku ga hazeru

Mutually screaming magnetisms, attraction that bursts open… 

全てを望み 全てを欲し

Subete wo nozomi subete wo hooshi

Desire it all wish it all…


Ubai, kakage yo, sono gouwan

Deprive… Rise… Grand arms…


Chou juu ji baku sei

Super Heavy Magnetic Exploding Star


Start: ぬん!ぬおおおおっ!はぁぁー!

Nun! Nuoooo! Haaaa!

Hum! Nuo~h! Ha~h!

Body slam: ぬぉん!ぜや!

Nuon! Zeya!

Nuon! Zeya!

Hi-speed body slam: はぁ!



Magnetically tied palm’s powerful arm: ぬん!掴め!奪え!(砕け!抉れ!)うらぁー!

Nun! Tsukame! Ubae! (Kudake! Kujire!) Uraaa!

Hum! Seize! Steal! (Smash! Gouge!) Ura~h!

Magnetic acceleration fists:  ぬおおっ!でやぁー!

Nuooo! Deyaa!

Nuo~h! Deya~h!

Super Heavy Magnetic Exploding Star:  受けよ!超重磁爆星! はっ!うおぉー!爆発四散!

Uke yo! Chou juu ji baku sei! Haa! Uooo! Bakuhatsu shisan!

EAT THIS! Super Heavy Magnetic Exploding Star! Hah! Uwo~h! Explosion scatter!

1st gauge: 見事!天晴れだ!

Migoto! Appare da!

Splendid! Admirable!

2nd gauge: 滾る!滾るぞぉ!

Tagiru! Tagiruzoo!

Boiling! I’m boiling!

Defeated: 満足だ……

Manzoku da…

I’m satisfied…

Carrera defeated



… Ato wa kono heya no deeta wo… Un?

Now I gotta deal with this room’s data and… Huh?



It’d seem that…


Ima no sentou de, kono heya ni hozon sareteita deeta wa hakaisareta you da…

The data kept in this room has been destroyed due to the battle…


Hakai suru tema ga habuketana…

Saved me the need to destroy it…


お? なら、後は脱出するだけだな!

O? Nara, ato wa dasshutsu suru dake da na!

Oh? Well then, you only need to get out!

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