"A brave new digital world where reality is virtual and fact is fiction - all ruled by a fatally glitched set of protocols." - Flavor Text


The Data Facility is one of Gunvolt's exclusive stages in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Originally a Sumeragi datastore, this facility has been captured by Teseo, who treats it and the information within as his own playground.



Xiao:  I need you to look into an old Sumeragi facility. Eden took it over and digitized it somehow.

Gunvolt:  Wait. They digitized a building?

Xiao:  Well, it's a bit hard to tell. But it's weird, whatever it is. There's a lot of risk here. Can we count on your help?

Gunvolt:  Yeah, of course. I'll head out right away.

Ultimatum 4 (Copen)

Mytyl:  Welcome to the Secret Mission! Okay, so I kinda need to apologize in advance, but... I can't use The Muse's song to bring you back here.

Stage Composition

  • Teseo's done some pretty weird things to this facility, which translate into stage gimmicks, including;
    • Connected pits that let you fall endlessly a la infinite portal loop.
    • Red platforms that disappear upon Flashfield exposure.
    • Blue platforms that only appear when exposed to the Flashfield.
    • Magnetic platforms that move when zapped.
  • Teseo can spawn Curse Scripts, which look like Lumen. If they touch Gunvolt, they gradually drain his health. They can be "destroyed" with a touch of the Flashfield, but they come back a few seconds later.
  • There is a secret alcove containing a hidden skill amongst the mag platforms.
  • Teseo has hacked your comms. Prepare for trolling.
  • In the second half of the stage, you can reach an empty area near the beginning through a blue platform. Teseo mocks you when you get there. However, If you stand on yellow light for around 20 seconds, you will gain a 666 Kudos Secret Bonus.


  • Ergo, Ego: Clear within 12 minutes. (Reward: Nanochip 98 x5)
  • The Power of Dreams: Clear within 8 minutes. (Rewards: Microdegenerator x1)
  • Transmitter: Clear with a rank of B or higher. (Rewards: Proto Infrastructure x3)
  • Suddenly...: Clear with a rank of A or higher. (Rewards: High-end NcGbx x3)
  • Grid One: Clear with a rank of S or higher (Rewards: Phoenix Ore x1)
  • Speedy Breakthrough: Clear without falling through the pit in the gauntlet room. (Rewards: Garnet x3)
  • Warp Limiter: Clear while falling through any connected pits 3 or fewer times, including the first. (Rewards: Quartzite x5)
  • Eternal Providence: Obtain all 5 medals and clear the stage. (Rewards: Nanochip 98 x10)
  • Tomorrow's Reality: Clear 3 times. (Rewards: Microdegenerator x2)


  • Copen can also optionally go through this stage after the game is complete, as his version of Secret Mission 4. The enemy placement is significantly different for him, with Teseo's time bombs and hourglasses bombs being conjured all through the stage. Curse Scripts only appear at the very end.


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