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Data Center Beta is part of the second round of boss stages in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, alongside Radio Tower "Artemis" and Data Center Alpha. This primary Sumeragi classified data facility contains one of two passwords needed to get inside the Butterfly Effect's storage facility, and is filled with various defenses against intruders.

Stage Composition

  • The first half of the stage features many doors connected to control cores which must be destroyed in order to unlock them. These cores count as enemies. Some cores will frequently switch positions along slots in the background, or be near spiked walls or floors, increasing the danger. The Ladybug is encountered here.
  • The second half features many cannons which teleport in, charge up, and unleash enormous laser beams.
  • After reaching the end of the stage and accessing the terminal, Dystnine will appear and seek to avenge Stella.

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Data center b emblem 1.jpg
Data center b emblem 2.jpg
Data center b emblem 3.jpg
Held by a hidden laser cannon that can only be revealed with Anchor Nexus.
Data center b emblem 4.jpg


Data Center Beta Lola egg.jpg

  • In the first half of the stage there is a screen and power button after the mid boss fight. Using Stellar Spark on it will causes images of Lumen or, more rarely, Lola (in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 style) to appear.
  • The lasers cannons resemble Teseo's Panic Bombs, possessing a similar timer appearance and sound effect before going off.