< S T R I K E >

Lola: We're infiltrating an old Sumeragi data center that's no longer in operation. According to my data, one of the passwords for the Butterfly Effect's storage facility should be here. C'mon Boss, let's go snag that sucker!

< Bakto encounter >

Bakto: Ey! You must that iX mook! Ya finally made it! Buncha the fellas around 'ere told me yas were comin'. Kept me waitin' long enough, 'ey?

Copen: I recognize you from the data we analyzed. If I remember correctly, you must be Bakto, the one in charge of the low-level mafia goons around here.

Bakto: Yer sources must be outta date, kiddo. I'm no lowly capo anymore, I'm don o' the whole shebang now. Course, most o' the Family got knocked off or thrown in the big house already. The title's just' for show. But see here, kid... Turns out if I whack ya, they'll let the whole crew outta the slammer and let 'em off clean.

Lola: Am I having déjà vu or something? We've definitely heard that line before. Sumeragi's corrupt to its nasty core!

Bakto: That floatin' ball's got the right of it. None o' my business how the fat cats up top run the place. If it'll bring back the Family, I'll eat dog shit and ask for seconds! I live by the code!

< Bakto transforms >

Bakto: My "Spiral" Septima's gonna tear you up so bad, the cleaners'll be findin' pieces for weeks!

< If Bakto wins >

Bakto: I'll never be able to own up to the old don after this, but it's all for the Family... Nobody's gonna follow a fool like me anymore. They're gonna need a new don.

< when Bakto is defeated >

Copen: Enemy down. Lola, access the terminal.

Lola: You got it! Give me juuust a sec. Let's see... Hmm... Ya don't say... Oh? This must be... Got it! We did it! Looks like that wraps things up here!

< C L E A R >

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