Data center alpha arena

Data Center Alpha is part of the second round of boss stages from Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, alongside Radio Tower "Artemis" and Data Center Beta. This abandoned Sumeragi datastore contains one of two passwords needed to get inside the Butterfly Effect's storage facility. For an abandoned building, the bots and troops look brand-new...


Stage Composition

  • Of particular note here are segments filled with spikes requiring successive Bullit Dashes and even bouncing off foes to cross.
  • The laser cannons here work similar to the ones in Spintronics, and are just as indestructible, requiring use of moving platforms as shields. If you have the Shroud Spear EX Weapon, though, you can easily disable the cannons and bypass the puzzles.
  • At the end of the level waits Bakto, the Leonian Tempest. For a guy with a "Spiral" Septima, his pattern is fairly straightforward.

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Data center a emblem 1
In the upper right corner of the large room with magnets in the ceiling.
Data center a emblem 2
Perhaps there is a way to stop the machine...
Data center a emblem 3
To the left of where the first moving platform stops and turns.
Data center a emblem 4
False wall to the right of the spiked ceiling the second moving platform passes by.


  • This stage is actually a run-down version of the Datastore from Azure Striker Gunvolt. Around the area are non-functional conveyer belts and magnetic security blocks, though the floating platforms and laser cannons still seem to work.
  • During the 2nd half of the stage where you ride platforms across bottomless pits, a robot shaped like a golden fish may jump out from the abyss.


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