Cryosphere is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Cryo. Uses her ice abilities in different ways to restrict her target's movement while attacking unhindered. Her flexible attacks use ice shaped into many different forms, so her foes must stay on their toes.


Cryosphere is weak to the HEAT element.


Ice Stage

Cryosphere begins the battle with the floor frozen over.

Ice Shield

A ring of 6 ice balls is summoned and rotates around Cryosphere, repelling bullets and freezing the player on contact. 8 ice balls in Hard Mode.

Batter Up

Cryosphere summons a bat and begins launching her ice balls at the player at varying heights. These can be shot and destroyed mid-air, and do not freeze the player. Their rate of fire is higher on Hard Mode.

Ice Hammer

Cryosphere jumps into the air above the player, summons an ice hammer, and slams into the ground with it.

Freezing Water Jets

Cryosphere hovers in the center of the arena and expends her ice balls to launch high pressure water jets, which freeze the player on contact. She may fire them one at a time, two at a time, or all at once.

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