Countershade is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Shade. A skilled gunman who can ricochet bullets to strike targets no matter where they are. He commands a personal wormhole which can turn his missed shots back toward the target.


Countershade is weak to the SHOCK element.


Wormhole Shot

Countershade opens a wormhole behind the player and fires a three shot burst. If the player dodges, the shots will enter the wormhole and emerge from a newly opened one to target the player's new position. In Hard Mode, the three round burst is followed up by a Ricochet Shot.

Ricochet Shot

Countershade fires a single bullet that repeatedly ricochets off the floor, walls, and ceiling before dissipating. In Hard Mode, it lasts longer.

Supply Drop

A wormhole opens in the air, bringing through a flying box, which upon being shot by Countershade drops false food items that damage the player on contact and explode shortly after landing. This may be followed up by a second item box and shot, which drops false small healing hearts. One of the hearts is genuine, and Countershade will drop out of a wormhole to take it and heal himself if it remains after the false hearts explode. In Hard Mode, there are more false items.

Screen Shot

His desperation move. Countershade emerges from the ceiling and sweeps the area with a targeting laser, eventually stopping in the center of the screen and firing. This "damages" the screen with a cracked glass effect reminiscent of a bullet hole, partially obscuring the player's view. Countershade then becomes more aggressive, firing Ricochet Shots after Wormhole Shots even in Normal Mode. In Hard Mode, there are three obscuring bullet holes across the screen rather than one in the center.

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