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For Copen's Main Series counterpart, see Copen "The Adept Slayer".
For the game also known as "Luminous Avenger iX", see Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.


"I don't want to have people relying on me..."
Copen , Luminous Avenger iX

Copen is the main protagonist of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX and Luminous Avenger iX 2. Having failed in his crusade to prevent an Adept takeover, he has wandered the Earth for years, saving Minos wherever he goes and tirelessly searching for the elusive "Butterfly Effect", aided in his weary quest only by his support droid, Lola.

Despite his lack of a Septima, Copen holds his own thanks to his EX Weapons, which allow him to copy the Septima of any Adepts he defeats and use them for himself.

Website Description

Luminous Avenger iX

The young man known as the Luminous Avenger iX. Due to his own reticence, his true identity is a mystery to most. Known to some as the “Savior of the Minos,” he journeys far and wide alongside his trusted partner, Lola, to rescue Minos wherever they may be.[2]


Luminous Avenger iX 2


Copen's appearance is similar to that of his main series counterpart, appearing as a young man (designed out-of-universe to look about 17 years old[3]) with short white hair and red eyes. He wears armor consisting of a black, body-conforming base layer and several pieces of white armor over his torso, shoulders, thighs and knees, as well as an attachment to his back acting as a jetpack. In addition, his armor has several blue and red highlights, with the large "X" mark on his chest being most prominent. He also wears red armored gloves and boots, the latter having attachments built into the side that aid in his flight.

Copen wears a headset with two "horns" extending upward along the sides of his head; his concept art speculates that they are devices for controlling his Bit drones through his brainwaves. He also carries with him a gun: "Divider", a large white and black pistol with three spikes running along the underside of the barrel.


Similar to his main series counterpart, Copen is a focused, serious individual, extremely driven and concentrated only on achieving his present goals, having little time or care for small talk or leisure. However, the decades of aimless wondering have clearly had an effect on him, mellowing out his personality considerably and giving him a much more world-weary demeanor.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with his treatment and attitude towards Adepts. Whereas before he loathed the species and had devoted his life to slaughtering them, now he barely even mentions the word "Adept", instead regarding them with a cold indifference; not offering them any mercy or pity, but no longer showing them any hate or prejudice. Most noticeably, he not only spared Blade, an Adept who'd nearly killed him thrice, but encouraged her to stand up and fight, to use her Septima to protect what's left behind precious.

Despite his detached, dry exterior, Copen still shows signs of warmth and sympathy, most apparent in his interactions with Kohaku and the Mino children, protecting them (though he uses the excuse of just wanting a base) and risks his life on missions to secure them resources such as food and energy, despite them having nothing to do with his goal. When Kohaku becomes grievously ill, Copen drops everything that he's doing and rushes to a nearby medical facility despite the high security, his humanity on full display during moments like these.

Having failed in his mission to protect the old world, Copen's attention has shifted from annihilating all Adepts into instead protecting what little remains of humanity, putting his sister who is in Sumeragi's clutches to rest, and taking his revenge on the one behind everything, a goal he has had for well over a century. As a result, while he no longer seems to despise Adepts necessarily, he still has a deep hatred and resentment for those who made his family suffer and vowed to avenge them, even if that meant modifying his own body to do so.


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

City Slums - Crossing Blades


During their travels, Copen and Lola come across a Sumeragi controlled area. Detecting multiple signatures, Copen presses on into the city slums, carving through Sumeragi troops until he is unexpectedly cut off by a Falcon: Blade, who recognizes him as the infamous "iX". Copen interrogates Blade for information on the Butterfly Effect, but Blade simply vows to remove his head in Sumeragi's name. The two fight and, despite Blade not even being transformed, it quickly becomes apparent that he is the superior combatant. As he prepares a finishing blow, he is suddenly interrupted by a smoke bomb, the thrower urging Copen to follow her. With no other option, Copen does so, using the smoke screen to flee from Blade.

A Brief Respite

Having successfully fled Blade, Copen finds himself in a hideout, where a few surviving Minos children have holed themselves up. The girl who saved him introduces herself as Kohaku, the de-facto leader of the group, alongside Kyota, Jin, and Maria, all of whom already know of the "Luminous Avenger iX" and his "Muse of Hope", though Copen shrugs off the praise. Nonetheless, he agrees to stay with the Minos in order to protect them in exchange for having a permanent base of operations for himself. Kohaku enthusiastically agrees, and Copen secretly finds himself intrigued by her friendly demeanor.

Medical Center - Devil Trigger

After successfully infiltrating Sumeragi Building 13 and securing part of the code needed to locate the Butterfly Effect, as well as running a few errands for the Mino children, Copen returns to find Kohaku racked with illness, with Jin informing him that a cure can be found in a heavily guarded medical facility. Hearing Kohaku deliriously call out for her dead sister, Copen becomes dead-set on retrieving the cure, immediately heading back out.


After breaking into the center and making his way into a lab, Lola identifies the necessary cure to heal Kohaku. However, they are interrupted by the reappearance of Blade, who admonishes iX's evil and engages him once again in combat. However, as the fight draws on, Blade suddenly goes berserk, his Septima growing to uncontrollable levels of power. Lola reminds Copen that while they're fighting, Kohaku is still sick, and upon hearing Kohaku's name, Blade goes into a screaming fit, unsettling the two, but giving them the opportunity to steal the medicine and flee. Arriving back at the Mino base, Copen gives the cure to Kohaku and waits for her to awaken, urging her on and promising to be there for her.

A few days later, Kohaku has made a complete recovery, and graciously thanks Copen and Lola. Maria also thanks Copen, despite her earlier cold attitude towards him, causing Copen to briefly smile, though he quickly becomes offended by everyone's shock.

City Slums 2 - Crisis and Opportunity

After retrieving some more data from two more facilities, Lola is finally able to locate the Butterfly Effect. Unfortunately, this is also the time that Sumeragi's AI Demerzel drops a number of Giant Lola tanks across the land in a final push to purge the last of the Minos. Destroying one of the nearby tanks, Copen sees this as an opportunity to sneak into the facility where both the Butterfly Effect and Demerzel are stored, though the increased security will make it more of a challenge. Unwilling to stand idly by, Kohaku and the other Minos choose to follow Copen and help him break into Building 13. Kohaku gives Copen a pendant belonging to her sister for good luck, and he dashes off to Building 13.

The Hidden Bunker - Sororicide

Breaking into Building 13, Lola uses various location data and security codes they've found to enter the underbelly of the facility. There, they find Blade, who's been driven berserk as a result of the Butterfly Effect. Taking him down once more, Blade seems to never run out of steam until Kohaku's pendant drops to the floor and flips open, revealing a photo of Kohaku and her sister. Blade seemingly goes mad until their mask is torn off, revealing that Blade is in fact, Kohaku's sister. Sumeragi captured rather than killed her during the Minos raid, and implanted her with an electricity-based Septima controlled via the Butterfly Effect. Telling her to go to the surface and help the comrades she was turned against, Copen runs deeper into the facility.


Proceeding into Building 13, Copen comes across holographic copies of the Falcons he's killed. Deducing that they must be the work of some kind of Septima, he pushes on, killing three of them before finally arriving at the Butterfly Effect: his sister Mytyl, her brain hooked up to a nightmarish life-support machine that maintains the Butterfly Effect to control Adepts. Having spent so long in the machine, Mytyl can only beg Copen to kill her as the machine's auto-defense system activates, and thank him as she finally dies. Thankful that he could end her suffering, Copen moves on, determined to destroy Demerzel.

Sumeragi Secret Bunker 3 - Devolution and Evolution

Having put his sister to rest, Copen reaches the heart of the facility after defeating the last of the replicated Falcons. Here, he is shocked to discover Asimov, a man who once led an Adept-rights militant group, who Copen clashed with long ago. Asimov is likewise surprised to see Copen alive, then reveals that he is, in fact, Sumeragi's AI Demerzel. He explains that he intended for Adepts to have ultimate dominance over the world, but had to modify his plan and cultivate a new Azure Striker and Muse after he was forced to kill the first pair. Copen is unable to accept the atrocities Asimov has committed, and so the two battle.


Asimov seemingly falls in battle, but manages to get a cheap shot on Copen's eye, exposing a cybernetic camera and revealing not only that Copen made himself into a cyborg in order to remove the constraints of a human's lifespan and decay, but that Demerzel's mind must have been decaying over the years for him to not predict such a thing. Enraged by the suggestion, Demerzel mocks Copen for still holding onto a human form before revealing his true body, having used his Septima to convert himself into an electronic lifeform. He proudly declares that his Azure Striker will cleanse the world of the relics of old, to which Copen states that a monster like him neither has the right to cleanse anything, and much less deserves to live. The two once again clash, and despite his foe's overwhelming might, Copen manages to deal a critical blow.

Refusing to admit defeat, Demerzel strikes Copen down, soon followed by Lola who unsuccessfully tries to revive him with Anthem, and is forced into hibernation, leaving the two to die as Lola begs for someone to save Copen.

Ending - New Dawn

IX Final.jpg

Later, a barely conscious Copen awakes to find Kohaku tearfully sitting beside him, wondering why she's in such a dangerous place. Kohaku tells him not to worry and leave the rest to her. She takes up Copen's gun, gazes upon the cracked capsule containing Demerzel, and fires, destroying the capsule and the AI within.

Afterwards, she and Blade carry both Copen and Lola back to the surface, Jin, Kyota and Maria rushing to greet them as the rising sun washes over them.

Other Appearances


Blaster Master Zero 2

Copen appeared as the first DLC character in the Inti Creates game Blaster Master Zero 2, releasing on November 29th, 2019, and will be available as a free download until December 12th. His gameplay has been recreated faithfully from iX, including his Bullit Dash and EX Weapons. He also uses a modified version of Giant Lola as his Metal Attacker, although there is little reason to, as his own abilities are generally superior to the tank.

Some of Copen's EX weapons and other skills are exclusive to either overworld or dungeon combat.

Skill Overworld Dungeon
Twin Shredder No Yes
Stellar Spark Yes Yes
Anchor Nexus Yes No
Orbital Edge No Yes
Photon Detonator Yes No
Muse's Kiss No Yes
Rising Cyclone Yes No
Shroud Spear No Yes
Ichor Hunter Yes No
Idol Trigger Yes Yes

Powers and Abilities

As a Mino, Copen possesses no extraordinary skills or powers, instead being forced to rely on his own natural intelligence and the powerful inventions that he's developed, which help even the playing field against even the most powerful of Adepts.

Arguably Copen's greatest skill is his genius-level intellect. A engineer and scientist of the highest order, Copen can create devices that can rival and even surpass Septima, though he used his father's research as grounding. His inventions range from advanced weaponry to even true A.I, a feat he accomplished decades before the efforts of Gargantua.

In battle, Copen's fighting style is fast-paced and highly offensive. His "White Tiger" jacket not only considerably increases his defence, but allows him to achieve flight, though it is limited by the amount of "Bullits" he has left. Analysis of the Azure Striker helped him make the power generator smaller, too, reducing the overall weight, though the suit's output can exert forces beyond an unmodified human's tolerances. By dashing into his enemies, Copen can use his gun to assign a light marker to them and launch a flurry of homing shots. However, his most powerful weapons come from his EX Weapons, which are replicas of enemy Septima that he can use thanks to Lola, giving him the ability to wield a weaker version of an Adept's Septima.

In iX's timeline, Copen has never retrieved his original gun, the "Border", however, he has built a new sidearm called "Divider", which is similar in design and utility to the former. In addition to boasting laser shots, it also features spikes on the underside of the barrel, granting limited melee capabilities.

In order to continue his endless campaign against Sumeragi, Copen at some point modified his own body to be mostly cybernetic. This not only helps him to withstand the intense g-force of his dashes, but has effectively made him ageless. It appears that as a consequence of this, he can no longer consume food or water.


As Copen is not an Adept, he does not gain new skills through levelling up. Instead, he has one powerful skill at the very start of the game. Copen can also copy the abilities of defeated Adepts to use as EX Weapons.

Twin Shredder

クロスディザスタ X-Ross Disaster

"Dual blades perform their / Fervorous dance, ready to / Strike with conviction! Twin Shredder!"

Copen's Special Skill. It is similar to Shred Storm from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, using both himself and Lola to destroy all on-screen enemies at once. Copen yells "Kimeru!" (決める!, I'll end this!) when activating the attack.

EX Weapons

Main page: EX Weapons

By fighting and defeating Adepts and analyzing their Septima, Copen can develop EX Weapons based off said Septima and install them into Lola, who uses them through the swarm of drones called "Bits" that surround Copen. Each EX Weapon is wholly different, with its own unique form, attacks, advantages and disadvantages. It's these weapons that serve as Copen's strongest tools in his crusade against Adepts.

Special Skill Chants

Twin Shredder:

Duel blades perform their
Fervorous dance, ready to
Strike with conviction

(The chant is the same as the English version)

칼날이 날뛰는 두 사람의 윤무.
교차하는 찰나에 아로새겨지는
단죄의 표식은 누구를 위한 것인가…
The twin warriors dance with feverous blades.
And on the moment the two cross,
for who does the mark of judgement etch onto…?


  • Copen has an alternative sprite and Skill art during the final battle with Demerzel showing his damaged camera-eye. There is currently no way to acquire this outside of the final boss.
  • Copen's background is similar to Zero from the Megaman Zero series, specifically both being legendary heroes who have wandered for at least a century and fights for the minority who they eventually will grow fond of.