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"Within this searing crucible writhes a vengeful demon: Viper, whose fiery fury grows and threatens to engulf everything..."


The one-horned monster bathed by the scorching hot blast furnace...
The “Angered Explosion (Burnt Wrath)”...
A storm of mad and angered explosions strongly rages and swallows it all...

Conflagration is one of the main missions in Azure Striker Gunvolt, taking place in the stage Biochem Plant. Gunvolt's objective here is to infiltrate and destroy a Sumeragi biochemical plant.

Stage Composition

Biochem Plant (1).png

The first area of this stage is the supply train. On this train are many containers, including new explosive containers that self-destruct when tagged or shocked by the Flashfield, as well as many Sumeragi soldiers. Once reaching the end of the freight train section, Gunvolt will have to fight the Spyder Unit, the miniboss of this stage.

After destroying the Spyder Unit, Gunvolt will be able to destroy a hexapyle and enter the biochem plant itself. Once inside, he'll have to deal with masses of containers, as well as bomb robots that drift towards Gunvolt and explode once damaged. There are also many conveyor belts that carry containers into the lava, which Gunvolt has to carefully maneuver through. About halfway through this section, there is a large pile of containers that must be destroyed in a certain order, as in this mass of containers lies the Jewel for this stage. After all of this is the boss, Viper.

Miniboss: Spyder Unit

Biochem Plant (2).png

Before arriving at the biochemical plant itself, Gunvolt will have to fight a miniboss: the Spyder Unit. This boss can fire bombs and a laser, as well as climb on top of the ceiling. Gunvolt can get his chance to tag the Spyder once it opens its core to fire its laser.

Jewel Location

The Jewel is located right after the first enemy room after the hexapyle. You'll have to break the boxes in a specific order. This is a tricky Jewel to get, so, preemptively, if you haven't been passing through the checkpoint markers, go through the one in this room just to be safe. If you mess up, you can go to the pause menu and click "Retry" to try again from the last checkpoint.

Jewel Biochem Plant.jpg

First, destroy the first two heavy boxes and the two light boxes under the leftmost explosive box. This will cause the first explosive to fall. Tag it with one shot and it will destroy the light box under it. Move to where that light box was and shoot the other light box that was directly next to it, as well as the heavy box that was behind this one. This will cause another group of boxes to drop. Shoot the explosive box that is now on the ground directly in front of you. Move up and tag the heavy box just in front of the jewel. Back up once you've tagged it before you use flash field and then destroy the box, causing two more explosive boxes to fall down. Hit the explosive box and you can now access the jewel.

The slightest falter in this pattern will ruin everything, so be careful! Arguably, this is the hardest Jewel to obtain.


  • Blaster Faster: Clear in 8 minutes or less. (Reward: Garnet x8)
  • Wildfire: Clear in 5 minutes or less. (Reward: Spinel Quasicrystal x1)
  • No Sweat: Clear with a rank of B or higher. (Reward: Nanochip 98 x8)
  • Burning Ninja: Clear with a rank of S or higher. (Reward: Phoenix Ore x1)
  • Big, Big Bang: Clear with a rank of S+. (Reward: Phoenix Ore x5)
  • Crate Hate: Destroy 200 containers. (Reward: Spinel Quasicrystal x1)
  • Itsy Bitsy Takedown: Defeat the miniboss, Spyder, in 40 seconds or less. (Reward: Spinel Quasicrystal x1)
  • Ataraxia: Clear without destroying over 50 containers. (Reward: Phoenix Ore x1)



  • There exists a secret icon in the second half of the stage, which is uncovered by shooting it five times with Mizuchi and sets your Kudos to 1000. This icon is of the mascot of the gaming news site "INSIDE", named "INSIDE-chan".