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Hi there! You are currently browsing the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki's community portal! Here you will be able to find many things created by our precious editors, and check all pages that require editing (by viewing the Navbox on the right side of the page). Besides all the common stuff, this page is going to be updated on a monthly basis to keep it up-to date and still sustain it's own professionalism.

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There's many ways to you help this Wikia, either by contributing as a editor, adding new information (Game releases, Trivia, etc), fixing grammar errors (if there are any), helping out the to-do list, or just cheering up our community!

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    Community Releases

  • May 25, 2016: The Wikia has reached its 100th page!
  • May 22, 2016: Pages for the new characters, NoriXiao Wu and Mytyl have been created.
  • April 2, 2016: One of our members, Ai Kurai, has been promoted to Administrator!
  • March 21, 2016: BeoBlade made a new Blog Post telling about the future of the Wiki's Infobox.
  • June 1, 2019: The Wikia has reached its 300th page!
  • June 13, 2019: The Wikia has changed its theme from black and blue to white and red in honor of LAiX!
  • June 30, 2019: One of our members, Sweetamitie, has been promoted to Administrator!
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