Clockwork Daydream (機械仕掛けの儚夢) is one of the two drama CD's released for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

It focuses on a side-story with Copen, Mytyl, Lola and Nori that takes place in between Copen's missions. The CD also includes karaoke versions of Lola's songs.

It is currently not available outside of Japan. However, a rough fan translation exists.


1. Stratosphere (Lumen)

2. Mytyl's Voice - ミチルの声

Copen uses Lola's Mirror Pieces to prototype a voice synthesizer device for Mytyl. The results are...

3. The End of Battle, The Beginning of Things - 戦いの終わり、ことの始まり

Copen acquires the fifth mirror shard, but Lola is damaged by an Eden soldier. While her repairs go without a hitch, certain... statements from Copen get her riled up...

4. Suspicious Magic - あやしげな魔法

Having run off in a huff after the events of track 3, Lola comes across a self-proclaimed "magical girl" who "helps" her out...

5. Their Time - 二人の時間

After receiving a human disguise from the "magical girl", Lola goes on a not-date with the unaware Copen...

6. Date After - デート・アフター

Taking a break from their totally-not-a-date, Lola and Copen take a moment to sit on a park bench, when a lost child comes crying out of nowhere...

7. The Siblings' Reunion - 兄弟の再会

With the lost child incident resolved and dusk becoming night, Copen and Lola spend a moment to talk...

8. Just the Facts - 顛末

Lola wakes up in Copen's lab, having been knocked out as a side effect of the voice synthesizer. The whole of yesterday was but a dream. Or was it~?

9. Stratosphere (Karaoke)

10. Igniter (Karaoke)

11. Multi-Universe (Karaoke)

12. Vast Circle (Karaoke)

13. A Flash of Azure (Karaoke)

14. Iolite (Karaoke)

15. Stratosphere (Karaoke)

16. Indigo Destiny (Karaoke)



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