City Slums is the first stage of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. While searching for information on the Butterfly Effect, Copen and Lola infiltrate a new area only to cross paths with a new foe.


Lola:The slums outside of Sumeragi-controlled sectors are in a sorry state. It's all because of those Sumeragi dirtbags hunting down Minos. I just hope there are some survivors...

Stage Composition

  • As more or less a tutorial stage, there's no real gimmicks to this level. So long as you maintain your supply of Bullits and don't drop down one of the pits, you should be fine.
  • The Mantis Zombie is fairly easy. Just keep your Flashfield up to avoid most of his attacks and keep whaling on him with tags and shots.
  • Blade is a bit more challenging by simple fact you cannot shoot them head-on. You'll need to weave between the slashes to get a tag in. Also the Stellar Spark doesn't do damage.

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
City slums emblem 1
Hidden behind a false wall to the upper left of where Copen starts.
City slums emblem 2
Caution is advised.
City slums emblem 3
Reached by going up through a false ceiling in the shaft on the right.
City slums emblem 4
Behind the hexapyle.


  • Using Impact Reload before the second checkpoint will cause a statue of Romeo to appear and hit it.
  • When the Mantis Zombie is defeated, there is a chance for a white flag to pop out of where the Mantis' core would be.


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