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Nori: Mytyl's tracker let us determine her location, Copen. She's on the Seraph--a massive Sumeragi airship.

Copen: Sumeragi?! What do those scumbags want with Mytyl? Come on, Lola!

Lola: Easy, Boss! Don't go losing your head! Not that my undies aren't in a twist about it...

Nowa: Master Acura, thanks to her transmitter I’ve figured out where the bandits that kidnapped Master Mytyl have returned to. It’d seem Mytyl is inside of Sumeragi’s giant drone, the “Apsara”…

Acura: Those Sumeragi scum again, huh… Bastards! What do they hope to gain by kidnapping Mytyl? Let’s go, RoRo!

RoRo: Calm down, haste makes waste, y’know, Acura-kun? Not like I'm also NOT annoyed about this, though...

アキュラさま, 発信機からミチルさまを連れ去らった賊---その帰還場所が判明しました
皇神(スメラギ)の大型自律飛空艇(ドローン) "飛天"...その中にミチルさまは居る模様です

また皇神(スメラギ)のクズどもか... ヤツら, ミチルを攫ってどうするつもりだ?
行くぞ, ロロッ!

冷静に. 短気は損気だよ? アキュラくん
もちろん, ぼくだってムカっぱら立ってるけどね!

Nowa :
아큐라 님, 발신기를 통해 미틸 님을 납치한 자들의 귀환 장소를 확인했습니다.
스메라기의 대형 드론 ‘비천’… 그 안에 미틸 님이 계신 것 같습니다.
Acura, I have located the rendezvous point of Mytyl’s kidnappers with the transmitter.
Looks like she’s in Sumeragi’s Giant Drone ‘Hiten’.

Acura :
스메라기의 쓰레기들이 또… 놈들은 미틸을 납치해서 어떨 작정이지? 가자, 로로!
Not those Sumeragi scum again… What are they up to, kidnapping Mytyl? We’re off, RoRo!

RoRo :
냉정해야 해. 성급하게 굴면 안 된다구, 아큐라. 물론 나도 엄청나게 화가 나지만 말이야!
Keep calm. You shouldn’t act in a rush, Acura. ‘Course, I’m steaming mad already as well!

Title and Description


A curtain of fear descends upon the city,
as cannons roar over evening's gloom.
Villainous kidnappers will receive no quarter!

Onslaught (Night Raid)

Tonight's forecast is gun smoke and bullet rain among the cityscape.
In this land, there are no gospels,
only the promise of death for the girl's kidnappers.

襲来 -ナイトレイド-


습격 – Night Raid –
오늘 밤 마천루의 날씨는 총탄과 연기의 비.
이 땅에 복음은 결코 닿지 않는다.
소녀를 납치한 사악한 자에게는 죽음의 선고뿐.
Tonight, the weather of the skyscrapers is rainfall of gunfire and smoke.
The Evangelium shall never reach this land.
Only death sentence awaits to the evil ones who kidnapped the girl!


Copen: Those fiends!

I must rescue Mytyl.


Copen: Mytyl's in there. Hey, Nori? What's the plan if I want to take over the Seraph?

Nori: Try crossing over from the top of the building. Transferring route data to you now.

Copen: Transmission complete. Recommencing operation.

[Large mech falls out of the sky]

Copen: What is this mechanicus? Doesn't seem to be a Sumeragi. What is going on here?

Lola: Copen! I'm ready to go! Think maybe it's time for me to see some action?

Copen: All right. Engage general-purpose combat mode P-bit!

Lola: Roger! Deploying combat pod "Lola"! ...Wait, that's me!

[Lola and her drones swarm surround Copen]

Lola: Time to help and stuff! Er, you're watching how many Bullits you have remaining, right? You consume Bullits when bullit-dashing or when Prevading. If you're running low, they auto-refill when you're grounded. Otherwise, you'll have to reload manually by double-tapping down. You can reload mid-air, but it will make you land. So you better watch your step, boss!

Copen: Such sage advice...

Who does she think created all of this equipment?

[Armed form pink Adept]

Copen: Hold, Sumeragi Adept! Are you the dog that took Mytyl?

Female Zonda: I haven't seen you in quite some time, boy... And yes. We took her.

Copen: I don't know you, adept. Now hand Mytyl over. I might even let you off easy.

Female Zonda: But you do know me. Just perhaps not in this form... Behold, my true love!


Male Zonda: The love of Zonda takes many forms and envelops all! It is the ultimate physical embodiment of ardor!


Copen: ...Zonda? Impossible. I defeated you long ago.

Male Zonda: What you defeated was a mere fragment of my love. Behold the Phantasm Mirror! Septima of my love!

Copen: This is pointless. If you are indeed some type of mirror... Then it's my duty to break you.

Male Zonda: Eee hee hee! What a beautifully eccentric response! I'd love to keep on whispering sweet nothings in your ear. But I must go--love must spread to all corners of the world! We shall meet again, my sweet. Adieu!

Copen: Wait!

[Zonda gestures and is enveloped by a mirror, disappearing]

Lola: Gya! Who the heck was that?!

Copen: Someone I defeated. Or at least I thought as much... I uploaded the data into you when I upgraded your spec.

Lola: ...Oh? ...Ooooh! Yeah, you did!

[Barrier robot]

If I dash into a foe, I can lock onto it.

Lola: Smash 'em up! Smash 'em up good!

Copen: That's a touch indelicate, don't you think?

Lola: Hey, you programmed me!

Lola: That foe is easier to lock on to with a bullit dash!

My White Tiger jacket has the Azure Striker's power... And with a better version of my father's gun, Voder II[sic]... I wield twin claws that are unstoppable.

[Fazent flies by]

Copen: Woah, a Fazent? Wasn't Sumeragi still having problems getting them to work?

Nori: Yes. Engine problems according to my data.


[The Fazent flies by and unleashes a barrage of missiles, which are partly blocked by Lola's bits but cause the building's roof to collapse]

[Copen safely lands within the building using his armor's jets]

Nori: Are you all right, Copen?

Copen: Right as rain, Nori. My Flashfield works well, despite its dubious origins.

I made this Flashfield by analyzing the Azure Striker. It blocks physical projectiles when my weapon gauge is full.

Nori: Still, if they were truly able to bring a Fazent online... We should play it safe and use this building for protection.

Copen: That's the plan.

We need to teach that flying pest some manners.


Lola: Press up and dash for an upwards bullit dash. Try bullit-dashing at the ceiling to keep pushing forward!

I'd usually kick my way up. ...But I'm in a rush. Guess I'll listen to Lola for a change.

[Copen reaches a long hallway with large windows, at which point the Fazent appears, activates its spotlights, and begins firing its vulcan]

Crap! It found us!

Lola: Your Flashfield can't protect you from gunfire!

We'll have our chance. For now, we have to keep going.

[Elevator shaft]

Looks like the power is out in this elevator... Perhaps the walls can be used to climb.

[The Fazent appears, keeping pace but not firing as Copen ascends and reaches a hallway, then it leaves]

Nori: You can get out through a window up ahead, Copen.

Copen: Got it.

I suppose I can't just hide inside forever.

[The Fazent launches continuous missile barrages from offscreen as Copen reaches the window]

Missiles, is it?

Copen: Nothing to worry about with my Flashfield.

Lola: Just watch it when using your EX Weapons! They sap the weapon gauge and prevent barrier usage.

[Rooftop Fazent encounter]

Copen: This ends now.


Nori: If our data is accurate... Its lower half is packed with heavy weaponry. So if you want to play it safe, attack that first.

Lola: But if you wanna smash it up quick, go for the top!

Copen: I won't let this hunk of metal get in my way. Time to send you to the scrapyard.

[Fazent destroyed]

Copen: And...dispatched. Well, that was dull.

Nori: What in the... Copen? Don't wanna alarm you, but the Seraph is going down. And it's going to hit the building with Mytyl in it!

Copen: What?!

[Translation by Bapgei, edited by Sweetamitie]

Acura: Bastards…!

I’ll save Mytyl!

Acura: Sumeragi’s giant drone, the “Apsara” has suddenly gone berserk…  Mytyl’s inside of it… Nowa, what should I do to reach the Apsara? 

Nowa: Keep on jumping from rooftop to rooftop, sir. I’ll transfer you the route data.

Acura: … I got the data. Let’s resume the chase.

Large mech falls out of the sky]

Acura: What? This robot… This isn’t made by Sumeragi, right? Damn. What the hell’s going on…?

RoRo: Acura-kun! I’m warmed up and ready to go! Isn’t it about time for me to shine?

Acura: Hmph! Fine… RoRo! Shift to general battling! “P – Bit” Mode!  

RoRo: Roger that! Battle Pod “RoRo”, deploying!

[RoRo and her drones swarm surround Acura]

RoRo: Niiiice! I finally get to shine! Oh yeah! By the way, Acura-kun, are you keeping an eye on how many “Blitz” you have left? You lose Blitz when you use Blitz-dashing or "Heat Haze". They automatically refill when you're grounded, but you can double-tap [Down] to manually reload, see? You can also reload in mid-air, but it'll make you land, so watch your step.

Acura: Talk about a needless warning.

I AM the developer of this equipment, you know…?

[Armed form pink Adept]

Acura: That gear… are you a Sumeragi Psychic? Answer me! Did you bastards kidnap Mytyl? 

Female Pantera: The answer is YES! But… it’s been a while, hasn’t it, boy?

Acura: I’m not friends with any Psychic… Release Mytyl now, and I might even give you a painless death.

Female Pantera: Huh? You hadn’t seen this form of mine yet? Well then, have a look… at my LOVE!!


Male Pantera: My LOVE is phantasmagoric… It even overcomes the wall of gender and wraps everything up… It even overcomes gender and envelops all... I am truly the ultimate embodiment... of LOVE!!

Acura: Pantera? Didn’t I defeat you some time ago?

Male Pantera: What you defeated was a mere fragment of my love… It was but a measly mirror shard… That is the poe of my love, my Sevens, Phantasm Mirror! Were you enraptured by my fleeting form, boy?

Acura: I’m not impressed. If you’re supposed to be a mirror… then I’ll smash you into pieces and send them flying.

Male Pantera: Hehehe... I thank you for the truly eccentric answer. While I'd like to keep talking to our hearts' content, I'm quite busy spreading my love across the whole wide world, see? May we meet again! Adieu!

Acura: Wait!!

[Zonda gestures and is enveloped by a mirror, disappearing]

RoRo: Ewww, who was that? A pervert?

Acura: A foe I’d beaten before… No… A foe I THOUGHT I’d beaten… When I remodeled you to assist in battles, I should’ve input their data into you, right?

RoRo: Huh? Whoa, true. Creepy...

[Barrier robot]

If I hit the enemies with my dash, I can lock into them, taking profit of the gap in their defenses…

RoRo: Go go~! Smash 'em up! Acura-kun!

Acura: You're not wrong, but don't you think that's a little much?

RoRo: "A little much"... you're the one who programmed ME, the AI, aren't you?

RoRo: Looks like it’ll be easier to lock into that enemy by using a Blitz dash!

This new jacket even has the Armed Blue’s power built into it, the “Weiss Tiger”. And the “Border II,” made by remodeling my father’s gun. When these two work together, nothing can stop them!

[Pheasant flies by]

Acura: That’s… Sumeragi’s unmanned fighter “Pheasant”?  From what I’d heard it’s still quite far from completion… 

Nowa: Yes, sir. There’s been a problem with the engines pending resolving, and it shouldn’t be able to flight… 

What the hell’s going on…?

[The Pheasant flies by and unleashes a barrage of missiles, which are partly blocked by Lola's bits but cause the building's roof to collapse]

[Acura safely lands within the building using his suit's jets]

Nowa: Are you alright, Master Acura?

Acura: I'm alright. My Flashfield is quite useful, despite its power being taken from a monster.

I built my Flashfield by analyzing the Armed Blue's own. When my Weapon Gauge is full, it automatically blocks any solid projectiles, such as missiles.

Nowa: However… If the Pheasant is active, then we’re facing an unknown foe, sir. I suggest that you use that building as shield while advancing.

Acura: Yes, I plan to.

That foul bird doesn’t seem to know any manners anyway.


RoRo: You can do a diagonal Blitz dash if you press [Up] while dashing. Use the all-bounding to move on ahead, Acura-kun!

I usually kick-climb, but I’m in a rush. I guess I'll take RoRo's advice for once.

[Copen reaches a long hallway with large windows, at which point the Fazent appears, activates its spotlights, and begins firing its vulcan]

It's found us!

RoRo: Your Flashfield can't protect you from that gatling!

I'll get back to it in due time, but for now, I have to keep moving.

[Elevator shaft]

(An elevator? Looks like the power's off. Looking at it, I think I can climb up using the walls.)

[The Fazent appears, keeping pace but not firing as Copen ascends and reaches a hallway, then it leaves ]

Nowa: Master Acura, you can exit through the upcoming window.

It's much too powerful to be able to use the building as a shield anymore.

Acura: Got it. I'm leaving now.

[The Fazent launches continuous missile barrages from offscreen as Copen reaches the window]

Missile rain incoming!

Acura: But as long as I have my Flashfield, it's all in vain!

RoRo: Remember: you won't be able to use it if your Weapon Gauge is under full, when you use an EX Weapon like Stellar Spark.

[Rooftop Pheasant encounter]

Acura: Fine enough. I’ll bring you down!


Nowa: If the Pheasant's initial development data is still valid, then it has a powerful weapon built into its lower body. I think it'd be safer to target that first.

RoRo: On the flipside, if you wanna take it down fast, aim for its upper body.

Acura: Junk built in a rush can’t possibly stop me. I'll wipe out your arrogance!

[Fazent destroyed]

Acura: I wiped it out. What a worthless tool!

Nowa: What’s this…? Master Acura, I have bad news. The Apsara has begun to fall, and it's set to veer into the skyscraper that Mytyl is in.

Acura: What did you say…?




(Acura stares at the “Apsara”)

突然暴走を始めた皇神(スメラギ)の大型自律飛空艇(ドローン) "飛天"---
ノワ, 飛天に取りつくためにはどうすればいい?


...受信完了. 行動再開だ

(Robot deploys)

なんだ? このメカニックス... 皇神(スメラギ)のものではない?

(RoRo activation)

アキュラくん! こっちはバッチリあったまってるよ

フン, いいだろう...
ロロ! 汎用戦闘シフトッ! モード"Pービット"

了解! バトルポッド"RoRo(ロロ)" 展開!
よーし, やっと出番だ!
おっとそうだ, アキュラくん... ブリッツの残量には気をつけているかい?
下を2回, すばやく押せば自力でリロードできるぜ?
リロードは空中でもできるけど, すごい勢いで着地しちゃうから

この装備, いったい誰が作くったと思っている...?

(Meet Pantera)

その姿... 皇神(スメラギ)の能力者か. 答えろ. ミチリを攫ったのは貴様達か?

Pantera (woman):
答えはYES. そして... お久しぶりね, 少年?


Pantera (woman):
あら? この姿では初めてだったかしら?
ならば見なさい... 我が愛をッ!!

Pantera (man):
ワタシの愛は変幻自在. 性(ジェンダー)の壁をも乗り越えてすべてを包み込む...
究極の愛 · 体現者ッ!!


パンテーラ? キサマはかつて, オレが倒したはずだ

Pantera (man):
キミは倒したのは, 我が愛の断片... ちっぽけな鏡の欠片にすぎない
これが"夢幻鏡(ミラー)"!! 我が愛の第七波動(セブンス)ッ!! 儚き夢は見られたかい, 少年?

(End flashback)

くだらん. キサマは鏡だというのなら...
このオレが, 全てを摧破(さいは)し骨身ごと砕くまでだ

Pantera (man):
フフフ... 実にエキセントリックな返答ありがとう
このままキミと, 心ゆくまで語り愛たいところだが...
愛にく, 今よりワタシはあまねく世界に我が愛を広めねばならないのでね?
また愛(あ)おうッ! 愛(あ)デュー!!


(Resume advance)

うへえ. なにあの人... ヘンタイさん?

以前倒した敵...いや... 倒したと思っていた敵だな...
お前を戦闘仕様に改修した際, ヤツのデータもインプットしたはずだが?

え? ... ホントだ. うえー

(Blitz dash)


いけー! ぶつかれー!! アキュラくん!

言い方は気にくわないが, 言っていることは正しいな...

その気にくわない物言いをするAI. プログラムしたのは, きみ自身だけどね

(Weiss Tiger)

あの敵, 空中(ブリッツ)ダッシュならロックオンしやすそうだ!

"ヴァイスタイガー"と, 父の銃 (かたみ) を改造した"ボーダーII"
この二爪の連携, 破れる者などいはしない!

(Pheasant flies)

あれは... 皇神(スメラギ)の無人戦闘機フェイザント?
ええ. あれはエンジンの問題は末解決でとても飛行できない代物ではないはず...

いったい, どうなっている...?

(2nd half)

(Land inside building)

ご無事ですか? アキュラさま

"フラッシュフィールド"... バケモノ由来の力にしてはなかなかの使い勝手だな

とはいえ, 本当にあのフェイザントが起動したとあらば
末知の相手です. しばらくはその建物を盾にして進むのがよろしいかと

ああ, そうさせてもらう
あの害鳥... 礼儀がなっていないようだな


壁バウンドを利用して, 突き進むんだ! アキュラくん!


(Pheasant appears)



転機は必ずくる... 今は先に進むのみだ


エレベーター? 電力がきていないのか?
この地形, 壁を利用すれば昇ることが出来そうだな

アキュラさま, その先の窓から外に出られそうです

あの威力... このまま建物を盾には出来ないか
了解だ. 脱出しよう


だが無駄だ. フラッシュフィールドがある限りはな

ウエポンゲージが減って, バリアも張れなくなっちゃうだから, 気をつけてよ?

(Vs Pheasant)

いいだろう. ここで決着をつける

フェイザント--- 開発当初のデータが正しければ,
安全を考えるなら, 先に下半身を狙うといいでしょう

逆に, ソッコー撃破したいなら上半身(ボディー)をねらうべきだね

その驕り... オレが討滅する!
Sono ogori… Ore ga toumetsu suru!

(Pheasant defeated)

討滅完了. つまらん玩具だ

アキュラさま, 大変です. "飛天"が落下を始めています
このまま落下した場合, 超高層ビルに衝突. 中にいるミチルさまも...


[Translation by Nubs]

Acura :
악당 놈들…!
Those fiends!

Monologue :
미틸은 내가 구해 내겠어…!
I will save Mytyl!

Monologue :
갑자기 폭주하기 시작한 스메라기의 대형 드론 ‘비천’…
Sumeragi’s giant Drone ‘Hiten’ suddenly went berserk.

Acura :
미틸이 저 안에 있어… 노와, 비천에 들어가려면 어떻게 해야 하지?
Mytyl must be in there… Nowa, how do I get into Hiten from here?

Nowa :
그대로 빌딩 위를 건너서 가도록 하죠. 지금 그쪽으로 루트 데이터를 보내겠습니다.
Try proceeding your way from the rooftops. Sending you the route data now.

Acura :
…수신 완료. 행동을 재개한다.
…Download complete. Back into action.

Acura :
이 기계 장치는 뭐지? 스메라기 쪽은 아닌데? 쳇… 대체 무슨 일이 벌어지는 거야.
What’s this contraption? It’s no Sumeragi mech… Tch. What on earth is going on?

RoRo :
아큐라! 이쪽은 제대로 준비가 끝났어. 슬슬 내가 나설 차례 아닐까?
Acura! I’m all locked and loaded here. Isn’t it time for me to stand out yet?

Acura :
흐음, 좋다. 로로! 범용 전투 시프트!! 모드 ‘P-비트’!!
Hm… Fine. RoRo! Shift to multipurpose combat mode ‘P-Bit’!!

RoRo :
오케이! 배틀 로봇 ‘로로’ 전개!
Copy that! Battle Pod ‘RoRo’, Online!

(Initiate Tutorial on Copen’s System.)

RoRo :
좋아, 드디어 내 차례다!
참, 아큐라. 블리츠의 잔량은 신경쓰고 있어?
블리츠 대시나 전자결계를 쓸 때 소비하는 블리츠는… 지상에 있을 때는 자동으로 회복되지만… 아래를
빠르게 2 번 누르면 직접 리로드할 수 있어.
Alright, my turn has finally come!
Oh, right. Acura, are you watching your remaining Blitz count?
You use a Blitz whenever you do a Blitz Dash or Prevasion. These Blitz will recover automatically while
on ground, but you can reload them manually by tapping DOWN twice.

(Back to gameplay.)

RoRo :
공중에서도 리로드가 가능하지만 엄청난 기세로 착지하니까 발밑을 잘 살펴야 해.
You can also reload in the air but that’ll make you land REAL fast. So do watch your step, OK?

Acura :
…그런 충고는 필요 없어.
No need for such advises.

Monologue :
이 장비를 대체 누가 만들었다고 생각하는 거야…?
Who does she think is responsible for making all my loadouts…?

Acura :
스메라기의 능력자인가. 대답해. 미틸을 납치한 게 네놈들이냐?
A Sumeragi adept? Speak. Are your gang responsible for kidnapping Mytyl?

Female :
대답은 YES. 그리고… 오랜만인걸, 소년?
The answer is YES! And… Long time no see, boy!

Acura :
난 아는 능력자가 없다… 순순히 미틸을 돌려줘. 그럼 비교적 편안하게 신의 곁으로 보내 주지.
I have no adept acquaintances. BRING. MYTYL. BACK. Then your way to God will be with relative

Female :
어머? 이 모습은 처음 보나? 그럼 똑똑히 봐… 나의 사랑을!
Ooh, so you’re not familiar with this side of me, huh? Then behold… This, is my LOVE!

Male :
내 사랑은 어떤 형태로든 변화하지. 성별을 뛰어넘어 모든 것을 감싸안는… 궁극의 사랑을 재현하는
My love can take any shape and form. I am the one who overcomes all gender and embraces
everything… I am the embodiment of the ultimate LOVE!!

Acura :
판테라? 네놈은 분명 이전에 내 손으로 쓰러뜨렸는데.
Pantera…? I clearly killed you by my own hands before.

Male :
네가 쓰러뜨린 건 내 사랑의 파편… 보잘것없는 거울 조각일 뿐.
이것이 ‘미러’!! 내 사랑의 세븐스!! 덧없는 꿈을 꾸었나, 소년?
You struck down a mere fragment of my love. It was but a humble piece of mirror!
This, is ‘Mirror’!! This is my Seventh of LOVE!! How was your fleeting dream, boy?

Acura :
시시하군. 네놈이 거울이라면… 내가 전부 파괴해서 네 몸을 산산조각 내 주마.
Unimpressive. If you’re a mirror… Then I’ll destroy every part of it and tear you to pieces.

Male :
후후후… 정말 괴기스러운 대답이구나. 고마워.
너와 계속 사랑의 대화를 실컷 나누고 싶지만… 안타깝게도 난 지금부터 세상 구석구석까지 내 사랑을
퍼뜨려야 하거든?
다시 만날 때까지 안녕! 아듀!!
Fufufu… Such eccentric answer. Thank you!
I really wish to continue our conversation of love… But sadly, I gotta spread my love from here to
every reaches of this world!
‘Till we meet again! Adieu!!

Acura :
거기 서!!

RoRo :
우엑~ 저 사람, 뭐야. …변태야?
Ew… What was that, a pervert?

Acura :
예전에 쓰러뜨린 적… 아니… 쓰러뜨린 줄 알았던 적이다… 널 전투 사양으로 개조할 때 놈의 데이터도
입력했을 텐데?
An enemy I took down… No. An enemy I thought I took down before. Did I not input his data when
I modified you into a battle pod?

RoRo :
어? …진짜네. 우엑~
Huh…? Oh, yes you did. Bleeeeegh…

Acura :
대시로 부딪히면 적의 방어에 빈틈을 뚫고 록온할 수 있지.
If I dash into the enemy I can pierce their defenses and lock onto them.

RoRo :
가라! 부딪혀!! 아큐라!!
GO! GO! Crash into them, Acura!!

Acura :
말투가 마음에 들지 않지만 틀린 말은 아니군…
Don’t like how you talk but you’re not saying anything wrong…

RoRo :
그 맘에 안 드는 말투를 쓰도록 AI 를 프로그래밍한 사람이 바로 너인걸.
What can I say? YOU’re the one who programmed me to talk as you wouldn’t like.

RoRo :
저건 블리츠 대시로 록온하기 쉽겠어!
That looks like an easy target to lock on with your Blitz Dash!

Monologue :
푸른 뇌정의 힘이 깃든 나의 새로운 재킷 ‘바이스티거’와 아버지의 유품을 개조한 ‘보더 II’… 이 두 개의
발톱이 있는 한 나는 무적이다!
My new Battle Jacket with the power of the Armed Blue, ‘Weiss Tiger’, and a reconstruction of my
father’s memento ‘Border II’… With these two claws, I am invincible!

Acura :
저건… 스메라기의 무인 전투기 페이전트? 완성되려면 멀었다고 들었는데…
Isn’t that… Sumeragi’s automatic fighter plane, Fazent? Heard that it isn’t anywhere near complete…

Nowa :
네. 저건 엔진 문제가 남아 있어 비행을 할 수 없을 텐데요…
Right. That thing’s engine’s still got more than enough problems that won’t make this thing fly…

Monologue :
대체 뭐가 어떻게 되는 거지…?
What on earth is going on?

Nowa :
아큐라 님, 무사하십니까?
Acura, are you alright?

Acura :
무사해. 이 ‘플래시 필드’는 괴물에서 유래한 힘 치고는 제법 쓸모가 있군.
I’m unharmed. ‘Flash Field’… For a power that derived from a monster, it’s quite useful.

Monologue :
푸른 뇌정의 ‘뇌격린’을 분석한 이 플래시 필드는 웨펀 게이지가 MAX 일 때는 미사일 등의 실체형
탄환을 자동으로 막을 수 있다.
This is the ‘Flash Field’. A system I made by analyzing the ‘Raigekirin’ of the Armed Blue. This can
block any physical projectiles automatically as long as my Weapon Gauge is at MAX state.

Nowa :
그런데 정말로 그 페이전트가 가동했다면…
상대방은 미지의 존재입니다. 한동안은 그 건물을 방패 삼아 전진하는 편이 좋겠습니다.
But if THAT Fazent is really online…
We’re dealing against the unknown here. I advise you to proceed with that building as a shield for a

Acura :
그래. 그렇게 하지.
Yeah. I’ll do as advised.

Monologue :
저 새… 예의 따위는 모르는 듯 하군.
That bird out there… doesn’t seem to know what manner is.

RoRo :
십자키 위를 누르면서 대시하면 대각선 위로 블리츠 대시를 할 수 있어.
벽의 반동을 이용해서 돌진해! 아큐라!
Press UP and dash, and you’ll perform a Blitz Dash diagonally upwards.
Bounce off the walls and rush forward, Acura!

Monologue :
그냥 걷어차서 올라갈 수도 있지만… 지금은 서둘러야 해. 로로의 말을 듣는 것도 나쁘지 않겠군…
I can just kick the walls and go up… But I gotta hurry now. Won’t be a bad idea to listen to her.

Monologue :
그새 쫓아왔나!
It followed us here this fast!?

RoRo :
저건 플래시 필드로도 막을 수 없어!
Flash Field can’t protect you from those things!

Monologue :
기회는 반드시 온다… 지금은 그저 돌진할 뿐…
I’ll have my chance. For now, I just push forward.

Monologue :
엘리베이터? 전력이 나간 건가? 이 지형은 벽을 이용하면 올라갈 수 있겠어.
Is this elevator out of power? I can still climb this terrain by scaling the walls.

Nowa :
아큐라 님, 앞에 있는 창문을 통해 밖으로 나갈 수 있을 것 같습니다.
Acura, I think you can make your way out through the window in front of you.

Monologue :
저 위력을 보니… 계속 건물을 방패로 삼을 수도 없겠군.
That firepower… means that I can’t stay shielded by this building forever.

Acura :
알겠다. 탈출하지.
Roger. Escaping now.

Monologue :
미사일 세례다!
Incoming missile bombardment!

Acura :
하지만 소용 없지. 플래시 필드가 있는 한 말이야.
But no use to me. Not when I have this Flash Field ready.

RoRo :
만약 ‘스파크 스텔라’ 같은 서브 웨펀을 사용하면… 웨펀 게이지가 줄어들어서 배리어도 사라지니까
If you use any Sub Weapon such as ‘Spark Stellar’, that will use the weapon gauge and cancel
the barrier. Careful about that!

Monologue :
이건 확장 메모리로군… 이게 있으면 바이스티거에 코드를 더 많이 넣을 수 있겠어.
This is a memory expansion pack… With this I can input more codes into the Weiss Tiger.

Acura :
좋아. 여기서 끝내 주지.
Fine. This is where it ends.

Nowa :
페이전트… 개발 초기의 데이터가 정확하다면 하반신에 강력한 무기가 탑재되어 있을 겁니다.
안전을 고려한다면 하반신을 먼저 노리십시오.
Fazent… If the initial development data is correct, then its lower body should be equipped with a
strong weapon.
For safety, you should go take down the bottom first.

RoRo :
반대로 속도감 있게 공격하려면 상반신을 노려야겠네.
On the other side, if you want to make it quick, you gotta aim for the top.

Acura :
급조한 고물로 날 막을 수는 없지…
그 거만함을… 내가 뭉개 주마!
A rushed scrap heap won’t be able to stop me…
Time to squash your arrogance to dust!

Acura :
토벌 완료. 시시한 장난감이군.
Target destroyed. It’s just an unimpressive toy.

Nowa :
이건…? 아큐라 님, 큰일입니다. 비천이 추락하고 있습니다. 이대로 추락하면 초고층 빌딩과 충돌해 안에
계신 미틸 님도…
What’s…!? Acura, we got problem. Hiten’s on its crash course. If it goes down like this it will crash
into a skyscraper and take Mytyl down with itself!

Acura :
What did you say…!?