Memorable quote of a character
Author, Game
Add a brief explanation about his role in the franchise or in a game, when did he appear, race and other important information here.


If possible, add the official summary of that Character's page at either Inti Creates' page or the official Azure Striker Gunvolt one. Keep in mind that you cannot do any edits on the description or it will be deleted and replaced.


The Character's design on a certain game or more, with details of his clothing and similar information.


What is the Character like? How does he act? Give as detailed an explanation as possible here.

Plot RoleEdit

Give an detailed database of the Character's goals, accomplishments, appearences and all he did on the Game here.


Is the Character an Adept? If that's so, please add his Septimal Power here and details about all his abilities.


If the Character is the protagonist or antagonist, probably he have an extra ability completely different from the other Characters. If that's the case, add those here.


Any interesting information about the Character? Add it here.


Where did you gather all the information of that character? Add it here.

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Any other page that are equally important to the Character's main page? Add it here.


Useful TemplatesEdit


You can add an important phrase said by given character using this Template or similar information such as his quote at the official website. Source code is:

'<The phrase>'

<The speaker>, '<The place the speaker is from>'


Infobox is a very important Template for all Characters page, you can add useful data such as his age, Septima, race and others for everyone to see. It works just like you saw below. Source code is: