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Memorable quote of a character
Author , Game

Add a brief explanation about his role in the franchise.


"(Character), also known as, (Japanese title and name), is a (character archetype) in (debut game). ..."


If possible, add the official summary of that Character's page at either Inti Creates' page or the official Azure Striker Gunvolt one. Keep in mind that you cannot do any edits on the description or it will be deleted and replaced.


The character's design in a certain game, with details of their clothing and style. Be as detailed and coherent as possible.


What is the character like? How do they act? What sets them apart from the other members of the cast?

Plot Role

What did the character do in a specific game? What are their goals and accomplishments? In what way did their actions affect the overall plot?

Powers and Abilities

Is the character an Adept? If so, please add their Septima here in addition to details about all their abilities.


If the character is a boss or a protagonist, they likely have skills completely unique to them. Add those here. Include the English name, with the Japanese and translation, if applicable, under it.


Any interesting information about them that doesn't fit anywhere else? Add it here. Please see the post titled "Trivia" in discussions to avoid adding anything unnecessary.


  • Where did you gather information about this character? Add it here.
  • Use bullet points. Keep it neat.

See Also

Any other pages that are equally important to the character's main page? Add them here. Take note however: do not put the link to their Gallery down here. That link is already implemented at the top of the page.

Useful Templates


If you don't see these tabs on the top of any character page, please add them. All you have to do is copy this source code and paste it to the very first line of the page's code. Nothing else.



You can add an important phrase from a given character, such as their quote from the official website, by using this Template.

Memorable quote from a character
Author ', Game


Paste the Infobox code below the Tabs, but above the Quote.

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