Copen chaffing a foolish Gunvolt
The chaff debuff is an official status ailment in Azure Striker Gunvolt that locks Gunvolt's EP meter at zero for ten seconds—preventing the use of any EP-dependent techniques.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, the chaff debuff instead only causes the overheat status for Gunvolt; it no longer comes with the 10-second-prevention of EP-recovery.

In-Game Description

These special attacks knock the EP right out of Gunvolt. Recovering from chaff takes longer than a normal Overheat.

Unfortunately, you'll just have to wait it out.


Chaff reduces Gunvolt's EP to zero and prevents the use of the following for ten seconds:


There are three enemies who have the ability to inflict the chaff status on Gunvolt. In all three instances, the only way to avoid affliction is to dodge the causal attacks (i.e., Gunvolt cannot use the Flashfield or Prevasion to shield him from the attack).

Carrera's Quasar Collapse

Carrera: Carrera's special attack, Quasar Collapse, creates a great magnetic field at the center of the screen that pulls in Gunvolt as it propagates outward. If the magnetic field touches him, Gunvolt will be afflicted with the chaff status.

Copen: Upon the defeat of Carrera, Copen begins using the attack "Power Grab" in all subsequent battle. He fires two waves of three magnetic bullets that inflict the chaff status.

Asimov: Similar to Copen's "Power Grab." Asimov's standard attack fires multiple waves of three magnetic bullets that causes the chaff debuff. Battle phase two onwards, Asimov utilizes two other attack sequences that causes chaff. In one sequence, he fires two barrages of magnetic bullets using a bot similar to that of Gunvolt's Orochi. In the other, he fires a non-damaging cursor that leaves behind five non-damaging cursor placeholders in its path of fire; Asimov then proceeds to fire five magnetic bullets that may turn directions to track Gunvolt when it comes into contact with any of the five placeholders. Placeholders used in this way will disappear.


Gunvolt is able to tag enemies and objects while he is in the chaff state.

Gunvolt can immediately remove the chaff status by using his special skill Split Second.

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