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"Come, Gunvolt! Fight me with all the strife in your heart! Give me strife! Victory! POOOWER!!
Carrera , Azure Striker Gunvolt

Carrera, also known as "The Magnetic Avarice", is a Sumeragi Group Adept Hunter Unit officer and antagonist in Azure Striker Gunvolt, serving as the boss of the mission Spintronics (Datastore).

A fierce warrior and powerful adept, Carrera is driven by his desire to fight strong opponents and his never-ending lust for power.

He is an Adept wielding the Septima Magnetic Arts, which allows him to create powerful magnetic fields. His magnetic energy has the special property of nullifying other Septimas. He is the only Adept in history to possess Magnetic Arts, and named the ability himself.

Incidentally, when he joined Sumeragi he signed his name as "Magnetic Field Fist"--so that's his official employee name.[1]

Website Description

Carrera is an adept assigned to Sumeragi’s Adept Hunter Unit who battles using his Magnetic Arts septimal power. Carrera lives for combat, and joined the unit for no other reason than being afforded the chance to battle with powerful adepts.

He speaks in an extremely formal, and extremely outdated “ye olde English” style, and always seems to have something to say about strength, battles with titans, and the like. In battle, he uses his septimal powers to create a magnetic field that attracts other adepts to him as if they were a hunk of metal.

This mysterious field also produces an effect that temporarily blocks the use of septimal powers. Naturally, Sumeragi took a keen interest in this ability and regularly brings Carrera along on capture missions to minimize the threat of other adepts.

The Glaive which holds his septimal power is known as the "Rockslicer."



Carrera is a young adult with orange eyes and short, white-blonde hair, with one massive cowlick protruding from the front. He wears a unique black and orange Sumeragi officers jacket with tailcoats. He also wears white baggy trousers and brown boots.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Carrera gains black eyes with orange irises and darker yellow hair. The lower part of his face is covered by a black and white mask that resembles a mouth. His body is covered in black armour with yellowish orange highlights. His arms in particular have rather heavy armour, with orange spikes protruding from them.


Representing the sin greed, unlike most other Swordsmen, Carrera openly admits he doesn't care for justice or national duty, joining the group for no other reason than to fight powerful adepts. Obsessed with the art of combat, Carrera always demands an opponent's full strength when fighting them, not knowing the meaning of "holding back". Because of the nullifying effect his Septima has on other adepts, he often gets an easy victory, thus his search for a good fight is rarely sated. It is noted by Gunvolt that he is not inherently evil, just incredibly violent.

Despite this, Carrera does at least seem to show respect to those who have proven themselves in his eyes. He also is quite formal, talking in a "ye olde English" style ("Samurai-style" Japanese in the Japanese version) that baffles the other characters.

Carrera's enthusiasm for battle is possibly a result of his insatiable lust for power, which, in his eyes, can only be obtained by fighting someone stronger than himself and slaughtering them. His obsession with power has reached a point where he believes that strength is what all men desire, causing Gunvolt to declare him as "empty" and "worthless".

Plot Role

Carrera was born into a clan of warriors, where he combined martial arts with his Septima to create a self-taught art known as "Magnetic Arts".

After defeating several Dojos, he joined the Sumeragi Group, under the leadership of Nova, with the hope of battling powerful Adepts. Likely because of his ability to suppress other Adepts' Septima—which would advance Sumeragi's efforts to administrate the adept population—Carrera is assigned to Sumeragi's special Adept Hunter Unit.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Datastore (Spintronics)

At the beginning of the story, Gunvolt frees Lumen from her forced role as Sumeragi's sonar in their project to locate and capture adepts throughout the world.

At some point in time afterwards, the resistance group QUILL sends protagonist Gunvolt on a mission to raid Sumeragi's datastore, which is used to store clinical information on every adept who has been recorded in Sumeragi's registry. Carrera, guarding the data bank, waits for Gunvolt within the main server room.

When the intruder arrives, Carrera rightfully assumes he is Gunvolt, who questions who he is. Carrera introduces himself, stating his orders are to defend the building, but claims no interest in justice, duty, small talk, instead only wanting to face a powerful foe. He then transforms with his Glaive, and attacks.

As the fight begins, Zeno, listening in, is perplexed by Carrera's old fashioned speech, and notes his enthusiasm for battle. Gunvolt says he has no time, and states he will not go easy, which is actually what Carrera wants, stating only his full strength is allowed, and wants to see the "true" Azure Striker. Gunvolt threatens to obliterate him, but Carrera just laughs, praising his rebuttal, and tells of how lively and euphoric he feels. He explains that his 18 year long life and interview with Sumeragi has paid off, admitting all he wants is power, which he believes will be obtained through defeating strong opponents, and demands Gunvolt give him strength. Disgusted by Carrera's hollow ambitions, Gunvolt manages to defeat and kill Carrera. He then goes to destroy the data, only to find the magnetism coming from both of them wiped it clean, so he immediately takes his leave.

Firmament (Azure)

At some point in time after his demise at the datastore, Carrera is resurrected by Sumeragi's necromancer, Elise. He, along with Nova's other resurrected adepts, await Gunvolt's arrival at Sumeragi's orbital space station, Firmament, to subdue him in his efforts to topple Sumeragi.

After the fall of Nova, Gunvolt, having been resurrected by Joule, runs to Babel after Asimov. On the way, he bumps into Carrera, who once more challenges his foe to battle. Noticing Gunvolt's enhanced state, he merely gets even more excited, and attacks Gunvolt again.

Gunvolt is even more apathetic about the fight than before, much to Carrera's amusement. Joule reassures him that he is safe with her power, something Carrera overhears. Confused, he demands to know who is with Gunvolt, who doesn't respond. In the end, Carrera throws his concerns away, and once more demands Gunvolt give him his full strength. In the end, The Magnetic Avarice is slain once more, and Gunvolt resumes his pursuit of Asimov.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime

A silhouette of Carrera appears with the rest of Nova's Swordsmen (minus Merak) surrounding Gunvolt at the end of the OVA.

Other Appearances

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Carrera appears as the DLC boss of the Data Facility stage, featuring upgraded attacks from the first game.

[Mighty Gunvolt Burst]

Carrera appears as a collectible pixel sticker that can be obtained in the stage "Oil Platform".

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave, Carrera is a powerful adept who wields the unique Magnetic Arts Septima, which allows him to create powerful magnetic fields that can attract other adepts and things to him as though they were metal, as well as nullifying their Septima temporarily by scattering it across the air. Carrera can also detonate his magnetic fields to cause damaging explosions.

By manipulating electromagnetic fields, Carrera can pull himself towards walls or hover by reversing magnetic polarity. He can also use his magnetism to manipulate metal, creating a large fist made of metal and can use it to control his magnetic fists to grab and attack opponents from a distance.

Because of the electromagnetic properties of Azure Thunderclap, many of Gunvolt's attacks have the side effect of empowering that of Carrera's, or making the Azure Striker easier to draw in.

By rebounding the magnetism covering his body and the magnetism applied to the ground he can make his body hover. He can also do the inverse: by pulling the magnetism applied to the walls he can move at high-speed.

Carrera himself is also quite physically strong, the sheer force of his blows causing debris to fall from the ceiling.

It's implied that Magnetic Arts has the ability to outright suction an adept's septima. However, given Carrera’s personality, he may be unable to control his power in a way precise enough to accomplish such a feat.


Skill Description
Carrera - Boss Battle 4.jpg
Carrera's standard attack. Carrera crouches forward and creates a magnetic field across from him. He then propels himself forward and tackles the wall in front of him, causing debris to fall from the ceiling. Gunvolt can use his Flashfield to protect him from the falling debris.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, more debris falls when Carrera hits the wall.

Carrera - Boss Battle.jpg
Binding Might
Magnet-Binding Strong-Arm
Carrera's standard attack. Carrera positions himself at the center of the floor. He releases his magnetic fists—both of which move to the upper corners of the screen—and hovers mid-air. The magnetic fists, one at a time, then perform a sweeping grab at Gunvolt. 
  • If one of the fists successfully grabs Gunvolt, it will position itself and Gunvolt directly underneath Carrera. Carrera then creates a magnetic field below him and propels a slamming attack into the ground. The impact creates a V-shaped explosion.
  • If neither of the fists grab Gunvolt, then they will remain at the sides of the screen as Carrera proceeds with his slamming attack. Contact with the fists or explosions will inflict damage.

Starting at battle phase two, if neither of the fists are able to grab Gunvolt, then they may float to the top corners of the screen again to perform a second attempt at grabbing him. Carrera will follow-up with his slam attack if both attempts fail.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, pieces of scrap fly from the fists when they fly up. The fists themselves move slightly faster. The pieces of scrap will trigger overheat in Gunvolt and drain all of Copen's bullits and weapon energy if they connect.

Carrera - Boss Battle 2.jpg
Metallic Fist
Electromagnetic Acceleration Fist
Carrera begins using this attack at battle phase two. Carrera positions himself at one of the very ends of the screen and begins charging a magnetic ball of energy. Debris will be sucked into the energy ball during this process; the debris inflicts contact damage which can be blocked with the Flashfield. Carrera then throws a punch that releases the energy as a magnified, energized emanation of his fist. If Gunvolt shocks Carrera with the Flashfield during the charge-up, it will make the fist larger and make it explode upon colliding with a wall, sending junk projectiles outwards. 
  • Carrera's defense increases while he is using this attack.[2]

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Carrera's Metallic Fist is upgraded. If Gunvolt or Copen shocks him, then there will be many more pieces of junk that will fly outwards, leaving only a small area to dodge. Like with the upgraded Binding Might, both the fist and scrap pieces will cause overheat/drain bullits and weapon energy.

Quasar Collapse
Super-Heavy Magnetic Exploding Star
Carrera's special attack. Carrera creates a great magnetic field at the center of the screen that pulls in Gunvolt as it propagates outward. While the field does not deal contact damage, it will inflict overheat and seal GV's EP bar if touched. Once the field reaches its maximum size, Carrera detonates the field, creating a colossal explosion.
  • The great magnetic field will pull in Gunvolt at a greater strength and speed than usual while he is activating his Flashfield or jumps.
  • Carrera's defense increases while he is using this attack.[2]

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, the magnetic field is centered of the opposite side to Carrera, forcing the player to run towards him. On top of that, the field now draws in a spiral of scrap metal, which can only be blocked by the Flashfield. Additionally, unlike in ASG1, the explosion will ignore invincibility frames. Dodging this move as Copen requires different tactics, as his Flashshield will automatically cause him to be pulled into the magnetic field as it deploys the block the scrap.

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Weaponization Hum! Nuoooh! Haaah! Nun! Nuoooo! Haaaa! ぬん!ぬおおおおっ!
Movement Nuon! Zeya! Nuon! *Zeya! ぬぉん!ぜや!
Tackle Hah! Haa! はぁ!
Binding Might Hum! Seize! Steal!
(Smash! Gouge!) Uraah!
Nun! Tsukame! Ubae!
(Kudake! Kujire!) Uraaa!
Metallic Fist Nuooh! Deyaa! Nuooo! *Deyaa! ぬおおっ!でやぁー!
Quasar Collapse EAT THIS! Quasar Collapse! Hah! Uwooh! Explosion scatter! Uke yo! Chou juu ji baku sei!
Haa! Uooo! Bakuhatsu shisan!
1st Phase Down Splendid! Admirable! Migoto! Appare da! 見事!天晴れだ!
2nd Phase Down Boiling! I’m boiling! Tagiru! Tagiruzoo! 滾る!滾るぞぉ!
Defeated I’m satisfied… Manzoku da… 満足だ……
  • "Zeya" and "Deya" are both kiais, shouts that a Japanese combatant yells when in the process of performing an attack.

Special Skill Chants

Quasar Collapse:

Greedy arms reach out
To possess all within sight
Their grasp an awful vice

叫合せし磁力 引力が爆ぜる
全てを望み 全てを欲し

Mutually screaming magnetisms, attraction that bursts open…
Desire it all wish it all…
Deprive… Rise… Grand arms…

규합하는 자력과 인력이 폭발한다.
모든 것을 원하고 갈망하고
빼앗고 내걸어라, 그 탐욕스러운 팔로.
Magnetism and gravity gather and explode.
With the desire, the wish to possess all in sight,
Deprive, rise, with those greedy arms!
Super Heavy Magnetic Exploding Star


"Thou art Gunvolt, I presume."
Carrera , meeting Gunvolt

"I am Carrera, The Magnetic Fist. My orders are to protect the premises. I hath no interest in duty, justice or small talk. I only seek to do battle with a formidable foe..."
Carrera , introducing himself

"Good! That's just what I want! Only thine unbridled fighting spirit is permissible! No less! I wish to see the 'true' Azure Striker! Show me what thou art made of!"
Carrera , fighting Gunvolt

"Hahaha! An excellent rebuttal! Truly grand! A cataclysm of Septimas! This is a true duel! My blood is pumping like mad! A first of it's kind sensation... Tis pure euphoria!"
Carrera , ecstatic over his fight

"Aye, my desire for revenge could no longer be bound! I wish to engage in battle with me who defeated me once more! Something about thee is peculiar. Ye before me resembles an angry deity! Yes, I can feel it! Your Septimal power is mighty! I shall enjoy this... Now, let us knock on death's door with reckless abandon!"
Carrera , facing Gunvolt a second time

"Nwahahaha! As reserved as ever, I see! That being the case, come best me in combat if you dare!"
Carrera , fighting once more

"Hm? Is that a dame's voice? What's this?! You fiend! Who is there with you?"
Carrera , hearing Joule's voice

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

Watanabe-san’s (character sprites responsible) draft serves as basis for Carrera’s design. Back during the (draft) stage, he looked like a naked young delinquent with a buttoned school uniform having torn sleeves yet his look didn’t really fit with the “world” (of the games), and thus he was changed to wear a suit of his size and give off a slightly smart impression. He already had a samurai image on the drafts so I inherited the idea to give him armor that covered (the body) similar to armored warriors, as well as factors of one of the animals that corresponded to “greed”, the hedgehog.

-- (Araki Munehiro)


-- (荒木宗弘)


  • The Sumeragi Seven are based on the seven deadly sins and an animal representing it. Carrera represents greed and is based on the hedgehog.
  • Carrera is one of two known members of Sumeragi's Adept Hunter Unit. The other is Zonda.
  • Carrera's greed is much more specific than most other characters based off the sin, with his desire seemingly focused only on obtaining physical power, whereas most other greed based characters have broader interests encompassing a whole spectrum of desires at once.
    • However, in the original English script, Carrera does state that he seeks to possess "everything".
  • Upon the defeat of Carrera, Copen will begin using the attack Greed Snatcher in all subsequent battles.
  • The names of Nova and The Sumeragi Seven are all derived from luxury cars. Carrera's name is taken from the Porsche Carrera.
  • Carrera is the only Swordsman who had yet to appear or be mentioned by name in a Drama CD, although he was indirectly mentioned in the Gunvolt Side-stories adaptation of Copen's encounter with Asimov.
  • Carrera is the only boss to be refought after Nova is defeated, and as such is also the only boss that may not be refought if the player has not obtained all seven jewels as well as the Handmade Necklace.