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The Briar Guardian is a boss in Mighty Gunvolt Burst. A data construct created by Teseo, it is the first boss faced by Gunvolt and Beck after they team up to defeat him.


The Briar Guardian begins the battle by encasing itself within a bundle of briars, protecting itself from normal shots. The only way to break it is to destroy all of the spheres that its "roots" are attached to.


Skill Description
Briar Guardian - Nutrient Shot A.png

Shock Absorption and Blast Shot

The guardian's standard attack. The spheres its roots are attached to periodically send electric surges to the core, which continuously fires shots directly at the player. After the spheres have all been destroyed, the Briar Guardian will shift positions and regrow the roots in a new pattern.

Bug Death Laser

Based on Teseo's own attack, after its briars are broken the Briar Guardian will fire two lasers and begin rotating. In hard mode, there are three lasers.

Thorn Growth

Upon concluding its Bug Death Laser, its roots and briars will regrow and protect it again. Bubbling spots on the floor indicate where the briars will emerge from.



With Teseo being based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, the Briar Guardian is likely a reference to the forest of thorns that appears in the story.