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Brandish is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Brand. A swordsman who wields two long blades and uses a multitude of skills. He is known to throw his weapons like boomerangs, so even targets at a distance cannot escape his attacks.

Skills (Mighty Gunvolt)

Skill Description

Saw Slasher

While jumping in the air, Brandish rapidly rotates with his blades outstretched. He is immune to bullets during this. He may either conclude the attack by landing, or commencing Charge Dive.

Charge Dive

Brandish performs a flying stomp towards the player.

Charge Slide

If the player is near Brandish, he may perform a slide attack.

Saw Twister

Brandish rapidly rotates his body below his head and charges at the player. He is immune to bullets during this.

Skills (Mighty Gunvolt Burst)

Skill Description

Saw Slasher

While jumping in the air, Brandish rapidly rotates with his blades outstretched. This is always followed up by either Blade Boomerangs or Dash Cut.

Blade Boomerangs

While in the air Brandish throws his blades, which proceed to spin along the ground away from him and then return from off-screen. He may jump, causing a blade to curve upwards as it returns to him. In Hard Mode, this attack is less predictable.

Dash Cut

If Brandish lands behind the player, he may lunge at them for a melee slash. In Hard Mode, this slash emits a sword beam.

Helicopter Rain

His desperation move. Brandish tosses his blades above the screen and jumps up with them, which is followed by two damaged attack helicopters falling from the sky. Their explosions cause pillars of fire to spread out a short distance around them, and send large pieces of debris flying through the air. The third and final helicopter comes down directly above the player, and is split in half midway down by Brandish, with his falling cut continuing downward to hit the player. As the helicopter halves explode upon the ground and release debris, Brandish slashes one more time at the position he landed. In Hard Mode, this final slash emits a sword beam.


Tenjian sticker.png

Some of Brandish's attacks resemble ones used by Tenjian, and the Highway stage has platforms early on that routinely appear and disappear, similar to Frozen City. Coinciding with this, Tenjian's pixel sticker is a stage completion reward.

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