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"iX... I've given you my word that I'll protect Kohaku and the others."
Blade , Luminous Avenger iX

Blade is Sumeragi's highest-ranking enforcer and the secondary antagonist of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

Once Kohaku's older sister and the leader of their group of young Minos, Blade was captured in a Sumeragi raid and forcefully implanted with Azure Striker Septimal inducers from the body of Gunvolt, which gave her the ability to control electricity. Following the success of this procedure, Demerzel brainwashed Blade into his loyal servant, seeking to have her play the role of "king" in his new world order. After a vivid reminder of her past, however, Blade broke free from her brainwashing and assisted Kohaku and Copen in destroying Demerzel.

Website Description

An Adept with an electric Septima who is affiliated with Sumeragi. He is a ruthless warrior who exterminates Minos without question, according to Sumeragi’s orders. Blade is under the direct command of Sumeragi’s supervisory AI, putting him above even the most elite Falcons.[2]



Blade is a young woman with long blond hair and light blue eyes, with a large scar across her left cheek. Before her capture, she wore a red shirt with a high collar, a white under-layer and trousers, and black thigh-high boots. She also wore a black glove on her left hand and a black band on her right wrist.

After she was captured by Sumeragi, her attire changed completely. Her hairstyle changed tied into a ponytail and a pair of pigtails, and she now has a white helmet with two horns and a blue diamond-shaped crystal in between, as well as a visor with two glowing blue eyes covering her real ones. She wears a black and blue cloak with blue-highlighted shoulder pads and a large armoured collar. Underneath she wears a black bodysuit and a pair of white armoured boots, each with a spike on the foot and two near the kneecap. She wears blue metal gloves with sharp fingertips. Blade also carries six scabbards and a segregated sword that can separate into a whip.


While Blade's personality is explored very little, it is implied that she had a strong sense of responsibility, given her sacrifice so that Kohaku and the other Mino children could escape a Sumeragi raid. When asked about her, Kohaku describes her as follows: "My sister was an amazing person. She was strong, brave, and honest... She was always quiet, and yet, still managed to be an amazing leader for everyone."

While under Demerzel's control, Blade is taciturn, only concerned with her primary mission of eliminating Copen as the last real resistance of the Minos. Activating Berserk Trigger empowers her Septima to complete her mission, but also causes her to go insane, unable to do anything but howl, scream, and occasionally shout about her mission to "kill iX", though it seems Kohaku's name triggers her to fight the mental reprogramming, if only a little.

Upon being released from the Butterfly Effect, Blade is initially confused at what happened, until she remembers her capture and experimentation by Sumeragi, before being horrified at how she turned on her comrades. Copen's encouragement, however, convinces her to use her newfound powers for good.

Plot Role

Once one of many Minos hiding from Sumeragi's persecution, a young woman willingly surrendered herself to Sumeragi's forces in order to allow the other survivors, among them her little sister Kohaku, to flee, while she was captured in her place. However, instead of killing her, Demerzel instead implanted Septimal Factors taken from the corpse of Gunvolt (who'd been killed over a century ago) into her, giving her the "Azure Striker" Septima. He also brainwashed her into forgetting her old life and instilling an unbreakable sense of loyalty to Sumeragi in her, giving her the new name of "Blade", using her as his "king" in his plan to unite all Adepts.

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

City Slums - Crossing Blades

Blade is deployed to intercept "iX" as he carves into a Sumeragi force. She ignores his queries about the Butterfly Effect and commences battle. Just as the Falcon is about to finish off the Luminous Avenger, a smoke bomb rolls out of nowhere, obscuring the battlefield and allowing iX to escape from Blade.

Medical Center - Devil Trigger

Blade makes a second attempt to take down iX, this time in a Sumeragi medical center that he's broken into for reasons unknown to her. Just as iX backs her into a corner, the Butterfly Effect activates her Berserk Trigger, unleashing the full power of her Septima and turning her into a rabid beast in the process. Blade seems impossible to stop for even a moment, until Lola mentions the name "Kohaku", sending Blade into a screaming fit as the name makes a slight crack in her mental programming. iX sees this as an opportunity to snag the medicine he came for and runs with it, leaving Blade to thrash and scream.

Sumeragi Secret Bunker 1 - Final Trigger

Blade is deployed one final time to intercept iX as he breaks into the facility below Building 13. To ensure both her compliance and the success of the mission, Demerzel chooses to have Berserk Trigger activated from the start, making an already tough opponent for iX even more dangerous.

While the Avenger triumphs again, he's slowly being worn out by Blade's perpetual rampage, causing him to drop a pendant in a moment of weariness. The pendant flips open to reveal a picture of Kohaku and her sister, causing Blade to go through another screaming fit before her mask breaks, revealing her identity and freeing her from the Butterfly Effect. Recalling what happened to her and what she has done as Demerzel's pawn, Blade is horrified and full of regret. iX merely tells her to make up for it by going to the surface and protecting Kohaku and the children as he dashes deeper into the bunker.

Ending - New Dawn

Just as Demerzel's copies surround Kohaku at gunpoint, Blade swoops in and cuts one down. While Kohaku is confused as to her sister being alive and her attire, she is egged on by Blade telling her that iX requires her help. As Kohaku runs ahead, Blade faces down the other clones, ready to pay back the injustices Demerzel has committed to her and her comrades.

After Kohaku deals the final blow to Demerzel, she and Blade leave Building 13 with iX and Lola in tow, reuniting with the children as dawn breaks on the horizon.

Powers and Abilities

Blade was originally a Mino with no exceptional powers. However, upon being captured and experimented on by Demerzel, she was implanted with the powerful Azure Striker Septima, which grants her dominion over lightning and electricity and is said to be one of the most powerful of Septima. After gaining her Septima, her strength was such that she was able to defeat Copen in their first fight, only failing to kill him due to Kohaku's timely intervention.

In battle, Blade is a skilled swordsman who fights with a segmented katana that can elongate into a whip for long-range attacks, as shown in her Current Governor and Thunderandal skills. Blade can conduct electricity through her katana, often using to fire blasts of electricity that travel along the ground. The segmented parts of her katana can also be used as lightning rods to guide her Crashbolt skill. She can also use lightning as a catalyst to teleport.

In times of desperation, Demerzel can use the Butterfly Effect to activate her Berserk Trigger, hijacking and enhancing the strength of her Septima. However, this comes at the cost of turning her into a rabid killing machine.


  • As long as Blade is not attacking, you cannot shoot Blade head-on as she blocks it with her sword.
  • EX Blade (exclusive to DLC) is immune to all EX Weapons, except Muse's Kiss.

Note: All normal attack names listed are conjecture. No official names for them have been released.

Skill Description
Inductor Rush.jpg
Inductor Rush
Blade rushes forward and slashes at the player with her sword.

With Berserk Trigger activated, this skill becomes electrified, piercing Prevasion. It also leaves a trail of electricity as it goes, meaning jumping behind Blade is unwise

EX Blade's Berserk Trigger causes this skill to send a shockwave and sends electric spheres flying up from her trail.

Bendix Coil.jpg
Bendix Coil
Blade leaps into the air towards Copen, spinning as she does so. Can cancel into Conductive Interregnum.

With Berserk Trigger activated, this skill becomes electrified, piercing Prevasion.

EX Blade's Berserk Trigger accelerates the speed of this move.

Conductive Interregnum.jpg
Conductive Interregnum
Blade jumps and thrusts her sword downwards, jamming it into the ground and sending electric volts in both directions either side to her. Afterwards, she will remove the sword from the ground, leaving behind a piece, and continue her attack pattern. After a period of time, the piece will explode, also sending out volts. It can be destroyed by attacks from both Copen and Blade.

Berserk Trigger causes this attack to electrify the entire ground on impact

EX Blade's Berserk Trigger causes this move to also drop Crashbolts at specific distances from Blade's impact zone

Soveregin Crashbolt.jpg
Sovereign Crashbolt
Blade begins using this attack from phase 2 onward. She summons a bolt of lightning that envelops her completely, cancelling any Tags. This bolt will also strike any blade segments she's embedded in the ground. She then sends a wave of electricity towards Copen.

Berserk Trigger increases the size of the bolt and the number of waves launched

EX Blade's Berserk Trigger replaces this move's shockwaves with a spread of Crashbolts directly targeted on Copen's position. The Crashbolts will spread outwards from the impact zone.

Current Governor.jpg
Current Governor
Blade begins using this attack from phase 2 onward. She extends her sword and whips it towards Copen before turning it rigid again, making it a platform he can stand on. She then sends an electrical current through the sword. Crush Reloading into the whip will shatter it.

Berserk Trigger allows this attack to launch spheres of electricity upwards and downwards from the sword as it jolts and shatters, and Blade can immediately cancel this attack if Copen goes behind her.

EX Blade's Berserk Trigger causes this move to launch a tighter spread of spheres. Blade will also keep the whip rigid and electrified for longer if she's at one end of the screen.

Berserk Trigger Active.jpg
Berserk Trigger
Blade's 1st Special Skill, in which her Septima is hijacked and controlled by Demerzel using the Butterfly Effect, boosting her attacks considerably at the cost of turning her completely rabid.

Berserk Trigger is activated by default in Blade's final battle, so her Special Skill is replaced by Thunderandal.

EX Blade will activate a second Berserk Trigger on her final health bar, fully restoring health, accelerating attack speed, and modifying all attacks.

If EX Blade stays lower than 1/4 of her final health bar while she stops attacking, she will activate this skill again, restoring all of her health while still keeping her second Berserk Trigger mechanics, meaning precise control of boss HP is needed during EX Blade battle. Note the Berserk Trigger resurrection is not infinite and will repeat only 8 times.

Collider Durandal
Blade's Special Skill in her final battle. She teleports with a Crashbolt, extending and retracting her sword in a series of electrifying slashes
  1. Teleports to one end of the screen in a Crashbolt
  2. Marks 5 segments of the ground before slashing whip-sword-fragments into the ground, sending Crashbolts bursting from the marked areas and directly above her
  3. Slashes low to the ground, sending the fragments flying forwards
  4. Reconnects the fragments and unleashes a gigantic diagonal upwards slash.
  5. Crashbolts back to the center of the field, resumes normal attack pattern.

EX Blade will use this as a standard attack after activating Berserk Trigger, with accelerated attack speed and Crashbolts dropping directly above her during steps 2, 3, and 4 of the attack, reducing evasion windows.

Boss Battle Voices


Event English Romaji Japanese
Inductor Rush Let’s go! Slash! Ikuzo!*(1) Zan! 行くぞ!斬!
Backflip Hah! Haa! はっ!
Bendix Coil Hmpf! Fun! フン!
Conductive Interregnum You're weak! Yaah!* Amai! Teya!*(2) 甘い!てやあ!
Sovereign Crashbolt Come! Hmpf! Destroy! Kitare! Fuu! Messe yo! 来たれ!ふっ!滅せよ!
Current Governor Eat this! Haah! Kurae! Haaa! 喰らえ!はあっ!
1st Phade Down I will dispose of the enemies…! Teki wa shobun suru…! 敵は処分する…!
2nd Phase Down I can’t lose…! Makeru wake ni wa…! 負ける訳には...!
Berserk Trigger W-what's this…!? Huuh… UWAAAAHHHH!!! Ko, kore wa…!? Uuu… Uuuuaaaa!! こ、これは...!? ううっ...うううあああああっ!!!
  • (1) Blade will only say "Iku zo! Zan!" (Let's go! Slash!) for her first Inductor Rush at the start of the battle, which is triggered by the player moving or doing an attack. Afterwards, she will only say "Zan!" for any Inductor Rushes that she performs afterwards.

"Teya" is a kiai, a shout that a Japanese combatant yells when they are in the process of performing an attack.


Event English Romaji Japanese
Inductor Rush GAAUUHH! Gauu! がうっ!
Bendix Coil HAAHH! DEYAAHH! Haa! Deyaaa! はあっ!でやあっ!
Conductive Interregnum Hah! DISAPPEAR!! HAAUUHH! Haa! Kutabare! Hauu! はっ!くたばれ!はうっ!
Sovereign Crashbolt UUUOOOHHH! HAAAUUUHHH! FUUUHHH! YAAAAHHH! Uuuoooo! Hauuuu! Fuuu! Yaaa! ううおおおっ! はううっ!ふうっ!やあっ!
Current Governor SHRED! BEGONE! Kizamu! Kiero! 刻む!消えろ!
1st Phase Down DESTROY… ALL…! Subete… hakai…! スベテ…ハカイ…!
2nd Phase Down LORD… DEMERZEL…! Demaazeru… sama デマーゼル…サマ…
Thunderandal UUUUHHH! THUNDERANDAL!! UUUOOOHHH! SEIIHH! DEYAAHHH! HAAAUUUHH! UUUHHHAAAUUUHH! Uuuuu! Koredaa dyurandaru!! Uuoooo! Seii! Deyaa! Haaauuu! Uuuaauuu! うううーっ!!!コレダーデュランダル!! ううおおーっ!!せいっ!でやーっ!!はああーうっ!!ううああううっ!
Defeated GUHAH! Guhaa! ぐはっ!

Special Skill Chants

Berserk Trigger:

01011 01001 01100 01100
01011 01001 01100 01100
01011 01001 01100 01100

(The chant is unchanged)


Wicked blade agleam
Barbarous and bathed in darkness
Cleaving all in its path

(The chant is the same as the English version)

어둠에 가라앉는 것은 흑뢰의 마검.
광폭하고 잔인한 천둥이여, 적을 난도질하라.
Bathed in dark thunder, the wicked blade sinks into darkness.
Furious, barbarous thunderstorm, shred my enemies apart!


  • The names of the Falcons are all derived from various films. "Blade" is taken from Blade Runner, a 1982 science-fiction film.
    • Both works involve their protagonists revolving in futuristic dystopia worlds for rebelling against corrupt systems.
    • Blade having her identity concealed is a homage to the mysterious status of Rick Dekard, the protagonist of Blade Runner.
  • Blade's mask is inspired by a type of Japanese spirit known as an "Oni".[1]
  • Blade's incantation for Berserk Trigger is written in binary code split into four parts. When "011" or "010", the designations for lowercase and uppercase letters respectively, is placed before each, it translates to "kill" or "KILL".
    • Translating the line as it is results in "ZX", an incidental reference to the Mega Man ZX series, also developed by Inti Creates.
      • It's important to note that translating the line as it is leaves it with unused, meaningless numbers at the end, however.
  • Blade has the most screen time out of all the Falcons, appearing in three different stages, as well as cutscenes.
  • In all of her encounters, Blade will not attack the player at the start of combat unless the player take some sort of action first.
  • "Thunderandal" is a combination of "thunder" and "Durandal", an indestructible sword wielded by the paladin Roland.
  • On the iX Halloween Wallpaper, Blade's costume was that of a barbaric Grim Reaper. This is a reference to Asimov on the first Azure Striker Gunvolt Halloween Wallpaper, who not only dressed as the Grim Reaper, but was also in the exact same pose.