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Battalion is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Bat. A robot military authority with a specialized gun frame. His gatling gun is designed to be fired from an elevated position. He has no problem calling in reinforcements and winning through sheer numbers.


Skill Description

Ceiling Gatling

Battalion jumps up and clings to the ceiling, firing his gatling gun at the floor.


Battalion launches a signal flair into the air, summoning an Eden Dagger Soldier to fight alongside him.

Detachment Barrage

His desperation skill. Battalion becomes invulnerable and splits his body into five parts rotating near the ceiling, with multiple attack phases.
  • Missiles: Battalion launches four missiles down from his legs, which turn once to track the player. In Hard Mode there are six missiles, and they are faster.
  • Drill & Gatling: Battalion's right arm drills into and out of walls as it flies at the player, while his gatling gun arm fires at the floor. In Hard Mode this attack lasts longer, is faster, and had a higher overlap.
  • Cannon Shot: Battalion combines his parts into the figure of a cannon, which charges up and launches a large, explosive shell. An Eden Dagger Soldier is summoned during the charge time. In Hard Mode, the charge time is shorter.


Asroc sticker.png

A number of Battalion's attacks resemble Asroc's, especially the detachment barrage to Amuse-Bouche. The Military Base stage is also full of conveyor belts, much like Isle of Dreams. Coinciding with this, Asroc's pixel sticker is a stage completion reward.

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