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"I'd never be able to own up to the old don after this, but it's all for the Family... Nobody's gonna follow a fool like me anymore. They're gonna need a new don."
Bakto , Luminous Avenger iX

Bakto, also known as "The Leonian Tempest", is one of the elite Falcons serving Sumeragi and one of the antagonists of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

The de-facto don of a crime family, in-fighting weakened the mob, leaving it vulnerable to Sumeragi's influence. In order to protect his subordinates, he allowed himself to be recruited as a Falcon. Bakto has an affinity for the Septima Spiral, which allows him to unleash mass torrents of energy upon his foes.

Website Description

An Adept in possession of the "Spiral" Septima. Bakto's Septima can unleash a torrent of spiral energy upon opponents and use the same energy to divert enemy attacks. On its face, "Spiral" is a simple ability, but it possesses offence, defense, and speed in equal measure, making Bakto a dangerous opponent.

Bakto was once in charge of lower-ranking mafia recruits before his Family was torn apart by in-fighting. When the dust settled, Bakto had the most clout among the surviving members, and the Family quickly reorganized beneath him. Sumeragi took advantage of the confusion, and in a power-play to recruit Bakto as a Falcon, caught most of the Family in a large-scale operation. Bakto now works for Sumeragi as a Falcon, under the promise that his Family will be released if he complies.

While Bakto is immensely adored by his subordinates, he does not feel fit to lead them. He intends to relinquish his position as soon as he can revive the Family.[2]





Bakto is a tall, muscular man with blue eyes and white, spiky, shoulder length hair, along with muttonchops and a large cowlick. He wears a blue dress shirt with most of the buttons undone, exposing his chest and abs, black trousers with gray stripes, a black belt with a silver buckle and black shoes. He also has a gold badge pinned to his left collar, a Falcon Quill pinned to his left breast, and tattoos consisting of three spiralling rings on each arm.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Bakto's sclera turns black and his irises and eyebrows blue. His hair also turns blue (though his roots remain a bluish-grey) and becomes much longer and spikier. He is covered in blue, white and black armor, his arms are adorned with blue rings that line up where his tattoos were and his feet encased in armored boots giving his toes claws. He also has two large drills emerging from his back as pipe-like appendages.


Bakto lives by a code of honor that puts the stability and survival of his Family first and foremost. As a Falcon who was coerced by Sumeragi, he cares little for their actions or their motivations so long as they make good on their word, making this explicitly clear to Copen, whom he bears no ill will towards despite his anti-Sumeragi actions, maintaining an affable, casual demeanour with him. Nonetheless, he approaches his duties with enthusiasm, his loyalty to the Family outweighing his apathy towards Sumeragi.

It's implied that Bakto struggles with his self-esteem, considering himself an unworthy successor to the old don and wishing to abandon the post as soon as the Family has stabilised.

Plot Role

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Data Center Alpha - Encounter with iX

While Bakto and what little remains of his Family are guarding Data Center Alpha, he receives word that the infamous Luminous Avenger iX has arrived, with Bakto deciding to wait for him to arrive in order to finish him himself.

Eventually, Copen finds Bakto in the datastore center, recognizing him from data he'd stolen earlier as the leader of the low ranking mafia members. Bakto corrects him on his new position as leader and explains that if he can kill iX, Sumeragi will release the rest of his Family. Lola, having heard a similar story before, admonishes Sumeragi's corrupt methods, with Bakto agreeing, but seeing no other option if he wishes to save his family. He then transforms, vowing to tear Copen apart as he moves in to fight him.

However, despite his efforts, the Don falls in battle, wondering aloud if his death is karma for his actions.

Sumeragi Secret Bunker 3 - Apparition

As Copen makes his way through Sumeragi's underground bunker, Demerzel creates holograms of the various Falcons he's fought and killed to stop him. One such hologram is Bakto, appearing before iX only to be swiftly slain.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave and chosen as a Falcon specifically for his powerful abilities, Bakto wields the Spiral Septima, which allows him to generate large, swirling torrents of energy. While simplistic, his Septima is incredibly versatile and can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. By coating his fists in spiral energy, Bakto can increase the strength of his punches. He can also surround himself in spiral energy to defend against attacks. Bakto can mold spiral energy into various shapes such as giant drills or condensing it into bullets for ranged attacks.


*Note: Bakto's weakness to Shroud Spear will stun him and interrupt attacks (except during Sonic Spiral), but will also remove any Tags on him. This does not apply for Bakto's EX variant.

Skill Description
Spiral Fang.jpg
Spiral Fang
Rotating Fangs Bullets
Bakto compresses spiral energy into bullets and fires them in a wide range around him.

The EX Boss version will fire two sets of projectiles instead of the usual one set.

Drill Assault.jpg
Drill Assault
Rock Drill Strike
Bakto goes for a diving attack coated in spiral energy. During this attack, he will reflect off the wall in a rising, upward trajectory. He will finish by diving down to punch on your location that spawns a tornado, blocking shots and tags.
Tempest Fist.jpg
Tempest Fist
Spiral Strong Fist
Bakto summons a powerful, horizontal tornado while he dashes across the ground with a punch. He produces a suction effect while preparing this attack, so be careful not to touch him.

The EX Boss version will travel back to player's direction for another punch after the first dash punch hits the wall.

Lion Storm.jpg
Lion Storm
Lion Storm Array
Bakto thrusts his fist into the ground, causing spiral energy tornadoes to burst from below. The tornadoes redirect your shots at a 45-degree angle.
Sonic Spiral.jpg
Sonic Spiral
Twin Shell Spiral Rock Drill (Sonic Spiral)
Bakto's SP Skill summons huge drills of spiral energy from both sides of the room. For the finale, the drills collide with one another, unleashing a torrent of spiral energy.

The EX Boss version performs this skill slightly faster, and sends a tornado across the top of the screen to prevent escape; for the finale, the two drills stay on the screen for longer and move back and forth.

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Transformation Contract! Come on! Kontorakuto! Oraaa! コントラクト!おらあっ!
Hopping Come on! Ora! おらあ!
Spiral Fang Haaahh! There! Haaaa! Seiii!* ハアアッ!セイィ!
Drill Assault Here I go! Come on! It’s over!! Ikuzee! Oraa! Shimai jaa! 行くぜェ!オラッ!終いじゃあ!
Tempest Fist Haaahh! There! Haaa! Deiii!* はあっ!デイッ!
Lion Storm Aaaahh! DIE!! Aaaah! Shi ni sarasee! アアアッ!死に晒せェ!
(Unused) Go down! Taore ya! たおれやー!
Trapped Nuoohh! Nuoo! ぬおっ!
Sonic Spiral This is the road I trek!
Sonic Spiral!
Uoohh! Crush!
Stamp out!
Twist! Finishing touches!
Extra attack!
Korezo washi no michi!
Souryou ragansen!
Uooo! Tsubureyaa! Buchinuke!
Nejikirero! Shiage jaa!
うおおっ! 潰れやっ! ぶち抜け!
捻きれろ! 仕上げじゃっ!
1st Phase Down Not bad! Yarioru no! やりおるの
2nd Phase Down I won’t be defeated! Washi wa taoren! わしは倒れん!
Defeated Is this… retribution…? Kore ga… mukui… ka? これが…報い…か?
  • "Deiii!" and "Seiii!" are being used here by Bakto as kiais, a shout that a Japanese combatant yells when in the process of performing an attack.

Special Skill Chants

Sonic Spiral:

Vissitudes bring swirling flux
The whirling twin helixes of
Chaos set humanity on its true path.

(The chant is the same as the English version)


만물은 윤회하고 제행은 회천한다.
그러나 보아라, 난 여기 서 있다.
두 나선 사이, 우직하게 지키는 협객의 길.
All things go in a cycle, and all existence comes around.
But behold, I still stand here,
standing firm on the path of a yakuza, between the whirling twin helixes!


  • The Falcons are inspired by the Christian hierarchy of angels (known as Orders or Choirs), with their design based off the astrological signs of the western zodiac. Bakto is inspired by the fifth Choir, "Virtues/Strongholds", and is based off the fifth zodiac, "Leo".[1]
  • The names of the Falcons are all derived from various films. "Bakto" is taken from Back to the Future, a 1985 science fiction film.
  • The two pipes on Bakto's back are designed after the "Nioh-tasuki" seen in Kabuki theatre.[1]
  • It's noted by Lola that Bakto has a similar motivation to that of Rebellio: both of them forced into serving Sumeragi, with their respective families being used as leverage (actual family members for the latter, and his clan from the former).
  • Bakto's Spiral Septima and drill imagery appears to be a reference to the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which also features an limitless evolutionary energy called "spiral power", which is most powerful when produced by spirals such as drills, spiral galaxies and even the double helix of DNA.
    • Certain aspects of Bakto's design are similar to Kamina, one of the protagonists of Gurren Lagann, such as his circular tattoos and large cowlick.
  • Bakto bears a notable resemblance to Carrera: both are large, muscular men with white hair and long cowlicks, and the two's stages are the same location at different points in time.