I see the orbital elevator up ahead. Never expected to be here again...

Soldier: Stop! Do not approach the goddess Desna!

Copen: Are those electrical wires back there?

Nori: They look more like... hair. Maybe this adept's septima is tied to her hair somehow.

Lola: Her hair? Oooo, I'm sooooo scared!

< Copen enters a room overtaken by thick, yellow hair >

Lola: Ack! Hair!

Nori: Looks like this is also part of the enemy's septima.

Lola: I take back my earlier snarky comment about the hair.

Nori: Be careful on those platforms, Copen. Stand there too long and it will crumble.

Lola: Looks like too much pie for you, fatty!

Copen: Maybe I should start tossing gear overboard...


Copen: Getting tired of trudging through all this hair.

Lola: So why not lock onto the floating guys? If you do it right, I bet you can climb up faster.

Copen: The orbital elevator... didn't expect to see this place again.

Lola: What, you've been here?! Man, no one tells me anything.

Copen: You were with Mytyl at the time.

Nori: Our foes want the base on the other end of the elevator. That base holds archived data about The Muse. First shards, now this. They really want that Muse, huh?

Copen: The Diva Project... monsters ruling monsters... I will never let such a thing happen again.

Nori: There's a corridor to the elevator past here. Smash the hexapyle and keep going.


Soldier: You defiled the holy tresses of our goddess! To crawl upon her locks like a common spider is blasphemy. And the punishment for such crimes is death!

A disturbing lot...

Nori: The ceiling ahead is destroyed. You can exit from there. You'll have to climb the outer wall to move on.

Copen: So be it.

Copen: It's windy here.

Nori: Careful, those gusts will blow you back when you jump.

Lola: I haven't seen these kinds of machines before.

Nori: That unit's bullets bind you in place when touched. You'll have to shake them off if they hit you.

Lola: Catch the tailwind with a dash jump!

Lola: So you've been here before, eh, boss? Must have been pretty great, yeah? I mean, space? Come on!

Copen: Who can say?

Lola: Aw, don't be such a hardcase!

Nori: I don't think Copen has many good memories of space. An adept beat him up and took all his gear.

Copen: ......

Nori: You can enter the building from above, Copen. The elevator boarding gate should be nearby.

Copen: About time...

Soldier: Hear me, comrades! Whoever so defeats this vile menace... shall earn a one year's supply of the goddess's hair!

Soldier: A year's supply? Praise be to the goddess! Think what I could do with all that hair!

What is with these guys...?

Copen: I just reached the orbital elevator.

Nori: Good hunting, Copen.


The enemy is just up ahead...

Desna: I was expecting you. The stars foretold your arrival.

Copen: Is that so?

Desna: Yes. Praise be to their holy light. The starlight whispered other secrets to me as well... they say you seek to do ill to the great Zonda.

< Desna weaponizes >

Desna: I will do what is required to keep Zonda safe. My name is Desna... and you will perish by my sacred hand.

< S T R I K E >

Desna: The stars tell me you are unusually dangerous.

Copen: Not an uncommon reaction, I'm afraid. It's probably the gun.

Desna: That is not what I meant. Your life will be forfeit unless you turn back. Your path will lead you to abject misery. And you will take with you all you hold dear.

Copen: Your mad ravings don't scare me. My path is pure, and I will judge you monsters in kind. It's you who lacks a future. You and your prophecies.

Desna: Perhaps starlight cannot reach a heart so dark. So let me use their light to end your pain!

Copen: Enough! I won't hear another moment of this nonsense. Time to send this star into supernova.

Copen: We got the shard. Let's go home.

Lola: You know it! Nori will totally freak if we're any later.

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei]

Nike stage



エデンの一団, 皇神(スメラギ)の軌道エレベーターを強襲したとの情報が入りました

Eden no ichidan, Sumeragi no kidou erebatta wo kyoushuu shita tono jouhou ga hairimashita

I got information that an Eden squad has assaulted Sumeragi’s Orbital Elevator, sir. 


Mirra piisu wo shojishita nouryokusha ga jindou shiki ni atatteiru moyou desu

A Psychic who has a “Mirror Piece” is in charge of this squad, sir. 


了解した. すぐに駆除に向かおう

Ryoukai shita. Sugu ni kujo ni mukaou

Roger that. I’ll head there to wipe them out.


… Kidou erebatta ka.

… The Orbital Elevator, huh…

バカと煙は高い所を好みというが, バケモノもそのようだな

Baka to kemuri wa takai tokoro wo Konomi toiu ga, bakemono mo sono you dana

“Idiots and smoke like tall places”… Monsters go by that proverb as well?


天塔 (タングルド)

Tentou (Tangurudo)

Heaven Tower (Tangled)



Tou no hoshiyomi ga tsugeru hametsu no unmei

The tower’s star-reader says your fate is to be destroyed…


Onore no shinjiru kami wa mimimoto de sasayaku 

The God you believe in whispers at your ears…


“Bakemono no sadameta unmei nado daki subeki” to

“The destiny the monsters decide for you must be disdained”…



Ame no saka hoko

Heaven’s Inverted Spear 

1st half: 




Kidou erebeetaa ga zenpou ni mieru…

I can see the Orbital Elevator further ahead…


Mada koko ni kuru koto tonaru to wa na…

Who’d say I’d end up coming again…?


Eden soldier (blue):

我らが女神ニケーに近づく悪党め! ここから先は通さんぞ!

Warera ga megami Nikee ni chikatzuku akutou me! Koko kara saki wa toosanzo!

You villain approaching Nike, our Goddess! We won’t let you through! 



なんだアレは? 導線...ではないな

Nanda are wa? Dousen… de wa nai na

What’s that? A wire…? No, that’s not it…



Osoraku kami no ke kato…

I think that might be hair…

ここを指揮する能力者の第七波動(セブンス)は, 毛髪を操る力のようですね

Koko wo shiki suru nouryokusha no dai nana hadou (sebunsu) wa, mouhatsu wo ayatsuru chikara no you desu ne

The 7th Wave (Sevens) of the Psychic in charge is control over hair…


髪の毛を操るか... あんまりすごうそうに聞こえないなあ

Kami no ke wo ayatsuru ka… Anamari sugousou ni kikoe nai naa…

Controlling hair, huh… Doesn’t sound too impressive… 

(Huge hair)


うわ, 髪の毛が!

Uwa, kami no ke ga!

Whoa! Is that hair, too!?



Kore mo teki no dai nana hadou (sebunsu) no chikara de shou

Maybe this is also part of the enemy’s 7th Wave (Sevens) powers… 


髪の毛を操る... すごい力かも...

Kami no te wo ayatsuru… Sugoi chikara ka mo…

Control over hair… Might be amazing, even...

(Fragile platforms)


そちらの足場, 他と比べて耐久性が低いようです

Sochira no ashiba, hoka to kurabete taikyuusei ga hikui you desu

Those platforms have less durability than the others

乗り続けていると, 重みで崩れますのでご注意を...

Noritzuketeiru to, omomi de kuzuremasu no de gochuui wo…

If you remain atop them they’ll crumble from the weight so be careful…


アキュラくん, ダイエットよ! ダイエット!

Akyura kun, daietto yo! Daietto!

Acura – kun, you need a diet! A diet!


装備の軽量化の方が早い... いや, そういう問題ではない

Soubi no keiryouka no hou ga hayai… Iya, sou iu mondai de wa nai

Making the equipment lighter is faster… No, that’s not the problem…

(Walk on hair)


バケモノの毛髪で出来た道を渡っていくなと... 気持ちのいいものではないな

Bakemono no mouhatsu de dekita michi wo watatte iku nato… Kimochi no ii mono de wa nai na

Walking over roads made of a Monster’s hair… isn’t a nice sensation



Sore nara uiteiru teki ni rokku on shinagara susunde miru?

Try to advance while locking into the hovering foes, then!


Umaku sureba ue made noboreru ka mo

If you can pull it off you could climb upwards, too...

(Bad memories)



Kidou erebeetaa ka…

The Orbital Elevator, huh…


Nido mo iku koto ni naru to wa omotte minakatta

I wasn’t expecting to have to come here again…


あれ, 二度目なんだ? 知らなかったよ

Are, nidome nanda? Shiranakatta yo

Huh? You’d been here before? I didn’t know that.


あの時お前は, ミチルの元に居たからな

Ano toki omae wa, Michiru no moto ni itakara na

That’s because you were with Mytyl back then… 

(Eden’s goal)


連中の狙いは, おそらく軌道エレベーターではなく, その先の衛星拠点でしょう

Renchuu no reai wa, osoraku kidou erebeetaa de wa naku, sono saki no eisei kyoten de shou 

I guess that their goal isn’t the elevator but the Orbital Base atop it...

あそこには, 電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)に関する重要資料がある...と聞いたことがあります

Asoko ni wa, denshi no yousei (saibaa diiba) ni kansuru juuyou shiryou ga aru… to kiita koto ga arimasu

There are vital materials related to the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) there… or so I’ve heard. 

ミラーピースのことといい, 連中は電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)に関心があるようですから

Miraa piisu no koto to ii, renchuu ha denshi no yousei (saibaa diiva) ni kanshin ga aru you desu kara

They’re interested in other aspects of the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) apart from the “Mirror Pieces” 



Diiva purojekuto… Bakemono ga bakemono wo shihai suru ozomashiki keikaku… 

The Diva Project… A hideous scheme in which Monsters rule over Monsters…

そんなこと, 二度と繰り返させるものか...

Sonna koto, nido to kurikae saseru mono ka…

Not like I’ll allow that to happen again…

(Gate Monolith)



Sono saki ni kidou erebeetaa ni tsuzuku renraku tsuuro ga aru hazu desu

There’s a connecting corridor leading to the Orbital Elevator just ahead…

ゲートモノリスを破壊し, 先に進んでください

Geeto monorisu wo hakashi, saki ni susunde kudasai

Destroy the Gate Monolith and please head on ahead… 

2nd half:

(Fanatic soldiers)

Eden soldier (blue): 

貴様! 女神の御髪を渡ってきたのか!?

Kisama! Megami no migushi wo watatte kita no ka!?

You lowlife! You walked over the Goddess’ hair!? 


Warera ga tame, sono migushi wo kakebashi toshite kudasatta megami no teishin wo fuminijiru…

You threaded on the great hair that she granted to us, the Goddess Corps, and which acts as bridges… 

その悪行, 死をもって償え!

Sono akugyou, shi wo motte tsugunae! 

Atone for your wrongdoings with death! 



Kono zako domo wa kimi ga warui na…

These weaklings are creepy…

(Broken ceiling)


奥の天井が破壊されて, 外に出られるようになっています

Oku no tenjou ga hakai sarete, soto ni derareru you ni natte imasu

The ceiling ahead is broken: you can go outside through there


Kabe kara notteiku shika michi wa nai ka to

I’m afraid there’s no other way ahead but to climb up the walls… 



Ryoukai shita

Roger that 



Sasuga ni kaze wa tsuyoi…

The wind’s indeed strong… 


ジャンプすると風に流されます, ご注意を

Janpu suru to kaze ni nagaremasu, go chuui wo…

The wind will blow you on ahead if you jump: be careful…

(Restrain robot)



Mita koto nai mega ga iru ne

There’s a robot I hadn’t seen before… 


あのタイプのメカ... 弾に触れると捕縛されてしまいます

Ano taipu no meka… Tama ni fureru to hobaku sarete shimai masu

That type of robot… If you hit its bullets then you’ll be tied up…

もし被弾した場合は, なんとか振りほどいてください

Moshi hidan shita baai wa, nanto ka furihodoite kudasai

If you get hit… Try to shake off the restrains… 




Oikaze ni note dasshu janpu da!

Ride into the tailwind and use the Dash Jump!


アキュラくん, ここに来るのは二度目だって言ってたけど

Akyura kun, koko ni kuru no wa nidome datta itteta kedo…

Acura – kun, you said it’s your second time coming here but…

ねえ, どんな感じだった? 宇宙すごかった?

Nee, donna kanji datta? Uchuu sugokatta?

Hey, what did it feel like? Was outer space cool? 



Dou darou na



なんだよ, つれないなー

Nanda yo, tsurenai naa

What’s with that cold reply?



Akyura sama wa uchuu ni amar ii omoide ga nai no desu yo

Acura – sama doesn’t have good memories about outer space.


Eisei kyoten de nouryokusha ni yabureta ue ni, buki made ubawarete shimai mashita kara

Not only he got defeated by a Psychic in the Orbital Base, he got his weapon stolen as well.


(Close to goal)


アキュラさま, その上から建物内部に侵入出来ます

Akyura sama, sono ue kara tatemono naibu ni shinnyuu dekimasu

Acura – sama, you can intrude into the building from up there.


Kidou erebeetaa no toujoukuchi mo chikai you desu

The Orbital Elevator’s boarding gate is close by as well.



Youkaku ka…



Eden soldier (red):

同志たちよ! 聞けッ! ヤツを討ちとった者には!

Doushita tachi yo! Kikee! Yatsu wo uchittota mono ni wa!

Comrades! Listen! Whoever takes this guy down…!


Megami no migushi ichi nen bun ga okurareru rashiizo!

Will seemingly get a year’s amount of the Goddess’ great hair! 

Eden soldier (blue):


A year’s amount of great hair!?

1年分もあれば, オレの夢が叶う...! うおおおお!

Ichi nen bun mo areba, ore no yume ga kanau…! Uoooo!

That will make my dream will become reality…! WO~W!


本当に... なんだこいつらは...

Hontou ni… Nanda koitsura wa…

Sheesh… What’s with these guys?

(Ambush defeated)



Ato wa kidou erebeetaa ni norikomu dake da na

Only thing left is to board the Orbital Elevator…


ご武運を祈っております, アキュラさま

Gobuun wo inotte orimasu, Akyura sama

I wish you good luck, Acura – sama.

Vs Nike:

(Retry Marker)



Zenpou ni tekiei…!

Enemy signature up ahead…!

(Nike appears)


お待ちシていまシた来訪者... ここハ星の光がよく届きます

Omachitshitemashita raihousha… Koko wa hoshi no hikari ga yoku todokimasu

I was waiting for you, Mister Visitor… Here I have clear starlight…


待っていた, だと?

Matteita, dato?

Waiting for me?



Anata ga kuru no wa hoshi no katarikake ni yori wakatte imashita

I knew you were coming: the stars told me as much.

そシて, 星の光ハこうも告げていまス

Soshite, hoshi no hikari wa koumo tsugete imasu

And the starlight told me other things, too…

来訪者ハ, ワタシたちの同志, パンテーラの未来をはばむ存在だと...

Raihousha wa, watashi tachi no doushita, Panteera no mira wo habamu sonzai dato…

The visitor will attempt to stop the future of our comrade, Pantera...

(Nike transforms)

ワタシの使命ハ, パンテーラを守るコト

Watashi no shimei wa, Panteera wo mamoru koto

My mission is to protect Pantera…

ワタシ, ニケーと申します. アナタの相手, いたシます

Watashi, nikee to moushimasu. Anata no aite, itashimasu

My name is Nike. I shall be your adversary

(Begin Nike battle)


星ハ告げています... アナタは危うい存在... とても, とてもキケン

Hoshi wa tsugeteimasu… Anata wa ayaui sonzai… Totemo, totemo kiken

The stars tell me as much… You are dangerous… Very, very dangerous…


オレに銃口を向けられ, それでも危険を感じない者がいるのなら

Ore ni juukou wo mukerare, soredemo kiken wo kanjinai mono ga iru no nara

If there’s someone who doesn’t feel danger when I aim my gun at them…


Ore no me de mitai mono dana…

I’d like to see them with my own eyes…



Sou de wa arimasen

That is not it

アナタの進む道ハ, アナタを不幸にする,

Anata no sumu michi wa, anata wo fukou ni suru,

The road you trek on will bring you misfortune…

このままでハ, アナタは身を滅ぼすことになるでシょう...

Kono mama de wa, anata wa mi wo horobosu koto ni naru de shou…

If you keep this on then you will end up destroying yourself…

アナタの大切なヒトすら, 巻き込んで...

Anata no taisetsu na hito sura, makikonde…

You will drag in this those you care about as well…


くだらん... 敵の妄言に惑わされるオレではない

Kudaran… Teki no mougen ni madowasareru ore de wa nai

Worthless… I won’t be deluded by the enemy’s blatant lies… 


Ore wa ore no shinjiru kami no michibiki ni zoi kisamara bakemono wo sabaku

I believe in God’s guidance, I abide by it and judge you monsters…

予言など, 意味はない... 貴様に未来(あす)はないのだからな

Yogen nado, imi wa nai…. Kisama ni mirai (asu) wa nai no dakara na

Prophecies are meaningless… Because you’ve got no future (tomorrow)…


どうやら... アタナに星の光ハ届かぬようデス

Douyara… Anata ni hoshi no hikari wa todokanu you desu

It would seem that… the starlight does not reach you

でハ, ワタシは止めてみせまシょう… アナタを... 星の導きで!

De wa, watashi wa tomete misemashou… Anata wo… hoshi no michiki de!

Well then. I shall try to stop you. Stop you… with the stars’ guidance!



Kudaran koto wo itsumade shaberu

Stop saying nonsense already

その 妄誕 ( ぼうたん )...オレが討滅する!

Sono boutan… Ore ga toumetsu suru!

I’ll wipe out… that groundless talk!

Special Skill:


Hatenaku nobiru kiniro no kami

Golden hair which endlessly grows…


Adeyakanaru otomoe no inochi

The maiden’s life becomes beautiful… 


Ten wo mo tsuranuku tou tonare

Become a tower that pierces the heavens…

ENTANGLE BLONDE (エンタングルブロンド)


Transformation: 星よ...

Hoshi yo…


Neo-wolf:  ふっ! えい!せやっ!

Fuu! Ei! Seyaa!

Hmpf! Hah! There!

See-through Bang:  きゃっ! 貫いて!

Kyaa! Tsuranuite!

Kyah! Pierce him!

Twists:  はあっ!



Grunge Wave:  はっ! せいっ!はっ! 絡めとります…!

Haa! Seii! Haa! Karame torimasu!

Hah! There! Hah! I will entwine you…!

1st gauge: 星よ! 私を導いて!

Hoshi yo! Watashi wo michibiite!

Stars! Guide me!

2nd gauge: 星が…瞬いている…

Hoshi ga… Matataite iru…

The stars… are twinkling… 

Entangle Blonde:  終焉の時間…エンタングルブロンド! 

Shuuen no jikan! Entanguru Burondo!

You are finished! Entangle Blonde!

はっ! 星が告げます… 

Haa! Hoshi ga tsugemasu…

Hah! The stars announce so… 

(If you get caught)

捕えました… 星の嘆きを、知りなさい!

Tsukamae mashita… Hoshi no nageki wo, shirinasai!

Caught you… Get to know the stars’ grief!


Shuuen no jikan!

You are finished!



Hoshi no hikari ga… kieru…

The starlight… is vanishing…!

Nike defeated:


ミラーピース回収完了... ロロ, 帰るぞ

Miraa piisu kaishuu kanryou… RoRo, kaeruzo

I got the “Mirror Piece” I wanted… Let’s go back, RoRo


了解. あまり遅くなるとノワも心配しちゃうしね

Ryoukai. Amari osokunaru to Nowa mo shinpai shichau shi ne

Roger. If we take too long Nowa will start to worry

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