Bureaucrats and Administrators (a.k.a Sysops) are people who help the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki to be up-to date and grow the Wikia's acknowledge and Community. They have extended rights to help the Wikia, such as blocking users and the ability to rollback edits.

The Members on this list can edit the Rules whenever feels appropriate as long as there is a good reason for that. If you think that there is any error on the Rules, or have any report about something inside the Wikia. You can call any of these members at their Message Walls (a.k.a MW).


Administrators can ban, rollback, block, give Chat Moderator rights to other users and more. They are a very important position to the WIkia and so far they're very trustable. Their rights can only be removed by a Bureaucrat.

FarEastwood - Administrator


FarEastwood is an administrator since April 12, 2015. He's been editing pages ever since, with certain periods of inactivity. He's the 3rd-in command and most of the Wiki's page were updated by him. He is considered as an excellent editor.


Being promoted on February 10, 2016. Genowhirlz is the Admin with the least number of edits, but is a very important member and works really hard to avoid any mistake(s) on the Wikia.
File:愛 日音- Administrator.jpg
Ai Kurai
User:愛 日音
MW:愛 日音
Ai Kurai (meaning Love Dark) was promoted on April 2, 2016. He is generally the most active staff member, and currently ranks #1 in the Leaderboard. He is also the author of The Justice in Sin.


The Wikia's Bureaucrats are able to give Administrator / Junior Administrator rights to any user inside the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wikia. While editing, their only ability is to Rollback edits and that's why every Bureaucrat is also an Administrator privileges. These rights cannot be removed unless you contact Community Central with a reason good enough to result in the demotion.

Fouxjin - Bureaucrat & Administrator


This Wikia's Founder. He's the one who promoted FarEastwood, Genowhirlz and Ai Kurai to admins and gave Bureaucrat rights to BeoBlade. Being a great editor in the Wikia (fixing pages, editing the Wikia's Background, etc). He's a member since August 30, 2014 and have made a total of 160 edits on the Wikia ever since.
Thomas Beoblade
BeoBlade is the Admin with the most edits and #2 in the Leaderboard. Currently being the Lead Admin, he edits and takes cares of all pages, also trying to make the Wikia more user-friendly. His main concern is the Azure Striker Community and how the Wikia might look to other users. He was promoted on February 10, 2016 alongside Genowhirlz.

Requests for Bureaucrat or Sysop rights

If you want to apply for Sysop and/or Bureaucrat rights, you have to contact either Fouxjin or BeoBlade. You have to be sure that you are worthy to have these rights before requesting them.

Keep in mind, that if you are really able to handle these powers, a Bureaucrat will give you these rights before your request is made. Asking for Administrator and/or Bureaucrat rights when it's not needed will result in the Bureaucrats thinking think that you are not worth to take these rights and you will lose the chance for good.

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