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Azure Striker Gunvolt DOS is a floppy disk text based game that was handed out at PAX Prime.

During Inti’s PAX Prime 2015 Panel, they handed out floppy disks containing a DOS-based Azure Striker game. A couple months later, it was made available to play online. However, several codes are needed to proceed. The following codes are needed in this order at the screens. When you start the game on the first screen, type “gunvolt”. When asked for a “gunvolt code”, type ”5um3r461”. When you are at GV’s apartment, press Contemplate twice and then type “grimoire7".

The game can be found here.


  • The code "grimore7" is a reference to Grimoires and a teaser for Eden and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, which had already been announced by that point and would come out the following year.