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Fates are sealed as paradigms shift and a new era unfolds. What lies beyond the path toward hope?

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, known as Armed Blue: Gunvolt 3 /// Gibs (蒼き雷霆 ガンヴォルト 鎖環) in Japan, is a game produced by Inti Creates in development for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox series and Steam, and marks the return of the mainline Azure Striker Gunvolt series since 2016's Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Although Gunvolt 3 is a numbered mainline title, it is generally disconnected from the plot and setting of the first two games.

While Gunvolt once again returns as a playable character, his usage is limited. Joining him as the new primary playable character is Kirin, who uses a mix of ranged and melee attacks with her sword and enchanted talismans.

Gunvolt 3 is the first mainline title to have a full English dub.


NOTE: Much of the in-depth information listed is tentative and comes from potentially outdated demo reports.

Rather than fully separate playable characters as Gunvolt and Copen were in Gunvolt 2, Kirin is the default character and can switch over to Gunvolt under certain conditions. When not in play GV follows her in a sealed raiju-like form, and saves her should she fall into any pits, with Kirin reappearing on nearby solid ground. When GV is in play Kirin disappears and her staff sword floats behind GV. Who is in play does not affect dialogue, but it does change the portrait displayed. As Kirin her face is normal and Gunvolt is in raiju mode, and as Gunvolt his portrait is human while Kirin's becomes phantom-like. Mission music is slightly different depending on which character is in play; GV has more synths, while Kirin has more pianos.

Kudos, checkpoints, and the conditions for songs playing have been significantly changed. Kudos are not reset when taking damage, using special skills, or touching checkpoints. Checkpoints can't be avoided. When damage is taken or Prevasion is triggered, a Kudos Lock is applied, preventing Kudos from rising any further until enough have been earned to overwrite the lock. The more kudos have already been gained, the greater the lock. The multiplier for kudos has significantly increased. It will apparently be possible to achieve missions score totals numbering in the billions, as the score meter above the player's health bar has increased by two digits. It has been stated there are additional kudos modes, but information about them has not been revealed yet.

Unlike in past games, Lumen and her song are on a timer, represented by a meter below kudos that steadily depletes. Fully depleting will cause her to disappear. Reaching kudos thresholds of 2000, 3000, etc, replenishes this meter, and brings her back if she disappeared. At 4000, Kudos become gold. It is possible to cause new songs to play at higher kudos. It is possible to create a medley play list of specific songs by equipping passive Image Pulses.

A new mechanic added to the game is the chance for bosses to get an Anthem-style revive. Upon taking a fatal blow, some (not all) bosses have a chance to be supported by a mysterious girl, who invokes Djinn's Wish, reviving the boss and overriding the BGM with Boundless Myth. Bosses that have been revived have less HP than before. If an SP Skill was on cooldown before the boss was revived, it will be immediately ready to use again. If GV's Special Skill was used to finish the boss, the Fetters Gauge will be automatically set to 100%, though the available Special Skill will remain the same as what GV could use before the boss' revive. Upon defeating a boss with Djinn's Wish active, the player is guaranteed one extra Image Pulse as a "Revival Bonus."

Skill cut-ins use a combination of LAiX2's animation and GV1, GV2, and LAiX1's chants.

Bosses have victory quotes like in the LAiX series.

After the final stage is cleared at least once, Hard and Very Hard mode are unlocked (listed as "Demanding Task" and "Merciless Task" respectively). On Hard Mode, Kirin's max HP is capped at a certain level, and bosses will have altered patterns. Very Hard Mode grants an additional restriction by disabling all Passive Image Pulses and making all Skill Image Pulses single-use and unswitchable after they've been used. In exchange, the rate of rare Image Pulses is increased, a specified 3-star IP is guaranteed the first time you clear a stage, and some IPs are exclusive to harder levels. Unlike LAiX2, there is no separate save system for higher difficulty levels, nor are endings gated by difficulty level.

Kirin's gameplay

Arc Chain

Kirin fights using a sword and throwing enchanted talismans which tag enemies. Her basic 3-hit combo is fast (much faster than Copen's Razor Wheel), and deals passible damage. Talismans are very fast, can be aimed diagonally up and down, and use a semi-auto firing system (according to Inafune, they were too hard to use otherwise). An enemy that has been tagged with a talisman will have part of its HP bar discolored, representing how much damage will be dealt to it by the next sword strike. Multiple talismans can be placed on an enemy to build up potential damage. When an enemy is marked with enough talismans to fill their HP bar, that enemy will become "sealed." Sealed enemies are denoted by the purple chains attached to them, and will not inflict contact damage (projectiles/melee attacks still hurt, though). Most enemies will be instantly killed by a single talisman enhanced sword strike, but some require stacked talismans. Kirin can have at most 7 talismans ready to use. Striking a tagged foe will automatically return all talismans applied to that foe. Talismans that miss will eventually return, but talismans consumed by Prevasion will not regenerate, requiring a manual reload. Manual reloading will also remove any tags currently applied to enemies

Kirin gains the Arc Chain technique after encountering GV, which enables her to instantly teleport up to and slash any/all enemies tagged with talismans. She gets one free air jump after doing this. This is her main method of scoring, and successive Arc Chains build up a chain bonus (max 4) that increases her kudos bonuses.

Kirin can equip skill Image Pulses to invoke attacks of past boss characters, and passive Image Pulses to give general buffs and expand her abilities, such as Prevasion to nullify damage from attacks at the cost of a number of talismans. There is one passive Image Pulse that allows her to cling to walls.

Fierce Issen Dash

As the game progresses, Kirin unlocks new attacks by defeating bosses.

  • Strong Talisman Infusion: Gained from BB. A charged version of the standard talisman that stacks more damage
  • Perfect Talisman Infusion: Gained from Serpentine. A charged talisman packing even more damage
  • Ressen Slash: Gained from Shiron, this attack sends Kirin rocketing down with a slash
  • Rapid Ressen Slash: Gained from Grazie. Hold the slash button while performing Ressen Slash to fall faster and hit harder
  • Issen Dash: Gained from Apollo. An enemy-penetrating dashing slash attack that can be performed from a reload stance.
  • Fierce Issen Dash: Gained from Prado. Perform an invincible dashing attack after reloading
  • 天昇刃 ("Heaven Rising Blade"--official English name Tensho Slash): Gained from Cayman. A rising slash that sends Kirin into the air.
  • Air Tensho Slash: Gained from Sistina. Tensho Slash can be used midair, but its attack is reduced

Gunvolt's gameplay

Lightning Assault

Gunvolt possesses extreme power and has no HP bar, but cannot use skill Image Pulses, causes Kirin to lose her chain, and his appearance is limited and dependent on how much of the Fetters Gauge is built up as Kirin before switching. 100% is the minimum required to switch, and the maximum available is 300%. All of Kirin's successful attacks cause the gauge to rise, and when below 100% it naturally rises. Touching a checkpoint sets it to 100% if it is below that. Transitioning from one half of the stage to the next switches back to Kirin. If GV is manually switched back to Kirin, the gauge is reduced to 0. When in play, the gauge passively decreases, and drains further when GV attacks. When it reaches 0, he is forcibly switched back to Kirin. By double-pressing down and holding on the second press, Gunvolt will stop and focus. This slows the decay of the Fetters Gauge, but prevents Gunvolt from moving, attacking, or doing anything besides Prevasion. GV has one special skill available--either Astrasphere, Luxcalibur, or Voltaic Chains--based on how high the gauge is, and using it switches him back to Kirin.

Kudos gain is significantly nerfed as Gunvolt. When fighting standard foes, Gunvolt needs to successfully land multi-kills using Flashfield to earn any Kudos, and he only gets Skill Finish bonuses for defeating Medium Bosses or actual bosses. Even the Skill Finish bonus is reduced, only garnering 800 Kudos where Kirin gets 1000 for boss kills.

It's been said that as part of the game's balance, Gunvolt doesn't start out at full power at the beginning of the game. The meaning of this is unknown.

Arc Unleash

When switching to GV, he performs the Arc Unleash skill and covers the entire screen with lightning bolts, wiping all enemies present. GV has infinite air dashes and jumps. Like in previous games, GV can fire darts at full-auto and hold up to 3 tags, but he can now fire them diagonally-upwards or downwards. GV's Flashshield is now always active, and will automatically zap enemies and projectiles in its radius, but no longer slows his descent to the ground. It is retracted when using lightning bursts, which slows his descent. He no longer has an EP gauge; a barrage of lightning burst on a tagged target lasts as long as the tag does. Retracting the Flashfield when no enemy is tagged causes lightning bursts to fly in random directions (these don't damage enemies).

GV now possesses a new set of skills known as Voltaic Arts. One is the Spark Dash, which depending on the level causes GV to tag enemies with his dash, phase through and damage them, or perform a devastating flying suplex move called the Voltaic Buster that damages nearby enemies too. In a demo, the Voltaic Buster was useable on a boss and finished him when he had nearly 1/3rd of his health left. Voltaic Buster can only be used when the boss reaches a certain HP threshold, denoted by a change in the boss' tag marker. This threshold can vary based on GV's Fetters Gauge. Defeating an enemy with Voltaic Buster counts for Skill Finish bonuses.


The second known Voltaic Arts skill is the Lightning Assault, which is like Kirin's Arc Chain. GV can instantly teleport to and strike any tagged enemy. The only downside is that unlike Kirin, GV doesn't automatically strike every tagged foe, requiring one button input per dash.

GV is the recipient of Lumen's Anthem, becoming "Awakened" and gaining unlimited usage if Kirin falls in battle. Under Anthem, GV freely floats instead of running and jumping, and his darts are replaced with auto-lock "Flash Darts."

If GV uses too much of his power or takes too much damage while Awakened, he'll lose control. Transforming into a Primal Dragon, GV activates a "skill" named Vanishing World, engulfing the screen in white before sending the player back to the title screen, basically acting as an extended game over sequence.

Image Pulse

Main article: Image Pulse

Image Pulse.jpg

Image Pulse (過去の幻影イマージュパルス) is a gameplay system introduced in Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 as a replacement for the Equipment and Gunvolt's support Skills system of GV1 and 2. A power born from Gunvolt's Azure Striker and Kirin's Radiant Fetters combining, Gunvolt's memories of friends and enemies are given form and sealed in talismans to assist them. Image Pulses are gained by collecting Image Chips (記憶のかけらイマージュジップ) in stages and completing the mission, at which point Image Pulses will be randomly generated based on the stage's list of potential Image Pulses. Each stage's Image Pulse list varies by difficulty setting, and all Hard and Very Hard missions grant a specific Image Pulse for completing them for the first time.

Image Pulses are divided into three categories:Skill, which summons characters for attacks or buffs, Passive replaces Equipment, and Song, which determines the songs can be play at different Kudos levels.


Note: Most names are tentative. It is also possible stages listed separately might be the same.

Image Name Description Boss
GV3 intro stage.jpg
Dragon Slayer A facility belonging to Sumeragi Futures Institute of Technology that Kirin raids at the beginning of the game. She encounters and seals Gunvolt here. The intro stage. Primal Dragon
Winter Christmas.png
GV3 Winter Christmas.png
Holy Night XIII The first main stage. A Primal Dragon's appearance renders the most wonderful time of the year into a nightmare of death.

The second half is a Gunvolt tutorial, as there are electric door panels and a portion that requires his flying, and the Fetters Gauge does not deplete.

Black Badge "The Dancing Dead"
Cyber Daydream 2.jpg
Cyber Daydream An arcade so enormous it more resembles a theme park. Shiron's rampage has turned the once-bustling game center into a fortress bristling with killer machines. Shiron “The Wizard Operator”
GV3 Bancho.jpg
Pride & Battle An ancient temple within the city, modernized with various mechanical defenses. Cayman sought ever greater power here, but all he found was madness and Dragon Radiation. Cayman "The Iron Delinquent"
Pendulum Heart 1.jpg
Pendulum Heart 3.jpg
Pendulum Heart Shipping facility port area with a yellow sky, rainfall, and lightning. Shifting platforms, some of which are explosive, must be hopped across over deep water. The second half of the stage is inside the shipping facility. Has an amphibious patrol plane medium boss. Apollo "The Swinging Jester"
Another Sun A series of missiles flying toward the country that somehow bypassed the barrier. Aboard them, the Golden King and his knights... ZedΩ
Mystic Mist 2.jpg
Mystic Mist Deep in the misty woods, one of the sacred Binding Brands is kept away. Having beaten the Dragon Saviors to the punch, ATEMS has had plenty of time to set up defenses and surveillance. Serpentine "The Mystic Mist"
Trick Bullet 1.jpg
Trick Bullet 2.jpg
Trick Bullet Derelict oil refinery. Part of the floor is on fire due to explosions, yellow gas permeates areas, and run down pipes collapse when stood on. Sistina "The Fatal Gunwoman"
GV3 desert stage.jpg
Sandstorm Grazie "The Sand Fortress"
Hot & Cold Prado "The Dual Knight"
Sunrise Palace The UTU Media Tower, once a symbol of Sumeragi's dominance and prosperity, now a monument to the radiance of ATEMS and its king Prado "The Dual Knight"
Karma As GV and Kirin venture deeper into the palace, they find that the past has a way of catching up to you... Viper & Jota, Zonda & Tenjian, Serpentine "The Mystic Mist"
Heliacal Rising Even as allies fall one by one, Kirin and GV cannot stop their advance, finding themselves against the last of ATEMS' Knights... Grazie "The Sand Fortress", Sistina "The Fatal Gunwoman"
ZedΩ The throne room where the Golden King awaits the intruders. The "Child of Hope" ATEMS seeks also sleeps here. ZedΩ
Moebius The True Ruler of the Primal Dragons has awoken, and it promises destruction. Only azure lighting and golden chains stand in defiance to its edicts... Moebius, Gunvolt

Currently Known Story Information

Following the Adept supremacist union Eden's defeat at the hands of Gunvolt and co.[1], Gunvolt, once known as the Azure Striker, found himself unwillingly awakening to a new power beyond Septima and becoming a being called a "Primal Dragon" (暴龍, Violent Dragon. In Japanese, he has also been called its incarnation.). This new level of power has only been referred to as Next Phase (次の段階ネクストフェーズ) or Next Level, but has essentially been confirmed to be the 8th Wave beyond Septima (itself the 7th Wave).[2] Fearing what destruction this power would cause, Gunvolt willingly surrendered to Sumeragi's custody. This resulted in the Sumeragi Group preparing 1000 Glaives to seal him. Decades would pass with Gunvolt locked away, his immense power used by Sumeragi to supply electricity to the entire nation.

Shadow Yakumo, a secret sister organization of the Sumeragi Group focused on the supernatural, specializing in abilities below Septima, and were responsible for the creation of the Glaives. They have developed a notable friction with Sumeragi after the last two Muse incidents and the misuse of the Glaives, thus have carefully monitored their movements and learned of the emergence of a new power. They dispatched their battle priestess Kirin, an Adept with the ability-sealing Septima Radiant Fetters, to investigate the Sumeragi Futures Institute of Technology laboratory. There, she encounters Gunvolt in a feral dragon form state. Kirin seals his awakening, and declares him responsible for what's going to happen next. It has been said that Kirin has her own reservations that lead to her meeting Gunvolt, and this meeting is similar to Gunvolt meeting Joule in the first game.

Following this, Kirin is ordered to purify Gunvolt. She also becomes affiliated with both Shadow Yakumo and the Sumeragi Group, becoming the chief of a Sumeragi division known as the Bureau of Dragon Saviors (治龍局, Healing Dragon Bureau). The mission Holy Night XIII occurs, when a phenomenon called "dragon radiation" (龍放射) stemming from GV's Azure Striker power causes the Geist Adept Black Badge to gain a masked form, lose his mind, and rampage on Christmas Eve. He is identified as a primal dragon, and secondary contamination from him causes not only the Adepts among the Sumeragi soldiers deployed ahead of Kirin and GV to go berserk, but robots and city defenses as well due to the Azure Striker's electronics influencing power.

Upon BB's defeat, unlike most past bosses, he is spared instead of killed, and the act is referred to as rescuing him. Out of gratitude, he becomes Kirin and Gunvolt's ally and joins Sumeragi. The three other masked Adept bosses, the red masked Duelist Adept, Cayman, the blue masked Overclock Adept, Shiron, and the purple masked Pendulum Adept, Apollo, are all similarly defeated and recruited following BB.

Beyond this, Gunvolt and Kirin come into conflict with an overseas Adept organization named ATEMS which opposes Sumeragi's usage of Septima and seeks to take the country's Binding Brands (封鍵ホウケン, Sealing Key), sword-like spiritual items which Glaives were based on, are said to be the "True Glaives," were originally made to strengthen the nation’s spiritual defenses by controlling dragon veins (see Binding Brands page for explanation), and are enshrined across the country. ATEMS is led by the nuclear fusion Adept ZedΩ, with Sistina, Serpentine, Grazie, and presumably one other name Prado serving as executive members known as the ATEMS Knights. There is also a character named Layla/Luxia (meaning of there being two names unknown) who is paired with ZedΩ above the other four on the final public cast list.

Much of this information has been kept out of official press releases and website updates, as series developer Inti Creates has tried to keep a lid on most of the story. Although CEO Takuya Aizu previously claimed the story's length will be about the same as past titles, the boss count appears to have slightly exceeded the standard total. As GV3 is an official sequel at its core, he admitted there's parts where he can't say "You don't have to play past games to enjoy it!", but claimed that as Kirin is a new protagonist, other characters will explain things to her that she (and in turn new players) doesn't know about. As the story's secrecy was discussed by Aizu, the director Tsuda mentioned there being elements that players of past titles might enjoy.[2]

Tsuda: Most of it is a secret, but... I can tell you a little thing...
Aizu: Huh? You’re going to tell them!?
Tsuda: There might be some elements...that players of past works will enjoy.

When the story actually takes place is a mystery. What exactly happened between Gunvolt 2 and 3 is unknown, and there is no indication GV's past friends Quinn and Xiao are present anymore. GV's true relationship with the Sumeragi Group is unknown, beyond him having his own ID card and ranking just below Kirin after she becomes the chief of the Bureau of Dragon Saviors under Sumeragi. His uniform has shoulder stripes similar to those of high ranking officers like Nova and the unnamed executives.

It is speculated that a very large time skip comparable to Luminous Avenger iX may have occurred due to Gunvolt being called an "eternally young man" and Sumeragi soldiers and mechs undergoing a major redesign. Gunvolt's English voice actor mentioning cryostasis when factoring his age has sparked speculation, with some believing that compared to other glimpsed cutscenes, the colors of the one with dragon GV might indicate ice on him. Conversely, the setting is still referred to as a near-future dystopia, Sumeragi's past blunders with the Muse continue to be relevant, and the battles with Eden are repeatedly mentioned, implying GV2 might not have occurred very long ago. The Japanese website uses 近未来 (near future), which was the term consistently used in GV1 and 2, and unlike iX1 which uses いつかの末来 (some time in the future). Kirin states to Gunvolt that it has been "several decades" since he has been sealed away.

Image Pulse which is formed by collecting Gunvolt's memory fragments, the title song being named Memoria of 'He', and Gunvolt's quote "Oversurge, Azure Striker! My lightning will pierce the fog and send these memories back into the depths where they belong!" has also lead to speculation of his memories being an important plot element. In her boss battle, Serpentine claims to be able to see Kirin and/or Gunvolt's traumas and hear dark, grudgeful voices; and that she'll use the regrets of "them."

Another new distinct term is Sacred Blade (聖剣), 1000 of which are said to seal GV. How or if they differ from the Glaives (宝剣) Sumeragi was gathering is unknown. It is unknown if the pink Glaive seen with GV in his official art has any significance.

Kirin's DLC encounter in Luminous Avenger iX 2 has many story implications for Gunvolt 3, beyond just the early mentions of Shadow Yakumo and the Dragon Saviors faction. Described as having been sent to the iX2 during a battle and mistaking Copen as part of the enemy's attack, she concludes the iX2 world is a Potential World attracted by Moebius (メビウス) and declares "No matter the world, I can't give up now. For me, and the sake of our own world--I will decide the future." Neither Moebius nor Potential Worlds have been mentioned in any GV3 pre-release materials.




Kirin. Voiced by Yu Sasahara (篠原侑)(JP)/Kelly Baskin(ENG).

The new protagonist and default playable character. A shrine maiden and only Adept in the world with the Septimal power Radiant Fetters (鎖環ギブス Chain Rings (Gibs)) which can seal other abilities.

It has been hinted that since it can seal Septimas, Radiant Fetters might not actually be one.



Gunvolt GV3.png

Gunvolt. Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa (石川界人)(JP)/Sean Chiplock(ENG).

Once known as "The Azure Striker", he returns as a protagonist and temporary playable character. After awakening to a power beyond Septima, he's been partially sealed.

Please note that the small Pupvolt has been called a "wholly separate character" from GV's raiju-like sealed form, so its nature is unclear.



Lumen GV3.png

Lumen. Voiced by Megu Sakuragawa (櫻川めぐ)(JP)/Diana Garnet(ENG).

An illusion given physical form, based on someone from GV's past.

What exactly her real nature is unknown. In an interview, Aizu pointed out that her being an illusion is just as the original was described.

In the game, Lumen is (on paper) a cutting-edge AI based on the cyberdiva of the same name, offering Kirin and GV support in the office. In actuality, she is an "Image Pulse", a projection of GV's memories captured in Kirin's talismans, and provider of Anthem support in the field. For some reason, Lumen alone is the only Image Pulse able to move and act by herself...

(Ironically, GV's fear in the aftermath of ASG1 that the Joule who remained with him was just a septimal construct rather than the real her might have come true.)



BB normal key art.png

Black Badge "The Dancing Dead". Voiced by Nakano Taishi (中野大志)(JP) / Ryan Colt Levy (EN).

An Adept with the Septima "Geist", he is the first berserk Adept encountered and is fought in Holy Night XIII on Christmas Eve. After being rescued he becomes Kirin and GV's ally and begins following them around. He's a mood maker who uses a lot of outdated slang, and tends to get carried away. BB remains cheerful even when his lame attempts at being a ladies' man get shot down. He boasts a varied resume of part-time jobs in his efforts to elevate himself from poverty.



Cayman normal key art.jpg

Cayman "The Iron Delinquent". Voiced by En Shitan (閻子丹) (Japanese) / Todd Haberkorn (EN).

One of the masked berserk Adepts, he is fought in Pride & Battle. He possesses the Duelist Septima, which forces the opponents into a fair and square infight. He’s a quarrel leader who loves duty and empathy, and training is his “hobby.” He’s a specialist in 1 vs 1 fighting battles.



Shiron normal key art.jpg

Shiron “The Wizard Operator”. Voiced by Toyosu Rio (豊洲りお)(JP) / Risa Mei (EN).

One of the masked berserk Adepts, he is fought in Cyber Daydream. A cutting-edge pro gamer good at resourcefulness, he's an Adept with Septima Overclock. He admires “cool men” and he thinks he speaks like one, yet…



Apollo normal key art.jpg

Apollo "The Swinging Jester". Voiced by Harasawa Kouichi (原澤航一)(JP) / Howard Wang (EN).

One of the masked berserk Adepts, he is fought in Pendulum Heart. A young man who once was an assassin, and has the Pendulum ability. He’s somewhat strict with regulations and manners and fussy yet at his roots he’s a kind person. He’s in charge of keeping an eye on the other pals due to their great individuality.



Tokuten yamadadenki.jpg

ZedΩ. Voiced by Shun Horie (堀江瞬) (JP) / Casey Mongillo (EN).

The leader of the enemy faction ATEMS. He is Gunvolt's counterpart as the ultimate Septimal Adept, and wields the limitless energy of nuclear fusion. The Golden Dawn (Gold Trillion) (金色の黎明ゴールドトリリオン) rules over the Sun, deletes the world with a blinding light and creates it anew.

Unlike the other ATEMS members, he was named and given partial descriptions much earlier. In the original Story Mode+ description and cast list which featured the main protagonists and the masked four, he was the only one other than Kirin and Gunvolt to receive a description. He was also featured on a pamphlet given out to stores, which ambiguously grouped him with the masked four, but with a red profile color instead of orange.

Commonly speculated to be a Vermilion Bird/Suzaku-based character, completing the sacred beasts theme of Gunvolt (Azure Dragon), Copen (White Tiger), Xiao (Black Tortoise), and Kirin (Yellow Dragon/Qilin), although there's now some doubt due to Gold apparently being his primary color.

Some have speculated that ZedΩ's hair color shifting to green could be related to how Gunvolt's ponytail became partly purple after Joule merged with him, but it's unknown if this trait is actually significant.



Sistina normal key art.jpg

Sistina "The Fatal Gunwoman". Voiced by Saori Onishi (大西沙織) (JP) / Alba Ponce de León (EN).

One of the ATEMS Knights and their chief officer, she is also ZedΩ's personal secretary after gaining the position partially by force to curry favor with him. She is the boss of the mission Trick Bullet, and is an Adept possessing the identically named Septima Trick Bullet, which lets her summon bullets with many different special properties such as homing in on targets or creating tornadoes upon impact.

Has the "protagonist light" in her eyes, oddly.


Serpentine normal key art.jpg

Serpentine "The Mystic Mist". Voiced by Shizuka Ishigami (石上静香)(JP) / Morgan Berry (EN).

One of the ATEMS Knights. She is the boss of the mission Mystic Mist. An Adept possessing the Phantom Mist Septima, which creates illusions from fog, among other abilities such as sensing traumas and possibly hearing the grudges of the dead. Doesn't get along with Sistina.


Grazie "The Sand Fortress". Voiced by Haruka Terui (照井春佳)(JP) / Lizzie Freeman (EN).


One of the ATEMS Knights. Speculated to have a sand related ability judging by her title and the presence of a desert stage. Has the "protagonist light" in her eyes, unlike ZedΩ and Serpentine.

She was originally planned to be formally revealed in the July 13th stream, but due to Haruka Terui coming down with a case of covid the character debut and her appearance was pushed back to a later date.


(Official English name unknown)

Prado (プラド). Voiced by Sumire Uesaka (上坂すみれ) (JP) / Hayden Daviau (EN).

One of the ATEMS Knights. Her Septima is "Hot & Cold", a dual-element ability that manipulates ice and fire.


Layla/Luxia (レイラ/ルクシア). Voiced by Rico Sasaki (佐々木李子) (JP) / Michaela Laws[3] (EN).

The 13th character and VA who were left unlisted until mere days before release. She is paired next to ZedΩ on the cast list, above Sistina, Serpentine, Grazie, and Prado. The meaning of her having two names is unknown, but there was one similar character before: Joule/Lumen.

While Layla herself doesn't get too many lines or screentime, she has an integral role in the plot as the wielder of the Septima Djinn, a song-based empowering ability that can summon an avatar, similar to The Muse. She also seems to be the cornerstone for whatever goal ZedΩ has his sights on...

Mystery Girl

Tokuten amiami.jpg

A girl featured on promo art alongside Lumen. Actually has the lightless "villain eyes" like ZedΩ and Serpentine. Despite being seen relatively early, so far she has only been referred to as "the mysterious beauty" in some info streams when going over the store promos.

The girl is, in actuality, an avatar manifested by Layla's Djinn Septima, similar to (but not exactly like) the situation of Lumen and Joule. Like Lumen, her song has the power to revive and empower Adepts.

Medium Bosses

Name Info Image
Plasma Legion variant A heavily modified and quadrupedal variant of the Plasma Legion. It was originally shown in Holy Night XIII, but demos omitted it and in the final version its area has been replaced with rubble and hazardous terrain, so its current status is unknown.

In addition to its new armaments and legs, the head has been expanded and now appears to have an opaque window instead of a robotic face, suggesting that this variant could have a pilot.

Gv3 plasma legion new screenshot.jpg
Harbor Medium Boss
Harbor stage mid boss.jpg
Cyber Daydream 3.jpg

Common Enemies

Name Info Image
Gun Soldier Sumeragi soldiers. Exactly what you'd expect. Fires red energy shots. They appear to have glowing red eyes beneath their helmets, which close or go out when they're stunned.
ASG3 Gameplay 4.jpg
GV3 Sumeragi soldier.png
Homing Rocket Launcher Soldier Functionally identical to the old version.
GV3 Sumeragi missile soldier.png
Rocket Barrage Soldier Shoots a stream of rockets in an arc towards the ground from the launchers.
GV3 Sumeragi rocket arm soldier.png
Rocket Punch Soldier Flies at the player with a rocket propelled punch. Encountered either already in the air, or standing on the ground.
GV3 Sumeragi rocket punch soldier.png
Ninja Counter-Adept ninjas. Jumps into the air and throws kunai.
Pride & Battle 1.jpg
ATEMS Soldier Mechanically identical to the Sumeragi soldier, but has a different outfit and gun design. In a first for the series, many of this type have female voices (not known to apply to the other soldiers of ATEMS).
GV3 unknown gun soldier.png
ATEMS Homing Rocket Launcher Soldier
GV3 unknown missile soldier.png
ATEMS Rocket Barrage Soldier
GV3 unknown rocket arm soldier.png
ATEMS Heavy Firepower Soldier
Mystic Mist 1.jpg
Robotic dogs Jumps at the player. Like the Garms from the Neo Arcadia Shrine stage in Mega Man Zero 1.
Robo doggo.jpg
Flying robots Flies back and forth before firing an energy shot downwards, which splits in two and runs across the ground.
Gv3 christmas screenshot.png
Floating Robot 1 Shoots three electric balls in the player's direction.
Gv3 hovering enemy screenshot.jpg
Floating Robot 2 Shoots a missile downwards.
GV3 purple drone.png
Totem Tower Respawning enemy. Like the Totem Cannons from MMZ1. Similar to the armed shutter in that it acts as an obstacle.
GV3 Totem Tower.png
Blade Mech A large robot that charges and swings an energized blade. Sometimes emerges from the ground, much like the old Sumeragi big robot.
Blade robot.jpg
Gun Mech
GV3 gun bot.png
Rocket Robot Wheel with rockets equipped that charges forward.

Has an alternate version with rockets facing in opposite directions, which bounces around.

Rocket wheel B.jpg
Rocket wheel A.jpg
Stealth Moths Robot moths that use cloaking technology until the player is surrounded, at which point they reveal themselves and converge.
Stealth moths 1.jpg
Stealth moths 2.jpg
Floating Mine Similar to the one in iX2.
GV3 floating mine.png
Bomb Launcher
GV3 bomb thrower.png
Floating Shield
GV3 floating shield.png
Laser Cannon
GV3 laser cannon drone.png
Poison Spewer Emits purple gas along the ground. Encountered in Lost Complex stage.
GV3 poison spewer.png
Shield Launcher Creates a hexapyle-like shield and then fires it outwards a medium distance, where it hovers in place.
GV3 shield launcher.png
Patrol Siren Rolls back and forth.
GV3 siren patrol.png
Spider Crab Clings to ceilings or walls and emits an energy projectile which makes a 90 degree turn.
GV3 wall crab.png


GV3 features seven new and several returning songs sung by Lumen (Megu Sakuragawa).

The main series title screen theme, Beginning of a Long Night, returns with another remix.

Known new songs:

  1. Memoria of 'He' (main theme)
  2. Traces
  3. Ergo Sum
  4. Liberator
  5. Glass Paradise


Returning songs:

  1. Pain from the Past
  2. Stratosphere*
  3. Indigo Destiny*

*Reported by demo event goers

Music Videos

Similar to Luminous Avenger iX 2, live action music videos featuring Megu and 3D videos with Lumen have been released. The stage in 3D music videos is based on the one in the anime.

Memoria of 'He'
Ergo Sum
Reincarnation Fateful

Development and Promotion Timeline

Conceptualization and Early Development

Following the completion of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, series director Yoshihisa Tsuda was left with a strong feeling that he wouldn't be able to top it, and that he'd already essentially made Gunvolt 3. Although Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu hoped they could make a trilogy when the series began, everything intended for Gunvolt 3 had wholly been poured into Gunvolt 2, with the original ideas they had for Gunvolt 2 vanishing somewhere. Tsuda didn't have any idea about how they'd proceed from there and was at a loss when asked "What will you do next?"[2]

The earliest conception of what would become Kirin was during development of the Nintendo Switch version of the Striker Pack. Tsuda wasn't satisfied with just bundling the games together again, and wanted to include a new melee focused playable character, a sword wielding girl, in the pack's version of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 alongside Gunvolt and Copen as a bonus for those who'd already played the games. Due to scheduling and many other reasons, this did not happen. Tsuda can't recall if the name Kirin had been chosen yet, and Aizu believes it was still undecided at the time.[4] Kirin being a girl was already decided by Tsuda when the proposal was made, as he believed adding another boy would make it unbalanced. In particular, he wanted a battling miko (Japanese shrine maiden) due to his desire to add more Japanese elements to the series. He supposes that's the biggest reason for Kirin being a girl.[2]

The reason Gunvolt was made extremely powerful is because after the release of Gunvolt 2, there were opinions online that Copen was stronger than him. This concerned Tsuda, and he set out to reassert Gunvolt's strength and show he's stronger than Copen through things like the Voltaic Arts. Aizu noted that although it's not good to let such online views influence a developer too much, the perception of Copen being stronger than Gunvolt, who is supposed to be the strongest Adept, was something that undermined the story's setting. This did lead to concerns that players would be unmotivated to use Kirin, so balancing them became an important point during development.[5] Many of Gunvolt's story concepts borrow from past ideas. His apparent affiliation with Sumeragi and the 1000 Glaives are reminiscent of the original plot of Gunvolt 2, where Gunvolt was to be the game's villain after becoming the new top dog at Sumeragi, would transform with 1000 Glaives in the final battle, and be unlocked as a playable character after clearing the story. His new state has also fulfilled an early series concept discussed in the Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works, where as a homage to the manga Locke the Superman (which heavily inspired the series to begin with) they considered making a story where Gunvolt would eventually become the ultimate superman, unaging and undying, just as Locke does.

Gunvolt 3 officially began development in 2018, when Aizu asked Tsuda "How about we make it already?" The scrapped Striker Pack concept was used, and with a small team they began working on it, but ran into heaps of issues actually trying to make it work in-game.[6] The basis for Kirin's gameplay, "weaken foes with talismans and cut them down", was present from the very beginning, and lead to them getting stuck in a long period of uncertainty as they couldn't figure out how to make it interesting or come up with a proper use for the talismans in relation to the sword. They remade it countless times with sleepless nights. Something would be made, "This won't do,", and the cycle repeated many times.[4] When development began Aizu asked Keiji Inafune to again be the game's supervisor, but as the action had yet to be solidified, they were unable to show him anything. Although Inafune was told "We'll do it!" by them, due to the long time before a follow-up he did once wonder if it had been cancelled.[6][2]

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 was first publicly discussed in May 2018 in a Bitsummit interview with Aizu. Admitting he might be scolded for saying it, he claimed Tsuda was having a difficult time with GV3. Knowing they couldn't keep fans waiting forever, and stating it would be hard to have someone else make a main series game, the decision was made to develop the spinoff Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, directed instead by series writer Toshiaki Tai, in order to tide fans over and give Tsuda more time to come up with ideas.[7][8].

In the Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works staff interview, released in June 2018, Tsuda, Tai, and Aizu discussed the potential conceptualization of GV3. Tsuda revealed that development of the two protagonists game Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 had left staff almost dead from exhaustion and feeling that they'd overdone it, and Aizu mentioned they'd discussed going back to single protagonist games. Tsuda remarked that thinking inversely, they even considered having a 5 protagonists game, with Aizu laughing and asking him if it was really okay to say that, since people would take him literally. Tai stated that it was a struggle; making Gunvolt 3 would require overcoming the hurdle of GV2.

In an August 2019 interview with Aizu, it was stated that Tsuda was steadily coming up with ideas, but still wanted more time and refused the assembly of a development team yet. Aizu claimed that despite common fan conceptions, the progression of the story after the end of Gunvolt 2 was not the problem. It was the gameplay that was holding back full-scale development, as Tsuda wanted to devise a new way to reinvent the series' formula, uncomfortable with simply reusing the same system with different stages and bosses[9].

On November 22nd, 2019, Aizu visited a shrine dedicated to Raijin and prayed for Tsuda to be able to make Gunvolt 3.[10]


Eventually, production would begin sometime in early 2020.[11]. Kirin's character design was finalized by March 30th, 2020.[12]

Prior to announcement, the team was finally able to hand Inafune a ROM with what they'd done so far so he could begin supervising, and Inafune noted that Tsuda did not seem confident. Checking the ROM, he saw its contents were full of hesitation and uncertainty, thought "This is it?" and was pretty blunt with them. Looking back on this, Aizu believes they'd wandered aimlessly for a long time.[5]

Close to 2 years after development had started, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 was officially announced with a teaser trailer on June 27th, 2020 on stream at Bitsummit Gaiden, as is series tradition. This trailer featured an incomplete version of the song Memoria of 'He'. The announcement was also meant to serve as stimulus for the development team, who were still stuck, but hesitation continued.[6]

On October 20th that year, in-development glimpses was shown, including part of BB's boss battle and some stages, in an Inti Creates livestream about several games.[13] On that same day, they announced that they would showcase a public demo of Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 on November 29th. On November 12th, Inti Creates posted a image on Twitter showcasing Kirin in a different pose.

On November 29th at the Digi Games Expo, the demo featured parts of the missions Holy Night XIII, then only referred to as Winter Christmas, and the Lost Complex stage. BB and Cayman were the respective bosses, and while BB's battle mostly resembled the final version, Cayman's was missing attacks such as his SP skill Duelist Dimension. The demo did not have any dialog or voice acting. Nothing beyond gameplay was revealed about BB or Cayman. Purportedly, the game was said to only be 5% complete. On December 25, 2020, Inti Creates had its new year stream, with small segments showing the Lost Complex and Holy Night XIII. On December 28, published an article showing the screenshots of the ASG3 demo, including the cut-in art of BB's SP skill.

Around the end of 2020, Tai was given the order to make Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2.


As the producer, Aizu expressed concern over all the aspects Tsuda had to oversee as the director, and how things other than gameplay action couldn't progress with them fixated on it. After talking with Tsuda about the matter, it was agreed to bring in an additional director who would focus on the action only. Aizu wanted to appoint Hiroki Miyazawa, the director of the Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon series, and with Tsuda's approval decided on him. Aizu was nervous and worried that Miyazawa might not fit the role, or would tell him to pick someone else, but he was incorporated and gained the approval of others like Inafune. Although Miyazawa being brought onboard was a good thing, it didn't solve all existing issues, and brought a new period of trial and error. Tsuda can't forget how the first thing Miyazawa said to him was "This is a mess, sir." Seeing how things ended up consistent afterwards, he believes that Miyazawa did an amazing job.[4]

On March 4th at the New Game Plus Expo, Gunvolt 3 was given a 2022 release date, Miyazawa's appointment as Action Director was publicly announced, the demo from the previous November was played on stream, and a development update video was released. According to Aizu, at this time they were still wandering in the darkness.

Young, avid programmers were also appointed to handle programming of the playable characters. Each day they had a "man to man" with Miyazawa changing the programming. Every 3 days or even less there was a new playable character. Sometimes the character's movements would be changed several times in a single day before it would be shown to Inafune for supervision.[4]

At some point after this during Summer, Kirin's Warp Slash/Arc Chain technique was conceived. Until then, all things lacked consistency. Each action was standalone and it was hard to find the “what’s fun about it?” part, which Inafune compared to simply lining up ingredients and telling someone to eat. The Arc Chain's introduction was when they finally felt "We might make it."[6]

At Bitsummit 2021 on September 1st, another gameplay update discussing the finalization of Kirin's gameplay design was released, introducing then tentatively named Warp Slash, Kirin's technique that allows her to warp to enemies that are tagged and strike them. Inafune estimated that at the continued pace of work on the game, it would be ready for release by Summer 2022. Additionally, they revealed a new game in production following the announcement, Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2.

Between September and October, the company shifted into "Gunvolt" as the whole business became focused on it.

Digi Games Expo demo

GV3 2021 demo.png

On 2021/11/14, Inti Creates returned to the Digi Games Expo with a new demo of GV3, with the Holy Night XII mission and a number of new elements. Below is a compiled list of additions based on reports from those who attended the event.

  • Live Novel (stage dialogue) is back. No voices due to it only being a demo. In it GV serves as Kirin's mission control. Lots of jokes dialogue and meta stuff, such as the B.B. declaring that it's the end of Christmas and telling couples to go home.
    • Because of that the demo probably won't be shown elsewhere.
  • The Japanese name of the trailer song, Memoria of 'He', was revealed. (At the time it was translated by fans into English as "His Memories.")
  • The raiju is the source of the electric attacks. (As only GV's human portrait was used in the demo, his raiju form was not interpreted as talking.)
  • When hit, Kudos are locked based on the amount of damage received (-20 displays, get that many kudos, it unlocks). Retry markers don't turn Kudos into score (doesn't unlock the lock either).
  • After Kirin warps and slashes, you can 1 mid-air jump.
  • There are lanterns like the ones in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
  • Kirin can throw up to 7 seals. Afterward icons on the bottom remain static until you beat foes. Seals can be shot upwards. Seals can be restored with reloading.
  • Controls:
    • B jump
    • Y, throw seals
    • R, sword
    • L+R or A, electrical attacks
    • X button not usable in this demo
  • Kirin's UI was upgraded (see picture).
  • Reaper boss has a special entrance animation coming down from the house's roof.


On February 26th, Aizu tweeted about working on a trailer and Tsuda being happy.[14]

On March 9th, the Gunvolt News Channel Episode 38 stream ended with a teaser for the next March 23rd Luminous Avenger iX 2 info stream, showing Kirin's art, revealing that her voice actress is Yū Sasahara. On March 18th, Aizu tweeted about planning something big for April Fools, and the following day apologized in case they don't make it in time.[15]

On March 23rd, the Gunvolt News Channel Episode 39 stream confirmed Kirin being the 5th DLC of iX 2, and that Episode 40 on April 6th would be the first GV3 stream.

On March 31st, the premier trailer for Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 was shown at the New Game Plus Expo 2022, confirming a release date of July 28th and revealing new gameplay and story details. Coinciding with it being April 1st in Japan, the trailer's dialogue also included BB's line about cancelling Christmas and an out of context line from Apollo about paperwork procedures. Pre-orders for the Japanese physical and limited editions became available. Aizu tweeted about the announcement, commenting that it was hard making it in time for April 1st. He replied to a number of users, revealing that any DLC would be up to Tsuda, and with there being work on porting the game to other platforms after the Nintendo Switch release, they'd have to decide their prioritizes.[16]

On or prior to April 5th, it was discovered that Japanese site product pages for GV3 had an expanded version of the official site's Story Mode+ (stage dialogue) description. The expanded version featured a short description of ZedΩ alongside Kirin and Gunvolt, and had a longer cast list revealing both his voice actor and the names and VAs of BB, Cayman, Shiron, and Apollo.

On April 6th, the Gunvolt News Channel Episode 40 stream aired and showed some new gameplay. On April 20th, the Episode 41 stream revealed lore details about Sumeragi, Shadow Yakumo, and Binding Brands, and showed more gameplay of the Lost Complex stage, revealing what seems to be a new enemy faction. The live stream officially debuted the main song His Memories with a music video and production photos. The music video teased the characters BB, Shiron, Cayman, and Apollo, with actors cosplaying as them making brief appearances. The stream concluded with a teaser for BB's, set to air on May 11th.

On April 11, in response to a tweet wondering if the Image Pulse system would see the sprite debuts of past characters who didn't have any, Aizu replied "If Mr. Tsuda cared about cost performance, life would be easier for me... You can infer the rest." Not long after, Aizu said "He recently scolded me for tweeting uncalled for stuff, yet I did it again. (I didn't learn at all)"[17]

On April 27th, a pamphlet distributed to stores alongside other promotional material was leaked. Its information essentially confirmed that not only are BB, Shiron, Cayman, and Apollo the masked bosses, but they're all spared and become allies.

On May 11th, the Episode 42 stream formally debuted BB and the song Traces. All released information kept BB being spared a secret. On May 18th, Episode 43 debuted Cayman, revealed more information about the Image Pulse system, and similarly kept him being spared a secret. On May 28th, a demo event was held at Trader Akihabara 2nd store, with the previously leaked pamphlet being distributed to visitors.

On June 1st, Episode 44 debuted Shiron and the song Ergo Sum. On June 15th, Episode 45 debuted Apollo, and concluded with a small preview of an entirely new character, Serpentine. In both streams, the conclusion of the boss battle was again not shown. On June 25th, a demo event was held at the Gamers Namba store.

On June 29th, Episode 46 debuted Serpentine, the enemy faction ATEMS, the song Liberator, and Xbox ports of GV3, GV2, and GV1. While the stream concluded with a preview for another ATEMS member, Grazie, a few days later her voice actor became sick, and a week ahead of the stream it was announced that her appearance and Grazie's debut were pushed back to a later date, with the July 13th stream being changed to debut Sistina without guest VA instead.

On July 13th, Episode 47 debuted Sistina, an Adept with the Septima Trick Bullet. They also finally debuted the Lost Complex stage, renamed Trick Bullet, which has a Binding Brands in it. They will then reveal Grazie on July 27th, a day before the game is released.

April-May Interviews

From late April to mid May, Tsuda, Aizu, and Inafune held interviews with the Japanese sites Dengeki Online, 4gamer, Gamer, and GameWatch about the development of Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, generally covering the same topics and revealing various details across them. In addition to the points already listed in the sections above and below, the following information was disclosed:

  • Gunvolt 3 has the highest budget of any Inti Creates title ever, although it's not AAA level.
  • Tsuda told Aizu they couldn't do both multi-language and multiplatform releases at the same time. Aizu chose to prioritize multi-language, with plans to port the game to other platforms later.
  • It is uncertain if Tsuda will direct any potential future Gunvolt titles. While it took 6 years to get from GV2 to GV3, in 6 years Tsuda will be reaching retirement age.


As Matt Papa had already begun working on Gunvolt 3 prior to leaving Inti Creates to work at Limited Run Games following the release of iX2, it was arranged for him to continue translating the game as Localization Director alongside Andrew Singleton.[18]

In the initial website update and press release, Glaives were renamed to Binding Blades without explanation. The April 20th update changed the name back to Glaives.

Like iX2, The game will have both English and Japanese audio settings.

On May 17th, following fan speculation due to the English premier trailer not listing voice actors and B.B.'s site profile specifying "Japanese VA", it was confirmed that GV3 will receive a full English dub. This includes Image Pulses of past characters.

Ports to other platforms and DLC possibilities

Originally GV3 was only announced for the Nintendo Switch, with Xbox and Steam ports at later dates being announced closer to release.

In response to a question on Twitter about potential DLC for the game, Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu replied that that is up to the director Tsuda, and that after the Nintendo Switch release they'll be working on porting the game to other platforms.[19]

In later interviews Aizu confirmed his intention to port the game to other platforms such as Steam and Playstation 4 at a later date once the Switch version is done.[5][2] It was also confirmed that both free and paid DLC updates are planned, but details had yet to be decided as of May 7th.[2]

Physical and Limited Editions

GV3 JP limited edition set.jpg

A Japanese standard and limited edition physical version for Nintendo Switch was announced with the March 30th trailer and preorders opened the following day, with the release date being the same as the digital version. A variety of promotional illustrations come bundled with pre-ordered versions depending on the retailer.

The Japanese limited edition comes with the following items:

  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 Fullcolor Settings Document Collection. Story material book with designs from the game. Contains spoiler content, so checking it before clearing the game is not advised.[20]
  • Soundtrack CD (2 disks) containing the entire BGM of the game.
  • "Pupvolt" (わんボルト) 50×50mm acrylic keychain.

Limited Run Games will be releasing a standard physical and collector's edition as well, with identical bonus items. Pre-orders began on May 17th and will close on June 19th. It will take 4-5 months for the standard and 8-9 months for the collector's edition to ship.[21][22]

Trailers and other footage

English Trailers

Premier Trailer
English Voice Trailer
NGPX Gameplay Trailer (Has some notable differences)
Announcement Trailer

Japanese Trailers

Premier Trailer
Announcement Trailer

Development Updates

2021 September Development Update
2021 March Development Update

Demo Gameplay Footage

2022 NGPX Gameplay Footage
2021 NGPX Gameplay Footage


  • 3 sets a number of milestones for the franchise, being:
    • This is the first main series Gunvolt game to have a female playable character.
    • This is the first game to have an animal character.
    • This is the first game in which Copen plays no role in the storyline.
    • This is the first game where a boss uses a vehicle for his SP Skill during a boss battle.
    • This is the first game where the bosses do not have their faces shown.
    • This is the first game to have a boss group not only not die in their initial encounters, but also become allies.
      • This is the first game to have no bosses die in both in their initial encounters and in the second encounters.
    • This is the first game in the mainline series to have both an English and Japanese dub.
    • As game trailers and in-game dialogue have GV be responsible for Eden's downfall, it can be said that this game renders Copen's story from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 non-canon.


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