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Similar to Azure Striker Gunvolt, both Gunvolt and Copen have the option to converse with their allies in between missions; Joule, Quinn, and occasionally Xiao for GV, and Mytyl, Nori and Lola for Copen. Conversing with them increases the chance of Anthem occurring during regular gameplay. However, it mainly serves to help flesh out the characters and their relationships with one another.

  • Anytime italics are used, they represent Gunvolt or Copen's thoughts, respectively.

Japanese scripts with English translations:

  • Gunvolt:

  • Copen:




Joule: Do de dooo...

That's Joule's song. I hear it sometimes in missions. Her desire to keep me safe prevents me from dying. It puts me back on my feet with enhanced abilities to boot. It's not perfect--she lacks full control of it. However, talking to her helps it trigger more often. So I should come here and chat her up whenever I can.

Gunvolt: What would I do without your song, Joule.

Joule: Huh? What's this about? Do you want something?

Gunvolt: No! I just don't think I thank you enough.

Joule: Aw, don't mention it. I'm happy to help. But with my powers gone, I'm not as good at singing.

Gunvolt: We'll get 'em back from Eden, Joule. I promise.

Joule: In that case, I'll give you whatever power I have, GV. It should help out at least a little.

Gunvolt: Just take care of yourself, yeah?

Joule: Fiiine. I'll only use it if you're about to die or something. But you have to come here and talk to me! Promise you will!


Quinn: Heya, GV. Want some cookies?

She handed me a bundle stuffed full of treats.

Gunvolt: Heck yeah! I love cookies. What's the occasion?

Quinn: Some girl in my class inspired me. She likes baking, but she needs people to take the leftovers.

Gunvolt: Wait, so you *didn't* make these?

Stranger cookies? ...Meh, I've eaten worse.

Quinn: No, these are mine. I wanted to give some to her as a thank you.

So I'm getting leftover leftovers...?

Quinn: It's so much fun to give people gifts. Anyway, I thought I'd give you a little something too. They aren't leftovers or anything. I made them for you.

Gunvolt: Y-yeah! Of course! What kind of jerk would think otherwise?

Trying To Help

Quinn was doing laundry in the backyard. She'd left her tablet out on her desk.

Joule: Oooooh...

Gunvolt: No snooping, Joule.

Joule: But we might learn something important! She's a weirdo and I need to guard you. So let's snoop!

Joule leaned forward and looked at the tablet.

Joule: Oh...

Joule's glee faded as she looked at the screen. When I peeked, I saw Quinn's search history... "How Septima works" "Septima recovery" "The Muse how to restore"

Gunvolt: She's looking for ways to help you, Joule.

Joule: That dummy... What's she hoping to find, anyway?!

Hair Styling

Quinn approached me one day with a new 'do.

Quinn: Hey, GV! Want me to style your hair for you?

Gunvolt: Uh, sure? I guess?

Joule: No! Your hair is an inviolable shrine! You don't get to decide this! I do!

Quinn: Aw, bummer. I wanted to try out some new looks.

Joule: Wait, new looks? Like, plural looks? Hmm...

Gunvolt: My hair isn't a toy, you guys.

Sharing Shampoo

Quinn: *sniff* Oh man, GV! You smell great.

Quinn said this as she leaned in close. I was fresh out of the bath when she said it. Maybe it was my new shampoo? Although...

Gunvolt: We use the same shampoo, so you should smell like me.

Quinn: I dunno. Do I smell like you? Here, take a whiff.

She brushed her hair and leaned even closer.

Joule: Back that hair up, girl!

Gunvolt: Joule?!

Joule: You two can't share beauty products anymore!

Gunvolt: Er, why not?

Joule: Because I said so!


Quinn was in the window watching a thunderstorm.

Gunvolt: You're not easily rattled, are you? So what scares you?

Quinn: Do you remember the first day we met?

Gunvolt: Sure. You were being hassled by some Adept thugs.

Quinn: Right. And before you came along, I was really scared.

Scared of Adepts, eh? I can see that. I have scars to prove how dangerous they can be.

Quinn: Er, sorry! I don't mean that I'm afraid of Adepts! But I didn't think anyone would care what they did to me. I guess I was more scared of being alone like that. But now I've got you!

And just like that, her distress was gone. Maybe that's why she was so eager to take me in.

Joule: ......

Reading Palms

Quinn: Hey, GV? Can I borrow your hands for a sec?

Gunvolt: Do I get 'em back?

She took my hands and stared intently.

Quinn: I've been studying how to read palms.

That's an old form of fortune-telling, right? You look at palms to find a person's future.

Quinn: Your hands are really nice, GV.

Gunvolt: I don't know about that.

Too much blood on these hands for them to be nice.

Quinn: These hands protect people! It's noble. I'm only here because you used these hands to protect me.

Gunvolt: Quinn, I--

Joule: I think this little psychic session is over!


Why is Quinn sitting on a bathmat?

Gunvolt: You need some help there, Quinn?

Joule: Stop harassing her, creepo!

Quinn: Actually, I'd love some help.

Joule: Hussy!

Quinn: Can you go behind me and push on my back? I need to stretch.

Gunvolt: Sure thing. Lemme know if it hurts.

I gave a push and she pretty much bent in half.

Gunvolt: Wow. You're insanely flexible.

Quinn: Yeah, I used to be in ballet as a kid.


Quinn: Laundry time, laaaundry time, laaaauu--huh?

Gunvolt: I already did the laundry, Joule.*

Quinn: Aw, what a sweetie!

Gunvolt: It's no big deal. Really.

Quinn: It is so! You do tons of nice stuff for me, GV. When we go shopping you always carry the heavy stuff. You give me honest opinions on my new recipes. And when I had a cold, you--

Joule: Stoooooooop! We all know this about GV! Don't think it makes you special! B-besides, I know way more about why he's a sweetie than you.

Quinn: You do? That's great! Tell me!

Joule: Gah! What is with you?!

Again, I'm right here...

Martial Arts

Quinn: Hey, GV? I have a question about your martial arts. Do you use any chatan-yara kusanku in your forms?

Gunvolt: Yeah. I do. That's impressive, Quinn.

Chatan-yara kusanku is a style of karate. My instructor claimed it was the base of his form. I didn't really believe him at the time, but... Well, it looks like he was telling the truth.

Quinn: I took some karate when I was younger.

Gunvolt: Did you study the chatan-yara kusanku forms?

Quinn: Nah. But I've seen 'em in movies and junk.

Joule: Pffft! Everyone knows about chutting yaka-- Er, chattan yaku... saku... Never mind! Shut up! ...Don't talk to me.

Gunvolt: Uh, Joule?


Quinn's reading comics? That's unusual.

Gunvolt: What's with the comic book?

Quinn: Xiao lent it to me. It's super interesting!

This comic is for kids. Like, little kids. Xiao isn't as mature as he wants folks to believe.

Gunvolt: I didn't know you liked comics.

Quinn: This is my first one. I guess it's popular? Xiao said so, at any rate.

Gunvolt: Huh. What's it about?

Quinn: A tale of heartbreak. Oh, and some sumo wrestlers in space.

Gunvolt: Wait, what?

Quinn: I know, right? But it really makes me want to learn sumo. Douskoiiiiii! See, that's what you say in sumo when--

Gunvolt: Maybe just quit while you're not ahead.

Comics 2

I opened the door and saw Xiao holding a paper bag.

Xiao: Special delivery!

Quinn: Oh! Thank you, Xiao!

Guess this is for Quinn.

Gunvolt: That's a whole lot of comic books.

I knew Xiao had lent Quinn a comic or two... But I didn't realize she was this hooked.

Xiao: You should check 'em out, GV. Stretch yourself a little.

Quinn: You'll love them, and that's a Quinn guarantee!

Gunvolt: I guess a little fun wouldn't hurt.

Xiao: Yeeees! My circle of nerdery has expanded!

Quinn: Joule? You want to join the circle of nerdery?

Joule: Well, I suppose if GV is doing it...

Power Outage

Suddenly, the room went dark.

Gunvolt: A blackout?

Quinn: I have candles in the back. Lemme go get-- Eeeeeeek!

Gunvolt: Quinn!

I pulled her close to keep her from falling.

Quinn: Thank you, GV.

Gunvolt: I'll get the candles. My night vision is better than most.

Quinn: Uhhhh...

Gunvolt: Something wrong?

Quinn: Heart's just racing a little is all.

Was she really that scared?

Joule: You guys can stop hugging pretty much any time now...

Accelerated Healing

Gunvolt: I'm hooooome!

Quinn: Heya, GV. How did thi--ack! You're hurt!

Gunvolt: It's just a scratch.

Quinn: But...

Gunvolt: My Septima doesn't just throw lightning around. It uses current to stimulate my natural healing ability. Something like this will heal up in no time.

Quinn: But...what if it was something more serious?

Gunvolt: Don't worry, Quinn! I'll always come home.

Thought That Counts

There's a note here. Is this Quinn's shopping list?

Joule: Huh. Lemme see...

I guess it's okay to snoop a shopping list. I opened the tablet and Joule started looking.

Joule: I used to really care about food before... Well, before. This accounts for everything. Vitamins, minerals, calories... Do you realize how much Quinn does to take care of you, GV?

Gunvolt: Thanks, Joule.

Joule: I'm the wrong girl to be thanking here.

Gunvolt: You cared about health so you could cook for me, right?

Joule: Doesn't matter, does it? I never got the chance.

Gunvolt: No, but you would have. So thank you.

Joule: S-sure, GV...

Way With Animals

Quinn: Is there something in the yard, GV?

Gunvolt: Yeah, a cat wandered in there earlier. I think it's hurt, but it keeps running when I get close.

Quinn: Get my first-aid kid, GV. I've got this.

Gunvolt: Aye aye, sir!

When I returned, Quinn had the cat in her arms.

Gunvolt: What the... How did you *do* that?!

Quinn: Animals and people all open up to kindness.

She proceeded to bandage the critter's wounds.

Quinn: There you go, buddy. I'll take you to the shelter tomorrow.

Clumsy In The Kitchen

Quinn: Still want to cook tonight, GV?

Gunvolt: You earned a break. Sit down! Rest those dogs.

Quinn's cooked everything since I moved in. I had an urge to repay the favor. That being said... I felt eyes on me as I began to work. But when I turned, Quinn was just smiling.

Gunvolt: ...Something wrong?

Quinn: It's just kinda cute the way you bang pots around.

Gunvolt: If you're gonna make fun of me, I'll just give you a sandwich.

Quinn: I'm not teasing, you dope! It's a compliment!


I found Quinn mending an ornate costume dress. I know she's in a play, but didn't know it was so fancy.

Quinn: You mind helping me with this real quick? I don't think the hem is right. And the person who's wearing this is about your height.

Gunvolt: Wow. I've never worn a dress before.

Quinn: You don't have to put it on, idiot! Just hold it up so I can check the length.

Gunvolt: Oh. Uh, right.

Quinn: Thank you. Now just hold that for a sec...

She checked the length of the hem.

Quinn: Yep. Yep, yep. Good. ...It doesn't look half bad on you.

Gunvolt: I'm pretty sure it would look all bad on me.


Gunvolt: Is there anything you want, Quinn?

Quinn: Ummm...that's a pretty broad question.

Gunvolt: No, it's just you've done so much for me, I want to repay you.

Quinn: Oh pshaw! I'm just happy that you feel this is your home.

Gunvolt: I'm serious, Quinn. Let me get you something.

Quinn: Huh. Well, okay. Lemme think for a second... Oh! I need a new apron.

Gunvolt: Wait, that's it? An apron?

Quinn: If I'm going to keep cooking for you, I'll need an apron.

Gunvolt: Okay then. Apron it is.

Apron 2

Gunvolt: Surprise, Quinn! ...I bet you thought I forgot, huh?

I handed over the apron she'd asked for earlier.

Quinn: My apron? Whoa, this is awesome! I'm gonna try it on right now!

Gunvolt: Go for it.

She put it on and did a little twirl.

Quinn: Well? How's it look?

It was purple with little cherry blossoms. I picked it because it reminded me of her.

Gunvolt: Looks great.

Quinn: I'm going to take extra-special care of this!

Gunvolt: Aren't aprons kind of meant to get dirty and gross? Besides, I can always get you another one.

Quinn: Even so, I think I'll always treasure this one.


I found a plaque and a commendation on the shelf. Wait, this is from the police. It says she saved a life?

Quinn: Whatcha lookin' at? ...Oh, that. I found an old lady stuck in a railroad crossing once. She had a bad leg and got it stuck in one of the ties. There was a train coming, so I--

Gunvolt: Rushed in and saved her?!

Quinn: Yeah, pretty much. It was closer than I would have liked, too. I guess all this time with you has made me more heroic.

Gunvolt: That's awesome. But don't do anything *too* crazy, okay?


Quinn and I were taking a break in the backyard.

Quinn: I know it's break time, but can you help pull these weeds?

Gunvolt: Sure. It'll go faster with both of us.

Quinn: Thanks, GV. We just have to--oh!

A blue butterfly came and landed on the flowers.

Quinn: So pretty! It reminds me of Joule. So I guess the flower would be you, GV.

Gunvolt: Uh, why is it me?

Quinn: Because it's dignified and vibrant.

With that, the butterfly took wing once more.

Gunvolt: ......

I hope she can be that free someday.

Quinn: Is something wrong?

Gunvolt: ...Come on. Let's get back to those weeds.


Gunvolt: Aaaaah!

That dream again... The gun... Her body...

Gunvolt: Gya!

Joule: GV! Are you okay? I'm right here!

Quinn: GV! Joule! What's going on?!

Gunvolt: Sorry, Quinn. It's... I'm fine, really.

Suddenly, I felt a gentle warmth. Quinn was holding me.

Quinn: I read once that it's calming to listen to someone's heartbeat. Can you hear mine?

I could hear it... A soft drumming... And my own heart immediately started to settle.

Quinn: I'm here. Just relax and go back to sleep.

Joule: ...... I can't do that for him...

True Envy

Gunvolt: Hey, Quinn? Did you change your fried chicken recipe?

Quinn: Yeah, I switched up the spices. Do you like it?

Gunvolt: It's amazing! I mean, it was good before, but holy smokes!

Quinn: Hee hee! Thanks!

I could feel Joule glaring at me.

Gunvolt: Something wrong?

Joule: I don't know... is there?!

Aaaaand...she's gone.

Joule: (I felt such warmth and kindness just then. Her cooking is making him happy. If I could cook, I'd... Oh, what's the use?)

Making Music

Gunvolt: You've got a piano, right, Quinn? You ever tickle the ivories?

Quinn: Sometimes when you're out, sure. Lately, I've been playing Lume... er, I mean Joule's songs.

Joule: Whuzza?

Quinn: Hey! You should sing along while I play!

Joule: Are you nuts?!

Quinn: Er, bad idea?

Joule: I'm not your trained singer monkey!

Quinn: Oh! Okay! Sorry! Just know? Might be fun?

Joule: I'm not wasting my song on some cut-rate piano banger. You'll have to play so flawlessly that I can't help but sing.

Quinn: That's a great idea! I'll practice until my fingers bleed! ...Wait, ew.


Quinn was working on a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Gunvolt: Whatcha doing?

Quinn: Everyone at school is into puzzles now. They're pretty fun, so I decided to bring one home.

Gunvolt: Isn't that kind of a big puzzle for a beginner?

Quinn: No challenge, no fun! Still, you want to give me a hand?

Gunvolt: Eh, you're doing pretty good despite what I said.

Quinn: Yeah, but it would be more fun with you!

She practically dragged me over to help out. And she was right. It *was* fun.

Quinn: When we finish, I'll hang it up in your room.

Gunvolt: Don't we need a frame or something?

Quinn: We have one. I bought it when I got the puzzle.

Gunvolt: Man, you don't do anything in half-measures, do you?

Dinner Plans

Gunvolt: I'm back!

Quinn: Dinner's ready, GV.

Gunvolt: Oh, crap! I'm so sorry, Quinn!

Quinn: What's wrong?

Gunvolt: I already ate with Xiao.

Quinn: You did?

Gunvolt: Sorry. I should have called.

Quinn: Oh, it's fine. Don't worry about it.

Gunvolt: What's going to happen to all this food?

Quinn: It'll be lunch! ...And then probably another lunch. Don't worry, it won't go to waste. So quit moping already!

Gunvolt: Okay. But I'm still going to call next time!

Cup Noodles

I found instant noodles on the counter.

Gunvolt: Strange. You usually don't buy pre-made food.

Quinn: Maybe I just wanted some excitement in my life.

Gunvolt: I'm surprised you even know instant noodles exist.

Quinn: I'm not some kind of shut-in, GV! I just cook my own food. Although I guess I *did* have a question about them...

Gunvolt: What's that?

Quinn: You pour in hot water and dump it out three minutes later, right? When do the noodles actually *cook*?

Joule: I've been wondering the exact same thing!

Gunvolt: Are you two for real?

Sharing Warmth

I found Quinn in the yard looking at the sky.

Gunvolt: Pretty night.

Quinn: It's a full moon. Wanna watch it with me? It's even bigger tonight than usu--AAAAAACHOO!

Gunvolt: You're going to catch a cold out here.

I brushed her cheek as I gave her my jacket. She was freezing.

Gunvolt: Good grief, Quinn. Let's go in. You're gonna die out here.

Quinn: But you're warm.

She suddenly snuggled in next to me.

Quinn: See? Now I'm warm as can be. You mind? Just for a little while?

Gunvolt: Um...


Quinn came up while I was brushing my teeth.

Quinn: Hey, can I bug you about something real qui-- Aaaaaaaah!

Gunvolt: What?! What's wrong?!

Quinn: ...... It's...fine... Just...I need you to help me change a light bulb.

Gunvolt: Oooo-kay? I'll be out in a second.

I went back to brushing and noticed something... I was using Quinn's toothbrush.

Gunvolt: Oh. ...Yikes.

She handled that pretty well, all things considered. Still, I'd probably better buy her a new one.


Gunvolt: I'm hoooo... home?

The house was silent. Lights were off. Guess Quinn went out. It feels strange not having her here.

Quinn: GV! You beat me home!

I turned to see her with some shopping bags.

Quinn: Sorry! Running late.

Gunvolt: Welcome home, Quinn!

Quinn: Oh! Um...thanks? Man, that's weird. I'm always the one welcoming you home. Well, maybe not weird so much as...nice.

She broke out into a smile. Made me think I should do this more often.

Like Family

I saw Quinn crying as she read a book.

Gunvolt: Sad story?

Quinn: No. *sniff* It's a sweet story about a brother and sister. They remind me of you and Joule, actually.

Gunvolt: Who? The brother and sister?

Quinn: Yes. I think about it when I look at the two of you. You seem like a big brother to her.

Gunvolt: Siblings, eh? I guess she's kind of a sister to me.

Joule and I have no other family. It's why we're so intent on protecting each other.

Joule: ...... (Little sister? Hmph!)

Take Care

Gunvolt: Whew...

I decided to take a break from gun maintenance. I'd been at it for almost two hours.

Gunvolt: Man, I'm starving.

I went to fix a snack and stopped. There was a tray outside the door. It had coffee, a sandwich, and a note. "Don't overdo it!"

Gunvolt: Quinn...

I smiled a bit as I grabbed the sandwich.


Joule: How long are you planning to stay here, GV? It's rude to crash at someone's house for this long. And we don't really know a thing about this Quinn person. How does she afford a house? What's her family do? And why is she being so nice to a couple of strangers? It's weird, GV! Admit that it's weird!

Gunvolt: This conversation is what's weird. Quinn hasn't pried into our business, right? We should show her the same courtesy.

Joule: But--

Gunvolt: Joule, we don't have anywhere else to go. I don't want to be a burden, but there isn't much choice.

Joule: Yeah, I guess.

But we should try not to become a bigger problem...

Box Lunch

Gunvolt: I'll be back later.

Quinn: Hey, hold up! I made your lunch.

Gunvolt: You made lunch?

Quinn: You said this mission would take a long time, yeah? Well, you can't fight on an empty stomach, so here ya go! It's mostly rice balls. Also a sandwich. Oh, and pie.

Gunvolt: Uh...thanks?

Not sure a box lunch will survive through a mission. Maybe I should just eat it now?


Quinn was packing a bag full of textbooks.

Gunvolt: Getting ready for tomorrow?

Quinn: Yep.

She goes to classes during the day. I didn't know how she'd pay for that and still live... But she told me her folks are helping out.

Quinn: It would be fun if you went to school with me.

I used a fake ID to attend school for a while. But that was QUILL's idea.

Gunvolt: We wouldn't be the same year, Quinn. And besides... Don't you attend an all-girls school?

Quinn: Yeah, but they'd be fine with you!

Joule: She's probably right.

Gunvolt: The hell is that supposed to mean?!


Gunvolt: What's that pamphlet you got there?

Quinn: It's a flyer for a new tennis court that opened nearby. I haven't played tennis in forever!

Gunvolt: You used to play tennis?

Quinn: Back when I was a kid, sure. You ever play tennis? Or were you too busy blowin' stuff up?

Gunvolt: I don't really know much about tennis. But it looks like it could be fun.

Quinn: We should play sometime! I can teach you the rules and all that.

Gunvolt: Why not now? I've got some free time on my hands. Show me your ways, coach!

Quinn: Oh my gosh, do not call me 'coach.' Hee hee! Let's just start by playing for fun, okay?

Second Sight

I found Quinn staring at an empty ceiling.

Gunvolt: Okay, I'll bite. What am I missing?

Quinn: Huh? Oh! Nothing! Nothing at all.

This isn't the first time I found her staring into space.

Gunvolt: Do you see something I should know about?

She can see Joule, after all, sooo... Maybe she has second sight or whatever it's called?

Quinn: GV, I... The truth is that I can--

Joule: Nope! Nope nope nope. We're done here. Conversation over! Finished! Finito!

Quinn: Um, okay? Sure, Joule. If you insist.

Wait, is Joule scared of ghosts? But she's basically a ghost herself...

Fattening Up

That's a whole lot of food.

Gunvolt: Feeling hungry, Quinn?

Quinn: This is for you, silly! Well, you and Joule.

Gunvolt: Sorry, what?

Quinn: She's inside you, so you have to eat more to nourish her. Maybe then she'll be able to reach a normal size again.

Joule: Is she kidding me with this? I'm an incorporeal being, Quinn! I'm basically just thought! All this food will do is make GV super fat.

Quinn: Really? Are we talking suuuper fat, or just--

Joule: Don't make him fat. He has to fit in small pipes and stuff.

Quinn: But he'd be cute all pudgy and round! Like a little egg!

Joule: You think? Because I'm more into muscles, and... I mean, it doesn't matter what he looks like!

Gunvolt: Uh, guys? This is a super weird conversation.

They could at least pretend I wasn't standing right there...

Up Late

Quinn: Welcome back, GV!

Gunvolt: Hey. You're still up?

Quinn: Yeah, I got caught up in this big knitting project. Hungry? I can make a late-night snack if you want.

Gunvolt: Actually, I'm starving.

Quinn: Ha! I knew it! Okay, hold on a sec...

She ran off to the kitchen. Like, running. She always waits up for me, no matter how late it is. I've told her it's not necessary. But she claims to like knitting at night, so...

Quinn: I made noodles! Well, I reheated 'em. But close enough.

Gunvolt: ...... Why are you so nice to me?

Quinn: Oh, I'm not nice. *You're* the nice one!


Quinn: Welcome home, GV!

Quinn was holding a change of clothes in her arms.

Gunvolt: You taking a bath?

Quinn: Sure am! Wanna join me?

Gunvolt: *blink* Are you joking? This isn't fair.

Quinn: Aaah ha ha ha ha! Your face! Oh gosh, I'm sorry, but--

Joule: Back off, lady! He already agreed to take a bath with me!

Well, I suppose that's technically true. Seeing as how she lives inside me and all.

Gunvolt: But Joule, come on. You gotta stop saying things like that...

Patched Up

Quinn: I fixed that hole in your outfit, GV!

Gunvolt: ...I had a hole in my outfit?

Looks like she sewed a teddy bear patch over it.

Gunvolt: Uh...

Quinn: Cute, huh?! The bad guys are sure to fall in line when they see that!

Gunvolt: Or die laughing...

Sure hope I have a spare outfit somewhere...

Snack Time

Xiao came by to discuss the latest mission. Quinn brought a cake, so we took a break to snack.

Xiao: She's thoughtful *and* a good cook? Grab on tight, GV!

Joule: Don't even joke about that! GV is my... oh, the nerve!

Not sure why she's yelling. He can't hear her.

Gunvolt: Uh, Xiao? There's cake on your... here, hold on.

I took a napkin and wiped a crumb from his mouth.

Xiao: Heh. Thanks, GV. You're a peach.

Joule: First Quinn and now Xiao? What a tramp you are!

I'm not really interested in Xiao like that...

Xiao: Are you talking to Joule right now, GV?

Gunvolt: Yes. I mean, no! I's fine.

Joule: It is not fine! Nothing is fine!

Supporting Together

[This is a special conversation that is guaranteed to play first after 3 main missions have been cleared.]

Joule: Hey, Quinn? About you and GV... I mean, what is he to you? What's your deal?

Quinn: I just want to help him however I can, Joule. And I want to do it along with you.

Joule: What, like, together?

Quinn: I'm not much of a fighter, not like you anyway. So I just try to give him a nice home to come back to. Together we can support the one we care about.

Joule: Oh. That's...oh.


Joule asked me to wait while she talked to Quinn. But I heard most of it through the door. What exactly is she trying to accomplish here?


[This is a special conversation that always plays after Crossroads (Prism Highway) is first cleared, but before the game is first cleared.]

Quinn: GV... Joule... Xiao... Come home safe, you guys.

[Joule has sensed Quinn's prayer.]


Ultra Mode

Mytyl: "I feel better lately. Did you tweak Lola to help me somehow?"

Lola: Well, I *am* pretty great...

She thinks I'm behind the changes to Lola. Even though I have no idea what's happening. The shards do something to Lola, but as for what...

Nori: She's not wrong, Copen. Her health is better lately. Maybe this new Lola stuff could be responsible?

I'm sure her health and the shards are connected. But if I talk to Mytyl with Lola around... Lola's chances of entering her new Ultra Mode increases. Lola's specs are upgraded in Ultra Mode. That, plus my jacket, will let me power up as well. I should talk to Mytyl often to take full advantage. ...Wait, what am I thinking? I should talk to her regardless!

Copen: I'll be back, sis. Stay well, okay?

Cello Concert

Mytyl: "Guess what, Copen? There's a cellist coming tomorrow!"

Copen: You mean those guys who play the big fiddles?

Nori: This is a world-class musician, Copen! ...Fiddles. Sheesh!

Nori runs things here at the med facility. She deals with doctors, cooks, and whoever else. She must have arranged the fidd--er, the cellist.

Copen: Er, right. Okay. So why the cellist?

Nori: Mytyl gets lonely and tired here. I thought some music would be a nice change of pace.

She's so kind. I never would have thought of that.

Mytyl: "I bet your loutish ears have never heard a cello performance!"

Copen: Uh, nope. Never have.

Mytyl: "Then this is your chance to get some class! LOL!"

Cello Concert 2

There was another cello concert for Mytyl today. When it was over, she sat back and sighed.

Mytyl: "That was the best. T-H-E B-E-S-T. And I love how the cellist was dressed so fancy."

Nori: I'm pleased. Perhaps we should set up a third performance?

Mytyl looked confused.

Mytyl: "Did I miss something? We've had *two* concerts?"

Nori: Yes. This is the second time the cellist has been here.

This was clearly news to my sister.

Copen: I think you forgot, sis. But yeah, you said the same thing the first time.

Mytyl's face turned red.

Mytyl: "Or maybe it's so good it blew my mind! What about that?!"

Fish Feeding

Mytyl was staring down at her tablet and smiling.

Copen: What's up, sis?

Mytyl: "I'm playing this awesome new game! You put virtual food out and then little fish come eat it!"

Copen: ...And?

Mytyl: "And they're super cute!"

Copen: ...That's it?

She nodded.

Copen: Shouldn't a game be more...I don't know. Game-y?

She rolled her eyes.

Mytyl: "Whatever, funbane."

Copen: Funbane?!

Mytyl: "You're so dense sometimes, Copen. Seriously."

Copen: I have no idea what's happening right now.

Is she actually mad about this?

Interior Cafe

New design? ...Makes the place look like a cafe.

Copen: Nori? Was this your idea?

Nori: Mytyl wanted to experience a coffee shop. I tried to remodel it along those lines. ...With my flair. Now, Mytyl, here's your order: one black coffee.

She took a sip and looked like she wanted to die.

Nori: Cream and sugar?

Mytyl: "P-please." *cough* *hack* *wheeeeeeze*

Copen: I'll take a cup of mud, if you don't mind. Keep it black.

Nori: It's decaf. Is that all right?

Mytyl: "Wait, do you even drink coffee, Copen?"

Copen: Are you kidding? I love coffee.

It's the fuel for late-night research, after all.

Mytyl: "And you drink it black? Really? That's so grown up!"


We arrived to find Mytyl sound asleep. I pulled the blanket back over her.

Copen: These days are getting long, Lola.

Lola: Maybe you need a nap, boss.

Copen: No time. Besides... What if something happened to Mytyl while I was asleep?

Lola: But if you get killed because you're tired? What then, huh? Look, I get you're worried about Mytyl. It's cute. Nice, even. But if you let it consume you, it ends up hurting everyone. Now get some damn rest so you're ready for the next mission!

Copen: Point taken. Maybe I will try to catch some shut-eye.

Lola: Now if only you'd be that sensible more often.

Copen: And if only you'd learn not to add snide remarks.

Lola: Heh heh.

Copen: Heh.

Rubick's Cube

I found Mytyl playing one of those puzzle cubes.

Copen: Oh, man. I used to have one of those.

Mytyl: "Nori gave it to me. I can't figure it out. Can you help?"

Copen: Let me see that.

After a second, I started twisting it around.

Copen: ...Voila.

Mytyl freaked out when I gave it back to her.

Mytyl: "Holy snot! That was like a magic show or something!"

She flipped the colors and gave it back to me.

Mytyl: "Do it again! Slower! Pleeeeease?"

Copen: Heh. Sure, sis. This is actually kind of fun...

Family Dinner

Mytyl: "Hey, Copen? Can I ask you a favor? Could you maybe try to eat with me from now on?"

Copen: You mean have dinner together or something?

She nodded, embarrassed.

Mytyl: "I know you'll probably think it's totally dorky... But it's lonely eating by yourself every single night. I just thought it might be nice to have company."

Copen: I didn't... Hell, sis. I never thought of it like that.

Mytyl: "Is that a no?"

Copen: What? No! I'll just... Look, I'll make the time soon. I promise.

Mytyl: "Yaaaaaay! It's important to have dinner as a family occasionally. Right? Isn't that what normal families do all the time?"

Copen: Yeah, sis. It is.

Nori's Childhood

Mytyl: "Hey, Nori? What were you like as a kid? Were you as cold and brutally efficient as you are now?"

Nori: When I was a kid, Mytyl, I was flat-out hopeless.

Mytyl: "For reals? No way!"

Nori: That's sweet, but I'm afraid it's true. I was a mess.

Mytyl: "But you're so perfect now! That must have taken a ton of hard work, huh? Maybe I'll be like you someday! Cool and pretty and junk?"

Nori: I'd be glad to help however I can.

Mytyl: "Yaaaaaay!"

Giraffe Trivia

Mytyl was looking at a book about giraffes.

Copen: You like giraffes?

Mytyl: "Yeah, they're cute. But I was more wondering how they slept."

Copen: They stand upright and lean against trees.

Mytyl: ":0"

Copen: And they only doze for twenty minutes at a time. Otherwise something might eat them.

Mytyl: "That's amazing! Wait, how do you know so much about giraffes?"

Copen: Doesn't everyone?

Mytyl: "Oh my gosh, I am super behind the times."

Lola: He's lying, Mytyl.

Planned Trip

Copen: You've been looking healthy lately, sis.

Mytyl: "Yep! And remember what you promised?"

Copen: Um... maybe?

Mytyl: "You said you'd take a break from work and we'd go somewhere! But I knew you'd forget. :("

I'm pretty sure I never said anything of the sort. But I can't tell her that or she'll be sad.

Copen: Uh, yeaaaah. Sure. Of course I remember.

Mytyl: "Oh good! Well, since I feel better, you should get on it. Oh, and Nori and Lola should totally come along."

Copen: In for a penny, in for a pound, I suppose.

We couldn't have done this even a little while ago. But with her feeling better, who knows?

Bulking Up

Mytyl: "Hey, Copen? Can you flex for me?"

Eh, why not? I flexed. ...She was impressed.

Mytyl: "That's soooo cool! I've been trying to bulk up during my rehab. So get ready, 'cause you're going to the gun show!"

God bless her, she tried. But nothing happened.

Copen: I think you need more time at the gym.

Mytyl: ":)"

Knife Skillz

Mytyl was watching Nori peel an apple.

Mytyl: "Nori's got mad knife skillz Copen! Did you know that? She can cut apples into the shape of a rabbit!"

Nori: Here you are. One rabbit.

Holy crap, it *is* a rabbit!

Mytyl: "See? Told you it was amazing."

Copen: I had no idea...

Roller Coaster

Nori was fiddling around with Mytyl's wheelchair.

Copen: What's up, ladies?

Nori: I'm modifying her chair.

Copen: I can see that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you installing a booster?

Mytyl: "Yep! I asked her to do it!"

Copen: I...see.

Nori: She wanted to know what it was like to ride a roller coaster. I figured this would give her a similar experience.

Mytyl: "I didn't think she'd do it but then she did and yaaaaay!"

Nori: I'm just trying to make your life better where I can.

Copen: I'm glad everyone's happy here, but this isn't a good ide--

Nori: Hush. It's perfectly safe.

I have serious doubts about that.


Mytyl: "Lots of people died in this building, right, Copen?"

Copen: Our aunt built this place. It's not a standard hospital. So no, no one died here. Where's all this coming from?

Mytyl: "I just feel like people are watching me at night. Thought it might be a vengeful ghost or something."

Copen: There are no ghosts, Mytyl. And certainly not here.

She clearly doesn't believe me. And while it's not a ghost, it could be something else. Like an intruder. Or Eden. Time to talk to Nori about beefing up security.


Mytyl: "Here, big bro. I want you to have this as a thank-you gift!"

She handed me a charm meant to ward off evil.

Mytyl: "They were selling them online. It's from a big temple. I got one for Nori and Lola too. Ta-da!"

Lola: Aw yeah, girl! Put it on me right now!

I'll have to figure out a way to stick that on...

Nori: Thank you, Mytyl. But... I couldn't.

Mytyl: "Aw, come on! Don't be all shy!"

Nori: Nnnngh...

Nori seems really upset by this thing.

Nori: Ah. Yes. This is... Excuse me a moment.

She actually staggered out of the room.

Mytyl: "That was weird. Did I do something wrong?"

Copen: Nori's not really a good-luck charm kind of woman.

Mytyl: "Huh? Who doesn't like good-luck charms?"

There's a story buried in there somewhere...

Grand Feast

I found Mytyl reading a cookbook.

Copen: Thinking about taking a turn in the kitchen, are you?

Mytyl: "Yeah. Once I'm better, I mean. What should I make for you? Seriously, ask for whatever!"

Copen: Anything is good as long as it comes from you, sis.

Mytyl: "Don't be all mushy, be specific!"

I tried to think of what she might be able to make. After a moment, she figured me out.

Mytyl: "You're trying to think of something easy, aren't you?"

Copen: N-no! Not at all!

Mytyl: "I don't need your pity, buster! I'll make a grand feast! I'm gonna make vichyssoise! Oh, and a frittata. Then you'll be all, 'holy crap, the girl can *cook*!'"

Copen: Do you even know what those things are, sis?

She glared at me and started flipping pages. Something tells me I'll be waiting for the grand feast.

Hot Spring

I found Mytyl and Nori looking at a pamphlet.

Mytyl: "Guess what, Copen? I'm going to a hot spring!"

Copen: Oh yeah?

Nori: A medicinal one, yes.

Mytyl: "I'm gonna stay there and get totally better!"

Nori: It was a suggestion from one of her doctors. We thought a medicinal hot spring might be beneficial.

Copen: Beats being cooped up in here all day, that's for sure.

Mytyl: "It would be fun to have some company. Hint hint!"

Copen: Once you get better, we'll hit a spring and have some fun. For now, just worry about your health, okay?

Mytyl: "Promise we'll go. And not some fakey promise! Pinky swear!"


I found Nori putting makeup on my sister.

Nori: Hello, Copen.

Copen: Sorry to interrupt your makeover.

Nori: It was Mytyl's idea.

I suppose she's at the age where cosmetics are a thing. Who am I kidding? I have no idea if that's true.

Nori: I can do you next if you'd like.

Copen: I'm good.

Nori: And here I thought you'd be interested. You'd be the prettiest princess in the land, you know?

Mytyl was clearly delighted by the idea.

Copen: No.

Mytyl: "Booooo!"


Mytyl was hanging out the window looking at the sky.

Copen: Hey, watch it! You'll fall!

Mytyl: "Doesn't the moon look so cool, Copen?"

She beckoned me over to the window.

Copen: Oh! It's a supermoon.

Mytyl: "Muh?"

Copen: It's a full moon that's closer to Earth than usual. In ten years or so, we'll see it at its closest.

Mytyl: "And then it'll be even bigger and more beautiful?"

Copen: Should be, yeah.

Mytyl: "I wanna see that! Promise me we'll go and see it. Okay, big bro?"

Copen: You got it.


Mytyl was doing stretches on her bed.

Copen: Tough on the muscles to be in bed all day, huh?

Mytyl: "I've been eating more lately, so I gotta stay in shape."

Copen: Uh, sis? You weigh like nine pounds soaking wet.

Mytyl: "It's not that, dummy! I just wanna stay burly."

Copen: ...Burly? Look, just make sure to keep eating, all right? Eat tons!

Lola: This is starting to get a bit weird, boss.

Mytyl: "I know, right?!"

Copen: Oh. Um...yeah. Sorry about that.

Weird or not, she needs to keep eating. She's still far too small for her age. Is it rude to say someone needs meat on their bones?


Lola: Oh yeah! That's the stuff! Right there! Mmmrrrgghhh...

I was doing a little tune-up on Lola. Mytyl was watching with wide eyes.

Copen: Something up, sis?

Mytyl: "Nope. You're just always so serious when you're tinkering. It's hypnotic."

Copen: Oh.

Mytyl: "I'm not bugging you, am I?"

Copen: Not at all. I just worry that you're bored.

Mytyl: "No way! This is thrilling!"

I kept going and Mytyl kept staring. It was...nice.


Mytyl was running a really bad fever. When I arrived, she was just...lying there.

Copen: You okay, sis?

She tried to bring one shaky hand to her tablet.

Copen: Hey, easy. Don't push yourself.

I pulled the blanket up and took her hand.

Copen: I'm here. I'll always be here with you. You don't have to worry about anything.

I think she smiled a bit before drifting off.


Mytyl: "Hey, big bro! Notice anything different? About me? :) :0"

Copen: There's a smell... Are you wearing perfume?

The aroma was quite pleasant, actually.

Mytyl: "You got it! Wooo! I borrowed it from Nori. Great, yeah?"

Copen: I...guess? I think I like your usual scent better.

Mytyl: "Boo! Nori knew you'd say that. She said you don't understand grown-up allure. And that you're a stick in the mud when it comes to me. And guess what she's right!"

Copen: Look, it's just... I think you're a bit young for perfume. Once you're older, you can wear as much as you want.

Mytyl's face turned gloomy and apprehensive.

Copen: You have a long life ahead of you, okay? So don't worry.

Mytyl: "Thanks, Copen."


Mytyl: "You need a purpose besides me, Copen. Or at least a hobby. So stop worrying over me and go have some fun already! I feel like I'm holding you back."

I can't count how many times she's told me that. If she's sicker than usual or feeling especially low... She always tells me to find my own life.

Copen: C'mon sis. Don't be like that.

Mytyl: "One of us needs to have some fun around here! No reason for both of us to have a suck-tastic life."

A tear slipped from her eye as she typed.

Copen: You're not a burden, sis. Stop thinking that. And don't cry. It's going to be all right.

She wiped at the tear and hugged me fiercely.

Copen: You're going to get better, Mytyl... It'll be okay.


Mytyl: "Heya, big bro! How's Lola?"

Copen: She's a handful. ...But she's fine.

Then Lola came flying straight for Mytyl's bed.

Lola: Mytyl! Girl! I haven't seen you in forevs!

Mytyl: "Yay! Lola!"

I used to have these two chat to aid Lola's AI. As far as Lola knows, they're the oldest of friends.

Copen: If you're lonely, I can build someone for you to talk to.

Mytyl: "No, I'm fine. Thanks tho! Just come visit me once in a while, 'k?"

Copen: Sure, sis. You got it.

Lola: Ha! As if you could build someone as witty as me!

Mytyl: "LOL! You're the best, Lola!"


Mytyl was reading a fashion magazine. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at the photos. And I know she thinks she'll never be that happy.

Mytyl: "Look at this one, big bro! Nice, huh?"

The outfit left little to the imagination.

Copen: It's a

Mytyl: "Are you for real right now?"

Copen: It's not appropriate is all I'm saying.

Needless to say, she wasn't happy.

Mytyl: "I guess you want me to dress like a baby forever! Or maybe wear sack dresses and bonnets!"

Copen: There's no hurry to growing up, sis.

Mytyl: "Whatever."

Nori's Preferences

Mytyl: "Why do you wear a different uniform from everyone else, Nori?"

Nori: Because I like to wear my own clothes. And the housekeeper's snobby taste in uniforms is just... *Ahem* It's a bit stodgy for me.

Mytyl: "Hee hee! You really hate the housekeeper, huh?"

Nori: I just enjoy dressing well. ...Unlike a certain someone!

Mytyl: "Yeah, maid uniforms are kinda weird, huh? Wearing the same thing every day is soooo boooring!"

They kept talking about clothes for a long time. But it made me think about how Nori looks. She's looked the same since I've known her. Even her age...

Nori: You need something, Copen?

Copen: Just woolgathering.

Probably better to leave that one be.

Cheat Day

Mytyl: "Tapioca?! Ohm nom!"

Mytyl is on a strictly-controlled medical diet. But once a week, she can eat whatever she wants.

Mytyl: "This is so good! Maybe I'll get it next week too."

Nori: You're scheduled for chocolate next week. Want to switch it up?

Mytyl: "Can't talk. Eating tapioca. Fiiingersss stickyyyy"

Copen: Wait a sec. You have her menu planned out for the next week?

Nori: No. I have her menu planned out for the next year.

Nori handed me a thick file. It contained a long list of food. ...Really long. Mytyl's entire menu for the next year. I pray that one day she doesn't need this...

Dark Sorcery

I found a stack of magazines in Mytyl's room.

Copen: Did Nori bring you these?

She looked up from her magazine and smiled.

Mytyl: "I told her I wanted to know what was in style. So she brought me a ton of stuff to read! She's the best."

That explains the fashion magazines and comics. But there are also fishing and car magazines in there. Maybe Nori wants to broaden her horizons?

Copen: Hmm...

Then I saw what Mytyl was actually reading. The headline read: "Learn dark sorcery today!" Needless to say, I took it from her.

Copen: You're not reading that. Here, try some crosswords instead.

I'm going to have to start screening these things...


I found Mytyl trembling under her blanket.

Copen: What's wrong, sis? Not feeling well?

She was pale, her eyes filled with fear. Then she pointed behind me and began to scream.

Copen: What?! Is it Eden?!

I whipped around and saw a roach on the wall. I killed it with a shoe and tried not to roll my eyes.

Nori: Is there a reason you're pounding on the walls, Copen?

Copen: I'm killing bugs.

Nori: Bugs? Mmm. I'll have a talk with facility staff at once. I'm sorry if you were scared, Mytyl. I'll make sure the facility manager is twice as scared!

Copen: Don't go too far. We need our employees.

Lola: You two are both starting to scare me.

Math Wiz

Mytyl was engaged with a high-level math book.

Mytyl: "How do I solve this stupid problem, Copen?"

Copen: Huh? Oh, that's easy. Just take this formula and then...

I showed her a few hints and hoped she'd do the rest. Soon enough, she'd solved it.

Copen: Nice work.

Mytyl: "Nice teaching! Hee! You should retire to be a professor or something."

Copen: I don't think I'd be a good fit for that job, sis.

Mytyl: "Then you'll just have to keep being my tutor. Hey, so there's this other problem I don't get. Wanna help out, smartypants?"

Copen: Might as well.


Once Lola got a new shard, Mytyl's health improved. It's irritating to have no idea why this is. But I'm still pleased that it's happening.

Mytyl: "Yay, Copen! You're here!"

Mytyl handed me a paper as soon as I walked in. It was the results from her latest medical exam.

Copen: ...You've grown three centimeters?

Mytyl: "Heck yeah I did! I've never grown that much before!"

Her progress really was remarkable.

Mytyl: "Looks like I'm almost an adult, huh? I've been super healthy lately, and now I'm growing. It's like I'm dreaming! Hee!"

Copen: No dream, sis. You really are getting better.

She grinned, and I knew how pleased she was.


I entered the room and saw Mytyl eating.

Copen: Sorry to interrupt. I'll come back.

Mytyl: "No! Stay! Besides, you look super hungry! So here."

She shoved a bowl of broccoli my way. Her way of asking me to eat it, I suppose.

Copen: Still don't like veggies, eh?

She made a face. A real nasty face.

Mytyl: "Broccoli is gross. It should be banned!"

Copen: That's hardly fair to the broccoli.

Mytyl looked surprised, then grinned wide.

Copen: Er, what's so funny?

Mytyl: "You're acting like the broccoli has feelings! Sorry, Mr. Broccoli! I'll be nicer to you from now on! LOL!"


Mytyl: "I felt great today, so I went and took some photos."

Her shots were of nearby places. Not bad, actually.

Copen: You took these?

Mytyl: "Yeah, Nori lent me a camera."

Copen: They're really good, sis. I'm impressed.

Mytyl: "Yay! So can I take a picture of you?"

Copen: Huh?

Mytyl: "You make a snazzy impression so long as you don't talk."

I'm not exactly talkative. But I decided not to press it.

Copen: No one wants to look at a photo of me, sis.

Mytyl: "Yes they do! Come on! Pleeeeeeease?"

Copen: You can do it next time I'm here, okay?

Mytyl: "Pinky swear it!"

Bubble Wrap

Mytyl was staring at something in her hand. Turns out she was popping a sheet of bubble wrap.

Copen: What are you doing?

Mytyl: "I told Nori I was bored and she gave me this." *pop* "At first I thought she was mental." *pop* "But now I can't quit." *pop* *pop* *poppoppoppoppop*

And with that, she was back at it. There must be better ways to kill time, right?

Future In-Laws

Mytyl: "Hey, Copen? What's your type?"

Copen: Uh, you mean women? Where's this coming from?

Mytyl: "Well, you're gonna get married someday, yeah?"

I didn't ask why she was so eager to pair me off.

Mytyl: "I can't imagine what kind of lady you'd go for. Like, at all."

Copen: I don't know, sis. I haven't really thought about it.

Mytyl: "Good thing you have me! I'll get this figured out."

Copen: Er, why are you so worried about this?

Mytyl: "Because I want you to be happy! Duh-doy. You need to get hitched and have a big happy family. Screaming kids and a wife and all that? You know! Happy!"

She has an interesting idea of happiness.

Copen: I'll...think about it.

Mytyl: "Great! Oh, and I get final approval over your lady friend."


Mytyl: "Hey, Copen! You like my hair scrunchie? I made it myself."

Copen: Yeah, it's not bad.

Mytyl: "Not bad? It's great! Now you need to braid my hair."

Copen: I need to... Wait, what? Wouldn't Nori be better for that?

She shook her head and pointed at the scrunchy.

Copen: I've never braided hair in my life, sis.

Mytyl: "You build stuff! How can you be afraid of hair?"

She was really into this hair thing. So I decided to give it my best shot. It...wasn't great. Pretty terrible, actually. But she seemed to like it all the same.

Lola's Upgrade

Lola made for Mytyl as soon as we entered.

Lola: We're still on for today, right, girl?

Mytyl: "Yeppers! Nori got us all the tools and everything!"

Copen: Er, what's going on?

Lola: Mytyl's gonna help me create a new outfit!

Mytyl: "I thought she might like to change things up a little."

Mytyl had ribbons and junk all laid out. And all sorts of nail polish.

Copen: Hey, doll her up all you want, but it'll be lost in bat--

Lola stopped me from saying anything else.

Lola: You don't understand anything, boss! Style is important no matter *what* you're doing! Right, Mytyl?

She nodded until I thought her head might fall off.

Copen: Well, okay. Just don't put anything too bulky on her.

Mytyl: "Stop worrying already!"

Puppy Plans

I found Mytyl reading a magazine about dogs.

Copen: You want a puppy or something, sis?

Nori: I thought a therapy dog might be useful in her treatment.

Copen: A what?

Nori: Therapy dog. They give emotional support to patients. They're specially trained to work in medical environments.

Mytyl really looks happy staring at those dogs.

Nori: Is something wrong? You're staring at her rather...intensely.

Copen: Nothing. I just... Well, maybe a dog would be nice. Better than me and all my problems, at any rate...

Nori: We could provide you with training if you want. You'd make a fine therapy animal. What do you say?

Copen: Pass.


One day, Mytyl's monitor started acting up.

Mytyl: "Hey, what's up with the doohickey?"

Nori: I've got it.

Suddenly, Nori slammed her hand down on the monitor.

Lola: Whoa, hold on! That's delicate machinery!

Nori: It's fine. See?

Nori was right--it was working again.

Mytyl: "You fixed it! Yay, Nori!"

Copen: I can't believe that actually worked.

Nori: It's how we used to fix our TV when I was a kid.

Copen: I can't endorse anything about this.

Nori: We'll do it your way next time.

Lola: Yeah, man! Who sits around pounding on machines? Not cool!

As a machine herself, I get why Lola was worried.

Copen: So if you did that as a kid, Nori, it would make old?

Nori: Rude, Copen. Really, really rude.

Okay then. Probably best to drop it.

Copen: Lola's right--Nori can be scary.


Mytyl: "Lola! You're hurt!"

Lola: I am? ...Oh! I am! The ol' red badge of courage, I guess.

I try to patch Lola up after each mission. I must have rushed it this time. Damn. Now Mytyl will know how much we've been fighting.

Mytyl: "Be careful, Lola! You're still just a little girl. Oh, wait! That totally reminds me!"

She pulled out a sticker and put it on Lola. It was from a set I gave her years ago.

Copen: You still have those?

Mytyl: "I've been waiting for a chance to use 'em. Isn't Lola cute?"

Lola: Aw, thanks girl! I don't know what to say...

I am not going into battle with a stickered sidekick. But if I take it off, Mytyl will feel bad...

Displaced Memories

I found Mytyl looking at old diary entries.

Mytyl: "Hey, Copen? Do you remember this day?"

She showed me an open page of the diary.

Mytyl: "We went outside and I found this rad leaf on the ground. Do you remember what kind it was? It's all fuzzy for me.

Copen: You have it there, sis. You pressed it for a bookmark.

Mytyl took the leaf from the book, surprised.

Copen: Forgot about that, did you?

She nodded sadly.

Mytyl: "Man, I've been such a scatterbrain lately. Even this diary feels like it all happened to someone else."

She smiled then, probably to make me feel better.

Mytyl: "My body's getting better, but my brain is losing it! LOL! Maybe I need to start some hardcore memory training."

Displaced Memories 2

[This is a special conversation that is guaranteed to play first after 3 main missions have been cleared.]

Mytyl: "Lately I keep having the same stupid dream. I'm locked in a tiny box or a crate or something. And I just sit there until someone comes and rescues me. I never know who it is that pulls me out of the box, either. I have a theory, though. And I know you'll laugh, but... I think it's an angel."

Copen: An...angel?

Mytyl: "I saw wings. But it's a dream, right? It's supposed to be weird. Anyway, I've had it enough now that it actually feels real. Do you think there's some kind of deeper meaning maybe?"

Copen: Dreams are just your mind stretching. Don't worry about it.

Mytyl: ":?"

An angel? That must be our mother's influence.


[This is a special conversation that always plays after Forfeit (The Sewers) is first cleared, but before the game is first cleared.]

It's quiet as the grave in here. ...Better get going.


  • In the "Favors" conversation, the script incorrectly displays Joule's name when Gunvolt addresses Quinn.
  • Unlike in the first game, in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, each time you complete a stage, you are assigned a pool of conversations that the game will randomly choose from when you talk to either Joule or Mytyl. This makes it easier to view each conversation as well as making it less likely to encounter the same conversation twice if you only use the feature casually throughout the game.
    • After completing the first 6 (Gunvolt)/5 (Copen) stages for the first time, and any time you complete either Data Facility (Gunvolt) or Isle of Dreams (Copen) after beating the game, you will not be assigned a pool and will instead be locked into "Prayer" (Gunvolt) or "Quiet" (Copen). Interestingly, the bosses of those respective stages are the ones to kidnap Mytyl in the opposite route (Teseo in Copen's route, Asroc in Gunvolt's).