In between missions, Gunvolt has the option to converse with Joule and Lumen in his apartment. Doing so primarily acts as a way to flesh out the characters and the relationship between Gunvolt and Joule. However, talking with Joule also increases the chance of Anthem activating during regular gameplay.

  • Anytime italics are used, they represent Gunvolt's thoughts.

Japanese Voice Mod Script

A Dash?

Really late one night, I noticed the light was on in the kitchen. I took a peek inside, and sure enough, Joule was in there.

Joule: One teaspoon of soy sauce...

Seemed like she was looking at some recipe website. Maybe she was trying to get in some cooking practice...

Joule: A dash of mirin...dash? What's a dash? How much is that?

I wanted to tell her but didn't wanna be overbearing. I thought it'd be best to leave her be, so I went back to my room.


Joule: *sniffle*...

Joule was reading a book from school.

Gunvolt: ...You alright?

She grabbed the hand towel that I gave to her.

Joule: ...Yeah...this really sad... A breadmaker robot...fell in love with a human girl, but... The girl...she died...*sniff*...

The tears welled up in her eyes again. As expected of a former artist, she was pretty sensitive.

Gunvolt: ...I'll have to read it sometime.

Joule: Yeah...


Joule: GV, have you been using your special skills?

Ah yes, special skills... They go above and beyond the powers normally granted to Adepts. Kinda like special moves in a fighting game...

Gunvolt: If I defeat an enemy with a special skill, I can earn bonus kudos, and... When I use a skill, my kudos are turned into bonus points... There are a lot of good opportunities to use these.

Joule: But if you want lots of kudos, you shouldn't use special skills... Try to keep earning kudos until you land the final blow on the boss, yeah?

Gunvolt: That's true, but...

That means I would have to take no damage the whole time.

Joule: It's can do it! You can definitely do it, GV! I believe in you... So...give it your best shot...

Gunvolt: ......Yeah.


Joule: ~♪

I passed by the living room and could hear Joule humming.

Gunvolt: You really do like music, dont'cha?

Joule: G...GV?! ...You were listening?

Her face turned bright red, then she curled up into a ball. Dang...maybe I shouldn't have been so nonchalant about this...

Gunvolt: My bad, I wasn't trying to make fun of you or anything...

Joule: Hmph...

No dice...better change topics...

Gunvolt: ...Say, Joule, do you have other hobbies too?

Joule: ...... I guess...I like making accessories... You know, using beads, silver...

Gunvolt: Really? Will you show me next time you make one?

Joule: ...Yeah...

Hobbies 2

Joule: Hey GV... Do you have any hobbies?

Gunvolt: Hobbies? Hmm... Never thought about it. I guess I would say that I don't have any...

Joule: T-that's a violation!

Gunvolt: A violation?

Joule: Yes, a violation...ummm, so... Next time, will you make accessories with me?

Gunvolt: Y-yeah...

Joule: Ok, it's a promise.

Gunvolt: Got it...that's fine.

Touchy About Food

Joule: So I tried takoyaki for the first time the other day...

Man, I haven't eaten takoyaki much. Maybe once or twice. The last time I had it was when Zeno brought some to work...

Gunvolt: Takoyaki are those balls of batter, like okonomiyaki?

Joule: ......! No no! Takoyaki has octopus in it!

Gunvolt: But doesn't okonomiyaki have octopus in it sometimes too?

Joule: ......! N-nope...!

Gunvolt: Joule...?

Joule: I don't care! You're a jerk, GV!

Gunvolt: ...?

What's she all bent out of shape about?


Gunvolt: ...Hm?

There was a strange drawing on the back of this flyer I picked up.

Joule: ...Ahh!

Joule appeared outta nowhere and snatched the flyer from my hand... Then crumpled it into a ball and smashed it up.

Gunvolt: ...Is this your handwork, Joule?

Joule: N-n-n-...nope! This is...ya know...

I couldn't really make out what exactly she drew on there. ...Definitely seems like she didn't want me to see it.

Joule: Don't worry about it, ok?!

It was rare for her to be so mad. After that she went to her room. My eyes glanced over to the trash can where she threw the flyer away. I checked it and found some other ones. Wait a sec... I noticed it wasn't a pattern. It was messed up cursive. J...o...u...l...e... Joule...? After the e...wait, that's not a letter, it's a butterfly symbol...

Gunvolt: She's practicing her...signature?

Looks like she still has some attachment to being an idol...


Gunvolt: ...? What's this?

A little notebook had fallen between the sofa cushions. It was probably Joule's. She must have dropped it here. I knew I shouldn't have, but I took a peek inside to make sure. I wasn't reading it intently...just flipping through the pages... "Today GV..." "So, GV decided to..." "GV and I..." It looked like Joule's diary...but I only found stuff about me.

Joule: Hey!

I heard Joule call out to me. I turned my head and sure enough...

Joule: Don't...look at that!

She vigorously snatched the notebook from my hand.

Gunvolt: I guess that was yours after all...don't worry, I didn't read it.

I actually did read it a bit, but not enough to grasp any of it. Saying I didn't read it would be the easiest way out of this...

Joule: If that's true...that's no problem...

I feel like I...just did something kinda bad...

Secondhand Guilt

Joule's fingers were tapping away at her smartphone. Seemed like she was chatting with someone on social media.

Gunvolt: You use social media?

Joule: Yeah, I talk to kids from my class...

Joule recently started school, but I don't really see her there. Seems like she's getting along just fine, though. That's a relief.

Joule: Ah...

Gunvolt: What's the matter?

She quickly put her phone away, but I saw what was on her screen. "I won't forgive the terrorist who destroyed Lumen!" Looks like her friends were talking about this, too. I guess her classmates were pretty big fans of Lumen.

Gunvolt: ...Nothing you need to worry about.

Joule: Ok...

Joule looked pretty bummed... Despite that, I couldn't bring myself to say anything else...

About Moniqa

Joule: Hey GV, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while... ...What kind of person is Moniqa?

Gunvolt: ...She's a pretty diligent gal. She doesn't have septimal powers like we do, but... She's a talented mission operator. QUILL really needs her. ...I think she keeps some things from us, but she is never hindered. Plus, you know, she' can I describe it... You could say that she's like the big sister on the team.

Joule: Big sister...I see. Yeah... I guess that's fine. Um, I'm gonna go take a bath now.

Gunvolt: ...?

I wonder what she was expecting me to say...

About Asimov

Joule: Hey, GV...

What kind of person would you say Asimov is?

Gunvolt: Asimov, huh? Well, he's the leader of my team, "Team Sheeps". He's a serious kinda guy. He says some crazy stuff sometimes though... I don't have any parents, but he... If there was a father figure in my life, it'd definitely be him. If I told him that, he'd pout and say something like "I'm not that old."

Joule: Parents... Not that it's something I know much about... But I think it'd be really nice having someone like that around...

Gunvolt: ...Yeah.

About Zeno

Joule: I know Zeno comes to hang out a lot, but I still don't know him well...

Gunvolt: He looks like a pretty lackadaisical dude, but he's a hot shot at QUILL. He's pretty close in age to me, so you could say we get along pretty well. He doesn't seem older than me based on his personality though...

As for Zeno the QUILL member, I don't see him too often at work. He always has a lot of stuff to do. He works hard, but still finds plenty of time to hang with us. The fact that he cares about us really shines through.

Joule: ...You really put a lot of trust in him, don't you GV? I can just tell...

Gunvolt: ......



Joule: Umm...GV.

Her eyes locked onto me. She definitely had something to say.

Joule: Thanks for all your hard work...I, tried my hand at making coffee.

Her eyes shifted over to the table. I see...there was a single coffee cup placed on said table.

Gunvolt: Thanks...I'll have some.

I grabbed the cup and took a sip.

Gunvolt: ............

It was pretty watery... Truth be told, I could barely taste any of the coffee.

Joule: So...I guess you're not much of a coffee fan? Ok, next time, I'll make tea instead.

Gunvolt: ............Thanks.


Joule: GV, you are on "Team Sheeps", right?

Gunvolt: Yup. Asimov came up with the name.

Joule: That's sheep as in the fluffy animal, right?

Gunvolt: ...Yup, that's right.

Joule: But, for sheep, the plural form is still "sheep"... It's not supposed to have an "s"...

Gunvolt: ...I never realized that. But it's Asimov we're talking about. I'm sure he has a reason... I'll ask him about it.

Joule: ...Thanks... Sorry if that was a weird question. I was curious.

Pain From The Past

Joule seems pretty down...I wonder what's the matter...

Gunvolt: ...You ok?

Joule: Not really... A kid in my class was bragging about how his dad worked for Sumeragi. ...Now I don't know how I should be interacting with him...

Gunvolt: From the outside, Sumeragi looks like a pretty legit company.

They're a large company most people would love to work for.

Gunvolt: I don't know him, but, all kinds of people work for Sumeragi... There are people besides those who were involved with imprisoning you. All of the people you knew from Sumeragi treated you harshly?

Joule: ...No...a few of them did, but...some of them were kind to me...

Gunvolt: Then don't worry about your classmate. Just act normal around him.

It'd definitely be best to keep her identity hidden. However, if she's too reserved, making friends will be a challenge... I didn't want her to have to go through that.

Hair Darts

My gun was developed by QUILL exclusively for my use. It has a changeable stock, and a bunch of custom-made parts. So I gotta take care of my piece, and perform maintenance regularly.

Joule: Your gun doesn't fire bullets, right? Isn't it some kind of dart?

Gunvolt: mean the "tags". The metal coating is fused with my highly conductive hair.

Joule: Wha...they use your hair?

Gunvol: It's from my body, so it corresponds to my Flashfield's electricity.

Joule: basically, you're shooting "hair darts".

Gunvolt: Yeah, but... That is an -extremely- uncool name for them...


Lumen: Hiii, GV!

Gunvolt: Hey Lumen... This is unusual.

Lumen: GV, have you noticed your kudos meter yet?

Kudos are a combo system that increases when you deal damage. Whenever you use a special skill or utilize a retry marker... Kudos are turned to bonus points before getting reset to zero. But, before your kudos are converted, if you take damage... You will lose all your kudos and receive no bonus score.

Lumen: If you manage to acquire at least 1000 kudos... For as long as you are able to maintain them, I'll sing for you. Just getting through a mission is fine, but try to keep those kudos, ok?

Dog Bite

Joule's right hand was all bandaged up...

Gunvolt: What happened to your hand?

Joule: Well, I got bit by a doggie on my way home today...

There is a house nearby where a dog is always barking... Never seen the actual dog, but they do have "beware of dog" sign.

Gunvolt: Seems like a nasty dog lives there. Are you alright?

Joule: Yeah...the doggie wasn't all that big... I'm not really sure what breed it was either... It was purple, so maybe it's a shiba inu...

Gunvolt: ...Purple?

No such thing as a purple shiba... Makes me wonder what she actually saw...


I noticed a plushie on the sofa that I'd never seen before...

Gunvolt: ...Hey Joule, what's this plushie?

Joule: It's a present that Zeno gave to me.

Gunvolt: I feel like I've seen this character before... What was her name again?

Joule: I think Zeno said her name was "Trainee Angel Ekoro"...

...Ekoro. I've definitely heard that name before, but where...? A blue angel that uses guns...wargh, I just can't remember. I'll ask Zeno about her next time I see him.

Self-Referential 2

Joule: Umm...GV... This is...

The ever shy and bashful Joule was holding a video game. That was...that retro game that Zeno left here. You play as some dude who makes hordes of girls swoon and stuff. It's a shooting game that you wouldn't want mom to see.

Gunvolt: ...Like I said a million times, Zeno left that here.

Joule: ...! Oh, I see... Alrighty, tell him that it was a lot of fun... And to hook me up with the sequel if he has it...

Joule handed me the game and went about her business.

Gunvolt: You...liked this game?


I saw Joule putting a sewing kit in her school bag.

Gunvolt: Getting ready for tomorrow?

Joule: Oh hey, GV. Yeah...we have a lesson about making clothes.

During the day, I go to the same middle school as Joule. ...We had to fudge a lot of the paperwork to make that happen. Seems like only a few people at Sumeragi knew who Lumen really was. QUILL said Sumeragi felt they had to keep her identity a secret.

Gunvolt: Are you...enjoying school?

Joule: Yeah. The other day, my music teacher told me I was really good at singing.

The way she answered...seemed like she was embarrassed about it. Come to think of it, Lumen was always singing, not Joule... Makes sense that the girl behind Lumen has some musical talent.

Gunvolt: I wonder if your teacher thought you were a former idol or something...

Joule: T-the idol was always Lumen, not me...

Troublesome Pronunciation

Joule: You're in pretty good shape, GV. Do you do any martial arts?

Gunvolt: I did them a lot when I was at QUILL.

Joule: So that'd be like...assassination and stuff?

Gunvolt: Asimov said it was karate based off of "chatan yarakuu shanku". So basically, it was an original kind of martial art...

He probably thinks "baritsu" is a real martial art...

Joule: Cha-tan-raku...whaaa?

Gunvolt: "Chatan yaraukuu shanku". It's like karate, but I dunno more than that.

Joule: Cha-ran-sha-ta-ku...

Gunvolt: ...You don't have to remember this.


Joule: Aw man...

Joule was groaning at something she was looking at on the PC. It was a website that sold swag for some mascot character.

Gunvolt: "Soupbear"?

It was a phone strap of a bear submerged in a bowl of soup. It had white dreadlocks with onions and tempura in its hair. I guess this guy is supposed to be themed like udon? But, he was grasping some sort of veggie skewer in his hand. Weird...

Joule: At first, Soupbear seemed like it would be just a local mascot character. But recently it got crazy popular, and now it's like a national phenomenon.

Gunvolt: ......I see.

Joule: I really wanted this phone strap, but it looks like it sold out pretty fast...

Gunvolt: Yeah, Moniqa was talking about how much she liked these too. I'll check around and see if I can find one.

Joule: Really? Thank you, GV!

Mature And Poised

Gunvolt: So, the other day Zeno...

Joule: Zeno?

Gunvolt: Yeah...he said that he was quite the Lumen fan...

Lumen: Hehe, that makes me happy. I'll give him an autograph next time.

It was very much like her to appear outta nowhere like that. Zeno always said that he liked how Lumen was so mature and poised. Hmm...when you compare her and Joule...hmmm...

Joule: Hm? What...don't stare at me like's embarrassing...

Mature and poised, huh...?

Gunvolt: ...Don't worry about it.

Joule: Somehow I get the feeling that you were thinking something really mean...

Favorite Food

Joule: Now that I think about it...GV, what foods do you like and dislike?

Joule was inquiring about that for the first time. I wonder she planning on cooking for me or something? Cuz I'm the one who usually does the cooking.

Gunvolt: There's really no foods that I hate. As for ones I like... Fish that I zapped with my lightning. It gets dried, almost jerky-like. That stuff is packed to the gills with vitamins. I guess that's my answer.

Joule: I see...interesting. Definitely not what I was expecting... When I get better at cooking, I'll try to make it sometime, ok?

Gunvolt: Thank you. I'll be waiting for that, with no expectations...

Joule: Hmph... You could at least try to look forward to it...

Favorite Food 2

Gunvolt: Come to think of it Joule...I don't think I asked... What kind of food do you like or dislike?

Joule: Food I like or dislike? Hmm... I'm not good with spicy food... I guess I like sweet bean jelly, stuff with red bean...

Gunvolt: Japanese-style sweets, huh?

I was thinking that I could see how to make them, but... This time I'll just buy 'em.


Joule: When you clear a mission, do you notice your rank? The higher the rank, the more items you'll get when you clear a mission. There are five ranks in total... Take down lots of bad guys during the mission in the shortest time. If you have a lot of kudos, they'll influence your rank as well. Just completing the mission is fine and all, but... If you can, give it your best shot and shoot for a S+ rank, GV!

Gunvolt: You know an awful lot about this...

Joule: I...I just...did...lots of research...

Kitty Rehearsal

Joule: Nyaan nyan♪

...I think I just saw something I wasn't supposed to see...

Joule: Nyaaan♪

No doubt about it... Joule is making kitty cat sounds. She's meowing, and dancing around in cat ears and a cat tail...

Gunvolt: ...Did...something weird happen to you?

Joule: G...GV?!?! ...Owwwww!!

Joule tripped over her own two feet and collapsed to the floor.

Joule: ...Hah! That's...not it! This friend... Play... Oww...bit my tongue...

Her flustered explanation was tough to process, but I got it. She was rehearsing for a play she was doing with her friends. I guess she'll be...a kitty.

Gunvolt: ...Ok, I get it, so chill out a bit, alright?

Joule: Fine...


Joule: You sure wear rings a lot, GV... I guess they're pretty important to you, huh?

Gunvolt: Ahh, these? They have gems that increase the capacity and power of my Septima. The rings themselves are made with a special kind of metal.

These are probably similar to the glaives that Sumeragi Adepts use.

Gunvolt: Rings are somewhat of a hobby of mine, but... At the end of the day, these are just equipment for work.

Joule: I see...that's a relief... (I guess they didn't come from some other girl...)

Gunvolt: What do you mean, "relief"?

Joule: N-...nothing! Don't sweat it! Rings look good on you...

Gunvolt: ...Thank you...

Exercise Woes

Joule: Sigh...

Gunvolt: What's the matter? How come you're sighing like that?

Joule: We have a big phys ed class coming up tomorrow...

Joule had spent most of her life in confinement at Sumeragi. I guess it's natural that she'd have a tough time with phys ed.

Joule: You're really good at exercise, aren't you GV? still exert a lot of effort when you work out. I gotta keep trying harder.

Yeah, I guess I do go all out when I'm training, but... My Septima really gives a nice boost to my physical abilities. Maybe it'd be best to keep quiet on this one...


Joule: You have a lightning based Septima, right?

Gunvolt: Yeah, but...why the sudden question?

My lightning Septima does more than emit electricity. My physical attributes are notably more powerful, and... My skin has a layer that protects me from shocks. I can also hack into electrical devices. Sumeragi's still trying to figure out how my Septima works. Some of them say that it has "infinite possibilities". These are all things I heard from Asimov...

Joule: So...that can help us save on our electricity bill?

Gunvolt: ...... ...That's pretty stingy...


Joule: GV...what's up with that pose you do sometimes?

Gunvolt: Pose...? Oh, you mean my charging pose? That's just what I do when I'm recharging my EP... It helps me concentrate. Came up with it myself too...

Joule: E...P...?

Gunvolt: Electric Psycho Energy... It's the essence that allows my Septima to create electricity.

Joule: So it's not some pose you were doing just to try and look cool, right?

Gunvolt: Well, I did come up with it, so I guess you aren't wrong, but...

If she thinks it's lame...I may have to dial it back a bit...

Joule: no! I think it's cool! Really! Maybe I should think of a pose know, for when I summon Lumen.

Gunvolt: ......I don't think that's necessary.


Joule: ~♪

We were watching videos online. Suddenly, Joule started to sing. It sounded like the same song from the video we were watching.

Gunvolt: I feel like I've heard this somewhere before. Is this a Lumen song?

Joule: Nope, it's a song from a car commercial.

Gunvolt: Ah, now that you mention it...

That's right, it was for some car company...Sakurazaki, I believe. They had a commercial for this obnoxiously gaudy pink car. Made me wonder what kind of person would buy a car like that.

Joule: Sometimes, you can't help but blurt these songs out...

Cup Noodles

Joule: GV, do you know what "Cup Ramen" is?

This is probably because she was held captive for so long, but... Sometimes she straight up has no idea about everyday things. I had some similar instances of this too, so I can't say much... But even when I was at Sumeragi, they still had TVs and stuff... Makes me wonder what else she might not know about.

Gunvolt: ...Yup, I know it.

Joule: So it really does time, I wanna try it.

Gunvolt: ...Ok, I'll go buy some tomorrow.

Joule: Really?! Ok, it's a promise!

Her hype levels were through the roof. Seeing how happy she was over something so trivial was kinda neat.

Cup Noodles 2

Joule was doing something over by the sink...

Joule: Heheee♪ Yakisoba~♪

Ahh, yakisoba cup noodles...I guess she's making dinner.

Joule: To think, that something like this even exists in this world... Ok, that's 3 I just gotta dump out the water... ...Makes me wonder, though, at what point do the noodles get fried...?

Seems like Joule has a major misunderstanding about this... Then, she poured the water out all at once. There was quite an audible "thud" as the hot water hit the sink.

Joule: Kyaaah! What...was that sound?

Gunvolt: Joule...

One Day

Gunvolt: Oh geez...

I peeked into the fridge and it was looking pretty barren. Usually I'm the one that does the cooking here. Cooking was a skill I learned when I was still training at QUILL. My cooking gained some notoriety. My other life skills didn't...

Joule: ...Want me to go grab some stuff from the store?

Gunvolt: Nah, it's dangerous, so don't sweat it. I'll go.

Joule: But, I...I'm always relying on you for everything, GV... I want to do something. I wanna feel useful.

Gunvolt: Joule... Thank you. Just hearing that from you is more than enough for me.

Joule: GV...I... One day, I'm gonna be able to do the cooking...and other stuff too...

Idol Envy

Joule was rocking out with her headphones on. Whatever she was listening to, she was getting pretty hyped.

Joule: Ah, I'm sorry...I was listening to music...

Gunvolt: Looked like you were listening pretty intently. What song is it?

Joule: Do you know "Aoi"?

Oh yeah, she had her big break before either of us were even born.

Joule: We talked about her in class, so it made me want to listen to her again. She really is a legendary rock can get lost in her music.

Gunvolt: I could say the same thing about Lumen's songs too.

Joule: But in the end those are her songs, not mine... It's not me belting these out after all... Aoi touches so many people's hearts by performing her songs... ...She's so amazing.

Gunvolt: Joule...

Dozed Off

Joule: Zzz...zzz...

Joule was sound asleep in the living room. QUILL has a lot of missions that need to be taken late at night. But still, Joule is always there waiting for me when I get home. When it gets this late though, she tends to doze off.

Gunvolt: Joule, you'll catch a cold sleeping out here like that...

Joule: Mnyah...G...V... ......

That was that, she fell right back to sleep.

Gunvolt: Alright, fine... I'll go fetch you a blanket.


Joule: I know you wear contacts GV, your vision pretty bad?

Gunvolt: Yeah it is, but... My contacts are made to give super effective results for Adepts.

I don't know how, but somehow my Septima works better with them. They even give special abilities to the wearer... And link up to my Septima on some level.

Gunvolt: When I'm at school though, I still wear my glasses. It's like a disguise.

Joule: I think contacts look better on you than glasses.


Joule had already gone to bed. Suddenly, she came to my room.

Joule: GV...

Gunvolt: What's up? Especially at this hour...

Joule: I had a dream...a really scary dream... You were...just...gone...

I was gone...? I guess she dreamt that I had died. With my job, it's no wonder she had a dream like that... Maybe I should tell her that I'll take it easy for a bit... I've been thinking about that for a while now...

Gunvolt: Joule...soon, I'll take a long vacation, and the two of us can go somewhere.

Joule: But...what about work? Besides, we...

I was gonna start talking, but she put her finger over my mouth.*

Gunvolt: We are free now. Nobody has the power to take that from us anymore. It might be hard, but I'm gonna put together a plan for our trip.

Joule: GV... can I... Can we...plan it together?

Gunvolt: ...Yeah. Let's think of this together.

No Regrets

Joule: GV... You left QUILL because of me, didn't you? Was that...really ok? I thought QUILL was like family to you, right? I...don't wanna drag you down...

Joule's eyes were glazed over with sadness...she was shaking...

Gunvolt: Joule... I have no regrets about my decision. I was able to give you freedom...that's good enough for me.

Joule: GV...

Almost A Pet

I opened the window one night and saw a bird flying around...

Gunvolt: Weird to see one out this late.

Joule: Waah!

It must be friendly because he landed right on Joule's shoulder.

Joule: ......He's so cute...

Gunvolt: Joule?

Joule: ...Heeey GV... can we keep him?

Gunvolt: ...... This bird is wild...that freedom isn't something we should take away.

Joule: Yeah... I guess you're right...

Joule cupped her hands together and held him near the window. For a little while he just sat there in her hands. After a bit though, he took off into the night sky.

Joule: Farewell, mushroom...

She came up with a name pretty fast. Albeit a rather odd one...


Joule: GV, are you reading the conversations during your missions? If things get hard to see or if the text boxes are in your way... Pressing the X button will disable these. Now, this is of course if you're using the default controls... If you change your controls, this button could be different. If you're having trouble focusing on the gameplay, this may help you out...

Gunvolt: So I can disable these messages? I'll remember that.

Orbital Elevator

Joule was at the window staring off at something.

Gunvolt: Whatcha looking at?

Joule: That pillar...

That pillar was none other than Sumeragi's orbital elevator. They built it near the seaside decently far away from home. But it's so massive that you can see it clearly, even from here.

Joule: People think of that pillar as some national symbol... But I think it's...kinda dreadful... There's just a lot of things about it that scare me...

Gunvolt: Scare you?

Lumen: My powers inspire the heart and soul... Maybe that's why we can feel these kinds of things. It's like a stream of aura, if you will.

Gunvolt: Lumen... Don't worry, I'm here to protect her.

Joule: GV... (But I don't always want to be protected...I wanna protect you too...)


Lumen had been putting out all kinds of songs up until now... To think that these were used to mentally ensnare Adepts... Nowadays, they are broadcasting her music without side effects. These were pre-recorded, so Adepts can safely listen to them.

Gunvolt: Hey Joule...did you come up with Lumen's songs on your own?

Joule: At first I did...but after a while, Sumeragi began making them...

Lumen: But she's writing them again now, and they're all about you, GV!

I hadn't noticed that Lumen appeared beside me. Joule was so flustered...her face was bright red.

Joule: L-Lumen!! Why'd you have to spill the beans?!

Lumen: I'm your heart & soul...I -do- represent your true feelings after all. You kept saying you want GV to know you've been working hard on these...

Joule: I...said nothing of the sort!

Gunvolt: ...Sounds tough.

True Name

Joule: GV...Gunvolt isn't your real name, is it?

Gunvolt: It's a codename I've had for ages. I guess I'm just used to it now.

Joule: Can't you...tell me...your real name...?

Gunvolt: ...Sorry, I've long since forgotten it.

Joule: ...... Oh...I see...that's a shame...

Gunvolt: ......I'm sorry.

8-4 Script


Joule: Gunvolt! You're home. How'd the job go?

Gunvolt: Huh? Joule?! But we both--I must be dreaming.

Lumen: *Maybe you are now. Maybe you were before.*

Joule: But whether you've walked into a dream...

Lumen: *Or out of some terrible phantasmagoria...*

Joule: You'll never know, will you?

Lumen: *Seriously, bro. We've all got one foot in fantasy and one in reality.*

Joule: If you don't know where you are, all you can do is keep going.

Lumen: *There's no sidestepping fate--real or imagined.*

Joule: But you can walk toward it armed with hope.

Lumen: *Maybe you've already found a little of it...*

Joule: Or maybe you haven't. But if you ever do think you've found a little hope, I hope you'll share it with me.


Gunvolt: Hey, Joule. I've got something for you.

I took out the jewel I found and gave it to her.

Joule: Wow! A jewel! ...How much should I read into this?

Gunvolt: Har har. You're welcome.

Joule: Heh heh. I'm kidding. It's really nice! Thank you.


Joule: Hey, Gunvolt. I've got something for you this time.

Joule produced a necklace with seven jewels in it. I recognized them right away.

Gunvolt: You made this?

Joule: Yeah. I didn't want your presents to go to waste. And it feels nice to do something for you for a change--y'know?

Gunvolt: This is great. Thanks, Joule! I'll keep it close.

I put the handmade necklace in with my other gear.


Joule: Oh! You're home. How was work? The way I see it, people as bad as Sumeragi can't stay in control forever. It might take time, but you're going to change the world one day.

Gunvolt: Thanks, Joule. I'll be happy if I can just keep food on the table.


That Copen guy seemed convinced he's more "human" than me. I guess he's not an Adept...but his weaponry could mimic the Septima of Adepts I've fought...

Joule: Something on your mind?

Gunvolt: A million things. But it's okay.


Gunvolt: What's wrong, Joule? You don't look so hot.

Joule: I had the worst nightmare... I was all alone, and Sumeragi was coming for me.

Gunvolt: You don't have to worry. I'll protect you from them. You'll always be safe with me.

Joule: Thanks, Gunvolt. (But I think you might be the one who needs me. Because in my dream, you were already...)


Joule: I hear you're doing great out there on missions. Just finishing them at all is an achievement, but did you know QUILL awards S and S+ ranks if you do really well?

Gunvolt: Yes, I know. What are you, my agent now? Jeez.



The silence was the worst part. I couldn't stay in the apartment, so I threw myself at my work.


  • In the "Vacation" conversation, Gunvolt claims that Joule shushed him with a finger to his mouth, yet he was the one who interrupted her and went on to speak. This is either an accidental switcharound of the pronouns, or the conversation was originally planned to be different and wasn't properly proofread once changed.
  • For the "Self-Referential" conversations, the game in question is Gal*Gun, another Inti property.
  • In the "Sakurazaki" conversation, the name mentioned foreshadows Quinn Sakurazaki from the second game.
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