Aviator is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Avi. An airborne robot with mobile scanners who fights with speed and trickery. He can record his fight with his target and play it back to attack in multiple directions at once.


Aviator is weak to the ANALYZER element.


Machine Gun

Aviator fires three bullet bursts three times at varying heights. In Hard Mode, there are four bullets and there is a shorter delay between the bursts.

Sky Dive

Aviator repeatedly flies above the screen dives down to hit the player, flying back up before just hitting the ground with each attempt. In Hard Mode, he flies faster.

Camera Chase

A hovering camera is summoned and remains in front of Aviator, which he uses to ram into the player and deflect bullets. After several chases he will launch the camera at the player, which will stick to them and deflect their shots for some time if it connects. On Hard Mode, the camera slightly homes in on the player when it's launched.

Video Playback

His Desperation Move. Aviator causes a video recording symbol to appear in the screen's corner and begins a Sky Dive attack. After concluding it, the symbol shifts to play, causing copies of both him and the player to appear and repeat their movements made during the recording. Aviator himself commences another Sky Dive attack while this occurs. As with the basic Sky Dive, in Hard Mode both he and his copy fly faster.

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