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Auto-fab Plant is part of the first round of boss missions from Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, alongside Store Ruins and Sumeragi Building 13. The EN Pack for the hideout's lights and heating is becoming unstable. A nearby plant that Sumeragi abandoned still has the lights on, so they might spare some supplies, provided Copen can "persuade" them.

Stage Composition

  • The stage has two gimmicks here. The first half has explosive capsules scattered around the stage. Shoot or tag one of these and it'll go boom. Try not to get caught in the blast.
    • Shroud Spear is capable of wrapping the containers, preventing them from detonating.
  • The second half features laser tripwires that cause saws to pop out of the walls. They come in two types
    • Orange lasers will alternate being on or off. Move past them when they're off
    • Red lasers will always be on. Quickly dash through to avoid the saws
  • At the end of the stage lies Crimm, setting himself up for a bombastic masterpiece.

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Autofab plant emblem 1.jpg
Behind a false wall in the first shaft Copen descends, just past the flying drone and flamethrower soldier. The shield sentry unit can be baited into destroying the block if you don't have Orbital Edge yet.
Autofab plant emblem 2.jpg
High above at a ceiling near the hexapyle. Be aware that there are some exploding robots on the walls in the area.
Autofab plant emblem 3.jpg
If you trip the laser, you can just go further into the stage and come back to find it reset.
Autofab plant emblem 4.jpg