The Armed Blue Gunvolt Official Soundtrack is an album made for Azure Striker Gunvolt. It contains all of the non-vocal tracks heard in the game, as well as a melody for the Sakurazaki Car CM mentioned in the game's "Talk Room".

This album, as well as Azure Phosphorescence , are the only two albums available outside of Japan. It was localized and released via FanGamer, and comes in a folded cardboard case instead of a jewel case.


1. A long night begins

2. The unleashed thunderclap

3. Azure wings dance in the night

4.Situational sudden change

5. Completion

6. Return and reward

7. The girl’s prayers

8. A warrior’s everyday

9. The awaiting abyss

10. Amaterasu’s glory

11. The raging flames jail

12. The greedy magnetic field 

13. The whereabouts of wandering souls

14. The poisonous insects flower garden

15. The sweeping artifices 

16. The unsheathing blade

17. Seven Swords Battle

18. Victory

19. The bewitching nightless city

20. The silver bullet of  revenge

21. Judgment: annihilation

22. Impatience and chase

23. Lightning runs through

24. The land drawing away 

25. The bridge hovering in heaven

26. Heaven Ruler

27. Phosphorescent Dance

28. The rising mind

29. Final Judgment

30. The nightmare appears

31. Become a cyber-wave

32. Thunderclap clash

33. The long dawn

34. Beyond the Blue

35. Nebulous Clock

36. Azure Door

37. Pain from the Past

38. Scorching Journey

39. Rogue Shimmer

40. A Zip to the Moon

41. Reincarnation

42. Sakurazi Motors PV Song


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