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This CD (also known as Armed Blue Gunvolt) is included with the Japanese version of the Nintendo 3DS version of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack.

It is an audio drama that primarily focuses on a battle between the forces of Eden and the Sumeragi Group. It also serves as a prequel to the original game, giving a little insight on the members of QUILL, as well as Zonda.


Track 1: Asimov wiretaps Nova's communications, only to hear of a threat to attack the national defense barrier...

Track 2: Tenjian, Teseo, and Gibril go over the plan to attack the radio tower "Amaterasu".

Track 3: The Prideful Silhouette and The Full Metal Jacket clash atop Amaterasu. Lightspeed and Metallon, charge into battle!

Track 4: As Jota and Gibril duel outside the tower, another battle rages within the Sumeragi Seabed Base. Can The Slothful Conjurer worm(hole) his way out? Or is he trapped in The Serial Experiment's hacked world?

Track 5: Tenjian and Nova hold comms over the battle, exchanging words of philosophy. Whose edict is correct, The Frozen Blade's or The Mighty's?

Track 6: Teseo's broken all but one of Amaterasu's securities. But Merak's laziness doesn't equate to incompetence...

Track 7: Jota pursues Gibril as God's Incarnation collapses. But just as she freezes his blood (literally), a pillar of light comes crashing down...

Track 8: Turns out Nova had ordered a kill-sat strike on the area of conflict. Everyone takes a moment to converse in the calm after the storm.

Track 9: Nova makes a public announcement regarding last night's attack. As the populace rejoices, a shadow proclaiming love sneaks in...

Track 10: Asimov meets with two QUILL agents who snuck in amidst the attack's chaos. He introduces them to their new ace card, the azure lightning to pierce Sumeragi...