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Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works is an artbook dedicated to Azure Striker Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 released by Inti Creates. The book came bundled with a CD featuring remixed Lumen tracks. It was released on June 22, 2018 in Japan. It was available outside of Japan for the first time at PAX West 2019.[1] As a bonus, the book also comes with a Lumen album, Morpho Song Re-Collection -2018 Remix-, with remixes of seven select tracks from then released games.

Although no official translation exists, the entire book's text was given a fan translation by Sidier. Link to translations below. Please note that it's almost entirely pure text, so the concept art notes will be hard to make sense of without the book itself:

The artbook mainly serves as a compilation of content released online and across various Dengeki Nintendo magazine character profiles, with the following content:

  • One or two pages dedicated to every major character, showing their key art, full in-game portrait, in-game sprite, and a general profile.
  • Glossary of terms for the specifc subjects covered by the previous profiles.
  • Most concept art for the series, including stages and previously unreleased material.
  • Game covers, drama CD covers, holiday wallpapers, many of the pre-order bonus illustrations for the Nintendo 3DS and Switch Striker Pack, Gunvolt 1 sales milestone images, and others.
  • Joule's Story, Copen's Story, and Quinn's Story, with some changes from the original magazine versions to match the Short Stories drama CD adaptation.
  • All 4koma comics.
  • A staff interview with key figures behind the Gunvolt series, director Yoshihisa Tsuda, scenario writer (and LAiX director) Toshiaki Tai, main illustrator and concept artist Yoshitaka Hatakeyama, concept artist Munehiro Araki, and Inti Creates president Takuya Aizu.

Morpho Song Re-Collection -2018 Remix-

Track list:

  1. Beyond the Blue
  2. Sakura Efflorescence
  3. Tabula Rasa
  4. Indigo Destiny
  5. Stratosphere
  6. Parallel World
  7. Reincarnation


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