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"The book is not yet closed on the muse's story--and all remaining clues point toward Eden."


"The tale of the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) should've come to an end long ago, but the end (period) has been trampled over by the footprints of the invaders. The next chapter, Utopia (Eden), will detail their intertwining fates."

Aggressor is the last of the intro missions of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Joule has seemingly been imprisoned and shattered, and Gunvolt violently rejects Tenjian's offer to join Eden.

Stage Composition

Aside from a long series of cutscenes, this stage is purely a fight against Tenjian. As he only wields a knock-off Glaive, he practically and mechanically is a medium boss. A number of Tenjian's follow-up attacks aren't triggered here, and he lacks some skills entirely.

Waiting 10 seconds before attacking Tenjian yields a 200 secret kudos bonus.


  • Scion of Light: Clear within 30 seconds. (Reward: 3K Vig)
  • False Paradise: Clear within 10 seconds. (Reward: 10K Vig)
  • Silent Wish: Clear with Rank B or higher. (Reward: 5K Vig)
  • Glistening Ice: Clear with Rank A or higher. (Reward: Kripp Alloy x3)
  • Snowy Fantasia: Clear with Rank S or higher. (Reward: Xiwidia x3)
  • Gallant Blade: Defeat Tenjian without taking damage. (Reward: Faraging Steel x1)
  • A Changing World: Clear 3 times. (Reward: Polymer Gm238 x5)

Material Rewards

  • Kripp Alloy
  • Xiwidia
  • Faraging Steel
  • Nanochip 98
  • Proto Infrastructure
  • High-end NcGbx
  • Garnet
  • Quartzite
  • Electrum
  • Graym Culture
  • Polymer Gm238
  • Uranium-225 Crystal


  • The fastest possible completion of Gunvolt's version of Downtown is 6 milliseconds. [1]