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Admiration to Peace (平穏への憧憬 Heion e no Doukei) is one of the three drama CDs released for Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Unlike the other two, this drama CD has little ties to the series main storyline, and serves to flesh out the characters of QUILL through these slice-of-life stories. There are also several karaoke versions of Lumen's songs.

Although the CD is currently not available outside of Japan, a rough fan translation exists and can be found on the Scripts page.

Track List

1. Reminiscence - 回想

As Joule is about to fuse herself with GV, she thinks back on some of the moments she experienced, in that freedom that couldn't last...

2. Peace - 平穏

While GV is away, Joule wants to do something for him. Perhaps writing a song will do?

3. Complication - 葛藤

Unable to make a song for GV, Joule decides to clean the house instead. Then she finds GV's QUILL uniform, and...

4. Prayer - 祈願

Hearing about a shrine famous for its marriage charms, Joule makes her way to get one, and bumps into Moniqa and Zeno.

5. Ninja Arts - 忍法

Moniqa questions Asimov about "ninjas" being listed on his Biochem Plant mission report. This leads to a conversation that veers off into much more personal subjects.

6. Cooking - 料理

GV wonders what he should have for dinner. Then Joule comes in, volunteering to take over after secretly practicing cooking.

7. Karaoke - 空桶

Zeno invites GV and Joule to go karaoke. Unexpectedly, Asimov and Moniqa join in as well.

8. Residual Song - 残詩

Her reminiscing over, Joule follows GV as he leaves Babel, as azure fades into the twilit sky.

9. Find Out! ~ Compass of Hope ~

The song Moniqa and Asimov sing during Karaoke. It's a duet~

10. Cyanotype

The song Joule made for GV. What if Joule's theme had lyrics?

11. Nebulous Clock (Karaoke)

12. Rouge Shimmer (Karaoke)

13. Pain from the Past (Karaoke)

14. Azure Door (Karaoke)

15. A Zip to the Moon (Karaoke)

16. Scorching Journey (Karaoke)

17. Find Out! ~ Compass of Hope ~ (Karaoke)

18. Cyanotype (Karaoke)

19. Cyanotype (Game Loop)


III: Sound Create Unit

  • Ippo Yamada: Drama Edit, Computer Programming, Composition
  • Ryo Kawakami: Computer Programming, Composition, Arrangement
  • Maki Kirioka: Computer Programming, Composition, Arrangement
  • Hiroshi Tanabe: E.&A.Guitar, E.Bass, Clarinet, Flute, Soprano Sax, Contrabass
  • Mirai Coffee: Chorus
  • Masashi Kuno: Lute, Computer Programming, Arrangement



  • Script: Toshiaki Tai
  • Produce, Supervise: Ippo Yamada
  • Mix: Hiroshi Tanabe (Round Trip Bingo! Studio), Masashi Kuno
  • Mastering: Ryo Kawakami
  • Recording Engineer: Yu-ya Iwaki (Allblue), Hiroshi Tanabe (Round Trip Bing! Studio)
  • Jacket Design: Yoshitaka Hatakeyama
  • Calligraph Designer: YASUTAKA
  • Label, Layout Designer Works: Hakofactory
  • Special Thanks:
    • Yoshihisa Tsuda (INTI)
    • Toshiaki Tai (INTI)
    • Munehiro Araki (INTI)
    • Allblue
    • Pro Fit
    • Odyssey
    • and All Inti Creates Staff
  • Sales Promote: Go Maeda
  • Executive Producer: Takuya Aizu