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Adepts (known in Japan as Psychics (能力者 Nōryoku-sha, lit. "Ability Person"), or Septima Holders (セプティマホルダー) in Luminous Avenger iX) are a type of supernaturally empowered beings which the Azure Striker Gunvolt series revolves around.



Adepts are essentially higher lifeforms; they are attached to the 7th, or Septimal, stage of the Lifewave (生命の波動, Seimei no hadou), a force of nature present in and connecting all living things in the world. Depending on what stage beings are born attached to, they may be granted increasingly great cognitive and physical abilities. Average humans and animals are Primordial (1st) to 3rd. Those labeled spiritualists or ESP users are of the Tetrad (4th) stage. Stronger ones are Quinary (5th). Miraculous beings known as "saints" and "spiritual beasts" are of the Senary (6th) stage. The Senary wave was considered the top category for a long time, but with the emergence of humans with a stronger wave and possessing far more overt and common sense defying abilities, a new category was eventually recognized: The 7th wave, Septima.[1][2]

The Lifewave and meaning of Septima has never been brought up in the games, is seldom referenced in side materials, and has only been explained in detail in the opening narration of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories, which serves as a prelude to a glimpse into the Sumeragi Group's occult-immersed research. When Gunvolt ponders over Quinn's non-Septimal ability to see spirits, which likely means she is a level 4 or 5, neither he nor Xiao can think of any explanation for it. This may imply that, despite the common usage of the term Septima, the existence of the Lifewave isn't actually known to the public at large.


Septima (第七波動セブンス, 7th Wave (Sevens) is the generic name for the superpower phenomenon of Adepts that began appearing some decades prior to the start of Azure Striker Gunvolt. It typically expresses itself in children under the age of 10[3], and in one case an infant less than a year old.

A kind of psychic power, Adepts use septima to, at it's most basic level, bend various forms of energy to their will. This allows them to do unimaginable things like control of fire, insect swarms, and in general defying the laws of nature and physics. Septimal abilities manifest as distinct types with consistent characteristics, and have proper names such as Wormhole or Lightspeed. Many abilities are not unique, and may manifest within multiple different Adepts, although each individual's raw power output and skill with the Septima may differ greatly. Some abilities are closely related enough to be grouped together and can strongly interact, such as the Azure Striker, Muse, and Hack the Planet, which are all considered to be in the electron-controlling group.[4][5]

Septima is strongly linked to an Adept's consciousness and stems from willpower. If an Adept is knocked out, any power they are actively manifesting will usually vanish.[6] Extreme emotions, especially negative ones, may cause their powers to spike temporarily or permanently. In a very small number of cases, an Adept's spirit and/or power has persisted in some form after their death.

Despite being glorified or reviled for their powers, it is implied that most Adepts possess underwhelming abilities. The low ranking members who make up the majority of the Adept supremacist group Eden, known as Pawns, are mostly Adepts who either can't wield their Septima at will or possess abilities impractical for combat, and as such rely on conventional weapons to fight. This is mostly true for the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution as well, despite them existing in a time when Adepts have become the majority population. Among their common Adept soldiers, only wielders of Psychokinesis (a septima noted for its combat potential) are known to use their ability to fight.

One example of a very weak Adept is the drugged up thug who attacked Quinn. Prior to consuming a septima enhancing drug, his plant controlling power could only make flowers bloom faster.

The Sumeragi Group has a sparsely mentioned system for grading Adepts. Both Gunvolt and Nova are graded as S+ (originally SS in the Japanese script), while their researchers also speculate that Zonda is in the same tier. Despite only being a normal human, Copen with just his baseline equipment and skills was also considered on-par with a mid level Adept.


The little defined septimosome (能力因子 Ability factor or 誘因子 Incitement factor) is a bodily factor normally present in every Adept, and is connected to their ability to wield Septima as well as the type they possess. It can be found in blood, as Copen was able to retrieve a sample of Asimov's septimosome just from bloodstains on his gun[7]. Once a sample has been collected, it can be cultivated.[8]Joule's cyber body in ASG2 is not considered a septimosome. [9]

Through some sort of procedure which the Sumeragi Group possesses, it is possible to extract an Adept's septimosome and place it within an external sealing device, namely a Glaive. This normally prevents them from using their Septima. However, sufficiently strong Adepts such as Nova and Merak are capable of still wielding a portion of their power even after this. The procedure may be reinforced with additional Glaives, but in the only known case this still proved ineffective to an extent.

For unknown reasons, when a Glaive is unlocked and the sealed septimosome is returned to its owner, a transformation known as Armed Phenomenon (変身現象アームドフェノメノン) occurs as a side effect. The subject's body changes into an armored form based on their Septima, and their power is enhanced significantly beyond what it was prior to being sealed. The subject's physiology is also greatly altered, as their hair and eye color change, their eye sclera turn black, and their blood itself seemingly turns black too. At least in the case of the Glaives, the subject also experiences a trance of sorts and has their ego brought out.[10] Derivative devices designed to trigger the transformation rather than seal septimosome, like the Grimoires and presumably the Falcon Quills, produce stronger transformations.[9]


The vast majority of Adepts are born randomly, with lineage playing no known factor. During the time of Azure Striker Gunvolt, all known parents and siblings of Adepts have been shown or implied to only be normal humans.

The very first Adept was an Azure Striker who appeared in South America some decades ago.

Originally only being born in small numbers, the rate of Adept emergence has increased over time. By the time of Luminous Avenger iX, a century later, Adepts have come to outnumber humans to such a degree that they have become the new standard for "human", with those without Septima branded as "Minos".

It is unknown what the force behind Adept births is. Some speculate that Adepts are the next stage of human evolution, or are some kind of chosen ones. Due to how well the Sumeragi Group responded to their emergence, there are conspiracy theories that they somehow had foreknowledge of the advent of Adepts, or are even responsible for it.

Intensifying the mystery is Dystnine. Originally only a mass production model android, he spontaneously developed a soul and septima. How this occurred is unknown, as he received special protection and was later destroyed before he could be dismantled and studied.

Adepts may also be created artificially. A septimosome can be implanted into a normal human with latent septimal potential, known as a match, gifting them with septima. The implanted septimosome may be removed shortly after its implantation, but is implied to become permanently bonded with the subject if enough time passes. This method's potential for success is dependent on the human's compatibility with the septima as determined by unknown factors. An incompatible subject's implanted septima will malfunction when they attempt to use it, with potentially lethal consequences.

One large scale attempt at creating artificial adepts was Sumeragi's Project Gunvolt, an attempt to mass produce Azure Strikers for energy generation. The fatality rate was so high that Asimov believed himself and Gunvolt to be the only survivors, although in truth one mismatch survived thanks to being implanted with a different septima.

Currently, only the Sumeragi Group has the technology required to perform this procedure, along with an unknown method for predicting a subject's compatibility with various types of septima. This method is somewhat unreliable, as Nova was predicted to have the highest compatibility with the Azure Striker since Asimov, but almost died when attempting to use it. Meanwhile, Gunvolt was considered the second most promising subject after Nova, albeit only a distant second, but he did prove to be compatible.

Another method is cloning, but this is even more unreliable than Sumeragi's implantation method. A clone of an Adept will generally have a different septima than the original's. In fact, it's more likely that the clone of an Adept will only be a normal human.

Relationship with society

In the beginning, Adepts were a tiny minority of the population and able to coexist with normal humans without too much strife, but as more and more Adepts emerged, most of the world began to fall into disarray as society had little way of coping with their presence. Those who abuse their powers for criminal ends or terrorize people simply because they can abound, and it's said that some countries have collapsed entirely due to rampaging Adepts.

Because of their powers, Adepts often face intense discrimination and persecution and are either feared or hated by non-Adepts. In the nation of Japan, the Sumeragi Group hunted down Adepts on the grounds of them being a national threat, and performs experimentation on them, in hopes of using septima as an alternative energy source. Ironically, some of Sumeragi's highest ranking members are Adepts themselves, whose septimal powers are controlled by Sumeragi using Glaives. An Adept may also face discrimination based on the type of septima they possess, as many people believe that septima is related to personality. Viper was ostracized and became an outcast due to possessing Explosion, a septima also wielded by a criminal who attacked a mall.

It is unknown how Adepts are treated outside of Japan, however the backstories of The Seven imply it is very similar. In China, it is said that Adepts are hunted from birth, and in Korea, websites run by Adepts are banned.

However, there are examples of groups that fight for adept rights: QUILL, a former human rights group that does battle against the Sumeragi Group, and the far more extreme Eden, an Adept supremacist faction that threatened to wipe out all non-Adepts.

List of Septima

Name Description User(s)
Azure Striker
Aoki Raitei (Āmudo Burū)
Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)
The first septima to ever be discovered. An electrical discharge ability based on the power to finely control electrons. It is a versatile power capable of many different feats: Lightning attacks of various kinds, physical enhancement, EM field manipulation, forcefield generation, limited flight, controlling electronic devices, and most mysteriously even materializing solid chains. With special equipment, it is also possible for wielders to shift their body into electricity to ignore almost any type of incoming attack. For unknown reasons, immaterial feathers that quickly fade away are produced in the wake of high level techniques.

It is potentially possible for wielders to permanently become monstrous electronic lifeforms, a feat which the only achiever Demerzel claims is the ultimate for an Azure Striker.

Bunshin (Konpanion)
Alter Ego (Companion)
Creates energy bits called EXSIA, as well as copies of the wielder of varying quality. Pink tinged copies have been used as EXSIA attack center points, while a full color and talking one can be used for multitasking.
Kibaku (Detonēshon)
Fires sparkling spheres of compressed energy, which explode in highly contained but powerful explosions.
Energy Wool
Hen-ito-zaiku (Kurafuto Ūru)
Knitting Yarn (Craft Wool)
Produces a fibrous energy that envolopes the user and can be used to weave various constructs, such as ropes for rapid movement or binding others, bladed weapons, and even a gatling gun that fires string bits as bullets. The wielder may also "unknit" their own body and reconstruct it elsewhere.
Bakuen (Ekusupurōjon)
Explosive Flame (Explosion)
Controls heat energy, allowing the wielder to scorch things and produce flames. One advanced technique is to compress a large amount of energy into a sphere, known as an Angry Bomb, which creates a combustion-explosion upon contact with anything.
The Fly
Hanemushi (Za Furai)
Winged Insect (The Fly)
Allows the user to change their flesh into energy bodies shaped like flies, which can decompose whatever they touch and absorb it as their own energy. The wielder may change their energy body into different forms.
Hyōi (Fūjon)
Possession (Fusion)
Draws in and assembles scrap pieces, which the wielder may then possess by transforming into a ball of energy and fusing with the amalgamation. Sufficient damage to the assembled pieces will cancel the fusion.
Kusariwa (Gibusu)
Chain Rings (Gibs)
Seals other septima.
Jūryoku (Gurabitī)
Controls gravitational force. Stella can lower gravity over a large area, but must focus on specific objects to raise their gravity.
Hack the Planet
Wārudo Hakku
World Hack
Turns matter into data and vice versa, including the wielder and other people. There are limits to the complexity of data constructs, and sufficiently complex ones may be impossible to fully create in a short timespan. For example, Teseo was unable to recreate the extremely advanced unmanned tank Plasma Legion based on data provided to him on short notice, settling for creating a downgraded model instead (although later on he would upgrade it to the full form).

It is in the same electronic septima family as the Azure Striker and The Muse.

Hydro Pressure
Chōsuiatsu (Haidoro Puresshā)
Super Water Pressure (Hydro Pressure)
Creates and controls water.
Creates and controls all kinds of liquids. Aptitude with certain liquids may vary. The only known user, Milas, is very skilled at using fresh and seawater, but poor at controlling any other liquids due to his personal beliefs.
Zankō (Raitosupīdo)
Afterglow (Lightspeed)
An ability that, apart from controlling photons, also allows the user to change their body into photons for literal light speed movement. However, this is a pseudo-teleportation technique: The user decides on their destination point beforehand, and can't think during the movement.
Magnetic Arts
Jikai Ken (Magunetikku Ātsu)
Magnetic Field Fist (Magnetic Arts)
Wields a special magnetic energy that allows for drawing in and repelling things, including the user's own body. Possesses the special property of pulling in and scattering septima itself, more or less sealing other Adepts' abilities.

This is a unique septima; Carrera is the first and only known wielder of it, and named it himself.

Controls metal. It normally manifests in the form of a red liquid, but when needed can be changed into solid metals. It can influence living beings by controlling iron within the bloodstream, allowing the user to enhance their own body's strength and speed, but trying to control other people is impractical.
The Muse
Denshi no Yousei (Saibā Dība)
Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)
A consciousness induction ability that uses songs to resonate with other Adepts' septima and increase their power. Can manifest virtual avatars of variable appearances, such as Lumen. It can also revive people on the brink of death by enhancing their bodily functions.

Because of its ability to enhance septima and influence the minds of Adepts, it is an extremely valuable ability sought by organizations like Sumeragi and Eden.

This is an electronic septima, and as such can interfere with electronic devices, possibly to a greater extent than the Azure Striker. One time when Joule was passionately playing an online game and on the verge of losing, she was able to send Lumen into the MMO, directly control her player character, and manipulate the system to achieve a 100% critical hit and item drop rate.

Shindō (Oshireishon)
Vibration (Oscillation)
Vibrates things.
  • Alita
Chō Reitō (Ōru Furīzu)
Super Freezing (All Freeze)
Freezes things and creates ice. Tenjian's ultimate, life sacrificing technique Seven Slashes is even said to freeze concepts like "space", "soul", and "time" within ice.
Phantasm Mirror
Mugenkyō (Mirā)
Dream Mirror (Mirror)
Reverie Mirror
夢想境 (ワンダーランド)
Musō Sakai (Wandārando)
Reverie Boundary (Wonderland)
A mysterious, illusion-based power. Many abilities have been demonstrated: Form shifting, twisting the image of the world, producing simple copies for quick attacks, producing intricate copies of the self and even other Adepts which possess their septima and memories and shatter upon defeat, and sealing spirits in mirrors and breaking them into powerful pieces.

After absorbing The Muse, Zonda claimed to have a new septima, Reverie Mirror, which supposedly truly changes reality rather than producing illusions.

Prism Cataclysm
Creates and controls crystals, which may be harder than any natural ones.
Nendōryoku (Saikokineshisu)
Mind Power (Psychokinesis)
Directly converts thoughts to energy and interferes with space and matter. Typically manifests as purple energy spheres launched from the wielder's hands, with manifesting around a target and converging to crush them being an advanced technique. Nova is able to remotely control a specially modified for him attack satellite using telepathic waves. Sumeragi Institute soldiers also display what appears to be a teleportation technique, appearing to attack and disappearing when Copen is not near.

In terms of pure combat, it is superior to the Azure Striker. It is said to be the most primitive septima due to its basic fundamentals and similar, weaker abilities having been documented before the advent of Adepts.

Extends energy strings from the wielder's fingertips that can power up and control machines, including incomplete ones that can't normally function on their own, and even broken down wrecks.
Seimei Rin'ne (Anrimiteddo Animusu)
Life Cycle (Unlimited Animus)
Manipulates souls and revives the dead. Normally Elise can only create zombies, but the power boost provided by her glaive's transformation allows her to fully resurrect people. Her crazed persona also displays overflowing vitality, and was only able to be killed by septima neutralizing bullets.
Rasen (Supairaru)
Manifests a torrent of spiraling energy that can be focused on foes, deflect attacks, or allow for rapid movement. Although a simple ability, it has a strong balance of offense, defense, and speed.
Splitting Ends
Tanguru Hea
Tangle Hair
Allows the wielder to rapidly generate, retract, and control their body hair.
Vectored Cloth
Henkō Fukin (Bekutādo Kurosu)
Deflection Dishcloth (Vectored Cloth)
Produces a cloth that can manipulate vectors in whatever in touches, allowing the wielders to deflect light to hide their location, or change an enemy's interia.
Akūkō (Wāmuhōru)
Subspace Hole (Wormhole)
Triggers distortions in space and links separate locations, opening traversable holes between them. Merak can also distort the space he links to, but it's hard to control and not all-powerful. The transfer destination is limited to "places where [I] can exist", so unknown locations and dangerous places (like inside a wall) can't be linked to.
Unnamed rupturing septima Gorily ruptures human bodies. Largely unknown specifics. Raptor used this power to operate as a serial killer, and despite murdering people in broad daylight, was able to one day disappear without ever being caught.
Unnamed teleportation septima Allows the wielder to teleport themselves or nearby objects, including septimal attacks. Himeshiro was able to displace an Explosion user's Angry Bomb before it hit her, and teleported behind him to deliver a chop to the neck.
Unnamed plant controlling septima Originally, the Adept with this power could only make morning glory flowers bloom faster. After using the sanity degenerating Booster Drug to enhance his septima, he became able to summon and control a tree root from the ground with enough force to tear apart pavement and nearly crush a girl to death.
  • Drug using thug
Unnamed power reception septima Senses and temporarily copies the septima of other Adepts, potentially over an enormous range. Olga was initially mistaken as a Muse user by Eden, and while this didn't prove fruitful in itself, her manifesting Sumeragi's virtual idol Lumen tipped them off to the location of the real thing.
Possible unnamed hard light septima While invading the Sumeragi Institute secret bunkers, Copen encounters mindless copies of Adepts he previously slayed, which fracture into diamond-shaped pieces of light and disperse upon destruction. Described as being like "holograms, but with mass", they are speculated by him to be the work of either a septima or new technology, but it is never confirmed either way.
  • Unknown


  • The Japanese word for Adepts, 能力者 (Nōryoku-sha, Ability Person), is a long used generic term for characters with superpowers in various media.
  • Originally, the highest rank for Adepts was referred to as SS in the Japanese script and initial Dengeki Nintendo profiles. Later DN profiles, as well as the Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works, refer to it as S+ like in the English localized script.
  • Luminous Avenger iX has an unusual case of terminology. In the main series Japanese script, Adepts use the above-mentioned word, and Septima is called Sevens. In the JP script of LAiX, set 100 years later, Adepts are now referred to as Septima Holders and their powers as Septima, similar to the English localized script. This shift in terminology was lost in the English version of LAiX.
    • It's possible this change is due to the character of Demerzel, who, as a son to American immigrants, would likely speak English as a first language, suggesting that different languages have different terms for Adepts and other related terminology.