GV Chained

GV: ...Tch.

Romeo: Well, little terrorist, how does my electro-whip taste? You're a pretty big dummy if you think you can oppose Sumeragi. Guess you thought you could eliminate our precious idol Lumen... Or should I say, erase her?

Lumen cutscene

Romeo: You've seen the ads, yes? Our nation's own virtual idol is quite beloved! Lumen, the Muse! Hehe, I love her too! I just downloaded her new song! As for you though, too baaad! Lumen is on a train straight outta here!

GV:  ......

Romeo: Hoohoo... Feeling hopeless? I know all about QUILL's wittle scheme now! But, this is no interrogation... I just wanted to torment a cutie pie like you... It's kinda my hobby!! Ready, boy?! Scream lots and lots for me pleeease!

GV: ......I see. The Muse has already vacated the premises.

Romeo: You're unharmed?! My electro-whip is filled with a high-tension electric current! Why are you so freakin' calm?!

GV: Electric attacks aren't very effective.

Ascension of Gunvolt

Romeo: This lightning... No way... You're... An adept?!

GV: If you don't wanna die, stay there and be a good boy.

Romeo: A lightning based Septima... ...Then you... Must be... Gunvolt?!

GV: See ya, creepy electro-whip guy... Thanks for the intel.

< if GV approaches Romeo >

Romeo: Gunvolt... It can't be...

GV: (Is this guy whacked out? He just keeps muttering the same drivel.)

< leaving the room >

GV: Codename GV, "Gunvolt" here. Sheeps 3, open the line.

Moniqa: This is Sheeps 3! Looks like you're still in one piece, Gunvolt.

GV: Yeah. I have some new intel: The Muse is en route to a new location. I'm gonna bust outta here and resume the mission.

Moniqa: Are you serious? The chance of this being a trap is pretty high!

Asimov: This is Sheeps Leader. Roger that. GV, resume the mission. Sheeps 3, you catch any new info and keep communication open.

Moniqa: ...Alright. GV, play nice out there.

Asimov: Sheeps 2, change of plans. I'm relying on you to be GV's support.

Zeno: Hey hey, Sheeps 2 hears ya loud and clear. Sooo, the usual routine then. Sheeps 2 to Gunvolt: You only have one life, dude. Take good care of it.

GV: Roger that. I'll take the appropriate steps.

Zeno: Appropriate st... Dude, I don't think you're getting my vibe.

Asimov: OK OK, we have a Muse busting mission to restart. Good luck!

< S T R I K E >

Romeo: The terrorist escaped! Cut all power to the elevator right now! That boy can control lightning. I'm certain that he's Gunvolt.

Sumeragi Gunner: He escaped from a Sumeragi research facility, didn't he?

Romeo: He's the S+ rank adept, Azure Striker Gunvolt. Watch out.

Gunner: Yes sir!

Asimov: Do you remember your controls? Can't hurt to brush up once more. Jump with the B button. Shoot with the Y button. Dash with the L button, unleash Flashfield with the R button. Shoot enemies to lock onto them, then zap them with the Flashfield. Of course, you can always change these in controls if you like. Prevasion will auto-activate when the Flashfield isn't in use. It will nullify attacks and you remain completely unharmed.

Zeno: Dude, that's just like cheating. Way too "OP" hehehe.

GV: Enough teasing, Zeno. I'm cutting the transmission.

Zeno: Geez louise, my bad. I was just joking!

Asimov: Remember, Prevasion won't nullify damage forever. Your EP will decrease when you use it, so... Don't rely on it too much.

< GV approaches an inactive elevator >

GV: The elevator's out of order? Looks like the power's been cut... Looks like it'll move if I pump electricity into this switch here. First, I gotta shoot the switch to lock onto it, and then... If I zap it with my Flashfield, it'll be up and running again.

< GV zaps the elevator, which then begins running >

Moniqa: Hey GV, we found the target's whereabouts. Looks like they loaded the target onto the train standing by there.

GV: Got it. (Looks like it hasn't left yet. I hope I'll make it in time.)

Asimov: By the way, GV, have you been paying attention to your EP energy levels? Your Septima's lightning power all comes from your EP. Your EP will recover on its own over time, but... If you double-tap down, you will fully recharge your EP immediately. However, if you run out of EP, you'll overheat. You won't be able to manually recharge or use your Flashfield. So make sure you recharge before your EP completely runs out.

GV: Thanks for the advice, Asimov...

< GV rides the elevator to the next area >

Gunner: The terrorist is on the top floor! Lower the shutters, now!

Romeo: How did he get up there?! Guards! Seize him at all costs!

< GV encounters armed shutters >

GV: (Gotta dash through before these shutters close! If they do, gotta tag 'em and zap' em with my Flashfield.)

Zeno: Sheeps 2 here. Got some more info. If you ditch the pendant you lose your Prevasion, so watch out.

GV: (Just what kind of pendant did Asimov give me anyway?)

< Hexapyle >

Moniqa: Destroy the Hexapyle to move on to the next area.

GV: Got it, thanks.

Asimov: Good job getting onboard. The Muse is in the front car.

GV: Got it, I'll make my way there now.

Zeno: Make sure you don't fall off the train, GV. But knowing you dude, you'll be just fine.

GV: ...What on earth do you think I am?

Sumeragi Grenadier: So that's Gunvolt, the terrorist... Man, he's just a kid...

Moniqa: I'm picking up some 9th gen Sumeragi tanks on my radar.

Asimov: Found 'em. Commencing my attack. One down, two down... Argh. I took out two, but looks like one's heading for GV.

< up ahead, the third Mantis tank jumps onto the car with GV >

Moniqa: Listen up. All of these 9th gen tanks have a weak point. If the head takes heavy damage, it'll release its core. Blast the core to send it packing. I know you can do it.

GV: Roger, leave it to me. Thank you, Moniqa.

< if GV fails to KO the Mantis before it reactivates >

Moniqa: If the core cools down it'll reactivate. Take it down again, OK?

GV: Pretty neat trick, for a tank anyway...

< Mantis dispatched >

GV: Target destroyed.

Gunner: No way! That kid was able to take down a Mantis!

Grenadier: We have one more! Send it up to the front car, now!

Zeno: Guess we won't be seeing Lumen anymore once we're done here. I was a really big fan. She was totally one of my waifus. It's a real bummer that her songs were being used as Adept sonar.

Asimov: She is a source of hope for so many. Their heart & soul. However, many Adepts have been captured because of her.

GV: ......

Zeno: I know the drill. No personal feelings getting in the way.

Grenadier: Mantis, move out! It's our last one, so make it count!

< large laser cannons fire from offscreen >

GV: Laser cannons? What a lovely welcome.

Grenadier: Have a taste of the Mantis's high-power laser beams!

< second Mantis encounter >

GV: No footholds this time around. It'll be tougher to hit. But that's no problem for me. Oversurge! Azure Striker! Pierce through the enemy!

< second Mantis dispatched >

GV: That wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.

Grenadier: Curse you Gunvolt! You're a monster!

Grenadier: He's breaking through our defenses! We need backup now!

Asimov: We managed to split the target's car from the locomotive. Get in there and destroy the program as fast as you can.

GV: ...Roger that.

< C L E A R >

[NOTE: The following post-mission text only occurs at the beginning of a playthrough.]

GV: This must be the car where they hid Lumen's program ...What is this?! This is... Lumen...?? No way... It can't be...

Joule in Sumeragi

Joule: *Who are you? You aren't a... scientist?*

GV: She's speaking to me... Telepathically? Are you Lumen?


Lumen: *I'm a manifestation of her Septimal power. Most know me as the "The Muse". You're not a Sumeragi scientist, right? Please... Will you get her.... Us... Out of this place?*

GV: ...! ...This is GV. I've engaged the target. Update the mission information. The Muse is no computer program. She's a young girl, and an Adept too.

Moniqa: Say what?!

GV: She's not hostile. Seems Sumeragi been holding her against her will.

Zeno: Those Sumeragi punks... They play so dirty.

GV: New mission objective: I'm gonna rescue the girl...

Asimov: You will do no such thing. Eliminate the girl, GV.

GV: Asimov!?

Asimov: Sumeragi's goons are coming. How will you get her out? She might be a trap. You may give temporary safety, but then what will you do? Does she really have a place with us at QUILL?

GV: That's...!

Joule: *............If that's the case.... Please... Just kill me. They just use my songs... To torment everyone. I want no part of that... So... Please... Just put an end to me.*

GV: (...She's...... She's in the same place as I was back then. Asimov saved me from that nightmare, so... I can't waver on this.) Don't be willing to throw your life away so easily! If you wish to be free, I'll do what I can to make that happen. I want to help you, so tell me. What do you desire the most?

Joule: *I...... I want to break out of here, and sing my songs!*

GV: OK, you got it. .........Asimov, I'm taking my leave of QUILL. Now, just like you did for me back when you gave me my freedom... I am going to do everything I can for her.

Asimov: So that's your idea of "freedom", Gunvolt?

GV: Yeah...

Asimov: Very well. You are no longer required to obey our orders. Your name will be removed from our roster.

Moniqa: Hey, come on you guys! What're you saying here?!

Zeno: Seriously dudes. This is overdoing it!

GV: It's fine... Thanks for everything Moniqa, Zeno.

Asimov: We'll take it from here. Leave the reinforcements to us. As of now, you are not a member of QUILL, just a normal civilian. ...Good luck.

GV: Thank you, Asimov.


Joule: ......Feathers? ...Are you... An angel?

GV: I'm GV... Gunvolt. What's your name?

Joule: I'm Joule.

...This was how GV and I first met. It was a moment that I would remember for the rest of my life... The time the boy with the blue wings gave me my freedom... Even though it only lasted for what felt like a fleeting moment.



It's only been a few decades singe the first Adepts began to show up. Them and the supernatural powers that came to be known as Septima. Someone hastily began using them for new types of energy research. That someone was none other than the Sumeragi Group. The Sumeragi Group is quite old. Been around since the dark ages. Nowadays, Sumeragi is a large conglomerate of power companies. Their monopoly on the nation's energy supply gave them clout. Once Adepts were perceived as a threat, they came into power. Public order here is unmatched compared to other nations... However, that peace came as a result of Adepts being victimized. Many Adepts were shipped off to "protection camps". Energy research experiments were conducted on human beings... Sumeragi had a knack for keeping their inhumane doings a secret. So, those who wanted the truth began to rebel against Sumeragi. That's basically how QUILL got started. It stands for: "Quorum for Unrestricted Information, Law, and Liberty". We're essentially known as the anti Sumeragi resistance group. I used to be very much a part of that... Up until the day I met Joule.


GV: GV to QUILL. Today's assignment is complete. (I was on my way home after finishing up with a client. After leaving QUILL, I became a freelancer. I've been doing this for about half a year now. I guess you could say that I was getting by. The apartment felt a lot more like home nowadays.)

Moniqa: Great work today, GV. ......Hey, GV? Almost all of your contracts are with us these days, right? Do you have any desire to join up with us again?

GV: (You could say Joule and I are free, but we are wanted criminals. So, most jobs that are left are being the guerrilla guy for QUILL. Although, I have way more free time now that I did back then.) I take your jobs because you guys pay well, that's all. It's just like Asimov said back then. QUILL is no place for Joule... I think what she needs now is a "family". It would be the same for her as when you guys took me in, right? That's why I want to be there for her the best I can.

Moniqa: Sigh... I understand. How lovey-dovey. Say hi to Joule for me.

GV: Lovey-dovey...? That's not what I meant... (She hung up there, so she never got to hear my objection. This was a very Moniqa-type of experience... Finally, home at last. Should probably go say hi to Joule...)

Joule: Welcome home, GV! Great job out there today. I just wish I could, y'know, do something for you...

GV: You do a lot for me, Joule. You give me the strength to keep going. When I talk to you like this, and then go out on a mission... You sing your song for me when I don't have the strength to continue on. When I hear it, it gives me the power to stand up and fight once more.

Joule: GV...

And with that, Lumen showed up.

Lumen: Tee hee. You know that's because we're always thinking about you, right? But I wonder if that's really getting through to you.

Lumen is the form taken up by Joule's Septima, "The Muse". She does this when Joule has a hard time expressing herself. She's like Joule's other self... There's Lumen, the free spirit... and Joule, the calm and reliable one. They are like close sisters.

Joule: Geez! Get outta here Lumen!

Lumen: OK, OK... See ya later, GV.

Joule: ...Ahem... Oh, I almost forgot. You haven't saved your game yet, right? This game doesn't auto-save, so don't forget to manually save, OK?

GV: Got it. (I can access the save menu pressing the L button.)

Joule: Choose "Talk to Joule" on the L menu to talk with me again.

You feel a little closer to Joule.

1st Sumeragi


Asimov: Your target is the Muse, AKA Lumen. Your orders are to destroy her code.

Zeno: Wait, we're assassinating a computer program? ...A -singing- computer program?

Asimov: QUILL has discovered the Muse's Anthem causes Septimal resonation. They can use it to pinpoint any Adept who hears it. The Anthem also causes illness in a small, but serious, number of cases.

Moniqa: So the Muse is like sonar for Adepts?

Asimov: Essentially. We'll never be free until her code is destroyed. The server housing it can be found in the first Sumeragi building. Zeno and I will run interference while Gunvolt breaks in and does the hit.

Gunvolt: Yes, sir.

Mission dialogue

Gunvolt: ...Hmph.

Romeo: Well, terrorist? Are you ready to admit it? Or shall I loosen your lips with another crack of the Electroscourge? QUILL sent you here to destroy the Muse. To silence her... Am I right? Well, the Sumeragi Group is smarter than you scum.

Romeo: We've already moved our little virtual canary to safety. In other words... You've wasted your time. What do you think of that?

Gunvolt: ......

Romeo: How old are you, boy? Did QUILL promise to pay you big vig for the job? A shame you won't ever hear the Muse's Anthem again--you'll never feel the ecstasy as her music laps at your auditory cortex... Truly a drug for the mind. Anyway... She's on a freight train out of here as we speak. And you, boy, will die in the silence.

Gunvolt: Man, your lips are way looser than mine...

Romeo: Wha--?! You can still move? But that's impossible! The Scourge pumped enough electricity into you to--

Gunvolt: I -am- electricity.

Romeo: This lightning... It's the Septimal power! Y-Y-You're an Adept?

Gunvolt: Ding ding. Thanks for the whipping. I needed a good recharge.

Romeo: Azure light... You're Gunvolt... The Azure Striker!

Gunvolt: Now, time to hunt down the Muse.

<< Gunvolt leaves the room >>

Gunvolt: GV to base. Open the line.

Moniqa: We read you, Gunvolt. ...Nice to hear you're not dead.

Gunvolt: Not this time. Update the mission params. Sumeragi has moved the target. They put the Muse on a freight train out of the facility. I'm in pursuit.

Moniqa: Negative. We should vet the intel to make sure it's not a trap.

Asimov: Judgment overruled. Gunvolt, you are clear to pursue. He can handle himself, Moniqa, Just keep scanning for changes.

Moniqa: Yes, sir. Place nice out there, GV.

Asimov: Zeno, are you patched in?

Zeno: Affirmative, boss man. I caught it all. Moving into support position. You know, in case Geeves actually decides to let me help. Right, Geeves?

Gunvolt: I'll take it under advisement.

Zeno: Advisement? Gee, thanks. I feel loved now.

Asimov: All right, enough. You've got a Muse to deprogram. Asimov out.

<< Gunvolt reaches an elevator >>

Gunvolt: Elevator's stopped... No juice. Where's the switch? ...There it is. I need to channel electricity into that switch. Should be as simple as just tagging it and flashing it. Tag with my gun, follow with the Flashfield. That's how my world turns.

<< Gunvolt reaches the top of the elevator >>

Asimov: Gunvolt, how are your EP levels? Can't have you running out of juice. Missions like this burn through Septimal energy fast. Remember to give your EP time to recover. If you don't want to wait, you can manually recharge (double-tap ↓) as you go. And don't forget. If you run out of EP, you'll Overheat. Which means you won't be able to use any of your electrical powers.

Gunvolt: Hey, I got it. Who are you lecturing? It's my Septima.

Post-mission dialogue

Gunvolt: This is the car. Sumeragi must've hid the Muse program here...

Gunvolt: ...What the gack?! Where's the server? Are you telling me that... No. No way!

Joule: *Wh-who Are here? You don't a scientist...*

Gunvolt: She's talking to me telepathically... Is she an Adept like me?

Lumen: *My name is Lumen. They call me the Muse. But I'm just a projection. A manifestation of this girl's Septimal power. You're not with Sumeragi, are you? Then free her. Free us both!*

Gunvolt: ......Moniqa, do you read? Update the mission params. I've engaged the target...but the Muse isn't a program at all. She's a human girl. An Adept.

Moniqa: What?!

Gunvolt: She's not hostile. Sumeragi has been holding her against her will.

Zeno: That sounds like their style, for sure.

Gunvolt: New objective: I'm gonna extract the girl and--

Asimov: Negative. Your objective stands. Eliminate her.

Gunvolt: Asimov! She's just a kid!

Asimov: And so are you. Doesn't matter. She's still a threat. There's no way to help her, anyway. How will you get her past the reinforcements closing in on you? Where will she live? With us? Surrounded by guns?

Gunvolt: You don't--it's not that simple!

Joule: *It's okay... I'd rather die than stay here. I'm tired of Sumeragi using my Anthem to hurt people. I deserve to be silenced. Do it... Please.*

Gunvolt: (I won't. When Asimov pulled me out of that hellhole...I thought I deserved to die, too...but he gave me purpose.) ...Look, don't give up! You're alive for a reason! And if you need someone to help you find it, I'll be your compass. Pretend you can have anything you want. What would you wish for?

Joule: *Anything? Well... I want to be free. I want to stand at the top of the world and see it all!*

Gunvolt: The top of the world... All right. Then that's where I'll take you. ...... Hey, Asimov? I'm done. I've decided to leave QUILL. You pulled me out of a bad place and made something out of me. I won't forget that. But now I want to do the same for this girl. I want to give her a chance.

Asimov: What chance? You can't free her until we free the world.

Gunvolt: That's your opinion.

Asimov: Fine. We don't run a democracy here. QUILL has no room for dissenters. You've off the roster. So long, Gunvolt.

Moniqa: What?! Oh, come on! Both of you!

Zeno: Yeah! What's with all the drama?

Gunvolt: No drama. I've just gotta do this. Moniqa, Zeno--I"m gonna miss you.

Asimov: Take the girl and go. QUILL will hold off the reinforcements. ...Good luck.

Gunvolt: You too, Asimov.

Joule: They're like feathers... Are you an angel?

Gunvolt: Definitely not. ...The name's Gunvolt. What's yours?

Joule: I"m Joule.

<< Fade to black >>

Joule: Sparks rose from him like azure feathers. For a moment, I really thought he had wings. I'll never forget that day we met--my first taste of freedom that couldn't last long...



It's only been a few decades since the first Adepts showed up--them and the supernatural powers that came to be known as Septima. Didn't take long for someone to find a way to capitalize on it. That someone was an energy syndicate called Sumeragi. The Sumeragi Group is old--real old. Its roots go back to the middle ages, maybe earlier. Today, they own every power company, and with them, the nation. And a "threat" like the Adepts was the perfect excuse to take over. True, they delivered on the peace they promised...but some of us believe the cost was too high--too many Adepts shipped off to "protection camps." Too many sick experiments gussied up as "clinical energy trials." Sumeragi's PR machine was as slick as a Sinner's Row dancer. But some didn't buy it. They resisted. And that's basically how QUILL got started--the Quorum for Unrestricted Information, Law, and Liberty. Nice name, right? Has the ring of justice? Two can play the PR game. Anyway, QUILL paid my bills right up until the day I met Joule. And, to be honest, not much changed after I went freelance.

Gunvolt: GV to QUILL. Open the line.

I was fresh back from the city's trenches. I needed to check in with my handler, Moniqa. This was after about a half a year of freelancing. I missed QUILL's paycheck, but I was finally managing. And the apartment was growing on me, as humble hideaways go.

Moniqa: ...I read you. Nice work out there, GV. ...... Hey, listen. How many of your contracts are with QUILL? Almost all of them, right? You should just come back. Join up again.

Fair point. I was pitching myself as freelance, but Joule and I were wanted terrorists. Try landing jobs with -that- on your resume. At least I did less overtime. Gunvolt: I take your jobs because you pay well. Don't get warm and fuzzy on me. Look, Asimov was right. What Joule needs right now is a family. I know how much you and Asimov mean to me. I want her to have the same thing--not the last bunk in some fringe militia. I think we're all in the best place we can be.

Moniqa: Who's getting warm and fuzzy now? Fine, have it your way. I'll tell the other fringe lunatics you said no.

Gunvolt: Moniqa, wait! That's not what I meant...

...Oh yeah, I handled that conversation well. But Moniqa really was like family. She'd get over it.

Gunvolt: (Well, home sweet home. I should check in on Joule.) Joule: Gunvolt! You're home. How'd work go? I wish you'd let me help you out for a change. Gunvolt: Are you sure you're not already? It's weird... I almost got killed on tonight's mission. But when I went down...memories of this room flashed through my mind...and I heard your Anthem. It gave me the strength to keep fighting. Joule: Really?

Out of nowhere, Lumen appeared.

Lumen: *Why do you think Sumeragi wants us? When I sing, the dead get up and dance, bro. You're lucky to have us.*

The Muse always had a way of photo-bombing the moment. Joule wasn't in full control of her Septima yet. Which meant Lumen had her own personality. It boggled me that she even came out of Joule's brain.

Joule: No one asked you, Lumen. Go away.

Lumen: *Yeah, yeah. See you soon, hottie. Next time, don't wear a shirt.*

Joule: *Cough* I swear I don't know her. Anyway... Have you been keeping track of your progress?

This game doesn't autosave for you, so you have to remember to do it yourself. Press [L] to open the menu, then choose the upper right icon to save. To talk to Joule, select the lower left icon from the same menu.

[Translation by Bapgei]

Opening Stage



ターゲットは“電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)” そのプログラムコアの破壊だ

Taagetto wa “denshi no yousei (saibaa diiba)”. Sono puroguramu koa no hakai da.

Our target is the “Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)”. Our goal is to destroy its program core



Denshi no yousei (saibaa diiba) Morufo chan to ieba, dare mo ga shitteiru kokuminteki baacharu aidoru daze? 

By “Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)”… You mean the super-famous national “Virtual Idol”, Morpho – chan, right?


Sonna wo wo, doushite mata?

Why are we going after her?



Kanojo no uta wa, wareware nouryokusha no seishin – dai nana hadou (sebunsu) ni kyoumei shiteiru koto ga hanmei shita.

We’ve figured out that her song resonates with we Psychics’ mind, with our 7th Wave (Sevens)


Douyara renchuu wa, denshi no yousei (saibaa diiba) wo riyoushite, wareware nouryokusha no ibasho wo tanchishiteita you na no da.

It’d seem that “they” used the “Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)” to detect the locations of we Psychics


Mata, gokuwazuka nagara kanojo no uta wo kite, taichou furyou ni ochi iru nouryokusha mo iru you da… 

It’d also seem that there a few cases of Psychics that, upon hearing her songs, turn ill



Tsumari Morufo wa, nouryokusha wo aburidasu tame no sonaa datta to iu wake ne…

In short: you mean to say that Morpho was a sonar to lure out the Psychics



Nouryokusha no jiyuu no tame ni mo, sonna mono wa hakai seneba naranai.

It must be destroyed for the sake of we Psychics’ freedom


Taagetto no puroguramu koa wa Sumeragi no shisetsunai ni hokan sareteiru.

The target’s program core is being kept within a Sumeragi facility

我々が陽動を行う GVはそのスキに施設に侵入しターゲットを破壊してくれ

Wareware ga youdou wo okonau. GV wa sono suki ni shisetsu ni shinyuushi taagetto wo hakaishitekure. 

We’ll undertake a diversion. GV: you must intrude during that opening and destroy the target








Singing Fairy



Taagetto wa denshi no yousei (Saibaa diiba)

The target’s the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)…


Hitobito no kibou no massatsu

The annihilation of people’s hope…


Keredo tamaratteiru kono kanjou (kokoro) no zansai wa nuguisarenai

But the residuum of this hesitating emotion (heart) won’t be wiped out…



Sumeragi dai ichi biru

Sumeragi Building One

1st Half:

(Captured GV)



… Tsu…


Pervert mister:

どう、“フェザー(テロリスト)”の少年? 電磁ムチのお味は? 

Dou, “Fezaa (terorisuto)” no shounen? Denji muchi no oaji wa? 

How is it, “Feather (terrorist)” boy?  Does the EM whip taste good?


Atashi tachi Sumeragi guruupu ni hamukau nante obaka chan nee…

You dare to defy us Sumeragi Group? You’re pretty stupid, aren’t you? 


Mokuteki wa Sumeragi (uchi) no dennou aidoru Morfo chan no shoukyou (deriito)…

Your goal is to erase (delete) Sumeragi’s (our) Cyber Idol Morpho – chan…


Ie, massatsu tte tokoro kashira?

No, you’d rather say “kill” Morpho instead?

今や企業の広告塔の枠を超えて大勢の人たちに愛される 国民的バーチャルアイドル──

Ima ya kigyō no kōkokutō no waku wo koete oozei no hitotachi ni aisareru kokuminteki baacharu aidoru… 

She’s become a national Virtual Idol that’s overcome corporate billboards and is loved by most of the citizens

“電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)”モルフォ! ウフ、アタシも大好き 新曲はソッコーDL(ダウンロード)してるわ 

“Denshi no yousei (saibaa diiba)” Morufo! Ufu, atashi mo daisuki. Shinkyoku wa sokkoo DL (daunroodo) shiteru wa.

The “Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)” Morpho! Fuh, heh! I also love her! I’ve already DLed (downloaded) her newest single!

…だけど残念(ざぁんねん)! モルフォちゃんは今ごろ輸送列車の中よ

Dakedo zannen (zaannen)! Morufo chan wa ima goro yusou ressha no naka yo.

But it’s a pity (pity~)! Morpho – chan’s inside of a cargo train by now



Pervert mister:


Ufufu… Zetsubou shita? Fezaa no mokuromi nante zeenbu omitooshi tte wake!

Heh, heh, heh… Did you despair? Feather’s plots are so predictable, really!


Kore wa jinmon nanka ja nai no…

This ain’t a questioning…


Anata mitai na kawaii ko wo itaburitakatta dake… 

I just wanted to inflict some pain to a cute boy like you…


Tsumari wa shumii!!

In short: this is a hobby!! 

さぁ~少年! いい絶叫(コエ)で鳴いてプリィーズ!

Saa shounen! Ii zekkyou (koe) de naite puriizu!

OK, boy! Cry aloud and make a good scream (voice)! Please!



… Souka

...I see...


Denshi no yousei (taagetto) wa mou koko ni wa inai ka…

So the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (the target) isn’t here anymore…

Pervert mister:


Muu, mukizuu!!

Y-you’re u-unharmed!?


Kouatsu denryuu wo nagashita denji muchi na no yoo!?

It’s an EM whip that’s flowing with high-voltage current, ya know!?


Nande heizen toshite irareru noo!?

Why are you unaffected!?



Boku ni dengeki wa kikanai.

Thunder doesn’t work on me

Pervert mister:


Kono raikou waa… Masaka… dai nana hadou (sebunsu)!?

That lightning… No way… A 7th Wave (Sevens)!?



Shi ni taku nai nara, soko de otonashiku shite ite kudasai.

If you don’t want to die… Then stay there and don’t move

Pervert mister:


Raigeki no dai nana hadou (sebunsu)…

A thunder 7th Wave (Sevens)---


… Masaka, anata… Ganvorutoo!?

… No way! You’re… Gunvolt!?


さようなら、変態のオジサン 情報提供感謝するよ

Sayounara, hentai no ojisan. Jouhou teikyou kansha suru yo.

Farewell, pervert mister. Thank you for providing me with that info

(Pervert mister dazes)

Pervert mister:

ガンヴォルト… まさか…あの…

Ganvoruto… Masaka… Ano…

Gunvolt…  No way… THE Gunvolt…!



(Uwagoto no you ni kurikaeshiteiru… Houshin shiteiru no ka?)

(He’s repeating the same thing over and over again like in a delirium… Is he dazing?)

(Communication with Sheep’s)


コードネームGV“ガンヴォルト”より シープス3、回線開いて

Koodo neemu GV “Ganvorotu) ni yori shiipusu zurii, kaisen hiraite.

From code-name GV “Gunvolt” to Sheep’s 3: open channel.


こちらシープス3! 無事だったのね ガンヴォルト

Kochira shiipusu zurii! Buji datta no ne, Ganvoruto.

This is Sheep’s 3! You were alright, Gunvolt!


ええ、チームに情報の修正を ターゲット“電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)”は別のポイントに移動中 

Ee, chiimu ni jouhou no shuusei wo. Taagetto “denshi no yousei (Saibaa diiba)” wa betsu no pointo ni idouchuu.

Yes. I’ll send the team new information. The Target “Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)” is currently being moved to another point

これから施設を脱出 ミッションを継続してターゲットを追いかけます

Kore kara shisetsu wo dasshutsu, misshon wo keizokushite taagetto wo okikakemasu.

I’ll now escape the facility… And continue my mission: chasing the target.


ちょっと本気? 罠の可能性だって低くないのよ!

Chotto honki? Wana no kanousei datta hiku nai no yo!

Wait! Are you serious? It’s very possible that it’s a trap, you know!


こちらシープスリーダー 了解した GVはそのままミッションを継続 

Kochira shiipusu riidaa! Ryoukai shita. GV wa sono mama misshon wo keizoku.

This is Sheep’s Leader! Roger that! GV: keep on with the mission


Shiipusu zurii wa jouhou wo kyachhishi jidai, kochira he renraku wo mawashitekure.

Sheep’s 3: call us as soon as you catch any new info!


…わかったわ GV、無茶もホドホドにね

… Wakatta wa. GV, mucha mo hodo hodo ni ne.

… Gotcha. GV: don’t do anything too risky


シープス2も目標を変更 GVのサポートを頼む

Shiipusu tsuu mo mokuhyou wo henkou. GV no sapooto wo tanomu.

Sheep’s 2’s objectives change as well. Take care of supporting GV


へいへい、こちらシープス2 聞こえてるぜ まあ、いつも通りて事で 

Hei hei, kochira shiipusu tsuu. Kikoeteruze. Maa, itsumo toori te koto de…

Hey, hey. This is Sheep’s 2. I can hear ya. Well! Ya know the drill, man…

シープス2からガンヴォルトへ 命は大事にしな そうすりゃ、一生使えんぜ?

Shiipusu tsuu kara Ganboruto he. Inochi wa daiji ni shina. Sou surya, issei tsukaenze?

Sheep’s 2 to Gunvolt. Value your life, man. If ya do that then it’ll last a lifetime, ya know?



… Ryoukai, zensho suru yo.

… Roger. I’ll act accordingly.



Zensho suru tte… Haa… Honto ni wakatten no ka nee…

“Act accordingly”…? Huff… Did ya really get the point, man…?


これより“電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)抹殺”ミッションを再開する グッドラック!

Kore yori “Denshi no yousei (Saibaa diiba) masstau” misshon wo saikai suru. Guddo rakku!

We’ll now resume the “Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) Annihilation” Mission. Good luck!

(Mission start)

Pervert mister:

捕獲した少年が脱走したわッ! すぐにエレベーターの電源を落としなさい! 

Hokakushita shounen ga dassou shita waa! Sugu ni erebeetaa no dengen wo otoshinasai!

The captured boy has escaped! Cut the elevator’s current at once!


Shounen wa raigeki wo tsukau… Moshi kashitara Ganboruto kamo shirenai wa.

The boy uses thunder… He might be Gunvolt, even!



Katsute, Sumeragi no kenkyuu shisetsu kara dassou shita to iu… Ano?

He escaped from a Sumeragi research facility in the past, right…?

Pervert mister:

そうよ…SSランクの能力者 蒼き雷霆(アームドブルー)ガンヴォルト…充分に注意して

Sou yo… SS ranku no nouryokusha… Aoki raitei (Aamudo buruu) Ganboruto… Juubun ni chuuishite.

Correct… An SS – rank Psychic…  Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue) Gunvolt… Be very careful.




Yes, sir!

(Basic controls)


操作は忘れていないか? 今のうちに確認しておくといい 

Sousa wa wasurete inai ka? Ima no uchi ni kakunin shite oku to ii.

You haven’t forgotten the controls, right? Better go over them now.

Bボタンでジャンプ Yボタンでショット 

B botan de janpu. Y botan de shotto.

You jump with the B button. You shoot with the Y button.


L botan ga dasshu, soshite R botan ga omae no tokuiwaza, raigekirin datta na. 

The L button is dash and the R button was your special technique, Thunder Scale.


Shotto de teki wo rokkuon shita raigekirin wo omimai shite yare. 

Once you’ve locked on into a foe with a shot you can send them a Thunder Scale.


Nao, sousa wa configu de henkou kanou da.

And, also, the controls can be changed in the Config section.

(EM Boundary)



Raigekirin wo tsukatte inai toki wa, teki no kougeki wo jidou kaihi suru “denji kekkai (Kagerou)” ga hatsudou suru. 

When you’re not using the Thunder Scales the “EM Boundary (Heat Haze)” can automatically dodge a foe’s attack will activate.

体力に不安がある時は、攻撃を止めろ そうすればノーダメージだ

Tairyoku ni fuan ga aru toki, kougeki wo tomero. Sousureba noo dameeji da.

Stop your attacks when you fear for your HP. If you that you’ll get no damage.


ほーんと、オマエってチートみてーなヤツだよな ニヒヒヒッ

Hoonto, omae tte chiito mitee na yatsu da yo na. Nihihihii.

Man, ya are really somewhat of a cheat! Nih, hih, hih, hih!



Jiino… Chakasanai de, Tsuushin kiru yo.

Gino… Don’t make fun of me. I’ll cut the transmission.



Warukatta, joudan  da yo joodan!

My bad! It was a joke! A joke, man!

(EM Boundary’s limit)



Denji kekkai (kagerou) to iedo yuukyuu ni dameeji wo mukoukashi tsuzukeru wake de wa nai.

The EM Boundary (Heat Haze) won’t go on nullifying damage forever, obviously enough.


Nouryoku wo tsukaeba, sono bun EP enerugii wo shouhi suru… 

If you use the ability then it’ll consume some EP Energy… 


Kashin wa suru na yo…

Don’t get over-confident.

(Stopped elevator)


エレベーターが作動していない? 送電を止められたのか …ン 

Erebetta ga sadoushite inai? Souden wo tomerareta no ka… N. 

The elevator isn’t working? They’ve stopped its power supply, huh? Hm?


Kono souchi kara chokuzetsu denki wo okurikomeba erebeetaa wa ugoki sou da na.

If I directly send electricity through this device then the elevator might start up.


Mazu wa souchi ni shotto wo atete rokkuon shite kara…

First I must shot the device, and once I’ve locked on…


Raigekirin de denki wo okurikomeba erebeetaa wo ugokaseru hazu.

… If I send electricity using the Thunder Scale should make this work



GV, taagetto no shozai ga wakatta wa.

GV, I figured out the target’s whereabouts.


Sono shisetsu ni teisha shiteiru Sumeragi no senyou ressha ni taagetto ga sekisai sarete iru mitai.

It’d seem the target’s being carried in an exclusive Sumeragi train stopped in that facility. 


了解 (…そこの貨物列車かもうすぐ発車しそうだけど、間に合うか?) 

Ryoukai. (… Soko no kamotsu ressha ka. Mou sugu hassha shisou dakedo, ma ni au ka?)

Roger. (… That cargo train over there?  It looks like it’s about to depart, though. Will I make it on time?)

(EP Energy charge)



Tokoro de GV, EP enerugii no zanryou ni wa ki wo tsukete iru ka?

By the way, GV. Are you keeping an eye out for the remaining EP energy?


Omae no dai nana hadou (sebunsu) – raigeki no enerugii… Sore ga EP enerugii da.

You 7th Wave (Sevens) --- the thunder energy… That’s EP energy.


EP enerugii wa jikan to tomo ni jizen kaifuku suru ga…

EP Energy naturally recovers with time yet…


Shita wo nikai oseba zokusa ni MAX made chaaji dekiru.

If you press down twice then you can instantly charge it to MAX level.


… Tadashi, EP ga zero – obaa hiito joutai no toki wa,

… However, when your EP are at 0 – when you’re in overheat state…


EP ga jizen kaifurushikiru made chaaji ga dekinaku natte shimau… Chuuishiro.

You won’t be able to charge until the EP (Points) have naturally recovered… Be careful.


EP enerugii ga hette kitara tsukai kiru mae ni shita wo nikai da.

If EP Energy descends press down twice before running out of it.



Chuukoku kansha suru yo… Ashimofu.

Thanks for the advice… Asimov.

(Shutters activate)

Soldier (Green):


Dassoushita shounen ga saijoukai ni arawaremashita! Bouei shatta kidou shimasu!

The escaped boy has appeared in the topmost floor! We’ll activate the defense shutters!

Pervert mister:

どうしてエレベーターが動くのよッ! 警備兵たち! なんとしても捕えるのよ!

Doushite erebeetaa ga ugoku no yoo! Keibeiheitachi! Nanto shitemo tsukmaeru no yo!

Why did the elevator work!? Guards! Catch him: I don’t care what it takes to do so!



(Ano shatta nara, tojiru mae ni dasshu de hashinukerareru)

(I can run through that shutter before it shuts by using my dash)


(Shatta ga tojite shimatte mo raigekirin wo ate tsuzukereba hakai dekiru)

(Even if the shutter closes I can destroy it by hitting it with the Thunder Scales)




Kochira shiipusu tsuu

This is Sheep’s 2


Mo hitotsu jouhou da.

Got another piece of info for ya

電磁結界(カゲロウ)は装備のペンダントを外すと使えなくなるぜ 気をつけな 

Denji kekkai (kagerou) wa soubi no pendanto wo hazusu to tsukaenakunaruze. Ki wo tsukena.

You’ll be unable to use the EM Boundary (Heat Haze) if you remove the equipped pendant. Be careful.



(Ashimofu ga kureta kono pendanto… Ittai dou iu shikumi na no ka…)

(This pendant that Asimov granted me… I wonder how does it work like…)

(Gate monolith)



Soko ni aru geeto monorisu wo hakai sureba eria kuriaa yo.

If you destroy that Gate Monolith you’ll have cleared that area.



Ryoukai, mokuhyou wo hakai shimasu.

Roger. I’ll destroy the target.

2nd Half:


上手く列車に取り付けたようだな 電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)は先頭車輌の中だ 

Umaku ressha ni toritsuketa you da na. Denshi no yousei (Saibaa diiba) wa sentou sharyou no naka da.

It’d seem you managed to get into the train. The Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) is inside the lead carriage.



Ryoukai, shougai wo haijoshite sentou sharyou ni mukaimasu.

Roger: I’ll remove the obstacles and head for the lead carriage.

Soldier (green):


Are ga terorisuto… Ganboruto… Mada kodomo ja nai ka.

So that’s the terrorist… Gunvolt… He’s still a kid, isn’t he?



Ressha kara ochin j anee zo GV.

Don’t fall from the train, GV!


Ma, omae nara ochitemo angai pin pin shiteru no kamo shirenee kedo yo.

But knowing ya… Even if ya fall… Ya might, surprisingly, survive. Anyway.



Boku wo nanda to omotteru no…?

What do you think I am…?


後方より、複数のレーダー反応を確認 第九世代戦車みたいね…

Kouhou yori, fukusuu no reedaa hannou wo kakunin. Dai kyuu sedai sensha mitai ne…

I’ve detected several radar signatures coming from behind. Seem to be 9th gen tanks…


敵を捕捉した、これより邀撃する 一機目命中、二機目命中!チィ 

Teki wo hosoku shita, kore yori yougeki suru. Ikkime meichuu, nikkime meichuu! … Chii. 

I’ve seized the enemy: I’ll now assault them. 1st one, hit! 2nd one, hit! Sheesh.

タンク二機の狙撃に成功、撃破した 残った一機がそちらの列車に向かったぞ

Tanku nikki no sogeki ni seikou, gekihashita. Nokotta ikki ga sochira no ressha ni mukattazo.

I’ve succeeded in sniping 2 tanks and taking them out. The remaining one is heading for that train.

(1st Mantis)


いい? 無人型の第九世代戦車には共通する弱点があるの 

Ii? Mujingata no dai kyuu sedai sensha ni wa kyoutsuu suru jakuten ga aru no.

You copy? The unmanned model 9th gen tanks have a common weakness. 


Toubu ni dai dameeji ga hairu to, hijou reikyaku ga hataraite koa ga joubu ni oshidasareru wa. 

If you inflict great damage to the head then the emergency cooling kicks in and the core is ejected on the top.

そのコアを攻撃すれば倒せるはず あなたなら撃破できるわ

Sono koa wo kougeki sureba taoseru hazu. Anata nara gekiha dekiru wa.

If you attack the core then you should be able to beat it. I’m sure you can beat it. 


了解、迎撃開始します ありがとうモニカさん

Ryoukai, geigeki kaishi shimasu. Arigatou Monika san.

Roger: I’m going to fight back this thing. Thank you, Monica – san

(Guided missile hits)



Omae no raigekirin nara yuudou misairu nante zenbu uchiotoseru daro!

Your Thunder Scale should be able to bring down all of those guided missiles!

(Vulcan hits)



Koitsu no barukan wa, ugoki wo yoku mite janpu de yokero!

To dodge the Vulcan you gotta look at how it moves and then jump!

(Laser hits)



Toubu he kougeki wo neraisugiru to reezaa wo kuracchimauze, ki wo tsukero!

If you aim your attacks at the head for too long you’ll be hit by the laser! Look out!



冷却が完了すると機体が再起動するわ もう一度、頭部を攻撃して

Reikyaku ga kanryou suru to kitai ga saikidou suru wa. Mou ichido, toubu wo kougeki shite.

The machine will re-activate once cooling is over. Attack the head once again.



Gunyou heiki ni shite wa nakanaka omoshiroi gimikku da ne.

It’s a military weapon with a pretty interesting gimmick

(1st Mantis repelled)



Gekiha kanryou

I’ve defeated the enemy 

Soldier (green):

そんなッ! たった子供ひとりにマンティスがやられるなんて!

Sonnaa! Tatta kodomo hitori ni mantisu ga yarareru nante!

NO WAY! A mere kid busted a Mantis! No way, I say!

Soldier (yellow):


Yobi ga ato ikki aru hazu da! Mae no sharyou he hasshin junbi no tsuushin wo irero!

There should still be 1 spare left! Call the forward car! Tell them to get it ready to take off!!

(Gino sighs)



Yappa puroguramu koa wo hakaishitara, mou Morufo chan mo mirenaku narun da yo na.

Guess that, once we destroy the program core, we won’t be able to see Morpho – chan anymore. 

オレ、モルフォちゃん結構気に入ってたんだよな  大人っぽいところとかさ  

Ore, Morufo chan kekkou ki ni ittetan da yo na. Otona ppoi tokoro to ka sa.

I’d started to get to like Morpho – chan as of late, ya know. She had some adult-like spots, see.


Masaka kanojo no uta ga nouryokusha wo aburi dasu wana (sonna) datta nante… Shokku daze.

But her songs were actually a trap (a sonar) to lure out us Psychics… I’m shocked!


電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)が、この国の人々の希望 心の拠所だとしても 

Denshi no yousei (Saibaa diiba) ga, kono kuni no hitobito no kibou. 

Kokoro no yoridokoro dato shite mo…

Even if the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) is this country’s citizens’ hope and something they rely on… 


Ano yousei ni yori, ooku no douhou dachi ga Sumegami ni toraerare, ima mo kurushindeiru. 

A lot of our brethren have been caught by Sumeragi and are suffering because of that Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva).




…判ってるって  任務に私情を挟むほどバカじゃねえさ

… Wakatteru tte. Ninmu ni shijjou wo hasamu hodo baka ja nee sa.

… I know that, man! I’m not an idiot who pours his personal feelings in a mission.

(Last unit)

Soldier (yellow):

マンティス…出るぞッ! 最後の一機だ! ぶちかましてやれッ!

Mantisu… Deruzoo! Saigo no ikki da! Buchikamashite yaree!

Mantis… Goes off! The last unit! Smash ‘em!


これは…レーザー? ずいぶんと派手なお出迎えだな

Kore wa… Reezaa? Zuibun to hadena odemukae da na.

Is this… a laser? A rather flashy welcome

Soldier (yellow):

マンティスの高出力輻射式増幅光砲 その威力は折紙付きだッ!

Mantisu no kou shutsuryoku fukusha shiki zoufuku kouhou…Sono iryoku wa origamitsuki daa!

The Mantis’ hi-output radiant light amplification gun…! Its power is certified!

(2nd Mantis)



Sakki to chigatte ashiba ga nai bun kocchi no kougeki ga ate nikui ka…

Unlike before, I’ve got no platform and my attacks don’t hit so easily…


Kedo, mondai wa nai.

But there’s no problem.

迸れ! 蒼き雷霆よ(アームドブルー)!! 我が敵を貫き滅ぼせ!!

Hotobashire! Aoki raitei yo (aamudo buruu)!! Waga teki wo tsuranuki horobose!!

Surge out! Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)!! Penetrate and destroy my enemies!!

(2nd Mantis beaten)



Omotte ita hodo ja nakatta ka na.

Guess it wasn’t as though as I thought it’d be.

Soldier (yellow):

くそッ! ガンヴォルトッ!! バケモノめッ! 

Kusoo! Ganborutoo!! Bakemono mee!

Damn it! Gunvolt! You damned monster!

このままじゃ突破される! 指令本部! 応援を頼むッ!

Kono mama ja toppa sareru! Shirei honbu! Ouen wo tanomuu!

We’ll be broken through if it keeps up! Directive HQ! Please send backup!


こちらシープスリーダー ヘリから狙撃し動力車輌とターゲットの車輌を切り離す 

Kochira shiipusu riidaa. Heri kara shuugekishi douryoku sharyou to taagetto no sharyou wo kirihanasu.

This is Sheep’s Leader. I’ll snipe from the chopper to split off the generator car and the target car. 

ターゲット停止後GVは車輌に侵入 速やかに目標のプログラムコアを破壊するんだ

Taagetto teishigo GV wa sharyou ni shinnyuu. Sumiyaka ni mokuhyou no puroguramu koa wo hakai surun da.

After the target’s stopped GV will intrude the car. Destroy the target’s program core at once.



… Ryoukai.

… Roger.


(Encounter with the Cybernetic Singing Fairy)


この車両に電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)…  モルフォのプログラムコアが… 

Kono sharyou ni denshi no yousei (Saibaa diiba)…Morufo no puroguramu koa ga…

The Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) is on this car… Morpho’s program core…


Kore wa..!?

What’s this…!? 

これが…モルフォ…? そんな…これは…!

Kore ga… Morufo…? Sonna… Kore wa…!

Is this… Morpho…? No way… This is…!



『…Anata… wa…?』

『… Who are… you…?』


『… Anata wa… kenkyuujo no hito ja… nai no?』

『… You’re not… a lab… employee, right?』


この声は…テレパシー? キミがモルフォなのか?

Kono koe wa… Terepashii? Kimi ga Morufo na no ka?

What’s this voice…? Telepathy? So you’re Morpho?



『Atashi wa, kono ko no omoi ga gugenkashita “denshi no yousei (Morufo)” to iu na no dai nana hadou (maboroshi)…』

『I am a 7th Wave (an illusion) that this girl’s thoughts has embodied, named “Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Morpho)”…』


『Anata, kenkyuujo (purodakushon) no ningen ja nain de sho?』

『You there. You aren’t from the lab (production department), right?』


『Onegai… Kono ko wo – atashi wo koko kara tsuredashite kurenai?』

『Please… Can’t you take this girl… take me away from this place?』


…ッ! …こちらGV 

… Tsu! … Kochira GV.

… * gasps * … This is GV…

ターゲットと接触しました 再度、情報の修正を 

Taagetto to sesshoku shimashita. Saido, jouhou no shuusei wo.

I’ve established contact with the target. I’ll update the info again

電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)はプログラムデータなんかじゃない 小さな女の子の第七波動(セブンス)です

Densh no yousei (saibaa diiba) wa puroguramu deeta nanka ja nai… Chiisana onna no ko no dai nana hadou (sebunsu) desu.

The Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva) isn’t program data… It’s the 7th Wave (Sevens) of a little girl!




What in the…!



Shoujo ni tekitai ishi wa nashi… Sumeragi ni kousoku sarete iru mono to omowaremasu.

There’s no enmity in the girl… I think they’re being restrained by Sumeragi.



Sumeragi no yatsura… Egetsunee koto shiyagaruze.

Those Sumeragi jerks… They’ve really gone over the edge!


これよりミッション内容を変更 彼女を救助…

Kore yori misshon naiyou wo henkou. Kanojo wo kyuujo…

I’ll change the contents of the mission. I’ll rescuer her and…


いや、変更はしない その子を抹殺しろ、GV

Iya, henkou wa shinai. Sono ko wo massatsushiro, GV.

No, there’ll be no change. Kill that girl, GV.






すぐに皇神の増援がくる 君は罠かもしれない少女をかかえたまま戦うつもりか? 

Sugu ni Sumeragi no zouen ga kuru. Kimi wa wana ka mo shirenai shoujo wo kakaeta mama tatakau tsumori ka?

Sumeragi reinforcements will soon come. Do you intend to fight while holding a girl who could be a trap?


Kari ni buji ni sunda toshite, sono ato wa dousuru?

Suppose you emerge alright. What’ll you do afterwards?


Fezaa ni – busou soshiki ni kanojo no ibasho ga aru no ka?

Is there a place for her in Feather – in an armed organization?



… Sore wa!

… That’s…!



『… Sore nara…』

『… If that’s the case…』


『… Watashi wo… koroshite kudasai.』

『… Please… kill me…』


『Mou, ano hito tachi no tame no uta wa…』

『I don’t wanna make any more songs for them…』


『Minna wo kurushimeru uta wa, utai taku nai… Dakara…』

『I don’t wanna sing songs that hurt others… So please…』


『Isso, watashi wo koreshite kudasai.』

『I’d rather ask of you to kill me...』



(… Kono ko wa…)

(… This girl…)


(Kono ko wa, ano koro no boku to onaji da--)

(This girl is just like I was in the past…)


(Ashimofu ni tasukete moratta ano koro no…)

(She feels like how I felt when Asimov saved me…)


(… Mayou koto wa nai.)

(… There’s no room for doubts.)


Kantan ni inochi wo nagedasu na!

Don’t throw your life away so easily!


Kimi ga jiyuu wo nozomu no nara boku ga tsubasa (chikara) wo kasu.

If you wish to be free then I’ll lend you wings (strength).


Boku wa kimi wo tasuketai… Kimi no hontou no negai wa nani?

I want to help you… What’s your true desire?



『Watashi wa…』



『Watashi wa soto no sekai de, watashi no uta wo utaitai…!』

『I want to sing my songs in the world out there…!』


OK それがキミの願いなんだね 

OK Sore ga kimi no negai nanda ne.

OK… So that’s your desire.


… Ashimofu.

… Asimov.


Boku wa fezaa wo nukeru.

I’m going to quit Feather.


Katsute anata ga boku ni jiyuu wo kureta you ni…

Like how you, sir, granted me freedom in the past… 


Kondo wa boku ga kanojo no tsubasa (chikara) ni naru.

This time I’ll become her wings (strength).


それがお前の選んだ“自由”か... ガンヴォルト…

Sore ga omae no eranda “jiyuu” ka. Ganboruto.. 

So that’s your choice of “freedom”? Gunvolt…







Ryoukai da… Soshiki ni kiritsu wo midasu mono wa fuyou.

Roger… We don’t need people who disturb discipline in the org.


Kore yori koodoneemu GV wo fezaa kara jomei suru.

I’ll now expulse codename GV from Feather.


ちょっとちょっと、二人とも! 何を言っているの!?

Chotto chotto, futari tomo! Nani wo itteiruno!?

W-wait a minute, you 2! What are you saying!?


そうだぜ! 二人とも! どうかしてるんじゃねぇか!?

Sou daze! Futari tomo! Douka shiteru ja nee ka!?

That’s right! Guys! Is something wrong with you guys!?



… Iin da, Monika san… Jiino mo… Ima made arigatou.

It’s alright. Monica – san and Gino… Thanks for all your help insofar.



Sumeragi no zouen butai wa wareware Fezaa ni makasete moraou.

We Feather will deal with the Sumeragi reinforcements unit.

今の君は我々フェザーとは関係のない一般市民だ 戦いに巻き込むわけにはいかん 

Ima no kimi wa wareware fezaa to wa kankei no nai ippan shimin da. Tatakai ni makikomu wake ni wa ikan.

Now you’re a mere citizen who’s unrelated to Feather. You can’t get involved in this battles.


Guddo rakku.

Good luck.



… Arigatou, Ashimofu…

… Thank you, Asimov…



… Hane?

… Feathers?


… Anata wa, tenshi?

… Are you… an angel?



Boku wa GV – Ganboruto

I’m GV --- Gunvolt.


Kimi no namae wa?

What’s your name?



Watashi wa… Shian desu.

I am… Cyan.

Cyan’s monologue:


--- Kore ga, watashi to GV no deai deshita.

--- This is how  GV and I met.


Watashi wa kitto, shougai wasureru koto wa nai de shou.

I’ll surely won’t forget it as long as I live.


Watashi ni jiyuu wo kureta, ao no tsubasa no koto wo…

… I won’t forget the azure wings that granted me freedom…


Tatoe sono jiyuu ga, tsuka no ma no mono data toshitemo…

… Even if that freedom only lasted for a short while…

GV’s tale:

第七波動(セブンス)能力者… 数十年前から人類に現れるようになった超能力者の総称 

Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) nouryokusha… Suu juu nen mae kara jinrui ni arawareru you ni natta chou nouryoku sha no soushou.

7th Wave (Sevens) Psychics…  That’s the generic title for the super-psychics that have been appearing within humanity ever since some decades ago…


Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) to yobareru choujoutekina nouryoku wo umare nagara ni sonaeta shin jinrui…

The new humanity born with paranormal abilities, called 7th Wave (Sevens).


Sore ni ichi hayaku me wo tsuketa no ga, touji shin enerugii no kenkyuu wo susumeteita—

The ones who instantaneously set their eyes on them were those, who, back then, were conducting research on a new energy…


“Sumeragi guruupu” datta.

The “Sumeragi Group”.


Sumeragi no rekishi wa furuku, sono botai tonatta soshiki no setsuritsu wa Heian jidai made sakanoboru to iu…

Sumeragi history is old: and it’s said that the establishment of the org that became its matrix dates back to the Heian Period… (794 - 1185 AD)

現代における皇神は、電力会社を中心とした巨大複合企業体           (コングロマリット)だが、 

Gendai ni okeru Sumeragi wa, denryoku kaisha wo chuushin toshite kyoudai fukugou kigyou tai (konguromaritto) daga,

The present-day Sumeragi is a gigantic complex corporate org (conglomerate) having a power company as its core yet… 


Kuni no energuii kyoukyuu wo itte ni ninau karera wo kono kuni no kage no shihaisha to yobu mono mo suku wa nai.

There are a lot of people who call them this nation’s shadow rulers given their absolute control over the national energy supply.


Jijitsu, toudai wa ookina konran wo yobu to omowareta nouryokusha tachi no shutsugen mo, karera no tousei ni yotte…

Fact is: at first, it was thought that the appearance of the Psychics would call for great chaos yet their control…


Kono kuni wa, takoku to wa kurabemono ni naranai chian reberu wo ijishiteita…

Let this nation keep a public order level uncomparable to other nations...


… Shikashi, Sumeragi no motarashita heiwa to wa nouryokusha no gisei no yotte naritatsu mono data.

… However, the “peace” that Sumeragi brought forth was established through the sacrifice of Psychics… 


“Nouryokusha no hogo” wo meimoku toshita kyousei shuuyou…

The confinement under the pretext of “Psychics’ Safeguarding”…


“Energuii kenkyuu” no katei de okonawareru kazu ooku no jintai jikken…

Countless human experiments done in the process of “energy research”…


Sorera no  hijin douteki na okonai wa, Sumeragi ni yotte koumyou ni inpei sarete ita ga… 

Those inhuman actions had been cleverly concealed by Sumeragi yet… 


Sono naka de ichi hayaku shinjitsu ni kizuki Sumeragi ni teikyou wo hajimeta soshiki ga atta.

There was an org out there that was the first to realize the truth and begin resistance against Sumeragi.


--- Shisetsu busou soshiki “Fezaa”

… The private armed org “Feather”.


Sore wa, kaigai no nouryokusha ni yoru jinken dantai ga botai tonari kessei sareta.

An overseas Psychics human rights group served as basis for its creation


“Han Sumeragi” wo kakagaeru rejisutansu guruupu de aru.

It’s a resistance group who claim to be “Anti Sumeragi”.


… Boku mo mata, katsute wa Fezaa ni shozoku suru nouryokusha datta.

… I, too, was a Psychic who was a member of  Feather…


Ano hi, Sian to deau made wa…

Until the day in which I met Cyan…

(Talk room)


こちらGV フェザーへ、任務完了しました

Kochira GV. Fezaa he, ninmu kanryou shimashita.

This is GV. Feather: mission completed.


Kyou wo shigoto wo oete, kitaku shita boku wa iraijin (kuraianto) ni ninmu kanryou no houkoku wo ireru.

I’ve returned home after finishing today’s job and I dispatch a “mission complete” report to the client. 


Fezaa wo yamete, furii no youhei – 

I quit Feather and became a free mercenary


Nandemoya no youna koto wo suru you ni natte kara, hantoshi…

Something like a jack-of-all-trades… Half a year has passed since then...


Kono seikatsu mo sorenari ni ita ni tsuite kita no de wa nai darou ka.

I get the feeling I’ve gotten rather used to this lifestyle


Tatta hantoshi de wa aru kedo, kono kakureya ni mo aichaku ga dete kita tokoro da.

I know it’s only been half a year, but I’ve become attached to this hideout.



Otsukaresama, GV.

Good job, GV.


… Nee, GV?

… Hey, GV?


Kekkyoku no tokoro, anata ga ukeru irai tte hotondo uchi kara no mono nandashi…

Most of the jobs you accept happen to be ours, after all, so…


Mata, Fezaa ni kaette kuru ki wa nai no…?

You don’t intend to return to Feather again…?



… Furii to wa itte mo, boku to Shian wa Sumeragi kara owareru mi.

… I said I’m a “free” mercenary but both us are being chased by Sumeragi.


Maikomu irai to ieba, Fezaa kara no gerira kousaku ninmu ga hotondo datta.

Most of the jobs I that dropped in happened to be Feather’s guerilla sabotage missions


Mochiron, Fezaa ni ita koro ni kurabeba jiyuu na jikan mo fueta no dakedo…

Obviously enough, I’ve got a lot more free time that what I had when I was in Feather but… 



Fezaa kara no irai wa miiri ga ii kara uketeiru dake desu yo.

I’m only accepting the Feather jobs because they’re lucrative.

あの時、アシモフが言ったとおりです そこ(フェザー)にシアンの居場所はない… 

Ano toki, Ashimofu ga itta toori desu. Soko (Fezaa) ni Shian no ibasho wa nai…

It’s just like what Asimov said back then. There’s no place for Cyan in there (in Feather)…


Kanojo ni wa, “kazoku” ga hitsuyou dato omoun desu.

I think that she needs a “family”.


Boku ni totte no Ashimofu ya, Monika san tachi ga sou datta mitai ni.

Like how Asimov, Monica – san and the others were for me.


Dakara, ima wa kanojo nit suite ite agetai to omoi masu. 

That’s why I want to stay with her for now.


…はぁ、わかったわ ごちそうさま 

… Haa, wakatta wa. Gochisou sama.

… Huff. Gotcha. Thanks for the  lovey-dovey reply.


Shian chan ni yoroshiku ne.

Greetings to Cyan – chan.



Gochisousama tte… Betsu ni sou iu wake ja…

“Lovey-dovey”...? That’s not what I wanted to...


Soko de tsuushin ga kireta tame, boku no henron wa Monika san ni wa todonakatta.

The transmission ended and my objection didn’t reach Monica – san.


Mattaku Monika san to kitara…

Sheesh. There are times in which Monica – san…


Sate, ie ni modotta kedo… Mazu wa Shian ni aisatsu ka na…

OK. I’m back home but… First things go first: let’s go greet Cyan…




Shian no heya wa menyuu wo hiraite ichiban hidari shita no aikon

Her room is the bottom most left icon when you open the menu

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