"His mission: silence the Muse and free the world from its trance. But the clear-cut lines around him have already started to blur..."
Flavor Text

1st Sumeragi Backdrop

1st Sumeragi (皇神第一ビル Sumeragi Building 1) is the first stage in Azure Striker Gunvolt, host to the mission Anthem. Gunvolt's objective in this mission is to destroy the Muse, Lumen, but runs into something unexpected when he arrives.


Asimov: Your target is the Muse. Destroy her program's code.

Zeno: The Muse, AKA Lumen, is an incredibly famous virtual idol. Why are we doing this again?

Asimov: Her songs have an effect on us Adepts. They resonate with our septimas. They're using her to track the whereabouts of Adepts. Also, their numbers are few, but some Adepts are falling ill as a result.

Moniqa: In other words, they are using her like sonar to pinpoint our locations.

Asimov: If we want to remain free, we have no choice but to destroy her. Her code is stored inside a Sumeragi facility. We'll be a diversion for you. GV, bust in there and destroy the code.

Gunvolt: Roger.

Stage Composition

As this is meant to be a tutorial stage, the composition is largely linear and simple without many difficult portions.

The stage starts off with a cutscene of Gunvolt being tortured by Romeo. However, after Romeo leaks some important info, Gunvolt breaks free and begins to flee the Sumeragi facility. A short section with some laser cannon and flying enemies follows, before Gunvolt boards an elevator he must move by tagging it and using the Flashfield. Then a hallway section with many shutters follows before a hexapyle appears.

Gunvolt then boards the train Lumen is on, which comprises the rest of the level. Sections with many Sumeragi soldiers and robots follow, before Gunvolt encounters the first bosses, two Mantises. Once both of them are out of commission, a second cutscene with Gunvolt rescuing Joule from the train commences, and the level is cleared.

Boss: Mantis

Three-fourths of the way through, Gunvolt will fight a large metal robot known as a Mantis, and will fight a second one soon after. The first fight takes place with Gunvolt standing atop a pile of crates, giving him an edge as he can more easily tag the Mantis.

The Mantis has multiple easily-dodgeable attacks, such as firing missiles that are blockable by the Flashfield, shooting the ground with the machine guns on its arms, and firing a laser that can be avoided by standing still and not jumping. It can only be damaged by tagging and shocking its core, which pops up after its head sustains enough damage. After defeating both of the Mantises, Gunvolt can proceed towards the hexapyle, and complete the mission by destroying it.


  • Flash of Azure: Clear in 7 minutes or less. (Reward: Kripp Alloy x8)
  • Bolt from the Blue: Clear in 4 minutes or less. (Reward: Proto Infrastructure x5)
  • All Business: Clear with a rank of B or higher. (Reward: Nanochip 98 x8)
  • Employee of the Week: Clear with a rank of S or higher. (Reward: Faraging Steel x5)
  • Scot-free: Clear with a rank of S+. (Reward: 50k Vig)
  • No Shutter Stutter: Clear without destroying any shutters. (Reward: Xiwidia x5)
  • Preying on a Mantis: Defeat the Mantis without letting it reboot. (Reward: Quartzite x5)
  • Too Lovely to Touch: Clear without taking any damage. (Reward: Uranium 235 Crystal x10)


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