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• 11/27/2017

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• 11/14/2016

How to add the stages in The Garden to the wiki

How exactly should we handle adding information regarding the final stages? Should we make a separate page for each stage or compile it all into one giant page for the whole Garden?
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• 11/9/2016

Zonda page rename?

So I've got a question – it turns out that Zonda's got two titles to go with her forms – her appearance in the first game is "The Lustful Mirage" whereas her final boss form in ASG2 to is referred to as "Wonderland Pantera", the same name of her upgraded Septima, though it doesn't have an english name yet. Since she's the only character to have two titles, should we rename her page to just "Zonda", refer to ASG2's Zonda as "Zonda", and refer to the illusionary Zonda as "Sumeragi Zonda". The male Sumeragi form would be "Sumeragi Zonda♂" and the female would be "Sumeragi Zonda♀" if we have to give names, otherwise the pronouns stay.
With that we could also delete the big notice at the top of Zonda's page and just put something along the lines of the same thing under the introductory paragraph.
On the opposite end, I would recommend splitting the pages like Joule and Lumen since the Sumeragi Zonda and the true Zonda act very differently, obsession with love aside, but I personally consider it kinda like Elise's split personalities in that the different forms of the character don't have many distinctions in terms of powers (and they're still the same character), and thus, can be bunched on one page so it's unnecessary. What does everyone prefer or nah?
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• 11/7/2016

True Zonda/Fairy Zonda/Muse Zonda/Elpizo Zonda's page

I was thinking, since there's no image for Zonda's final boss form on her page and nobody has the newest artbook, how about we add an image of her performing one of her special skills as a thumbnail on the appropriate sections just to show readers what she looks like? I got some clean images of the cut-ins for her skills in the JP version if anyone's interested.
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• 10/12/2016

The Seven's fairy tale matches

Just as the original games bosses are based of the Seven Deadly Sins, The Seven of the second game also have their own theme which by now everyone can agree on: Fairy Tales (I mean that's what the grimoires are called in Japan so...). I've made this so we can figure out who fits with what fairy tale. Here is what I think:
Tenjian = Snow White (His powers are a literal interpretation of the name, the fact that he was poisoned, and also that he is seen with an apple.)
Teseo = Sleeping Beauty (His association with pins, spinning wheels and thorns.)
Ghauri = Cinderella (His love of dancing and his crystal heels, plus, GV mentions the clock striking twelve when fighting him.)
Desna = Rapunzel (Her hair septima speaks for itself. Not to mention she's fought in a large tower.)
Milas = The Little Mermaid (His aquatic based powers)
Asroc = Pinocchio (His puppeteer septima. I've also seen people suggest Hansel and Gretal)
Gibril = ???
"Mysterious Girl" = Alice in Wonderland (more specifically, Through The Looking Glass)
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• 10/9/2016

SPOILER: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2's Secret Ending

Hey guys, I know this might not be the best place to ask but since there's very little information on the interwebs about it so far, does anyone know how to unlock the last boss fight against the other playable character in the second game? Does it have to do with getting some collectibles in the stages like last time or anything else?
EDIT: I cleared it with both characters, I was under the assumption that all you had to do was beat the final boss with Gunvolt and Copen once, but is there anything else I need to do?
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• 9/6/2016

ASG2 Spoilers

Every Spoiler about game should be sent here first to be reviewed by the Community, please do not go straightforward on adding spoilers or else it will we removed. This Thread is to send spoilers that would be added to pages, and let everyone vote whether it's safe to add it or not.
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• 8/28/2016

gunvolts level

i do pages for the vs battle wiki and i need some help getting some feats down for gunvolt for these catagories
i already got his speed down but now i need the rest
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This post is locked.
• 8/1/2016

ASG2 Spoilers discussion.

A new temporary rule was made for this Wikia (Until further notice, spoilers relating to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 are prohibited). If you have anything to add on the discussion about if there's something wrong with this rule, of that it should be removed, strike your thoughts here.
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• 11/8/2015

Is the feather logo Lumen's?

I noticed that after completing Mission: Azure, the checkpoint emblem changed to a feather. Is that Lumen's emblem?
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• 10/19/2015

Lumen is Joule...?

Hello guys, I want to discuss something plot-related.
As you all might know, Lumen is Joule's septima (she cant control her, just like Elise). In the game's ending, Joule and Lumen become one person (since Joule lost her body), should we put Lumen's information inside Joule's page (or Joule's information inside lumen's Page)?
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• 1/6/2016


Hello, I am the new admin. Call me BeoBlade.
I am adding new content in the Wikia, and I will allow you all to give me a opinion on what should be added around here that requires Sysop rights to be enabled.
Something is missing at the Wiki navigation? Found a weird bug somewhere? Just reply here with your thoughts! I will try to answer sooner as possible.
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• 2/7/2016

Support - Editing

Hello, Azure Strikers and Wikians, today I will show how to edit our Wikia in the best way! (Tutorial #01 - written by BeoBlade)
Beginning: Dont be shy on editing a page, we all started as beginners someday but be sure to avoid typos or stuff like "btw" or "ftw"  on the pages. It's kinda hard to understand for certain people. The only one that might be accepted is ASG (a.k.a Azure Striker Gunvolt).
Informations: Be 100% sure that the information is right before adding any information to a page, it's not good for the Wiki nor for you if you add a fake info.
Words: Dont use too much dots or commas inside any page, it removes the professionalism that the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki has. If you dont know the amount of dots/commas you should use, try to find a dictionary and use it while writing.
Images/Videos: Images and Videos are very useful to add in any page but make them fit on them, using giant images and/or videos can make someone's pc lag and might be Annoying.
Trolls: If a Troll vandalize a page, be sure to undo his edit instead of just adding to the page or the Wikia will get even more work depending on the situation. To undo a edit: Edit > left Arrow > History > Find the edit you want to remove > press "undo".
Double Edit: While editing a page, see if someone is editing the page at the same time, when someone finishes a edit before you finish yours, the Wikia wont post it. (it will only count the first edit and the 2nd one will have a warning telling that someone edited while you was editing).
Locked Pages: When a page is locked for registered members it's because someone tried to vandalize that page, instead of raging on the Comment Section, just create a account or ask to someone edit for you.
Infoboxes: If you dont know wich information to add while creating a Infobox in a page just dont do it. Search for your informations or thoughts first and add. It's no big deal if you cant add everything on a Infobox.
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This post is locked.
• 7/12/2016

On Zonda

There seems to be a lot of contrasting opinions on Zonda, so please discuss any thoughts relating to Zonda here before administering any drastic changes to Zonda's character page!
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• 4/12/2015

Character Pages Guidelines

Hello! I've been on-and-off editing the various character pages, but I've been arbitrarily adding, deleting, and replacing content without any sort of specific guidelines, so I was thinking that it would be a good idea to brainstorm a skeleton we could use for the character pages.
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